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This is worst Service... That i ever sign up for. because my phone been dropping calleds and rude customer service. I had a Customer service tell me that i could not end by contract even if i pay 200 eachline.Get this i pay 80.63 a month just for calling not web, texting. it bullshit.. And all the company is about is money One day i spend hour and half on Phone until i got Customer Service. and then turn around and got Rude Customer Service. plus i even send letter throught mail and No one got back to me and They rude to me.. SO EVERYONE DONT GO WITH T-MOBLIE IT HORRIBLE SERVICE... Sincerely Shaun

We have been with T-Mobile since 6/15/2007. In the last 4 months we used 458 minutes on two phones and that is representative of the last four years. Hence, we are signing up for a change to pre-paid. ,We dis the initial arrangements with the T-Mobile store in Brandon, Florida. We were told to call 611 in 24 hours to finalize the process. I just finished my third phone call with T-Monilein the last two days. If your rediculous,extremely customer unfriendly phone service (unservice)was used to determine whether we should stay with T_Mobile, we would cancel immediately all of our dealings with T-Mobile and try one of your many competitors. This last phone call to two different persons with a wait between them with the second person knowing nothing about who we were, our account, and our concern with extreme line static and a great deal of background noise including other voices is just an example of your customer phone handling that we consider untenable especially for a company that is supposed to be in the phone business!!!!!

i am tired of calling trying to speak with superv...and get no where...or better yet be told something.. and its wrong info and the cust gets charged for it...I have been a good cust with cell phone and air card, well my contract is over..yea..oh did i mention i just purchased a new phone at the toon of $500 dollars..and its not worth

T-Mobile is one of the worst cell phone companies. Customer Service is WORTHLESS & that's giving them too much credit.

yes this is the shitting service i have ever had. no one is helpful all they want to do is replace your phone with another shitting phone with the same problems. then they want to charge you shipping even though you have a manufactors warranty; i was even kicked out of a t mobile store today just bc i was trying to save a man from signing a contract with them and having to go through the same missery i am going through. by the way alot of companys now offer no contract plan however you have to ask about them and the only thing you have to do is purchase your own phone; and trust me that is much better route than being binded by a contract.

I sent the link to this page to the ceo of t- mobile's facebook. im not sure what itll do but we shall c

Been with T-mobile 12 straight years.Back when they where Voice Stream. I knew I was going to be late on a bill. I called and told them I was going to be and they said no-problem. They had a date when I was going to pay. They disconnected my phone on a very important day. After 12 straight years, for a lousy $62. I don't call that a way to do business.

Tmobile has the Worst Customer Service Ever!!!!!!! I recently renewed my contract for another 2 yrs upgrading from a G1 to a htc hc7. I changed to unlimited talk, text, web and every month they take extra money from my flex account for these services. 1st they were taking money for my text messaging. I called & THEY SENT ME BACK TO THE STORE & I had that fixed. Now they are taking money for my talk time. I was on hold for 3 hrs to get this problem fixed and still no results. Again they sent me BACK TO THE STORE. I talk to 2 representatives, Cody and David which had to be excalated to management Karen S. Then to her manager Michael S which was very, very rude and left me on hold again then finally disconnected me because i asked to speak to his superior in charge. I told representative to CANCEL my service. Ive been a faithful customer for over 2yrs and the service is getting worst. I went from AT&T to TMOBILE thinking that the service would be better but i was sadfully wrong. Where can i go for results? DOES ANYBODY NO????!!!!!!!!!!!

It's a great day at tmobile I guess if you work there. I think I've been with tmobile about 5 or 6 years. It seems as though every 4 months I've needed to contact tmobile. I'd say 20% of the time I was satisfied with the service. With that said Anytime I would state anything contradictory to what they were telling me it turned into an intant lack of service. Not to mention wait times and disconnects after explaining your issues. So 80% of the time I was left Fuming. I'm tired of companies acting like there doing you a favor. I have never complained on a blog before and I hope I never feel so inclined to do so again. IT IS tmobils POLICY TO RECORD ALL PHONE CALLS RECIEVED BY CUSTOMER CARE, IF YOU TELL THEM THAT YOU ARE ALSO RECORDING THE CALL THEY SAY IT IS tmobiles POLICY TO DISCONNECT UNLESS YOU CEASE RECORDING. This speaks volumes in and of itself. I am now calling to terminate my missory with tmobile. Good Luck & God Bless.

T Mobile is the worst telephone company!! Im not even going to go over my problems with this company! to anybody thats even thinking about signing up with t mobile. WARNING: STAY AWAY! THEY WILL ROB YOU. THEY WANT THEIR CUSTOMERS TO BE LOYAL AND YET THEY HAVE NO LOYALTY TO THEIR CUSTOMERS OR COURTESY!! I AM UNFORTUNATELY STILL A TMOBILE CUSTOMER AND CANNOT WAIT UNTIL MY CONTRACT IS UP!! T MOBILE AND ITS CEO'S CAN KISS MY ASS!!


The Samsung comeback started dropping calls 1 month ago. Last Friday I ttook the phone in to a store and they ordered a replacement. They told me it would be in Tuesday, Its now friday and still no phone and now they want to charge 90 for a replacement even though I have insurance and a warrany?????? Souns like Idiots are all they have from the top down. I will soon welcome Verizon back as my company!!!! good bye low life liars!!!!

I started a T-Mobile Flex Pay 2 year contract on 12th Dec 2008. Contract end date was 12th Dec 2010. Flex pay required me to pay service monthly fees one month in advance. On 9th Nov 2010, i paid my monthly service fees to T-Mobile till 12th Dec 2010. I ported my number to AT&T on 21st Nov 2010. On 15th Dec 2010, i was sent a bill for $108.26 as contract termination fees. I called their Customer Service immediately. The first agent who took my call could not understand what i was saying and kept me in hold for 45 minutes. I talked to her supervisor (T-Mobile Emp # 530106) and she accepted my complaint. The next day i again called TMobile customer care and she resolved my issue. She apologized and said that the charge would be reversed. She further said that she would be removing my credit card information on her file to ensure that this charge is not levied. This conversation happened on 27th Dec. 12 days later my credit card was charged $108.26. I called their customer service again (11th & 12th Jan 2011) but they continuously kept me in hold for 30 mins and 45 min and did not resolve my concern. My complaint: I have paid out the monthly service fees for the entire 24 months contract duration.If i have ported my number AFTER paying and using the service for 24 months, how can I be CHARGED EARLY TERMINATION FEES?

HERE'S THE MAIN CONTACT PHONE NUMBERS AND EMAIL ADDRESS'S TO CONTACT ABOUT COMPLAINTS. Tmobile Stuart, Executive Assistant to the Vice President 1-877-290-6323 ext. 341-8025. Glenn A. Zaccara Sr. Manager, External Affairs 425-378-4982 glenn.zaccara@t-mobile.com Michael Butler Chief Marketing Officer Michael.Butler@T-Mobile.com Bryan L. Barkoff T-Mobile Wireless Regional Retail Manager Detroit North Office # 248.465.1756 Fax # 813.353.6711 Kelly Spindle Executive Customer Relations Coordinator T-Mobile USA 877-290-6323 Ex. 8082 Avelar, Mercedes Mercedes.Avelar@T-Mobile.com' Clelland, John John.Clelland@T-Mobile.com Carney, John John.Carney@T-Mobile.com Otley, Casey Casey.Otley@T-Mobile.com Brodman, Cole Cole.Brodman@T-Mobile.com Corporate Responsibility Department corporate.responsibility@t-mobile.net Deutsche Telekom AG (owns T-mobile) Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 140 53113 Bonn, Germany Fax: +49-228-181-8872 www.telekom.de Investor Relations E-mail: investor.relations@telekom.de; investor.relations@usa.telekom.de Other e-mails: 'hamid.akhavan@t-mobile.com'; 'michael.guenther@t-mobile.com'; 'rene.obermann@t-mobile.com'; 'robert.dotson@tmobile.com'; 'robert.dotson@t-mobile.com'; 'robert.p.dotson@t-mobile.com'; 'Kai-Uwe.Ricke@telekom.de' T-Mobile International (T-Mobile's parent company) Landgrabenweg 151 53227 Bonn, Germany Fax: +49-228-936-31719 www.t-mobile-international.com File a complaint against T-Mobile with the Washington State Attorney General's Office [www.atg.wa.gov] When you file this compl

I purchased a G2 Google phone online during Black Friday enrolled my acct in Easypay. My phone was purchased 11/29 a payment was drafted from my acct 12/7 and I did not receive the phone till 12/8. When I got the phone it was already activated but for some odd reason their was no documentation of a payment..... So customer service(which is the worst in the world) filed a missing payement. No one called me to follow up so I called. Noone found the payment. So I fax the bank statements and no ones able togo and check the fax machine. Mind you I'm already headed toward my next bill date. So they suspended my acct came Jan 7. And advise me in order to use my phone I must repay the bill I paid in December and Januarys bill. I refused so they then told me to go to a Tmobile Store and fax the bank statement. Wow? Why didn't you say that in the first place. So now I'm stuck with a suspended acct for Tmobile sucky system and customer service reps that all tell different stories. And on top of that they tell me in oreder to use my phone I should refill my flex account...bulls*it I forgot to add I actually had to send my first phone back cause the screen freezed so bad. I would never recomend Tmobile. They blame the customer for their errors.........

Diddo Ron B. dated 9-22-10 review......I have been a T-Mobile customer since 2000. I have always been able to get problems resolved,but I must jump through hoops and eventually reach out for Corporate. Though I am happy resolution comes, I am dissappointed in the fact that I have to make such a stink about it. I manage a law firm, own a marketing company and talent buy business. My contacts are very valuable. The HTC HD2 has caused me to loose the majority of my contacts and drop very important calls in mid conversation with its freezing. I am actually considering launching a class action suit against both the manufacturer and T-mobile for losses.

I accidentally paid my 2 accounts and within 20 minutes called your bullshit out sourced customer service to get a refund one account was 83.95 and the other was 70.30. Now I called cs that Friday and spoke with Anne, an alias I'm sure, and was told she would process the refund and I would see my funds in 2 business days....I call on back on Tuesday to follow up I end up speaking with Ann again, at which point I find out that she never processed the refund but that she was going to process this refund for me now only it coupled be up to 6 business days for me to see my funds, I asked to speak with a manager and age said a manager would call me back in 15 minutes...3 hours latter I call back and speak with some other foreign retard who pretends to listen to my concerns and tells me she will also have a manager call me back in 20 minutes, I hesitate to hang up cuz I've been burnt recently from these morons. I never receive a call back and I let a whole day pass by due to frustration. I call up on Thursday and demand to speak with a manager, at which point Anne gets on the phone identifying herself as a supervisor, and now tells me that it will be 10 business days, I ask for another manager because I can't fucking stand Anne and her fucking stupid outsourced voice is just too much at this point....I'm then transferred to Joyce with the same fucking accent as Anne,yay!!!! She tells me the same bullshit about the 10 business days cuz I'm sure they work next to each other or something gay like that. She then tells me that in order to expedite the refund I can fax my personal banking statements to this 877 number, but she refuses to tell me what country I'm calling and where my fax will be going, she only says it's going to the refund department. REFUND DEPT???? Why te fuck can't I just deal with them directly...oh well there and offline dept and they have no phones or computers..yet they have a fax??? I called my bank to have this investigated so some prince in Nigeria doesn't end up with my checking info, cuz u know he has 15 billion that he needs to have filtered thru an account and will give me half for helping him lmfao. Fuck u tmobile and bring ur stupid cs jobs back to the US already, but I guess tmobile likes to support terrorism while there getting fucked in the ass by verizon and AT&T.

Do not sign up with these idiots. They outsource their business, & the reps have NO CLUE WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT.

Hate the behold 2 the screen goes blank and I can't see who calls it force closes. A lot. And freezes. I gee the phone reset and t-mobile has sent me a replacement in calling corporate

I have been a customer for approximately seven years...low and behold, I had my service interrupted due the fact 'they were looking out for me'; NOT BECAUSE i OWED THEM A PAST DUE BALANCE, BUT BECAUSE THEY WERE "CONCERNED". I have always carried a balance in excess of $200 per month since 2004 due to the fact I had three lines under contract(big mistake). On this occasion, my bill was close to $300 so they interrupted the service. Seriously, they told me that they didn't want me to get in a position that I was behind on the account so they decided to intervene. Really? I have paid my bill every month on time but they act like I am four years old and can't control my bill. Thanks for looking out T-Mobile, but no thanks.

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