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After reading these reviews it appears they DO NOT have customer service. We purchased a Kenmore Washer, Model 79642198900, on 08/25/10. The washer quit working over 2 weeks ago, and I am still trying to get someone to fix it. The last technician came out and said that LG knew they were having problems with the panel on the front of the washer and she had to order the part. She said it would take a week to get it and scheduled the appointment to put it in for today, 09/07/10 between 8-12. Today, 09/07/10, I received a recorded message that they would be out 09/08/10 between 8-12. I called the so-called 'customer service' department to question why they were not keeping the appointment I had. I talked with Jessica and she transferred me to 'technical support' department. I finally talked with Aaron, who said he was a supervisor. I explained my appointment was today, not tomorrow. I told him I had someone at work today to answer phones while I went home to wait for them for fix the washer. He said he didn't have any technicians available today. I told him he could just send someone when they are through with their route and pay them overtime. I told him it wasn't my problem - my appointment was today and the technician gave me a note which showed "Tuesday 8-12, 9-7". She even circled the 9-7. He never offered to try to help at all - all he said was they had me scheduled for 9-8-10. I WILL NEVER BUY FROM SEARS AGAIN!!!!! I always wondered why there was hardly any people in the stores, now I now why. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE.

My wife and I are looking to buy a microwave oven, we go to the store and find a bunch of displays, none of which we like. There is another couple looking for a microwave also. We've never met them before but we are comparing what is on your shelf. We notice 6 microwaves in their box's in the middle of the aisle and ask if we can see one. The associate states he'll be right back and after a few minutes he returns and states to us (not very nicely)"The vaccume salesman says it's just like that one" and points to one on the shelf. It was nothing like the one on the shelf..nothing at all, We explained that and asked if we could see it and he said "no" (he wouldn't even look at the box to see if it was different) Surprised we asked to see a manager, he said "fine" and briskly walked away. Both my wife and I and the other couple were rather taken aback by his rudeness. After watching him, the manager, and two other associates have a discussion while pointing at us the manager came over and asked if there was anything he could do for us. We simply asked if we could see the microwave in the box, He stated that he would not open a box. we asked if he could put one on display as there was a tag for one on the shelf but the shelf was empty, he stated "if I open one we won't be able to sell it" so I asked him if he expected us to buy a microwave based soley on the picture on the side of the box? he stated "yes" the other couple and my wife looked at him and said "you have two potential sales here but we would like to see it before buying it" he pointed at the box and sorry but I won't open it. Not only have you lost two potential sales but you just lost a customer for life, probably two customers I suspect. A comsumer should not be expected to stare at a box in the store and not be allowed to see whats inside and be further expected to buy it. The attitude of the associates and manager were such that it completely soured our taste for doing buisness with sears. I have never seen a poorer display of customer service, at all...good bye! I will surely tell my friends and family about this experience.

Sears Home Servies is the worse service I ever experienced in my life. I was on the phone for an hour and 10 minutes. I was offered a 2 week appointment to schedule a repair of my fridge. Lost a lot of food, cancelled my long weekend trip to Vegas with my family. A Sears Represntative put me on hold for 17 minutes when I asked for a supervisor. Very bad service.

I was online only moments ago ordering bras that were advertised at 9.99 on the website. The ad clearly says 50% off of 20.00, $9.99 plus 15% off due to a special. The price showed 8.43 until I hit checkout and the price jumped to 12.00! I contacted customer service who told me there was a mistake and the it dept had been made aware to correct it. I told them I would cancel my order (over $125) if they did not honor the advertised price. The rep quoted to me the terms and service agreement that sears has the right to cancel all orders based on price... are you serious!!??? I'm pretty sure that is some form of bait and switch. Advertise for one and raise the price during checkout?? Then when you are caught to say it is an error, but not offer anything to the consumer... I cancelled my order and will tell everyone I know how much Sears stinks.

I will never buy from Sears. I am done with them. I have a 12 year warranty Kenmore Power Miser 12+ electric hot water heater. It is leaking, has damaged my carpet and pad now in the basement hall and adjacent bathroom. I've contacted the Sears 1-8004-MY-HOME # numerous times throughout the week trying to get this hot water tank replaced. Technician was scheduled this morning from 8 to noon. Yep sure enough tank is defective and leaking. I am appalled at the treatment I have received from the call center and being transferred from one dept. to another dept, told one thing, told another and lied to or not informed correctly. I was told the hot water tank would be replaced and my total installation charges would be $129.99 under the warranty. However, when I get called for setting up delivery of the tank to be replaced and installed by their installers, I'm told I would have to pay $289.99. I told them I was told $129.99. I'm told to call the 4 MY Home # back to get that verified and I'm transferred all around again and by the time I get to the fourth person, I'm in tears. I have a damaged carpet and pad now, no hot water for a week, and still not tank. I can't get a live person at the local store. They told me my options were to pick up the replacement tank at the store myself, pay $69.99 to have it delivered to me, or NO TANK AT ALL! Yet it is a warrantied item and they will not honor the $129.99 installation charge they told me was all I'd be charged now. I feel they should honor what they told me especially do to the hassle I've dealt with and the damages I have now in my basement carpet and pad. Sears has gone down to the tubes. They used to be a reputable customer service oriented company but they don't give a rat's ass about people anymore (customers nor their employees). I am done with Sears. I have nothing good to say about them to anyone. I'm reporting them to my local TV station with the situation I have right now with the hot water tank. And I will NEVER never shop at Sears again. I stopped shopping at KMart years ago because there prices are so high. Walmart beats them hands down on prices. But all my appliances will be bought from Lowe's or Home Depot from now on where I get treated properly and get warrantied items taken care of immediately. Sears, you are history.

To whom it may concern; I know that in the 50s a person could buy a house in a kit form then assemble it on the building lot. Well it is not a house I am interested in, but the car that Sears could order for a person. the car was the Henery "J". I was wondering if maybe some where in some warehouse there might be one covered up with boxes and such. I am a retired mechanic of 33 years and I would like to build one Henery "J" to have something different from the other clasic cars. In fact, there is one man that I see on TV now and again and he has made one fast and different looking drag racer for himself. This is something my wife and I would enjoy doing. 4 years ago we built a 1973 Dodge Charger for the short oval race tracks and we had alot of fun. If you think that just maybe someone in the Sears Family that might know where there is such a car, please let me know. Thank you for your time in advance, Gary Maurer.........mylababby@aol.com , that will put you in touch with me.

On 8/11/10 I purchased a Kenmore Dryer. Since that time I have been treated like a second-class citizen, lied to, and laughed at by Sears Sale Representatives, Concord Pike, Delaware. Long story short: purchased item on line, at a discount; confirmed sales completion; attempted to take deivery; was sent on a goose-chase; discriminated against and disrespected; ; and finally told to accept nothing. I never received the merchandise. After reading several of the complaints by other Sears customers, I am feeling blessed. The unfortunate part, is that I will probably will probably make a lawyer rich and cause a media feeding frenzie, before a resolution is obtained. Here's the punch-line: this was over less than (by my research)$80.

Today, 8/23/10, I entered the Battle Creek, MI between the hours of 3:00pm and 4:00pm, to purchase a sewing machine table. I managed to find, on my own, a catalog listing the various machine tables. After finding the table I wanted, I looked around for a sales person to help me. I walked down the isle saw a saleslady, but she went to a couple that enter the store after me. So I continued down the isle again, saw a salesman he saw me and he started to turn away until I approached him and ask if he worked in the store. His response "hummmm ugh" in a very rude unprofessional tone. I paused thought about his response and his attitude, and said "you know never mind" I also enquired about the number of this store, and he asked do you want the phone number too. I replied no thank I have the number I'll need. Not only did the store loose a $700.00 sale, but I will never shop in that store again. And will discuss what happened to me to all who will listen. Quality service is a lost custom in today's workplace.

My 84 year old neighbor bought a G.E. Fridge from Sears on June 2, 2010. On August 18, 2010 it stopped working. Sears offered to come and fix it on September 29th - 6 weeks from the call. When she explained her age - they said they would come on September 14th - 4 weeks from her call. This woman lives alone and is not able to go to the supermarket every day because she has no way to keep food cold. SHAME ON SEARS - that they would treat any customer that way - let alone an elderly one. I called the store for her, hoping to find some sympathetic person who would help, what was I thinking? This is wrong on so may levels, I cannot even describe how upsetting this is. She is making monthly payments from her Social Security check for something that does not work. She was so upset when they would not help her, she sat down and cried. ONCE AGAIN - SHAME ON SEARS!!!!!!!!!

Sears has now become a porn company. A company that used to contribute to the building up of our country has now begun to pull it down. I will never buy anything from Sears or Lands End again...this is a sad day as I have been a faithful customer for almost 30 years. However, this relationship ends today.

To The CEO Bruce Johnson of sears i have tried every one that i could to get the refrigerator replaced and finally i got the people at sears to get a repair done when they just should have replaced the unit i am still trying to get the refrigerator replaced. It's now six years and today was the first day i was told about the escalation Department i have bin trying to get help getting this refrigerator replace every time i called sears the people in the department tell me that my warranty is out but never helped then in o7/08 the person got smart and had the Kenmore people get to cover the unit this was not help they spent 813.66 on parts and the valued repair was 1185.98 i have a receipt from the teak the truck was from sears and all i no is i just want you to contact Doreen id# 58960 at 1800-4790-6351 that she could get the hole look at what had happen. I just would like sears and Kenmore to pleas replace the refrigerator this unit has bin the worst nightmare when the warranty runs out its not over but that's all you get from the people that answer the phones at sears well can you pleas get me a new refrigerator delivered Brad Abrams dallas tx 75253

Every time I call to have a person come out to reapair something, I get the run around first they give yoiu a two week date then two or three days before the date they call to change the date cause they don't have the man power? Then give me a refund on my payment! you can't give me the service then don't sell me the contract! I will stop buying from Sears from now on!

While shopping at Sears in Westminster, CO. I discovered the advertising over the intercom was all in Spanish and not repeated in English. Do you not realize this is America and not Mexico? Everything we see in packages, is also printed in Spanish. Why not have it printed in French, German or Latin? I felt insulted as I listened to the messages & couldn't understand them. Please tell me why this is your practice.

No STAR! I put in a layaway for a tv paid up to $726 the lawaway was canceled because it was no longer avalible on 7/25 i still have not recieved my refund. I've called coorporate iv been to the store who told me to call in teh first place just to have coorporate tell me to go to the store. i dont know who gone find my money but if you have any suggestions beforw i end up on the news please suggest

you must have soo many complaints about the tire center at sears Naples fl. I have been there 3 times to purchase and the last time i said I would never go back. well the tire i wanted was $90.00 cheaper at sears so I sucked it up and went back. the service was so bad that i decided to go to tire kingdom and spend $200.00 more because it really is that bad. I would rather be in jaail then wait in that stor again for a no help employee that spends more time on the phone then working

My story's the same. If that's the way Sears treats customers, I'm out of here! One time shame on me; two times shame on you.

We purchased a Kenmore Air Conditioner Model # 580.76129300 from Sears in 2003. We used it at a Lake House for probably 5 months total in 7 years. The digital control pad went out and would not turn on. The part #6871A20319C that is normally used was discontinued and a new control RFR-CGI replaced it. The new control is $149.00 for an Air Conditioner that cost around $350.00. Obviously the control was flawed and had to be replaced and yet you have the audacity to charge such an outrageous amount. Sears should have corrected their design flaw for free. This part also has to be ordered by a technician that must come to the residence For $100.00 Labor charge. So now we are up to $250.00. Spoke with Supervisor she concurred this is the cheapest they can sell this part for. Rather trash the Air Conditioner then give Sears another penny.

Sears Repair Department is absolutely the worst I have ever dealt with. I have been waiting for 2 weeks for them to come and repair a belt on a washing machine in our home. I have rescheduled 3 times already and each time it is between 10-2 pm but they never come nor do they ever call to let me know it has been rescheduled. Only after calling Sears back do we learn that they had to reschedule due to timing conflicts. I have a life and cannot begin to tell you the opportunity cost of my time that has been lost for this repair effort nor the additional laundromat fees. I only hope other consumers take SERIOUS precautions prior to buying ANYTHING from Sears in the future. I will definitely never ever go back to them again.

Sears Repair Service was called in July 2010 because the Sears Kenmore Oasis washer was leaving black marks/spots/smudges on the clothing. • A technician came out on July 16, 2009. He indicated a new tub was needed. He ordered the part and scheduled a follow up appointment on July 23, 2010. • On July 23, no one showed up. I called service and was told the appointment that the technician schedule was not a “true appointment” and that is was only a “pre-appointment” although my receipt with the ordered part number stated a return date of July 23rd. • On July 30, the technician arrived and replaced tub. He said it was ok to use machine but 3 more parts needed to be ordered. Another appointment was scheduled for August 6. • I used the machine on August 1st to no avail. The washer would not drain the water and I ended up having to hand ring-out the clothes and bail most of the water from the machine by hand. The machine is now showing an “LD” code. • The 3 parts arrived on August 4th. However, again, no technician arrived on August 6th. I called service and they gave me yet another appointment for August 9th. • August 9th - again, no technician arrived. I was on the phone no less than 2 hours on August 9th trying to straighten this mess out. I have now been given an appt on Tuesday, August 10th. I was told that I would be reimbursed $100 for 4 weeks of a non functioning washer (maximum laundry reimbursement). However, I still have a non functioning washer. I even offered to have a 3rd party come and repair the machine but was told that Sears would not reimburse a 3rd party. I was also offered reimbursement for a “rental washer” but I would have to pay to have it hooked up– Seriously? Where in the heck would I install yet another washer? I have now been without a functioning washer for 5 weeks. I’ve spent money to have clothes laundered, I have taken off 5 days from work to wait for repair people, and my children are sharing their “summer adventure” tales of waiting the Sears Repairman in their summer essays. What about Sears’ motto…”we fix it right the first time”???? STAY AWAY FROM SEARS!!!!

I just got off the phone for 1 hr and 16 min. 34 sec. with Sears. What a DAMM run around. I took off work again to get my riding lawn mower fixed. The call me 30 minutes after he is supposed to be here and said he has called in sick. He is the only service tech. in San Antonio. I can not believe this. First lets start from the top. June 24, 2010 came to fix mower, had no belts on the vehicle. Ordered belts received two weeks later. Three weeks later I call to find out when there coming to fix mower. The lady tells me we have schedule you for Aug 10. (wow that would have been nice to know. I take off work again, and then they don't show up. I tell them thats unacceptable send someone else out. THey say "No" I get transferred 8 times "yes" and no one can speak to each other every time you phone number and name and "Its a pleasure serving you and how may I help you. They don't give a %^%$% about you.Then they promise me a 6 month extension on my service contract since it expired during this feasco. Then they call me back and say "oh, I have to take that back we can not give you that. I ask for a used lawn mower to mow my 2 1/2 acres they say no. I said you have a service center less than 15 minutes from my house can I just borrow one. "No". I said will you pay the mowing bills I have to pay since June 24, once again "No".Then they said we can give you 10% off of a new product "no". Then they said you can have a 6 month extension on your mower, and rescheduled I finally said "ok". They then called me back and said no we can not give that to you unless you renew your warranty.Wow that was from Customer resolutions, wow Sears has really gone down hill from how they used to be. "WE FIX IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME" YA RIGHT STAY AWAY FROM SEARS. Then I found out from the technican that I really never bought a Husgavarna it really is a sears mower just using there name and paint color. Wow lying, deceatful what a company. Sorry about spelling typing fast.

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