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We bought our Electrolux washer dryer from SEars in December '09 & I am on hold still tryi8ng to fix the noise Electorlux says is a vent issue... 40 minutes & counting 7 service calls later!!!!

I purchased a mattress set on September the 5th and I am still waiting for it to be delivered, today is September the 23rd. I have had messages left saying the mattress was sold out and I would be getting a credit. Called the store to find out it was only on back order and would be delivered a couple days late. The box springs and only the box springs were delivered to my parents house 30 miles away. Again another deliver date was set up, I needed a time earlier than 2pm, the window I was given was between 4 and 6. I am on the phone now with corporate and they want to reschedule for Saturday. While ringing up the original sale my wife decided to look at a new camera. We could not find anyone to help, was told they work on commission and the associate was down by the tv to make more money. We left the store and went to Best Buy and spent $800 on a new camera package. Sears has gone down hill fast below their new owners Kmart. The store we are talking about is in Daytona Beach FL at the Volusia Mall.

I called Sears because my gas cooktop was sparking but not lighting. I have a service contract with Sears so I thought that this would be a no brainer. Well 6 sales calls later I still do not have a working cooktop! The original problem is still there. In the meantime, on one of the service calls I was told that I would have to pay to take the cooktop out because it could break etc. I asked why it wasn't covered in the original contract but they told me it wasn't so $100.00 later I have a one year contract with another part of the Sears service network to take out the cooktop so they could get underneath and put a new part in. To make the story short, the cooktop is broken and still does not work properly. So now we order a new top to replace the old broken one. The repair man opens the box and what does he find--another broken cooktop. Now we have to reorder and I still do not have a working cooktop!!! For the time and money that has been spent trying to fix this cooktop Sears could have replaced it and I would have been a contented customer. As it stands now, I will NEVER use your products again. Sears used to be a store that one could have confidence in but your standards have now changed and it appears from the reviews that I have been reading that I am not the only one who feels this way. I bought this product from Sears, had it installed by Sears bought the maintenance contract from Sears and Sears seems just not to care about the consumer! I feel better writing this but I am not really sure that anyone upstairs reads the complaints. This is sad when you go out of business and blame the consumers many people will be out of jobs.

On Sept. 3, 2010 My 8 yr old fridge died, and after agonizing over the best refrigerator for my lifestyle at many, many different stores, I finally found it at Sears in Putnam, CT on Sept 5. I was given a delivery date of Thurs. Sept 23, 2010. Being without a refrigerator for 22 days (and counting) is terrible. On Sept. 20, I recieved the call that said the delivery was on time, coming on the 23rd as planned.-YAY! Then the very NEXT day, the 21st, I get a call stating that the fridge is back ordered and will not be available until OCTOBER 3!!!! I cannot believe this. I am beside myself. 18 days without a fridge was terrible, now I have to wait until next month?! UNACCEPTABLE. They did offer me a different model, I did not like that one and it did not have the things I needed. As I stated previously, I painstakingly sought out the "perfect" appliance for my family's needs. What are YOU going to do about this? This was not my error. $1,500.00 I paid plus a 3 year warranty and I have NO FRIDGE.

I have recently had bad experiences with both Sears and Kmart. They have, at some previous time, begun to limit the time you have to return items. They are rude and very hard to deal with if you have your receipt and impossible to deal with if you do not have the receipt even if the tags are still on clearly showing Sears or Kmart. Recently I attempted to take back two men's shirts that were too short in the sleeves- defective. I thought I had found the right receipt but turns out I had not. At the register I was told they were only worth $1.50 each. Telling the clerk I paid alot more for them than that and that they were still on their shelf that moment at the price I had paid I was told by Shawn, the store manager, that it didn't matter. If I didn't have the receipt with me then they would only give me the lowest price in the nation for Sears Stores. Needless to say, that as we go into the holiday shopping season I will not be doing any shopping for myself, my own family or anyone else in Kmart or Sears since I feel they are cheating people and loyal customers with their new practices. Even though the clerk and the manager would have recognized us as being in their store alot it didn't matter. I was told by Shawn that he was sorry we felt this way. That was it. No loyalty for customers, no help, nothing but callous disregard. That is why when this policy drives them into the bankruptcy they deserve I will feel nothing but callous disregard for them and be glad that I stopped shopping there. Customers are no longer thanked for their patronage.

I bought a Kenmore brand stove on 9/12/10 from a store in Manchester NH. They delivered the first one on Friday. I was right there. The box was in great shape. They took off the box and the stove was so damaged I could not accept it. I had a dinner party planned for Saturday night and now no stove. I speak to the delivery person and he said the earliest he could send another stove is Sunday. I protested explaining I was having a party and needed the stove for Saturday but no can do. Sunday was the next delivery. The stove arrives today again big dent on the left side and the back panel is missing several screws to hold it on. Poor QA. Second stove still a disaster. I called our local store and asked for the store manager,,~ Jason~ and I had to wait until he finished his lunch before he could call me back. (Although he claimed he was helping a customer) I had to call 2 more times before he would take my call. He held up the delivery guys, myself and my husband. I refused the stove again and told the delivery guys to leave because I wasn't getting a call back from the manager. Finally when he did call me back-he could have cared less. He was blaming the warehouse in Kingston NH which I don't disagree with but there was absolutely NO customer service. I want my money back. I am going to the store tomorrow and will continue to ask for my money back-I am so disappointed that I dont have the stove that I wanted. That I gave Sears 2 tries and still no acceptable product. Maybe you should look at your competition and see how they excel in customer service. They want the business. They want my business. And tomorrow after I get my money back-I will go right to Lowes and get next day delivery for a hundred dollars cheaper. Sad. We are hard working Americans and to take my money and offer a piece of junk for product is sad.

I am a 63 year old retiree who has a two year maintenance agreement with Sears. My air conditioner stopped working August 7, 2010 and it is Septemer 18, 2010 and I am still without air or electrical plugs in my bedroom (cannot cut on switch due to air conditioner). I bought a window air conditioner which I could not mount and have not been reimbused. I am having numerous physical examinations due to illness. I cannot believe you have a show on HGTV but cannot fix my air. I am going to contact the media, the Better Business Bureau because I can not speak with any supervisors regarding this matter. Someone hung up on me when I asked to speak to a supervisor. I have a medical procedure on Monday, September 20, 2010 but after this date it will be all out war between your company and me! Patricia Rembert 305.297.0995

We've been without the services of our Sears hot water heater for the past 4 days. Sears customer service suggests that we should be willing to go another 4 or 5 days so that they can help us. NOT. Finding someone within Sears who cares about customer service may not be surprising, but my inability to find someone within Sears who cares about our NOT buying their products any more (I've spent over $7500 during the last four or five years) is nothing short of stupid on their part. I'm voting with my dollars. And it won't be Sears.

SEARS is horrible. They have canceled service appts on me THREE TIMES already. My a/c is leaking into an apt below mine. I took an unpaid day off from work to sit home and wait for the tech who never showed up. Customer service was not at all interested in helping me...neither was Customer Relations. SEARS does not know that first thing about Customer Service, Relations or anything that has to do with satisfying their consumers. They should really close their doors. The obnoxious customer service rep I've ever spoken to in my life was from Sears on that day when I our service did not show up. After fighting with her for 45 minutes, she offered me a $10 gift card to SEARS. This was insulting. What makes them think I would EVER spend another DIME in their store? SEARS is so over. I will never step foot in one again. I am telling every homeowner and future homeowner I know this story.

What in the world has happened to Sears and their previous (years ago) good customer service standards? I have had several unsatisfactory experiences with Sears and was shocked to discover that they did not have an actual customer service office at the Chicago Loop location. Today, I noticed that the customer service counter is back, but I have little faith that it will do any good. My first bad experience was with my "Rewards" card. I was never able to use my points. They kept telling me that my card was too old. The program had just recently started. Then when I received a new card, they assured me that my old points would be transferred. That didn't happen! Now, the process has changed and I never received my points. Next, my brand new washer stopped working! I has an extended warranty and schedule an appointment that was not kept, by Sears. I called several times to reschedule and complain. They apologized and told me they would send me some discount coupons. Well, that didn't happen either! Now, I ordered a gift for my friend in Indianapolis. I was suppose to arrange between Sept. 14 - 16th. It was supposed to be a surprise, but I had a bad feeling and told her to expect a delivery. She told me that a slip from UPS was on her on door, but it had someone elses name on it, plus it was from "Dish Network". We just chalked it up as the previous residents package. The next day she received another slip with the same information, but she was home this time. They did not even knock on the door. I had another bad feeling and thought it was too coincidental. So, I called Sears to check the delivery status. When I explained the problem to Sears rep. told me she should "just go to UPS and pick it up". I again explained that the name was totally incorrect, plus you have to show identification when picking up a package and it wasn't her name, plus the package was heavy. The rep. hung up on me. I called again and asked to speak to a manager. Another rep. insisted that they could help me, but would not give me the manager. I explained the problem again. He told me to call UPS and trace the package. I told him I order from Sears and they are the one's that have a contract with UPS and they should trace my package. He hung up too! The whole point of ordering online is for easy shopping with "no worries". SEARS DID NOT GET THAT EMAIL! I will NEVER ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM AGAIN! THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS, WAIT SCRATCH THAT. THEY HAVE NO CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS WHAT SO EVER! NO WONDER THEY ARE LOSING SALES! They actually tried to blame me for possibly putting an incorrect address. Well, my confirmation printout had all the correct information and Sears didn't have any problem taking the money out of my account. I only hope my friend receives her package, that is no longer a surprise, thanks to Sears lousy service.

I wish I could make that 1 a 0! We have had a multitude of problems with our Samsung refrigerator. Purchased just over a year ago, it was all fine for the first 11 months. You know...the true lifespan of a $2,000 appliance, right? In the last 3 months, we have had the ice maker fall into the ice bin 3 times. Failed appointments, shady repairpersons, useless customer service people. The clincher was tonight when they said the repairman had stopped by and we weren't home. But at the time that was reported WE WERE ON THE PHONE WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE! Go figure.

I bought a range (kenmore black and silver) from sears around four months ago 3 of the knobes are brocken allready. They send a technition and mail me twoice the parts that even though it is the right the part according to the model No. it is not the rihgt size. I am still wating for the right parts and it's been more than a month that I am using the plyer to cook. Here is the interesting part, I was told that I have to pay %15 of the cost if I want to return the range while they can't help me. My phone No. is (310) 990-0019 and I hope some one soon call me and before I contact my lawyer Mr. Steven Stolar.[ 433 North Camden Dr. suite 600 Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

I have been purchasing Sears Kenmore appliances for 30 years. My husband and I recently built a new home and furnished the kitchen, utility room and garage with Sears appliances. The customer service over the past year has been the worst I have ever received from any business!! We have requested four service calls. Two which were no shows and two which they needed to reschedule. Seems Sears will take your money in a heartbeat but after that customers are screwed. We had an appointment today after making it two weeks ago. I took off work to be home between 8 and 12. I got a call at 8:12 that we were not in the service area for today. What kind of crap is that? You do not want to reimburse me for missing work and you do not want to reimburse me if it completely goes out and food spoils?? SEARS HAS HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Here I sit at 5:10 and no service call scheduled yet. I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH SEARS AGAIN!!!

regarding 099852987800033 Model 11022832100 purchased 9/3/2001. For nine years, I have paid a warranty on a washer with Sears. I have paid probably near $2000 in warranty for an appliance I could purchase at Sears outlet for about $300. For the past 3-4 years, Sears has not notified me that the warranty is about to expire. I notice that the first five years, they did, but now the machine is aging, it is flagged and you do not. A service repair man even told me that Sears doesn't give notice as appliances age, because they want to don't want to incur the expense of inevitable repair. Another year has passed now and I am expired w/o any notice. In addition, to cont. the warranty, I am told it will be over $200 a year. This is ridiculous. I am going to appeal to Sears to contact me and work out an agreeable solution to this. Your service reps, Trae and Alidena who I spoke to at your warranty center this evening were pleasant, but I feel I want to discuss a better proposal w/corporate Sears. I have been a loyal customer for thirty years, all of my appliances have been Sears. I would like someone to contact me to discuss this situation. You have my information on file. I am going to appeal this situation to the Better Business Bureau as well, because I believe it is a very poor practice to entice people into exorbitant warranties, then not have the conscience to indicate to them when the warranties are about to expire once the appliances have aged and the customers have paid three times the cost to have replaced a worn appliance w/a new one. I would appreciate a complimentary repair that this point and deserve one. Also, I emailed your service center about this on 9/11 and no one acknowledged that email, forcing me to call today.

as many other reviewers, i purchase many of my large appliances and many other items at sears, not to mention getting my car serviced as well. i purchased a mattress this last labor day weekend. i was told it would not be delivered for at least 5 business days, which was fine, until today. my mattress was not delivered due to damage it sustained during the delivery process. alright . . .but now i have to wait another 6 days for a new one to be delivered. i'd gotten rid of my old mattress in anticipation of the arrival of the new one. so, i am now sleeping on the floor for week. after speaking to "customer service" (5 different people) and being put on hold at one point for nearly 20 minutes, all i was offered was either a $50 gift card toward my next purchase, or 10% off my next purchase. why would i be interested in either of these if i no longer care to be a customer of sears?

I needed a thermal protector for the motor circuit of a Kenmore vacuum power brush. I found the part in the vacuum's parts manual online and order it through Sears Parts Direct. I was told it would arrive in 5 to 7 business days. After 3 weeks I inquired about my order and was told that part was no longer carried by Sears, it was obsolete. This is on a vacuum that is not that old, but sears saw fit to discontinue the part. I had to use my electrical knowledge to repair the problem on my own. Later, I needed a short power cord that goes from the power brush extension handle into the power brush assembly. AGAIN, I ordered the part through Sears online Parts Direct. AGAIN, after 3 weeks with no part I inquired about the order status. AGAIN, I was informed that the part also was obsoleted. I have two question for Sears' executives, 1) How long were you going to keep my money (even though it was not a large amount for both parts) before you refunded it? 2) Why do you continue to show my particular vacuum parts as available if it is obsolete and you are not servicing that model any longer. I see no reason that an immediate response to an order can't be sent informing the customer that a part is no longer available and, therefore not charging the customer's credit card.

All I want to say in my mother's behalf , who by the way has been a Sears customer for many many many years and who has bought many things from Sears. We are very DISAPPOINTED!! Approx about a month or so ago my mother purchased a bed n spent a little over $800.00. To make a long story short, you didn't have anything on stock that my mother wanted. The demo that was on the floor had pieces missing and the manager that was there some african american guy. He was extremely rude. he acted as if he didn't care or had time to listen. but he was willing to take off 10% of the bill (approx. $100.00 off) and told us to go somewhere else to get the bed frame. Now how absurd does that sound to you? I mean really when you go buy a car at for example, u go and buy a car are you going to another dealer for tires? or if you have problems with your feet are you gonna go see just any doctor? My mother reopened her Sears acct and had just received her credit card and yes the money was removed . But now not only was my mother inconvenianced by you guys not having what she wanted, and the manager being rude and also the day of delivery she got a queen size bed but the frame were 2 twins. What was that all about? and now you're sticking her with a restocking fee of $30.00. I think you have alot of nerve after that happened and I will be contacting corporate and discussing this further. I know this much not my mother or myself and anyone else that I know will not be purchasing anything from any Sears store again. You have lost many customers when this happened to my mother. Disappointed Customer from Merrillville, In 46410 email address taus_susana@yahoo.com cell phone 219-613-8088

I bought my Maytage Neptune washer and dryer from Sears several years ago and just experience the washer motor stop working. I had several appointments that were promised to me that no one called or show up to repair the washer. I have had the part for 2 weeks now and no one at Sears seem to care enough for the customers valuable time. I have lost time from work and countless hours on Saturday appointments that I could have done something else beside waiting on a service person that did not have any intensions of showing up. Finally, this has cost me Laundry mat money time off work and wasted time. This is the worst experience by a large company that I have ever seen. I will let everyone know how I was treated.

I am apolled at the treatment that my 80 year mother received from sears service department! My father and mother both have been customers for decades and it hard to believe that Sears was once a well respected place of business. My mother purchased a airconditioner abd began to have some problems with. It was serviced and fixed so many times they just gave her a new unit.(Supposedlly?)The new unit is not a year old and now it is doing that same thing the old one was. So here we go again dealing with the service department. A maintain agreement only means we will maintain whenever we get to it! Please hear me..we are in La. and the heat index is ridiculous! So not we have to start this ritual all over again, waits days for a technician to come and look at it, then her says parts have to be ordered, then a few days later you get another call saying that ooh yeh by the way your part is on back order and we dont know when it will be in! Are you serious! WHY doesn't a company as large as sears have there own parts? This is truly a inconvenience and hard to understand. Once they get it then you have to call back and have someone to come out again in put in on, this also takes days? So you are looking at a process that takes weeks when a customer has a maintain agreement? Wow Sears..this is good, you guys need to revamp this practice before you loose buckets of customers. No one wants to feel that they are not important especially loyal customers of 50 years!

This is amazing! I was going to write about my experience but i see that you guys are very aware that your maintenance and service centers suck! There is no need for me to discuss my problems with you losers because i see with my own eyes theres enough of this on this page already. This is pathetic!

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