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I bought a Mitsubishi hd tv model ws-55313,I also purchased the master protection service because just in case something goes wrong Sears would repair or replace it,well I have had service on this under the agreement for almost 8 years I started to have issues with what looks like uneven color,the tech came out and said I needed to go from narrow mode to a wider picture,I have had service on this tv for a long time and had never had a tech tell me that it should not be in narrow mode,sometimes it goes to narrow for standard programing,if you change it it distorts the picture,according to the manual you can watch standard shows but not for a long period of time and we did that,now we are having issues and since we have been paying for nearly 8 years on this MP I figured they would fix it,the tech said that its not covered because it comes under abuse and if I do want it fixed its going to cost me $1732.33 for 3 cathode ray tubes red green and blue,when he was here the time before in June he never mention that the tubes may need to be replaced and that I would have to pay for it,also I called Mitsubishi and they said that those parts are nla,but if I really wanted them they research it but more than likely they would be after market types and they would not warranty them,I really feel like this not fair I always stand behind Sears and if there was an issue that they would back what they sell,my tv was'nt in a fire or flood we watch it normally and its not like I bought it and years later complained about it,because I paid into the MP all these years,the supervisor said they want to send another technician for a 3rd time I dont know for why but hopefully this can be resolved on your end,I want to stay loyal to Sears but this is making it very difficult. Thank you and answer this as soon as you can. s/o 40043607


We purchased a Kenmore Elite Front Loading Washer in January 2003 and paid $1,000 for it. In the past few weeks the machine had not been working properly. My husand spend 1 1/2 hours last night taking the machine apart and we were shocked to find the machine had dry rotted on the inside. The plastic was completely broken around the front of the basket. To get replacement parts it would have been more than $500. Why would I spend that much money on replacement parts when a new machine that is NOT a Kenmore would cost me about that much. We instead went and purchased another machine that was NOT a Kenmore. I would not recommend a Kenmore front loading machine to anyone who is thinking about purchasing one. We were very disappointed to know that the machine only lasted 7 1/2 years (this is at a cost of $133 a year). We feel that we were sold an inferior product and Sears should be held accountable in some way. We will take our business elsewhere and not purchase anymore Kenmore products in the future. We have always been loyal to Sears but this has soured us.

I hope someone out their can help me. I have been trying to help my 86 year old mother pay her accounts at sears. The astronomical 26% is unbelievable, but it is what she signed up for, so maybe not sears issue, but still very sad. Trying to pay off her $4,000 bill, tried managers, supervisors and have sent to proper addresses and faxes the legal power of attorney 5 to 6 times over 6 months to no avail. I need help with sears corporate before I need to go to the Boston Globe and Attorney general.

I am Darla Kickbush. My name is on my daughter credit card. JoLynn Kickbush-Farrell. She just spent 2 1/2 hours on the telephone with your unprofessional repair office. I called and scheduled to have a dryer and dishwasher repaired. The gal couldn't find my name under 515-961-5456, so i told her that my name is on my daughter's card. With that, I proceeded to schedule a repair date. They told me Tuesday afternoon. I gave them MY ADDRESS and the PHONE number they should use. 515-707-5456. My daughter got the call this morning to confirm her repair. She lives in Ames, Iowa, I live 65 miles south of her. They in their astute wisdom scheduled her address. Now I have many products and several repair done, how can they be that stupid? Now I am told that because the Sears office screw-up, my repair can't be scheduled until this Saturday. This is unacceptable because the problem is not on my end. The problem lies with your customer repair office. And on top of that after all this confusion, they still want to charge me a trip charge for my dishwasher, when they are going to be here to repair the dryer that is under warranty. What kind of business do you run? I can see why folks dislike Sears. If they would have used my address as I even spelled out for the gal and gave her the phone number to use this whole repair should be without any charge except for parts. I await your response. My daughter's email address is jkicku@aol.com. My email address is dkkick40@gmail.com Thank you for you time. Darla Kickbush 515-707-5456 dkkick40@gmail.com

Last year I purchased a front loading washer & dryer but did not purchase the pedestals. My new home was almost complete and I purchased these and other appliances so that my contactor could have them installed. Months later, when I moved in I realized that I should have purchased the pedestals so I went ahead and purchased them with the intention of installing them myself. When I realized that this was not going to work, I contacted Sears to have a technician install them for me. They contract out some of the installations. This tech told me that he would be coming alone and would require assistance from me. HELLO ?!?! Since when is a customer required to help ???? When I complained to Sears about this I of course got the run around and many different stories. I got the usual scripted lines of apology and the same platitudes. I got so sick of dealing with these incompetent people. I would rather deal with a strained back so I returned the pedestals. DID I LEARN MY LESSON ?? NO I DID NOT !! On May 1, 2010 I went to Sears to purchase three items but I learned that they were on-line items only. So an associate ordered them for me through Sears.com at the store. I paid the cashier in cash. Three days later I received an e-mail stating that 2 of my items were no longer available. How was I to get my money back? This was the beginning of a 10 week nightmare. I got the same scripted apologies, the same lies, the same incompetence. My refund was processed over and over again each with a 10 business day waiting period. I finally learned the problem with my refund. The morons at the Sear.com online solutions department never bothered to check on the reason why my refund check was constantly being returned because if they had, they would have realized that it was being sent to my delivery address as opposed to my mailing address. 10 weeks of dealing with a bunch of brainless, automated robots. Sears was a dependable company. But it no longer is. The customer service representatives speak as if they are so proud to be working for Sears, They should all be ashamed of themselves for not going the extra mile, All of this could have been avoided. Sears and Sears.com should be ashamed also. But they will do nothing to prevent this from happening again. I want as little to do with Sears as possible. I hope I never need to use their store or services again. I would not recommend Sears to anyone and my extended family has begun to take their business elswhere. Today is July 17,2010 and I am still waiting for my refund.

This is a follow up to my previous complaint letter dated 13 July 2010. After I received a message on my answering machine that told me it would cost me $533.95 to fix my Craftsman Power Washer, I called the sears repair center (Sears Home Central Parts and Repair Center, 1781 Crossroads Drive, Odenton, MD 21113, phone: 301-912-6050) to tell them not to fix it. No one answered the phone but in stead a recorded message came on that said that the customer service representatives were busy with other customers, but would get with me as soon as they were able. In stead of waiting on the line I decided to just go there and pick it up and tell them when I got there that I did not want them to fix it. After driving all the way there, a young lady behind the counter tells me that she can’t give me my pressure washer, that there were no technicians in that day who could release it to me, even though she admitted it was sitting in the warehouse. She said that there was a process which included putting in the computer that I did not want them to do the work, and then the technicians had to acknowledge that for it to be released to me, and since they weren’t there, I couldn’t get my pressure washer. I couldn’t believe that I had wasted another trip. (26 miles) You see, a week prior, I had tried to drop off my pressure washer on Monday July 5th. I had called the Sears repair center on Sunday July 4th to see if they were going to be open due to the holiday. The phone message was their regular message that said that they were open from Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. So I went on Monday the 5th to drop it off and there was a sign on the door that said “Closed for the holiday.” When I saw the sign, I immediately called the sears repair number again, because I was pissed off at that point. I verified that the message was the regular message which I had stated. I returned home and then the following day, I made the trip again. At that time I had asked a different young lady if they had a supervisor that I could talk to. She informed me that they didn’t really have a supervisor for customer service, that the closest thing was a gentleman who supervised in the warehouse. I asked if he was available and they said he wasn’t there. Feeling like I wasn’t going to get anywhere, I began to tell the customer service workers about there not being a phone message that said they were closed on July 5th. They immediately told me that there was, basically calling me a liar. I told them just what I am telling you, that I called on Sunday and the again on Monday to verify the message. I could not believe that they would do that to me. They continued to tell me that there was a message that said they were closed on Monday. Anyway, back to today’s occurrence. After she told me that there was nothing she could do; that she could not give me my pressure washer. I just stood there for a while staring, because I really didn’t want to make a fourth trip to the center. The Lady told me that if I had called earlier and told them over the phone not to do the work, they would have had it ready to go. I told her that I had called and no one pick up the phone, that instead I got a message that said they were busy and would get to my call as soon as possible. She then told me that they had no such message. I couldn’t believe my ears. I got frustrated and told her, I wanted to talk to a supervisor. She took my pick-up receipt and wrote the name Abdul on it with a phone number. I said to her, “I suppose he not around for me to talk to right now.” She replied that he wasn’t. And I turned and left. When I got to my car, I decided to call the number for the supervisor that was given to me, thinking that it was his personal number, and not realizing it was the sears repair number. Anyway, I got the answering machine message which I had received earlier about the customer service people being busy with other customers. I then got out of my truck and I went back into the sears center. Two customer service people were helping two customers. I dialed the center number on my cell phone and then I flipped it open so it was on speaker. There was no rings heard in the office, but then the message came on and when it was finished, I said to the young lady, “You told me that there was no such message, but I just proved it to you.” I was so angry. I turned around and walked out. It totally ruined my day. I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened, and although I had just written you a complaint letter the day before, I felt compelled to write again. Something needs to be done. I kept asking myself; Why wasn’t there any technicians there? Where was the supervisor? If business was so slow, why did it take them over a week to tell me that my pressure washer needed a new pump? I knew that myself when I took it to them. And why would customer service personnel lie to me about the phone message, twice? Why would they have the ringer off on there office phone? Is there no one that holds this repair center responsible for their actions? Why don’t they tell people in advance that they won’t be able to pick up their equipment if technicians are not present to release them from the maintenance section? Today’s experience has confirmed to me that Sears is not what it use to be. I am so upset about this. I have been reading hundreds of stories from others on the internet that have had horrible experiences. I am not one to complain about service, but this repair facility needs some serious accountability; both personnel and policy changes. Again, I am very dissatisfied with my experience and will continue to write until someone acknowledges my situation. I do not even want to go back there tomorrow to get my broken power washer and face them again.

In 2004, I purchased a top of the line Craftsman Power Washer from Sears, Model #580.753400. I have used the pressure washer no more than three times a year, less in some years. That equates to using it no more than 18 times in the past six years. I recently took it to the closest Sears repair facility because the pressure dropped off considerably. After having it a week and charging a $29.99 diagnostic fee, they called and left me a message saying that to fix my power washer; it would cost $533.95 because the pump needed to be replaced. I think that is outrageous. How in the world could a pump replacement cost more than the whole pressure washer cost me. More than the cost of the pump, it pains me to think that a product used so few times could go bad. I am very dissatisfied with the Sears products I have purchased during the last six years. I also have a Kenmore counter depth refrigerator (which we paid top dollar for five years ago) that is rusting on the front side beneath the water dispenser, and my ice maker is constantly giving me trouble. Something has happened to quality during the last ten years. I have a craftsman lawn mower which I have had for 15 years or so, and it still runs wonderfully, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used it. I would like some satisfaction. If I can’t get it from Sears, then I will take all of my business elsewhere to get that satisfaction.

I purchased a Range from your store here in Roanoke, Virginia. It has been a good stove, however, recently the stove door began to accumulate dirt in the door between the two panes of glass. I took the outer piece of glass off, cleaned both, and attempted to put them back together. That's when I noticed that the plastic tip on one of the pieces was broken off. I looked up the part on the internet, called the store and was informed that Sears Parts Direct would have to be called. I looked up "Sears Parts Direct" on the internet and was presented with the following "Sears Parts and Sears Repair Help from AppliancePartsPros.com Buy Sears Parts from Appliance Parts Pros - Original Sears parts will help you fix your broken appliance quickly and easily. Same day shipping and low price ... www.appliancepartspros.com/sears-parts.aspx - Cached I clicked on this, told a person my problem, and was told that the "door trim manufacturer has an authoried a substitute and therefore could not be gotten from the manufacturer but rather from a secondary parts store (like them). I had never done business like this with Sears before but I thought, what the heck, a new way of doing business; besides Sears has always stood by there product, at least for the 50 years I have been doing business with you. Well the substandard pieces arrived and while trying to put my range glass back in the oven door, that piece snapped. Plastic against metal don't do well together I guess. Anyway, I called Sears to get a repairman out to see why this was happening and was told: "Since this order was not placed through Sears Parts Direct, we are unable to assist you with this order. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. For further assistance, please contact the company from which you purchased these parts. I then told "Henry D" that when I went on the internet I put Sears Parts Direct in the query line. That's the company that came up and the reason I researched through them. I followed with "You mean to tell me the money and time I just spent on a Sears Product was for nothing. He followed with: "I certainly apologize for the delay you experienced contacting us regarding this order. However, since this order was not placed though Sears, we are unable to assist you with your order. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. While I sat in front of my computer screen digesting this "new sears customer service attitude" two more messages flashed on my screen: 1. Is there anything else I can assist you with today? And 2. I have not received a response yet. Would you like to continue chatting with me? I told Mr. Henry D: No, Sears screwed up on this one. I am an avid Sears customer, scratch that, WAS an avid Sears customer (for over 50 years by the way). That's poor customer relations. Mr. Henry D ended the call with: "We regret you feel that way. However, since this order was not placed through Sears, we are unable to provide assistance regarding any problems you may have experienced with this order. Is there anything other than what we have discussed I can assist you with today? I printed all of this to hard copy as I could not believe what I was hearing. My stove came from Sears and my dishwasher came from Sears, and my refrigerator/freezer side by side came from Sears, and my mother-in-laws refrigerator/freezer side-by-side came from Sears. None of these were first generation purchases either. My mother-in-law is 90 and I am 63. I probably overreacted what I told Mr. Henry D that "I was an avid Sears customer". Old habits are hard to break, but maybe not. I spent the first 18 years of my life across the lake from the Sears Tower; and with that, I have carried a lot of pride and purchase into your store with me. But if this is the way your are going to treat a customer over a $30.00 part, I want no further dealings with you. If you do not care, do nothing and I will cancel the "Sears" repairman coming out to fix my range, and we will be all even. If this is not your "new attitude" please respond to this at "jrb1142@cox.net" and tell me so so that I can get back to my old beliefs that Mr. Sears and Mr. Roebuck stood for Quality of Merchandise. Sears used to be "customer oriented". Is the almighty buck that important these days? Respectfully and sincerely James R. Bryan

I purchased a treadmill from the Sears store at the Stroud Mall in Stroudsburg, PA. DO NOT EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS STORE. THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE STINKS!!!! I waited 6 weeks for a working treadmill to be delivered to my home. Twice they came and delivered a damaged item that I had to keep until they brought back a different one. Multiple Saturdays we were scheduled for delivery and either they didn't show or brought a broken one. I went to the store to conplain and they said they would process a refund for my delivery charge plus 10%. I have a copy of the print out that shows a refund but it has never been processed. It is now July 12 and still no refund. I have called too many times to count and each time they say that they have contacted corporate to get the issue resolved. HELLO out there... is anyone HOME!!!! Very disappointed in Stroudsburg, PA.....

Last fall we purchased a new electric stove, stack washer/dryer, refrigerator, oven hood and a walk mower. Our appliances are 300 miles from our home (at our cabin near Ashland WI) we have been trying to get the stove (hot surface warning light) and washer (leaks) fixed since last April/May. We FINALLY had a serviceman call us from Mich to come & look at it in August. We bought the appliances in Ashland Sears. Our mowers cover broke so I researched the repair parts "online" and gave the numbers to the Sears in Tomah, WI. We were told the repairs would cost us $38.00 so I asked if it was under warranty. Rep told me she'd call back which she did & stated it was under warranty. Would I have been charged the $38.00 if I hadn't asked about the warranty? Also I was told that I had to bring the WHOLE mower in as it has to be shipped out (so I listed other repairs then) for about 10 days. Here I sit for 10 days without a mower. We have purchased a GREAT deal of items throughout the years, but because of the inconvenience of the repair system we are considering shopping elsewhere. If I buy an item from Sears in Tomah why can't it be repaired in Tomah as there are qualified repair shops there?

Do not purchase a non Sears item from their web site. They are trying to be an Amazon.com and failing. I purchased lamps from the Sears web site. I received a call from the company selling them through Sears.com stating they were not available. The company cancelled my Sears order and I purchased 2 different lamps directly from them. After almost a month, I have not received my cancellation refund. I have made repeated phone calls to Sears. Each time they said they had not received the cancellation from the company. The company emailed a copy of the cancellation they sent to Sears to me. This company said they have no trouble with cancellations on the Amazon web site, but have had several problems with the Sears web site.

I just purchased a Kenmore washer---which I selected in great part because it came with water hoses included. The sales dept. staff were fine, the delivery confirmation received, and the washer delivered. However, at that point, problems ensued. The included hoses were too short for our connections. When asked what could be done, I was told Sears did not have any of these, so I would have to outfit them myself. Not a big deal, except if I knew the hoses would have been too short, I would have selected a different model and still purchased the needed hoses on my own. In short, I paid for the convenience of everything included. My husband and I then took the next two hours to get hoses, installed them, figured out how to rig the water hose since it was too short to reach the drain outlet, and as noted by the deliverer--you'll have to figure how to hold it down---which we did. When I called my home Sears in Hawaii, I asked them about any reimbursement or credit since the hoses were too short, and thus the unit inoperative without the connections. I was told since the hoses were already included as part of the purchase, there was no option for any partial reimbursement. It was my loss. Now, I am not angry, but I am once again disappointed by Sears. I was not pleased with the installation of the dryer five years ago, which required a different kind of venting that Sears was unequipped to solve.....so my contractor did. Once again today, the machine arrived, but it was less than stellar in its installation. If I had planned to do this in the first place, I would have purchased elsewhere, gotten it home, removed the old, installed the new....which now I know how to do....and dispensed with Sears altogether. In the islands our options are limited. I buy not just for the equipment but for customer service. I am once again dismayed that Sears has disappointed on that final end. In the future, I will seek appliances from a private vendor who stands by his products and is always there for service. So I am adding my observations to the already lengthy list that precedes me. Does anyone at Corporate listen? Your sales people do a good job....seemed knowledgeable and willing to help....However, on the service end, you are dismal....hence the fair rating. Had it not been for the positive in store experience, the rating would be poor.

all off sears assoicates are s-- and sl--- would love to tell all of you in person

I just finished making arrangements for a service call on my Kenmore Ref. The compressor was repalced less then 5 years ago at no charge as it was under warranty. I believe my present problem is with the replaced compressor. It has been less then 5 years for the replacement installation, no one could tell me if the replacement had a 5 year warranty. The service center could find no record of my service call even though I have the receipt and supplied Service Order Number. To tell you the truth I think I purchased a "lemon" as sometimes happens.....sometime company's will replace the merchandis, sometimes not, the buyer is "stuck". My email address is: macpark@newnorth.net

i am extremely disapponted in the sears outlet in san antonio texas. i have no idea where you people get your contractors from to deliver appliances but the one you have there is a joke. it is vs appliance delivery. the people at sears promised that my granparents would get their washer and dryer the same day by this guy from vs appliance delivery. well the guy never called to verify and when we called he never answered the phone. the recording said his name is victor and he would get back to us. that has 2 days and still has not heard a word. we had to go back to the store and pick it up ourselves. the guy you people are using is very independable. we will never go back to that store because the that incident. and to whoever else is reading that do not ever use VS APPLIANCE DELIVERY in san antonio texas very bad. it is bad for your business even to be using him. i hope you will make some kind of changes because you are only going to keep losing busines because of him. we are very disappointed in sears outlet for using people like him

In August 2009 my 2 year old Kenmore refrigerator needed service. I called and made a repair appointment that was cancelled and rescheduled 3 times, in result I was without a refrigerator for over a month, as well as spending hundreds of dollars out of pocket for eating out and spoiled food...It finally took me going to my local Sears appliance department and having the manager Mr.West call and hang on the line with them for over an hour to get someone to come out to fix my refrigerator. It is now 11 months later and HERE WE GO AGAIN...I called when my refrigerator broke on 6/22 and I was scheduled for a service call on 7/1. On 6/29 they called saying my service has to be rescheduled because of overbooking and the earliest repair date I can have is 7/13. I called customer care to say that this was not acceptable, and was bounced around like a ping pong ball until I finally got the supervisor CAMILLE who claimed the 13th is the only option and "I guess we're unable to satisfy you beyond that, so this call is now finished" and hung up on me. I have my 89 year old mother living with me who's health is now being compromised due to Sear's lack of care and professionalism, so I guess my only option is to again go to the Sears appliance sales floor and tell all potential customers of my experience. I am also sending a cc of this complaint to my lawyer in the event my mother's health declines. I will await your responce.... cherlayna@hotmail.com

I have read the complaints listed above for May and June and recognize a common theme... disgraceful customer service. Maybe it's even worse than Dell Computer's current problems. We purchased a new kenmore dishwasher on June 21st. it was delivered and installed by a Sears subcontractor. However, it was broken and inoperable which would have been discovered had the installation team followed the 10 step installation proceedure which obviously, they ignored. Here it is June 30th and the broken machine is still in our kitchen even after 15 calls to various divisions of your customer service tear from Winter Park, FL to Austin, TX. WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO DELIVER A NEW MACHINE? I Sears so arrogant and complacent that they can afford to ignore their customer base??? If anyone reads these complaints (especially mine) please call, write or e-mail me. Consumer Reports has given the Kenmore Dishwasher a great review...you know, they read customer complaints as well as product praise. My e-mail is: ed@51dryden.com.

My parents washer went out.And they called the store and they gave them the custimer care number.they called customer care and they said they would send out a repair man. a week and two days later they showed up. he said i will half to order some partsand they will be here thursday. then they told them it would be two week before they could come and fix the washer. the washer is only five months old. And this is the second time they have work on it. i will never buy from sears again.

I have never had so many problems with a customer service/care department ever. After calling with a problem on a television with a purchased sears warranty my experience was a good one until the part I was told they were ordering to fix the problem never arrived. With the appointment time approaching for the instal of the new part I called back again (now a week and a half later) and they had no record of me. I was transferred from department to department only to have to start from the beginning every time I got transferred. Eventually, I was disconnected during a transfer only to have to call back again and start over yet again. I spent over 45 minuets between the 7 people I talked to most of which was on hold. The representatives cut me off in the middle of sentences, transferred me with out asking, after asking to no longer be transferred, and told my problem was not their fault. After having no luck over the phone I tried sending an email and was given a generic response to call customer service. How aggravating! Calling back I was not allowed to speak with a supervisor. The girl on the phone stated that the part had now been ordered and there was nothing she could do beyond that. I had to beg for a service appointment before the holiday weekend. I spent good money Sears and my time and money was not respected at all by Sears over the last 3 weeks. Needless to say I have told several friends and family members about my experience. After reading the other comments here and confirming that my experience was not a unique one, we will no longer be purchasing any of our major appliances or electronics ever again from this company.

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