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Pizza Hut takes care of their employees very well. Providing quality footwear for safety durring the day. Product that is comfortable, clean, and safe. Pizza Hut has a strong interest in the well being of employees and their ability to do their job - SAFETLY

I ordered from Harker Heights TX store last Saturday afternoon the Manager Bradon was so RUDE and ARROGANT, he not only spoke to me like that but also to his Employees! I was so mad that I left and went to Papa Johns and had great food and great Customer Service! I Will Not order Pizza Hut Ever again!!!

Last night me my friends and family members ordered a pizza from pizzahut. We were very satisfied with how quickly the pizza had arrived at our house. When we opened the pizza box to eat my friend spotted a baby coachroach baked onto a peperonie. We were disgusted and completly lost our appetite. I was very very embarresed in front of my friends. We took lots of pictures, which I would like to show but I do not know how to upload them on this form.

I want to complain to you about the poor quality of your web site and service of your stores. While trying to use your web site I was declined a log on 4 times. Upon calling three of your stores in the New Orleans area two stores would not answer the phone. In a competitive market I (at this point) not only hope but expect your company do poorly. It is quite easy to spend my money elsewhere.

The management at the Pizza Hut in Schertz, TX sucks. While I was there the managers treated the employees like crap. They talked to them very disrespectful. I have noticed that the staff has changed. I asked a hostess and she said that many of the younger staff quit due to the way they have been treated. I only want to take the managers out back and show them a little respect. Let them talk me that way and it is lights out!!

Dear Sir or Madam: I went into one of your restaurants to order a large pizza. I presented the customer service clerk with a coupon (World's Finest Chocolate- For Fundraising)which has Pizz Hut as a participator of the fundraiser $3 (C3)off any large or $2(CM)off any medium pizza, on the wrapper. The clerk informed me that pizza hut do not honor any of those coupons. I talked to some colleagues at school and they informed me that they were informed the same thing by that location (1780 Panola Rd., Ellenwood, GA 30294), plus other colleagues informed me that only certain Pizza Huts will honor the coupon. Why? Respectfully, Singletary

we order there and get wrong orders all the time. Tired of it so we will no longer be customers at pizza hut. Plus the tuscan alfredo dinners are much much smaller then what they use to be. They use to be larger. More money, less food. I had to drive there 2 times also when ordering after delivery.

Took 1hour for delivery with store 0.3 miles away and driver forgot pop and pizza was cold, then when I asked him why was the pizza cold when the store is so close he said f__k off its his last day this from laughlin nv on cal-edison drive, also thanks shelly the acting manager that night who said she has no control over her driver.

I am very disappointed with the service I received regarding my last delivery order with Pizza Hut. I ordered two large cheesy bite pizzas which was supposed to be delivered in 40 min., according to the clerk that took our order. The idiot did not record our address correctly, after me hearing my husband tell him/her about 6 times what the correct address was. The pizza arrived in an hour and ten minutes, cold and without the marinara sauces that comes with this particular pizza (which I would not have ordered without). We called to complain about the absent sauces and the late delivery, and was assured they would be right back with the sauces and gave us a whopping 10% off of our next order for being late. After another 40 minutes...the sauces arrived! Needless to say we spent almost $30 for absolutely nothing but cold tasteless pizza. I used to loved Pizza Hut, both the food and the service, but I can no longer say that. I will not be back to Pizza Hut ever again! I had a bad experience previous to this one, but thought after some time had passed that I would try it one more time...big mistake!! They have went to the dogs and I will continue to order from Papa John's or Sir Pizza from now on! What a shame that such a reputable company has deteriorated so badly!

I called in a carryout order for 2 medium pizzas, I had a coupon that said $13 for two medium pizzas with up to two toppings. I was taking the pizzas to a friend's for dinner. When I went to pickup the pizzas the manager would not honor the coupon saying they only honor coupons on Monday, he wanted to know where I got THAT coupon? I said it was stuck to the the top of the box wwhen I got a pizza there last week!!! He was very nasty and said if I wanted the pizzas I had to pay full price. I said no way, I had called in and told the girl that answered I had a coupon, she said fine bring it along. He said in a snotty tone, "Do you want the pizzas or not?" (For $19.95 not $13). He was very arrogant and rude. If they are giving out the coupons, why are they not honoring them? I will never go to Pizza Hut again!

My family loves your pizza.

Could you please look into the problem of those rusty cheese shaker tops. We have visited several of your stores throughout the the country as we travel a lot. This is very gross. There is a company the makes replacement plastic lids that never rust you should investigate that. Very Concerned.

Someone needs to go teach the managers at your Desloge, MO store how to treat their employes and customers. That Pizza Hut needs shut down.

That Pizza over in CAT HOLLOW is the worst damn place of business. I placed an order just a few days ago. This gal named I believe Allana took my order and she seemed nice. Took my order with no problem. she told me I would have my order to me in 45 t0 mins. 73 mins later, I had to call back. I was put on hold for minutes. Another gal named Nachole answered. she had an attitude. I mean she was the rudest of all rude. she was saying it wasn't her fault my pizza wasn't here just making up excuses. Finally she tells me shes going to get the manager. back on hold, I hung up after another 4 mins. No one ever comes back to the phone. I never received my pizza. I called yesterday asking who was the GM. they told me it was Melissa pearce. But no one not one person could tell me when she would be there for me to talk to her. To me, i took it as she didn't want to deal with me. This place has lost me as a customer. Fuck Nachole and Melissa. you dont have to take care of your customers.

I've been going to Pizza Hut for 23 years and just about 4 years ago I changed Locations. Was that a mistake or what. I will never go to the brushy creek in Round Rock Texas again. the service is ridiculous. I loved a guy named Gene, a girl named Jazmin, a boy named paul and a woman named charly. They took my orders with great attitudes, huge smiles and a sweetness in their voices. those employees should have never left. I hate that they all no longer work there except that paul boy. i always try to speak with him and he never seems to be around. Anyway, if a woman named Melissa takes your order or Nicole or a james. RunNNNNNNNNNNN. They are horrible people. i come twice a week just about and my order is always wrong. it's always cold and gross looking. I always receive it late. The mangagers are always rude and snobbish. their apologies are so fake and phony. this place sucks big time. i always see the drivers speeding. one even had the nerve to ask me for a tip after i was treated badly. the manly looking manager nichole sat on her phone the whole 36 mins i was there yelling at other employees. she didn't wash her hands when going to make a pizza and had the phone to her ear. I was surely going to ask for her name. melissa i dont know where to begin with her. she just doesn't know how to satisfy her customers. i see why i was told not to ever go here. Now I'm happily going to the one on Mays. I spend 50 to 100 a week on average with them. now thats a great store. i dont mind driving the extra mile or two to them.

D.T. date 12-06-2010 at approximately 20:05 hours i visited your store on north memorial parkway in huntsville alabama. i order one large three topping pizza deep dish pan crust my order and money was taken at the above time and date. what i notice is that approximately fourty seven minutes later i heard tickets numbers being called whom order after me so i approached the cash register where a young black male with his hair braided, i do not know his name but i asked him about ticket number #134 after i heard ticket #136 being called. He had a strange look on his face and couldn't explain why ticket #134 wasn't being called. His fellow worker then stated that there were no more deep-pan pizza crust. After waiting for 47 minutes, i was offered a refund on what i ordered 47 minutes ago, but was not offered compensation on the error of the restaurant. The fact that i had been waiting for 47 minutes was taken very lightly. I was left with a dis-pleasing taste in my mouth, along with an unpleasant experience and i will be contacting Pizza Hut headquarters by phone shortly.

my nane is jonnathan wright. i love pizza hut. i am a loyal employee.i have worked for this company for more than three years now..i love every thing about this company.i just think there are a few things that we can do to make this job that much more enjoyable for employees. if my input is valid please contact me at the rockford store in ardmore oklahoma

i saw your commerical for the cheesy bites pizza. it looked wonderful - until i had it delivered. i ordered the cheesy bites with all over pepperoni & one half with peppers and onions. i guess with the cheese in the bites that means no cheese on the rest of the pizza. it had 3 pieces of pepperoni, which i paid extra for! the peppers were on one side the onions were on the other. it was disgusting. i could call this false advertising - it looked nothing like the picture on the commercial. i could also call it depolorable service. this pizza hut is located on Ehrlich Road in Tampa. i will never order from Pizza Hut again. Hungry Howie's is now my choice for great pizza. you would think with the economy the way it is that people would be glad to have a job and do it well. Not at Pizza Hut!

Never advertise to an empty shelf . When I saw your ad on television for the new pizza I called immediately and ordered. Unfortunately for me, no marinara sauce came with it. When I found out (after the delivery man left), I called and was informed the store was out of marinara. Well, as a young man I worked at Pepa's Pizza in Calif and would have at least offered to send out the tomato sauce if nothing else. I am sure the pizza was of great quality like I have been accustomed to, but the service soured my taste for the evening and I threw out most of it. I was offered five dollars discount on my next ordeer, but am now wary of someone spitting on my food (or worse). Being stuck with the mapping of your stores, it looks like I will no longer be ordering from Pizza Hut; You should dig up the old customer service video titled, "remember me the customer", I don't really get mad, I just go away.. Promise only those things you can deliver on and keep all promises you make also comes to mind. I am retired from over thirty years of customer service/sales management and if it were me, there would be a full change of personnel.

I manage a retail store here in my hometown. We share a shopping center with a Pizza Hut WingStreet. When they remodeled this Pizza Hut, they made the parking lot smaller, and told their employees to park in the other parking lots (aka the strip center's customer parking). There is a second row of parking, where my employees are instructed to park, and where the employees of the other merchants in the strip mall are instructed to park, to not take up our customer's parking. However, Pizza Hut seems to think that my customer parking is their personal employee parking lot. They consistently park 6-8 vehicles in front of my store on the weekend nights, leaving 5 parking spots for my customers and the True Value customers (we share customer parking with Tru Value). I have contacted the manager of that store twice, with no results. I have called corporate office 3 times regarding this matter with promise after promise of a call back, which I still have yet to get. So, I guess my employees will start parking in the front row of Pizza Hut. We'll see how they like that.

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