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Macaroni Grill at Mall of Georgia refuse to seat 1 person at 5:17pm on Saturday. They dining room was not full, plenty of available tables. Their comment was that they were short of servers and I would need to wait. Bad manners and customer service. I want visit another Macaroni Grill again.


You STOLE Saucy's Boat and called it a flatbread?!

Attention attention attention

Have a bad selfish to run a restaurant in broadway tucson az ,


In macaroni grill broadway tucson az . Have a very bad general manager yells stupid selfish all employes

Awful experience

I chose to take my family to the macaroni grill in fairfax for a birthday dinner tonight. I was hoping for a pleasant evening, however our waiter Moiess was absolutely awful, he barely paid attention to us, didn't bring over our wine and was just rude in general. On top of the bad waiter as we were finishing eating another server came into the back area while we where dining and rolled silverware a table away from us. I have worked at restaurants and I would expect better service from a highly thought of establishment.

On 7/9/2014, my party and I attended the Anaheim Hills, CA Romano Macaroni Grill restaurant. We had a local school fund raiser coupon for buy one entree and obtain a free entree. The restaurant would not honor the coupon. This is a poor promotional technique to not honor the committment for the school

Undercooked Chicken

The location in Milpitas ca serves their chicken meatballs undercooked..sent to me TWICE. ..never again trying to kill me

after shopping at a dicks sporting goods for camping gear my wife and I walked around the corner for a quick bite at your Gaithersburg rio site after sitting at the bar and offering a quick item of your menue after an hour and 10 minutes we asked when our food would be out the bartender went in to check and replyed I am not sure by then its 8.30 and we both have to get up by 630 tomorrow cancelled the meal and no apologies this the first time I have posted a review but probably the worst service I have ever had

Poor food quality and execution. Bland, over cooked pasta, uncooked veggies, over all gross food.


Unpleasant! Bad food quality, and execution. I won't be back.

Complaint, terrible service

Went to eat at your Pembroke Pines restaurant last night it was the worst! The manager took forever to sit us, the service was terrible. We ordered a bottle of wine which came at least 20 minutes after we ordered it, the appetizer and the food came almost at the same time all in all everything was horrible. They were not busy only five tables were occupy. The manager did not help at all. The service was bad from all point of view! This is the last time I eat there! It used to be such a nice place to eat it has gone down a lot!

What a shame

I have eaten there hundreds of times until a few years ago when the food quality and quantity when down .... The food almost seems like it is already cooked and they just heat it up...I have had the penne rustica hundreds of times and it is just not the same... I miss the old days when I would walk in and the place was packed with customers and chefs tossing skillets around cooking all of the food...

second chance

Last year (5 couples ) went Ft.Myers Grill. Poor service,cold food, and separate tables. You sent me complimenti coupons so we went back this week to try again. Service and food were excellect! I do not know if these reviews ever get back to your locations but this time was a different experience. After reading your other reviews having good cooks is the key to having a excellect restaurant!!

Great Service

Our server name was KATIE W. Who served us at the macaroni grill in Selma. She made the day worth while. She sold us a bottle of house wine which was fabulous! She recommended chicken under brick that was the best chicken I've ever had. KATIE W. took such good care of us that we never had to ask for anything she just noticed, she talked with us about herself and engaged us. We will most definitely return and will make sure to ask for only her. Macaroni grill made one of their best hires when they hired her.


I hope no one who was let go when they closed needs a separation notice, GOOD LUCK!! I am a cancer patient in subsidized housing. I have been tryingto get one for my son for months. they are rude, inconsiderate and unresponsive. WHile they are breaking the law, I get to pay full rent on income he NO LONGER HAS!!!!!!!!!

Corpus Christi location

from the time we ordered our food until it came to the table was well over an hour. The restaurant was not packed. There were some empty tables. We had reservations and sat down at 6:30 - were there 2 hours, most of which was just waiting. Really bad!!

horrible dessert now

We used to love love love your wonderful creamy ice cream with hot ganache fudge. It's been a few years since out trip to Florida. We all ordered our favorite dessert and were soooo disappointed at how bad it was. The whole culinary experience of texture and taste gone forever. Now we had this overly sweet, yellowish, kind of slimy consistency gelato type cold mixture which doesn't work at all with the amazing hot ganache. Why take an amazing thing and totally ruin it. We are 4 couples and all of us have always indulged in this dessert but we took a few bites and will not ever order it again. We called other macaroni grills and were told they did change the ice-cream to this gelato stuff. It really is awful. Please tell us you'll go back to old recipe ice-cream . Please??? Otherwise you've lost 8 good customers. We talked about your desert the whole flight. Such a letdown.

What a disappointment

Visited the Harbison, SC restaurant. My entree was $19.62 plus the tip. For that I got much pasta, ONE scallop, 3 shrimp, and a few mussels. I eat out often and this was an insult as compared with other restaurants. My friends (5) got cold minestrone which had to go back, a turkey sandwich with no turkey (they replaced), and a shrimp dish that was tasteless. This was one of my favorite restaurants but is now my LEAST. Called the manager who gave no satisfaction - said I should have had one more scallop. Give me a break!!!!!! We all represented large familiy groups and will never go back. The one star was obligatory. You deserved no stars.

Close this chain already

Pembroke Pines, Florida . Bad service and bad food This list of complaints goes on forever. This chain can't be profitable. I will never go back.

BAD service

Ref: MGSBC 12380 Seal Beach Blvd, Seal Beach CA, Sunday Jun 30, 2013, Dinner We were seated right away, however after we sat at our table for more than 10 minutes by friend had to get up and go to the hostess booth to ask for services. It was another 5 minutes when a young man came to serve our table. He took our order then sat his order book down on an empty table and left to get our wine. About 10 minutes later our salads were served, not 30 seconds later our dinner was served. We had the Lasagna, spaghetti & meatballs, and I had the caprice salad. The spaghetti was cold, and I sent my salad back because the tomatoes were not ripe. Very disappointed…… The next day July 1, 2013 I called and spoke to the manager/chief, Derrick who observed the problem that night, and said he had a talk to the server. He apologized and said he would send something so we could come back, nothing ever arrived. This store really needs to be looked at. This store has Very bad customer service. I tried to comment on your web site, but it was not working.

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