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Keeping prices low

I'm a big shopper at Lowes. I bought a new house close to five years ago and put all new appliances in it from Lowes: kitchen and laundry. I'm a project person and I can safely say that 80% of those projects are materials from Lowes. Yes, depending on an item I will shop around for a good price. I am dismayed to discover that Lowes has fired a woman for trying to stop a shoplifter. I clearly understand the company rules and the why of it. So, the question is, "How could Lowes let someone get as far as their vehicle with such a large object in the first place?" In part, what this says to me is Lowes is willing to let someone shoplift and then pass the cost along to me. That means to me, I need to shop prices a little better.

Give Karen Sizemore her job back. She worked for Lowes for 18 years and was fired for following a shoplifter out of your store for stealing a $600 tool kit. She was fired because she tried to get the tool kit back for Lowes, but did get the license number and the shoplifter is in jail and Karen is unemployed. So WRONG.


Fire a 18 yr. employee for catching a shoplifter, or was it she was getting to close to that 20 year retirement mark!!!!!! 28 yrs. as a deputy sheriff I have never heard of a more piss poor excuse in my life. I hope the gall sues for a couple million.

Apprehending a Thief in Ky

It is sad to see that corporate America's Lowe's stores facilitates the firing of Karen Sizemore an eighteen year employee of a Lowe's store located in Kentucky for apprehending a thief. The implementation of Lowe's actions of Mrs. Sizemore's firing shows all individuals in our USA the loyalty of Lowe's management. The management in all Lowe's locations needs HR training, (or maybe HR is the problem)? You have lost all my families business and when Texan's read this in social media, no Texan will shop at Lowe's. There will be a campaign in social media to spread the word of your atrocities. The best scenario is to rehire Mrs, Sizemore in a management position with a hefty salary increase. Maybe she can teach corporate headquarters the true meaning of loyalty. Lowe's can correct the situation, we all make mistakes, stumble and fall but what counts is how you get up after you fall. From a Texan.

Poor Management

Saw that you fired that Super Lady in Kentucky that went after that shoplifter. You should not only give her job back to her, but give her a raise also.

Get her Back!

Please show your compassion & get the woman back that you fired after 18 years of service because she chased a shoplifter out of the store & that is against company policy. Chastise her, put her on probation, require some addition training, or whatever, but don't fire her! Show that you are a company with a heart!

Until She is rehired

To let Corporate office know until Karen Sizemore is rehired and paid for time off because of your stupid policy. It's one think to tell her she did wrong but to fire her after 18 years of service. Is asinine. Until I hear she is back to work, and a complete apology is issued. My family and more than 5000 friends will not shop at your Roseburg Oregon store. Home depot is right across the street so no big loss. I will see that everyone on my 5 Facebook pages hear about your treatment, more than 12,000 friends will repost it and it will spread,

Dirty Shame

You Girls let that poor old lady out having giving you eighteen years of her life for you people . So you're soliciting thievery in your stores rather than supporting a eighteen year veteran. Leaves a dirty taste in my mouth to think about your companies employees. I advise her to go to Home Depot for employment. You people should be dam ashamed of yourselves .

Grandma Fired

Seriously Lowe's? Firing an 18-year employee, AND letting the world know your company will do nothing if people come in to shoplift. So she broke policy? Was counseling not in order? How about not telling the nation they have carte blanche to steal from you? No discretionary decision making skills.

Karen Sizemore

I will drop shopping at lowe's because of them firing Sizemore for being couragous and trying to stop a shoplifter. Seems those in authority want us to lie down and take it from the criminals nor will I support the #48 anymore....shame on you lowe's william

Karen Sizemore firing

I just heard the report about your loyal 18 year employee. I understand store policy and see the wisdom of the shoplifting policy, but I also understand being a human and doing something in the heat of the moment, especially when you see things happen again and again. As far as I know, this woman has been a good employee for 18 years. She made a MISTAKE, that is all. She deserves a second chance. Please consider this. I am not a friend or relative of this woman. I live in California and shop at Lowe's regularly and would like to see fairness in this case. Thank you.

Corporate Stupidity

You should immediately re-hire Karen Sizemore in E-town, KY for stopping a shoplifter, apologize, and give her a raise. No business for you from me until it happens.

Termination of Elizabethtown, Kentucky employee

My husband and I were disgusted that the manager of the Lowes in Elizabethtown, Kentucky terminated an 18 year employee for trying to prevent a thief from stealing over $600.00 in tools. We understand there are rules for employees, but we feel that a termination was unjustified, a warning should have been given for such a long time employee. Good employees are hard to find, she deserves a second chance!! If we find out that this employee has not been given a second chance, we, along with all our friends and families will be taking our business elsewhere!!

bent out of shape

You aren't loosing enough money, by way of shoplifters?? Maybe we need to picket your stores and get it on the internet until you wake up and give Karen Sizemore her job back and commendation for her trying to help your store. Your so called guidelines are just that, guidelines! She went over and above expectations to save you some money. I can't figure out over educated management people with no common sense!?

Bad Management Practice

Lowe's employee Karen Sizemore - Your stores firing of this employee will DEFINITELY make me rethink shopping at Lowe's anymore. Although your stated policy from the store's management claimed that it is for the protection of the employee and customer - the punishment is both heartless and illogical. A reprimand or counseling would have been appropriate - but FIRING her for defending Lowe's against attacks by shoplifters is excessively stupid and shows that Lowe's has no regard for Human Rights and Morality. I hope that Lowe's Corporate will restore the employee, nothing else will encourage me and many others to resume shopping at Lowe's.

Take Note!

I think the firing of Karen Sizemore is a terrible judgement call by LOWES. The lady may have used poor judgement and maybe deserves a reprimand. Maybe I should fire LOWES AS MY HOME IMPROVEMENT COMPANY! Shake hads with the lady, give her back her job and tell her you used poor judgement. You will get more back in being a little humble, then acting as judge and jury.

Review your policy

Lowes needs to review, amend and rehire Mrs. Karen Sizemore in your Kentucky store. After she chased down an individual that had shop lifted a reported $600 tool set, she was fired from her position the next day, after working for Lowes for over 18 years. She is an employee you can count on, and your policy is to fire her??? She is the kind of employee I want in my organization. Wake up Lowes! Please do a web search for "Karen Sizemore and Lwoes" to see the WLKY news story.


For years I have liked Lowe's better than Home Depot. After seeing the story about the employee that got fired for stopping a shoplifter I will be switching to a local hardware store. Shoplifters should be stopped. Employees who stop shoplifters should be rewarded. Shoplifters cost us all more money. Bye Lowe's.


Rehire Karen Sizemore fired after 18 years for confronting a shoplifter

Firing Grandmother

If you don't rehire the grandmother who tried to stop a shoplifter, I will never shop at Loews again.

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