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Customer assistance

Lowe's employees who helped a Vietnam Vet fix his wheelchair after it broke in their store, show the kind of employees Lowe's hires and Lowe's should be proud of all their employees


I bought a new W/D from Lowe's in Greenwood Village, CO. They told me delivery would be on 11 July. The day before, they confirmed the W/D was on the truck for delivery and then called back and said it wasn't. they told me the power cord was on the truck. They said we will deliver on 14 July but at the worst 16 July. Today they called and said the W/D never shipped because the delivery truck wasn't leaving the warehouse FULL! So this means I may never see the W/D. What really makes me mad is the arrogant, flippant attitudes of the managers. Basically, they lied to us every step of the way and even as I type this, the store manager won't call me back.

The recent story about the Staten Island Lowe's employees who stayed late to fix a Veteran's wheel chair brought tears to my eyes.Thank you for honoring our veterans. The Vietnam veterans were treated disrespectfully when they returned home and you have no idea how much it means to them when they receive respect for their service. Thank you. Chris DiMaria and your team, I salute you as a wife of a combat Marine who served in Vietnam.

Really bad business

I ordered carpet to be installed in my condo. I was very clear in letting lowes know the license and insurance info had to be submitted to the condo at least 24 hours before the install. I told the salesman who sold me the carpet, the installation Co, the installation office at the store and two assistant managers. When the info did not arrive right away I was told I could come to the store and get it. I went 3 times and they still didn't have it. 3 days and a dozen calls and still no info from lowes. Install was supposed to start in 30 minutes. Condo assoc will not let them in without proof of lic. and ins. I took off from work to get this done. What a joke. You should be ashamed! 72 hour install guarantee, yeah right. You can't even get the paperwork done in 72 hours!!!!!

Unsatisfactory service

Lowe's personnel,including the duty manager today whose name is Todd,at least that's the name he gave me over the phone,are very inefficient and rude. I do not think this is the standard your store wants to be known for!

Poor Service

Was called and emailed that special order product was in. Both times drove all the way to the nearest store in a big truck to pick up items after calling the store to confirm they were really there. Both times was told at the service desk that the items were not in still. I would like to know where they think that gasoline is free. I am out nearly the same amount on gasoline as what I paid for the product. Then Service manager was snotty accusing me of making the error.

bad service

i recently bought a table saw from your south side lowes in paducah ky. it is a porter cable table saw, it is broke and they will not pick it up , or service it, i have talked to my lawyer and we will be seeing you in court

poor service

I ordered a Fridge from Lowes... the handles had to be changed and del guy was not happy... there is not a place for the ice maker to go an it has been 4 days now and have not heard a peep rom Lowes.. I am going to the store today.. customer service is lacking at this store.... big time... tis del has been a comedy of errors.. but I am not laughing!! Store in question is in Glenmont, NY... not happy will NEVER buy from this store again... I wanted to rate this a minus.. but the site would not let me do so!!!!


Made a visit to the store twice once to pick out what we may like and look at prices and once after we measured and wanted to buy the woman deb in lawrenceburg, indiana store was so rude!!!! Actually snapping at me that I asked her why are you getting so mad for me asking questions I'm spending $2,000 or more and she actually yelled at me and said I'm trying to make you understand ! Wow horrible if you work in sales don't be upset when I want to come shop!!!

countertop installation

Poor workmanship, terrible lack of information,assistance and customer service from the store, the company they contracted and lowes customer care department. Customer care department was argumentative and unresponsive unless hounded to make them call back

careless inconsiderate jerks!

I use to love Lowe's but after today I'm done with them. I will drive the extra 30mins to Home Depot! My home in Pensacola flooded from a nature disaster. I had used Lowe's to give me an estimate on flooring. After getting the estimate I went and took out a loan to pay for it. When I went to pay Lowes the price increased by over $3000! They admitted it was their mistake and refused to give me original quote price.

Henderson, Las Vegas

The customer service and mangers lack real manners, can these people give anything at all that is remotely close to customer relations. The management are all missing teeth, smoke too much, treat customers like inferiors....the morons in Las Vegas Henderson area, make the bosses at least look the part. Pray for the people here, the lost desert sheep. The locals never knewthere issuch a better places to live, outside of the state. Paradise is on the way. LustVegas is for fools who love it here!!!!!

Stores never have the simples things

Lowes never has the things I need. Like paint, screws, lights switch,lawn products,etc. The store I am talking about is Rt 70 in Manchester,NJ. I don't even go there any more.

Hard to believe stay in business

Competitive pricing but if you purchase Lowes extended warranty you just wasted your money. They contract it out and are not responsible or responsive. Worst service ever!

Lowes has the worst customer service on the planet -

Lowes Is The Worst

Worst customer service on the planet

Lowe's sucks!! Go to Home Depot for the love of God!

unfair discount policies

Three locations, four MAJOR purchases. First location asked of I was military and gave me a discount. Second did it but I had to ask. No problems. Third location in prince george, va 1st purchase refused outright, second purchase they refused in a rude way and gave it anyways. I'm a 15 year Army vet and a cop. They have NO law enforcement Discount at all. If you have a discount how about applying it to all first responders?!?

Too sad!!!

I' m in Toronto, Canada and it is so sad the Lowes' costumer service change from good when you are buying to really, really bad when you are trying to solve a problem about a product bought to them.

Check the reviews first!!

Never again!! After one month after purchase of Pella sliding door Lowes still can't finish installing it . So disappointed in their treatment of their customers.They got their money ...........

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