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This morning I called your Endicott, New York store and a clerk representing Sporting Goods advised me that you had a 12'x 14" EZ UP canopy that we were looking for, but that it was in a box that was damaged and he wasn't sure of the condition of the canopy itself. I then asked him if we came over and decided to buy it, would there be any discount for the damaged box. He said there would be 15% off the price because of the damaged box. We went over, found the item, and took it to the front customer service to explain my phone conversation about the discount. She was very nice and said that in order to do that she would have to call someone to approve an Override. She called and eventually an Ed (I didn't get his last name) showed up and advised that this store did not give any discounts whatsoever, in a very rushed and rude voice. In learning, from him, that he was the store manager, I said that perhaps he should advise his employees of the store policy of no discounts, so that they wouldn't give out the erroneous information. He informed me, in a rude tone, that he was the manager, he made the decisions there, and his decision was to give no discounts for anything. He then walked off the scene. No apologies on behalf of the store, his uninformed employee, or the fact that he just left us standing there. How rude. No wonder people prefer to shop and Walmart!!!!!

Dear KMART, I would like to inform you of my recent disappointing incident with one of your stores. The situation was as follows: I had purchased a Nintendo DS for my son on November 27 2009 this was less then a year ago. Since this purchase was a while back,I did not remember where it was purchased and i mistakenly took it to Wal-Mart to check warranty information because it was broken. Wal-Mart then informed me by checking nintendos warranty or their warranty website that i purchased this particular item at KMART. I then proceeded to call the nearest KMART store in my area which is GLASSBORO NEW JERSEY. When i called i was rudely told "we do nothing for electronics" then put on the phone with someone else. I then was transfered before i could even finish my sentence to someone else, where i then explained my situation again. This person, instead of explaining anything about what i said about the DS immediately said very nasty to me "well why did you take it to wal-mart? you obviously thought you bought it there." Then she told me there is nothing KMART can do- i said i understand that but i would like you to look up to see if i purchased the extended warranty to get it fixed. She said " i cant!.. and i cant do anything for you!" After her rude attitude and disrespectful tone with me i asked for a manager. She then said "I AM THE MANAGER", so i asked for a supervisor and was told there was not a supervisor. I think that KMART and this store imparticular should be embarrassed to have such a person be a manager for them. I did ask for her name, she told me it was MINTY, wether not this is true i dont know. But i am sad to say KMART has lost a customer and in these tough economic times thats rough. All i needed was some information not an attitude. Maybe KMART should be alittle more selective when choosing a manager to represent the company. I do hope something is done about her position, because i am sure there are more valuable employees that deserve her position. I would hope another customer doesnt have to deal with her rudeness. What ever happened to customer satisfaction? Sorry to be such a complainer but i would not let this matter go unspoken for. Thank you for your time.

I worked for K Mart for over two years (In the cash cage) I handled thousands of dollars,did filing, order money, made deposits. I had missed two days of work. One was my error, the next was a requested day off"I thought was approved",I was writtren up a mouth later for the mishap. I never received a 30,60,90 day reveiw nor 6 mos, 1 year or 18 months.AFTER TWO YEARS I received a 2.2 on a scale of 5 I fired myself.

Below 1 is my rating. I was treated with much disrespect at the Kmart store located in Fort Wayne, Indiana on Coliseum Blvd. The day manager of infants was out and out rude to me over a return. She was mexican and I am white... she discriminated against me in the most blatant way. I will never shop at Kmart again. Also, I have requested 4 times to unsubscribe to the email updates and I still receive them. KMART WORKERS DISCRIMINATE AND HIRE ILLEGALS! IF YOU CAN'T SPEAK ENGLISH...... THE HAT FITS!

I was in K-Mart store I battle Creek Mich.I wanted some Pants..I dont know to huch about bying pants.My wife dose that for me..There was a girl in the store name Susan.that all they told me on the phone..This girl Susan went way out of her way to help to find the pants I need for work the next day..I realy mean this girl went out of her way to help me.She went to the frount of the store to get my retruned pants & came back to me & showed me 2 more per of pants to try on.1 jeans & 1 dress pants.. They fit me so good..Iam short & fat..It is hard for me to get the wright pants to fit..YOUR store called me by phone to tell U about this girl.. ( I TRYED )4 two nights & YOUR Sirvay would NOT take MY Sirvay on my Computer. I had to leave town for 2 weeks & for got about the Sirvay OR Trying to get with U on this matter It is INPORTEN to me that some 1 knows about this girl that helped me so much..I found my note about www.k-mart.com-5 star.. On my desk..Iam asking that some 1 take Note about this girl Susan..Some workers just help & some realy care Susan helped me. ( Please pass this little E-mail on to the right ( C E O ) Plesae ) Thank You for your time bill Gilkison

I live in Key West, Fl. The only two department stores we have for 120 miles is Sears and K Mart. There is no competition from Target or Walmart here (maybe that is why K Mart feels comfortable with their pathetic service and business practices). If there was a Walmart here, KMart would be gone! I went in today to return some birthday gifts the kids received this weekend. They were unopened pool toys that the kids received two of. I only wanted store credit so they could get something else for their birthdays. Rather rudely Maria, the Front End Manager, told me that there were no returns on sporting goods and pointed to the 8 inch by 8 inch sign stating no return of sporting goods that is posted ONLY at the returns desk and NOT in the shopping areas. I asked why and she said because they didnt want tourists returning items to stock and I said I live here. "Sorry". So I said well then just store credit for the other items and she said where is receipt? I told her they were gifts and I dont have a receipt but they are unopened and have KMART preprinted bar code and name on the items and I only wanted store credit. ANY department store offers this!! She again said no receipt, no credit. Since I am providing comments, Key West Kmart has the poorest store cleanliness, idiots on the registers that can not speak English (and spanish is not commonly spoken here like in Miami). It causes the lines to be long. They put confusing sale signs on the cloting racks: "two for $9.99" on a sign, but the tag on the item is cheaper when purchased singly. I HATE KMART.....WILL NEVER SHOP THERE AGAIN. I WILL DRIVE 120 miles to WALMART once a month. At least I know they will accept a return!!

I wish to have this email forward to the CEO and would like a reply from him. My wife and I were shopping at your Kmart store. 2101 Telegraph Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302. I'm 64 and the wife is 60. We bought a few items and a boys shirt for our grandson. The store was not busy and only 2 regusters were open. Well the girl at the register (Jasmine) was giving us a hard time because the shirt was regular $8.99 on sale for $3.99. Both tags were on the item, but the scan rang up $8.99. We told here there were alot more shirts the same kind for the sale price. She made us wait until she contacted some on the loud speaker so we waited. Then she called on the loud speaker again while we still waited. Then she left the register to go talk to a Carla who was a manager. Then they both came back to the register and said nothing to us. We told them both the shirt was marked $3.99 and there were a lot more of the same kid the same price. So now the wife is getting a little up set and went back into the department and got a hand full of the other shirts. I'm still waiting at the register and the manager Carla walked away and would not say a word when i told her my wife went to get some more shirts the same sale price. Now my wife comes back with 5 of the same shirts all marked $3.99. Were still waiting and I told Jasmine were are not trying to cheat you. They are all marked the same. Then another manager Dee came over and I explained the same thing to her. So Dee went over and talked to Carla. All this time about 1/2 hour now. Still none of them would say a word to us. Just these smart grins we got from all of them. Then finally Dee came over to the register and rang it up $3.99. None of them would no say they were sorry or anything. So I got all their names and told them I was going to contact corporate about this how we were treated. Wife and I are white we were all black. At this point the wife and I will not shop there again. I would like this email to be sent to the CEO and we would like a reply back from him. Or we will take this higher that we were being discriminated against. Regards, Very Unhappy Customers tdm396@aol.com


After viewing the television ad advertising that you were having a five-dollar down layaway campaign,I decided to layaway my seven-year old daughter underclothes for the beginning of the 2010-2011 school year.Once I selected one pkg. of ten low cut girl socks,one pkg. of ten girl ankle socks,three pkgs. of two knee socks,one pkg. of ten girl briefs, and one pkg. of ten girl bikini panties I went to the layaway department. Upon arrival in the dept. I was waited on by a young man who was very respectable. At the end of my purchases he asked for a down payment of fifteen dollars and thirty-nine cent. I explained to him that the ad had been shown all week on the TV about the five-dollar layaway campaign. He stated that he was unaware of the campaign,but preceded to inquire from another individual. This individual informed him that an email was sent out today that this ad would not be honored,as of today.Of course I was disappointed and did not choose to make the layaway or purchase the washing detergent,headbands or the reading workbook I wanted for my daughter.I left the store with my disappointment turning into getting pissed off.How dare them to allow an ad to run for five days and suddenly decide not to honor it. This incident took place at the 2491 Murfreesboro Rd. store here in Antioch,Tn. After pondering what had happen I called the Kmart store at 530 Donelson Pike in Donelson,Tn. and was told that they had seen the advertisement too,but their store hadn't been notified of the campaign either. Help can I get some kind of explanation as to what was going on? Today's date is July 17,2010 this incident happen at approximately 4:10 pm. My name is Vanessa Westmoreland, my address is 4725 Terragon Trail Antioch,Tn.37013-2764. My home phone number is 615-834-3626 or I can be email at vanessawestmoreland@comcast.net

I think your Kmart store in waukegan Il has a disgusting supervisor known as sanders. He fired my sister after years of loyal service, because he changed her schedule making it almost impossible for her to get to work. we stay in a town who offers from 6:30 a.m. -6:30 p.m. making it impossible for her to work a shift at 5;00 a.m. He seems to be peejudiced referring to elderly african americans who attend church as moses from the bible. instead of firing people he needs to be investigated.

I wish to know why my wife who works for your corp. cannot get online with your strawbridge corp in reguards to here health care and prescipition plan with your health insurer.

dear sir manager, this is an urgent matter. I was at store 9338 located at 3901 lemay ferry road, saint louis ,mo 63125 tel 314 487-3434 this evening, I was treated as a criminal by the security guy. i was accused of stealing. i was called all kinds of horrible names, i was shouthed, and yelled at in front of customers and K-mart staff. I was extremely insulted, i was threaten and harassed. due to my illness I was almost going to have a heart attack. the security guy accused me of stealing two make up items. I was almost got arrested, but the police office decided to send me to court. because I am a respected mother, have masters degree, never had any felony or even a driving ticket in my entire life, I am almoe 36, live with honor and dignity. but the security guy would not even let me explain the misunderstanding. he was just calling me theif, and all kinds of names, he told me he caguht me on tape but he never showed it to me, yes the two little make itwm dropped in my larg shopping bag, i just didn't notice it, because i purchased so many clothing, including $ 855. plasma TV. when he stopped me i had no idea why? he was jusy shouting with bad words, first i thought i stopped me because i didn't show the receipt of the TV at the exit door, he couldn't even let me open my mouth, just called me theif and called cops. i was about to pass out, i couldn't beleive my eyes. now I am desprate what to do, I have a respectful family, i do not expect Kamrt to trreat me and my family after all these yesrs that we have done business, guess what the items were only each $12.50. i am aware of the law, i kived in this country for years as a good citizen, never ever broke a single law. I just need Kmart to have a little mercy on me and my children because if my husband and family found out that i was acused for such a thing and have to go to court on 8/31/10, and turn out to be guilty, I will rather to die, becasue the security guy name steve looked evil, and seemed to have problem with my nationality, he kept insulting my nationality with all F words. of course his statement will be accepted by court not an indivudual like me that God knows I had no intemtion of stealing abything, i even offered to pay twice as much but he kept tell`ing me `I should go to jai. the lady cop checked my records, of course it was clean she said jsut go home but kmart pressed charge against me, that i have to go to court. again I am desperately asking for your help. please help me to get out of this horrible experience, and I promise i will not step in Kmart for rest of my life if i survive. I rather to die instead of having any shoplifting record. please contact the store for my personal information if you want to contact me. thanks

well pretty sad when you have to go to the higher autority to get Results but i did and got them!!! people really if you have problems with something dont give up when your in the right and know it Keep pushing till you get Results!! belive me it works!!!

I had seen a 2 seat swing with canopy at the Rochester, PA Kmart and wanted to get one. On Memorial Day, they were 1/2 off so my husband ran down to get it, for me. The store was out of them but they were POSSIBLY, getting one the next day. I wanted to be sure to get the sale price, so I ordered it, online. 3 days later, I received an email saying that the item was no longer available. How can an item be no longer available when it is listed on the website as being available in a few stores? Kmart sent out emails about the next sale and this item was again, for sale, but more money. I called the customer service number and the girl said she would try to get me the sale price. After a few hours, I checked my bank account and the full price was being charged, so I called, again. This time, I was told that I could NOT get it for the previous sale price, so I told them to cancel the order. A few days later, I checked the website and once again, I found that the item is in a couple of stores. Our Kmart even has one on display. Today, I received an email, stating that the item is AGAIN................no longer available and my order was cancelled. The order I had previously cancelled, myself because I couldn't get the sale price. What is going on here????? Kmart does indeed have the item. I was told they didn't when it was 1/2 price. I'm not going to pay more. I feel I was lied to and that Kmart is using the "bait and switch" scams. lilyrose517@comcast.net 724-462-5809

Wow Seems to me like Kmart needs to get a Blue light special on how people are Treated by Kmart " employess" their people here at the kmart in West Saint paul Mn Have no people skills at all and should not be dealing with the public! where is the saying" the customr is always right? i was bascilly called a lier i guess a call to the BBB and my SAG is in order!! i can see why now why kmarts are getting phased out!! guess we have to pay for Martha stewerts Bail and cupcakes!

i went to a kmart here in Mn was looking to buy a screen house you had in the ad of june 13th which ened that day i was told by the garden guy i could get a Raincheck for it and the sales assoc was standing with him said the same thing but as i was checking out i went to get the rain ticket the sales associ who was standint back there at the time iwas told sent the another girl to go get the upc code on it only to tell me it was a disconutined item and seasonal as no rian ticket could be given IT DID NOT state in the ad for that! needless to say the garden told me truck was comming in and there may be some on it he took my name and phone# he went i will go get the store manger as she dont you leaving unhappy! ! this is getting to much to type! please call me! Carol 651-450-2426!

I just left K mart in Versilles, Ky. I would like to talk to someone from the corporate office. I am very dissatisfied!!!!!!!!! 859-879-0764 thanks. What ever happened to the saying customers are always right. I own and operate a local buisness here in Versailles and I still apply this to my buisness.

I purchased over $200 in children's clothing during your Memorial Day online "event". I didn't realize your "FREE SHIPPING for orders over $49" had stipulations just short of only blonde haired, green eyed people qualify. After I placed my order, I call your customer service line to inquire why I did not receive free shipping. I was told it was an error, and my credit card would be credited the shipping charges. I received a minimal amount of credit (not the whole amount) in increments of $.06 to $1.53. NINETEEN, count them 19 in all on my statement. This did not account for the over $20 I paid in shipping and handling charges. Then on June 7th, I checked the tracking number for 6 of the items, only to find the shipment was destroyed in transit. When I called customer service, a supervisor named Mike, told me he could not take my word for it that the shipment was damaged, he would send it onto his research department. I asked him if he was looking at the same tracking information I was, and he said yes, but he couldn't help me. Then I asked if he would be replacing the items in the damaged shipment. He informed me that they (Kmart) did not do that. I would have to replace the order myself, and then wait for my refund for the original shipment. I told him I would not do that, as the items were no longer on sale, but I would appreciate it if he could do that under the original sale price that I had already paid for. "Sorry, I can't help you." was his response. He told me to call back today, 6/10/2010, to see if the research department "found anything". I called today, explained the situation to the cust svc rep, and was told again to just replace the order myself. Again, I asked for a supervisor, was put on hold for 18 minutes, and finally was transferred to Jackie, who showed a new level of rude I have never seen from a customer service department. She told me there was no way they were replacing my order. If I wanted the items I could just pay the extra price and that's all there was to it. She also told me the research department would do nothing with my order, even though Mike told me they would be the ones responsible for replacing the damaged items. Jackie just kept talking over me, every time I would try to ask a question. I finally asked for the corporate phone number. She said "you want it? FINE!". I got the phone number, and ended that outrageous call. If this is what Sears and Kmart are basing their business on, you should be out of business by next year. Your customer service is the worst I have EVER dealt with. I do a lot of business online, as I am disabled, but this is the LAST time I EVER shop with Sears or Kmart.

I went to the K-Mart in Martinsville, VA to get an item that was advertised. It was not available so I went to customer service for a rain check. A nice young lady called the Manager (Jeff George) so he could process the rain check. After waiting about 10 minutes (I had an appointment I needed to be on time for) I asked her was he planning to come help. She called him again. When she hung un the phone she said "I'm not going to lie to you, he said to tell you that he was keying in the information but I have the number right here". I thanked her for her assistance and told her that if and when he didn't have time to help a customer, I certainly did not need his merchandise. More than anything, for a MANAGER to tell an associate to LIE to a customer???? I will NOT be going there anymore, especially when there is a super Wal-Mart just a few miles down the road. Everyone I've shared this story with, amazingly has similar stories to share about the same store. You might want to send someone from corporate down to see just what your management team is doing.

Kmart in northwest Indiana has no ethics=Morals. they curse in breAk rooms, service desk and office. I feel that they are the leaders and are to show and respect employees and customes where are the respect at this store don't shop they ripped people off .

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