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Three years ago I purchased a complete 2 bedroom condo full of furniture from kanes. This fall the laminate chipped off the dresser, I called Kanes and explained what happened and ask if I could get help getting someone to repair the dresser, I was more than willing to pay that person or Kane's. I was told they would not help me. I will never purchase furniture from Kane's again. Poor quality and no customer support.


We purchased a new Serta King Size Mattress...under a warranty claim on an older mattress paid an additional $540. We thought that the mattress did not feel as firm as the one in the showroom however, we tried to adjust and missed the 60 days Bedding Comfort Guarantee as it runs from 60 days from date of purchase - not delivery. We had them come out to expect every three months, just having their third attempt on the 4-5" dip on one side, about 3" on the other side. Having the pillowtop on the mattress it does not allow the defect within the springs to show. After chiropratic visits and a script for a new bed, in addition to sleepless nights, we had had enought. We donated the 'NEW' mattress to a local thrift store on 3/9/11, which was delivered on 3/17/10. NOT EVEN A YEAR OLD!!! We went to a MATTRESS STORE and bought a new mattress that they showed how it was contructed layer by layer. Kanes Mattresses do not have anything in the store to show their construction layer by layer and we feel that what they have on the floor may not be made the same as the one you receive. WE RECOMMEND BY A MATTRESS FROM A MATTRESS STORE, NOT KANES!!! Their inspection for a warranty issue is to take a string weighted on both ends, laid across the bed and measure the space from the upper fabric portion of the mattress to the spring, which must be 1 1/2 inches to be considered a defect. They do not take any consideration in the inter structure issues as the memory foam and other padding is the only thing they are measuring. AVOID KANES.

I think the person that Keith Churchill dealt with in Lakeland must have resigned by the time we had a problem because the sofa we purchased was very uncomfortable we pulled it out to look at it more closely and there was foam and broken wood chips under it. Naturally I cleaned it up. We called and a service man came out and took pictures, but there was nothing to see because I had cleaned it up. They said they would contact us in a week. We have never had a call. We have called them but they always say someone else will contact us. That never happened. We are very unhappy and I see we are not the only ones who will never go back to Kanes again. I don't see how they can keep getting away with these shoddy business practices. I agree with the woman who says go someplace reputable and get better quality. I guess we are stuck with our crumbling furniture that we have only had for one year!

My daughter (a single Mom) took her income tax to buy a sofa. The took the money twice out of her debit card. They claim as soon as the transaction clear they will credit her back the transaction. Her bank said and called them in Ocala where this took place and told them it all cleared in 1 min. It has been 8 days no money. My husband is calling the marion county sheriff office today, we think someone is stealing from the debit cards at this store. We have talked to the manager 3 times this week with alot of run around. He claims there bank is working on it. Our banks said it is all electronic..Should of came back into her account as soon as they made the error and was called on it.

We bought furniture from there 3yrs ago with LIFETIME WARRANTY. Called today because there are two tears in the fabric to find out it is not covered. WHAT EXACTLY IS LIFETIME WARRANTY?

Bought a new couch 15 months ago and the material has unraveled on the cushions and has come unstitched on one of the cushions. They will not stand behind their product as was told to me by their assocoaites at the store I purchased it from. The store was the Ocala store in Florida. I bought the lifetime warrenty and they said that was only for stains. Definitly a rip off sales pitch.

i purchased 2 bedroom set & matress i paid $1000 this spose to be nice one, after 3 moths later matress one side spring lower then other side like 3 inch ....i call the office they come to look & they say that they will come back after 2 months to look one more time ...i just wanna ask them why people buy new furniture & matress !! because costumer want nice stuff ..any way i call one more time person answer the phone name willy it was lady i ask her to let me talk to manager she say i can help u! i keep sayin let me talk to manager she hang up on me, i newer recommend any one if any info just call me # 813 679 71 27 thxs by the way i spend $3775....

I purchased a bed from Kanes in Lakeland on Nov. 1, 2010. the headboard light was defective, they delivered 4 times and still not working? I am on my way to Kanes, if they don't come and take this bed back or give me one from the store today, with a discount today, I will see my lawyer and also call channel 9. Will never shop there again!!!!

I have purchased all my furniture for my Fl. home from Savon in Port Charlotte, the experience has always been a pleasant one. The sales person Althea is just a pleasure to have to assist you with your purchase. I ran into a small problem with a mattress defect, which Savons tech came out to view and the store was to replace it, then a small problem arouse, so I spoke to an assistant manager? to no avail (not a person with the friendliest personality) and was referred to Mark the manager, which is a very polite person to go to for assistance with your problem but it was beyond his control and could not help with it. I contacted corporate and had the pleasure of speaking with Amy on the switchboard who knew exactly the person to whom would be able to help me and she turned me over to Christine the unfortunate women to hear my complaint, within minutes she had me feeling extremely relaxed with the situation, rectified the problem in a polite,courteous manner and has made me a reoccurring patron of Kanes/Savon Furniture. HATS OFF TO CORPORATE for their professionalism and good business sense.

We just purchased a piece of furniture and were told that if Kanes deliver, we would have it for Saturday 11/20/10 but if we chose to pick up, we will have it for December although they have it in stock. We had purchased several pieces of furniture from Kanes but this was the worst customer service we had ever received. They claimed that if we are willing to pay the $99.00 delivery fee for the single piece of furniture we will have it for Saturday 11/20/10. After pushing for a discount on the delivery fee, the manager, Tres offered to remove the gift card that was provided by KANES. Perfect bate and switch, they offered their customer a gift card and then want to charge for a delivery that will be twice as much. Remember, they can deliver at the end of the week but if you choose to pickup, it will be December. They are trying to stretch the pickup date so they can monopolize on the delivery fees. Come on Kanes, treat your customers with respect.

We have purchased and PAID for over $5000.00 of furniture (bedroom, living room, dinning room, all of which were on the show room floor) for a condo we have scheduled to rent in the next week. Kane,s scheduled partial delivery for Oct 29 and the remaining items on Nov 12. On the evening of the 28th we were notified most of the scheduled items would not come till the 12th. We called on the 10th to verify delivery for the 12th. The sales person was not in, the manager was "not in" neither called us back. However a staff person did let us know the majority of the items were not on the delivery schedule. Called again on Thursday morning the 11th spoke to our sales person (Donna)who didn't have a clue but would talk to the manager and call us back. NEVER received the CALL BACK and still no word as to way or when the paid for merchandise will be delivered. To top it off while this was going on we made another 60 mile round trip to the store to purchase a headboard to match the one we purchased last year from them (yes, we are repeat customers). They had one on the floor as a as is discounted floor model. We bought it, PAID for it, and agreed to come back in an hour and pick it up. Fifteen minutes later we received a call from the "customer service" rep letting us know the unit was previously sold and we could buy a new one at full price. After some discussion and some time they agreed to deliver a new one at the as is discount price. I suggested he put it on the truck with the merchandise scheduled for the 12th. He said ok and would let me know. NO CALL BACK.Very nice of them although I still do not have the headboard but when we asked about it they let us know it was at the store (evidently they think I should come and pick it up?) Called the manager this AM,__the 12th__, he's going to check on our order, isn't that reasuring? Think there is a pattern developing here? After reading these postings I think so. Can only hope the manager does his job, but I have my doubts. Proceed at your own risk of great frustration!

This is an email I received from Kanes corporate office after not buying furniture from them and lodging a complaint against the Ocala store manager: Hey you…was going through my emails cleaning up the folders and ran across this. Guess he never came in to buy this. He made such a stink about it and never bought anyth...ing. JERK! Christine Ball Kanes Furniture Corporation Corporate Customer Service 727-545-9555 ext 247 Christine Ball is the customer service rep. at the corporate office and that is what she thinks of customers. I did choose not to buy furniture from them in the end and after that email I never will. Thanks for putting in an email for Christine.

Christine Ball just sent me another email apoligizing for the "inappropriate email" she sent me earlier today. She "hopes that her actions will not prevent me from considering Kane's for my home furnishing needs". Well the apology is nice but I am sure that I would not have received one if I had not posted it on the Kane's Facebook page and on this corporate page. I have yet to receive and apology from the Ocala store manager for his actions that caused the complaint.

I just received another email from Kanes. This time it was from: Daniel S. Klein Executive Vice President Kane Furniture Corporation Dear Mr. Salmi, Ms. Christine Ball has informed me that she sent an email to you today that she thought was being sent to another recipient. Regardless of whom she thought it was being sent to it was unacceptable. I would like to express my deepest apologies for the unprofessional correspondence and behavior. This matter has been addressed internally. Sincerely Daniel I gladly accept all apologies for the emails sent today, however I still would not recomend anyone buying anything from them.

I bought a dining room table for an outrageous price on 1 Oct. We scheduled a delivery for the 4th. After waiting all day for the item to arrive I decided to call the office. I was told that the chairs were on back order and would arrive on the 22nd Oct. Today, the 22nd I called again and am being told that the chairs would be arriving on the 27th. I paid for this purchase by credit card and have already received the bill. After speaking with a manager, he apoligized and offered to waive the $100.00 delivery fee--what a crock. I have contacted the corporate office and have been waiting for a call back for sometime, I'm afraid the call will never come. My next step is to contact the BBB before I contact Kanes and cancel the purchase. I guess that Rooms To Go or American Signature will be my next option. I've never seen disregard like this for customers, especially during these times of economic unrest.

I bought a bedroom set and asked the sales person (DOC) if the items were pressed wood and he told me NO they are not. That sold me on the items, come to find out after delivery he had lied to me and now they offer to take it back for a 20% restock fee which is crazy. I would not have bought the set had I not been lied to.

After purchasing a life time cleaning warranty, we used the option several years ago because of a stain, 2006 or 07 I believe and had another stain after, which we were told that they will not honor the warrant after that. Their excuse is because they are compound stains and they did more than enough for us. I say, honor your life time warranty or change the name to warranty as we feel like making it. I have no interest in returning to Kanes ever again and I will discourage all future business with anyone I see. I will call it ... Kanes as I feel like making it. Ashley or any other store is better. EVen after discussing it with the general manager, he informed me it was a moot point and that it makes no difference what I say. So much for customer service.

I would like to send a Thank you to the employees in sales and the office personal at the Lakeland Fl. 98 north store. We had to swap out a mattress and box spring and we don't think we have ever been treated so nicely from anyone that we have purchased something from. The salesman and office lady took care of everything and made sure we got a delivery as soon as possible and there was not worry on our part. Thanks you Kanes for having such a beautiful and helpful store here in Lakeland, Florida with such nice employees. Sincerely K. Churchill

The quality of Kanes furniture is poor. I will never purchase from Kanes again. Who wants to waist money considering the current state of the economy. Furniture I purchased from Kanes was either replaced or in the process of being replaced. I now purchas from other companies. Although I spend more, the quality is worth it due to the durability. Spend more upfront but save over time. Extrenely disappointed costumer :-(

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