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Purchased a white leather sectional(6 pieces) and the leather protection and warranty in May, 2008 for $3100+. About 1yr in; several of the sectionals began to sag; at that time I began rearranging them thinking it was do to use. What was I thinking? Furniture is supposed to be used. The furniture also began almost like cracking, again I assumed this was the character of the leather. Now the leather has cracked and comes off in "snowflake pieces" on all of the pieces. I purchased the sectional at the Tampa store on Dale Mabry, however I live in Saint Petersburg. I stopped at the store in Saint Petersburg to seek assistance in resolving this issue and to find out how to go about contacting the "Leather Warranty" company. The staff were not eager to assist and the first words out of the desk clerks mouth was..."you didn't buy this at our store, we can't help you". I explained I wanted information and understood that I purchased the furniture in Tampa. I figured since this was a chain store, there would be global assistance. I showed the clerk pictures I had taken and she was astonished and said, "that shouldn't happen to leather" She provided me with the contact information for the Warranty provider. After calling the warranty company and faxing my receipt they called me back several days later, asked me questions about the condition of the surfaces, then told me the peeling leather was not covered, but if I "accidently" cut the leather with a steak knife, that would be covered. After discussing the situation and re-explaining the problems, I didn't make any progress. It was as if the representative was reading from a script. I contacted the Tampa Kanes store and spoke with the manager. He was polite, but said there was nothing he could do and especially if the Leather Warranty company would not cover either. What a shame. There is no customer concern or standing behind their products. An expensive lesson. I have purchased furniture from Kanes in the past and will no longer consider their furniture for purchase now or in the future. Appears there is a common link with all the complaints...Poor quality, Do not stand behind their products. BUYER BEWARE

I too thought I was buying a leather sofa only to find out 3 1/2 years later it is not real leather as the "leather" is bonded to fabric and starts peeling off. What is bonded must be sprayed over fabric as when it starts peeling it looks as thin as skin that peels from your skin when you get sunburned. I have one child and this couch is in a den and very seldom is used so it has not been abused. I also paid the extra 100.00 in leather treatment that is supposed to provide a lifetime warrenty. This is so blatently fraud I don['t see how they can get away with selling something as leather when it is not leather and they even show a swatch of the material in a thicker peice. Then selling a lifetime protection product but not honoring that... be afraid... be very afraid to walk through those doors when you need furniture.

July 3rd my son and his fiance wanted to purchase a sofa for their new apt. so we went into Kanes (Brandon location) and looked around. We found a couch in the clearence section and asked how much we would have to put down to hold the couch. The salesman Ron told us $20.00 so we came back on Wed July 4th to put down $20.00 to hold the couch until Friday 07/06/2012 when we agreed to put half down and pay in full by July 20th. The salesman told us he thought Joe, the manager would honor the agreement but he didn't. Then Ron the salesman told us to come back on Friday with $260.00 and they would do the deal, provided the item had not sold. So my son shows up with the money and I talk to Joe afer he tells my son NO and explained to him that this is the fourth time we have been in the store with regards to the same couch which is still there! Why won't they honor the agreement? He explains that the rules for clearence are different (the couch has been on clearence the entire time) and that he will only take payment in full and hold for one wk. He said besides I'm having a big clearence sale coming up and it will for sure go then. I said "oh What will the price be at the clearence?" He replies "the same" Well then I guess it's not really that BIG of a sale is it? We have purchased 7 items (small ones) my personal couch is from the Leather Gallery $4,000.00, but everyone, including my son have to start somewhere. GUESS WHAT KANES YOU JUST LOST ANOTHER CUSTOMER!!!!! I WILL NEVER step foot in your store again nor will I recommend you to ANYONE EVER!!!!!! and for the record JOE you are an idiot who lacks any sort of tact or the commonsense necessary to provide decent customer service, and have a real inability to think on your feet!!!! I can't recall the last time I met someone in a management capacity that is as ignorant as you! One more thing, by looking at the reviews above on this site....you just did me a favor!

What does you might not keep your furniture for life but it's nice to no you could.Kanes slogan.BS I bought a couch after a year the springs went got rid of it and you would think I would of learned I bought a couch from RTG outlet store it is great so anyways Kane had recliners on sale so I brought 2 big mistake as long as you don't sit in them they will last for life one I sit in the other one I don't.The material was sagging and the service man was rude and said it was cause from useage. No one sits in the other one and it looks brand new my couch from RTG looks really good I have had all of these for about a year and a half and my choice is RTG outlet even with no warranty whats the differerence. I have bought better furniture at Goodwill then at Kanes But I would say go to RTG Kanes really sucks And I will never go there again if you go there shop at your own risk.If you plan on never sitting in it it will last you a long time if you do sit 1 year MAX.

I also bought 2end and a coffee table there another big mistake please go to RTG

I cannot believe how true all the bad reviews are. It seems everyone has the same problem... furniture falling apart, NO follow through from anyone at the store, NO customer service. Absolutely ridiculous. And it's sad that they are still allowed and capable of operating due to the fact that they're in a city and so many people coming and going that the word doesn't get out enough. And that they'll still have business regardless. Absolutely pathetic. My couch fell apart after three months of use. Literally all of the seams ripped open and they told me that because my couch was dirty it was my fault and there is nothing they are going to do. This is after they cancelled one of my tech visits and made ME reschedule to my moving weekend. Mind you, I began attempting to schedule a visit in DECEMBER. They finally made it to my house in June after months of trying to schedule around all of their "computer issues", "short staffing", "change to customer service schedules", etc. They then told me they would get back to me in 48-72 hours... which to no surprise, they did not. I had to call them back to get the result of my tech visit. They notified me they were not covering the cushions that are falling apart due to poor manufacturing under their "lifetime warranty". I am so angry and disgusted with Kanes that they have taken advantage of so many people.

Bought a new serta perfect sleeper mattress from Kanes furniture (Ocoee) Store. Please for anyone reading this, I need to know if you heard or seen a report of bed bugs in Kanes mattresses. I called Hulett pest control and they came out to check for infestation of bed bugs in my home. They reported no evidence of bed bugs in any other part of my home and advised treatment immediately. I contacted Kanes last week to report what happen in my case. I bought this mattress in February of 2012 and told the delivery men to keep the plastic on the mattress, they hauled my old mattress away that same day. We slept in the mattress with the plastic on it up until a month ago to preserve the mattress from having spots and any other damage on it because of their 60 day guarantee. One week after taking the plastic off, I noticed welts on my arm. I immediately researched to find out what problem caused these welts and I concluded hives was the problem. But when I went to sleep last wednesday night, I felt something crawling on me. I saw it and I thought it was a tick. I again researched the internet to see what kind of bug it was because I never seen a bug like this one before and low and behold my research concluded it was a bed bug.

I know we didnt bring these pests into our home and Kanes refuse of course to take blame, the manager here is just forwarded information from Christine Ball and of course she is just telling him info just to get me off the case but I will not rest until they do something about this. I did find one complaint of bed bugs from a lady, She bought her new mattress from one of their affiliation stores (Savon furniture). Need to locate that message because I am going to send a copy of it to the manager at Kanes. The whole situation is disgusting, frustrating, and upsetting to say the least. But most of all, what company is going to own up to bed bugs. You tell me. Please again, any response would be helpful. Thank you.

I wish I had read all your comments before spending my hard earned money on a "leather" recliner. I, too, called for service after finding a hole in "leather". The man came took a picture and I got a call from someone in the store who told it wasn't covered under the warranty because it must have rubbed the wall. It is physically impossible for that part of the recliner to rub the wall, nor was it in a place where it could hit anything else. I also purchased the "leather" warranty and when I called to ask for service, was told they only cover blood and urine stains. The warranty "covered" accidental tears, rips and stains - warranty my ass! Guaranteed for life - what a crock!

We Purchased a bedroom set and mattress fro our Platform bed from Kane's in Melbourne, FL. The Mattress started sinking in but at the top of the matress you your head rest instead of where you body does. They sent their tech out to look at in and he even stated he had never seen the mattress wear in that area before. He took measurements and said someone would call us back. They called back the next day stating that since it was not 1 1/2 ', it was only 3/4', it would not be covered under the warranty. First, we were told that it had a 10 yr warranty and any problems we had to contact them. I guess they tell you anything to sell you the furniture, and after they have your money they could care less what happens. I called and asked if there was a corporate headquarters and was told no that it was family owned. So I asked if I could speak to manager. Lori said the manager was with someone in his office and I stated I could hold. Lori then stated that she would have the Manager call me back and put me on hold and left me there. I had to call back and got someone else who said the manager was in the bathroom but after insisting they put the manager on the phone which really did nothing because he was as useless as the other 2. Do not buy anything from this company. They promise you that they will handle any issue you may have but forget this as soon as you pay them. I was a little skeptical about the Brand of mattress and was told buy the sales guy that it was a really good brand which was used by hotels to supply them with mattress'. The manager also stated on the phone they only carry good quality items, but when I stated they no longer carried the brand he had no comment.

They are crooks!!! Don't try to buy a wall unit from them they show a group price of one thing and you think it is for the whole unit and it does not include the most important part (the tv console)! Went to store to purchase it and the total was $500 more than what sign says!! Even if you go on line and pull it up it shows the price in top right corner, but you have to read the small print at the bottom under notes to read the console is $500 more!!!!! I will never shop at Kane's again!!! Havertys all the way!!!!

In 2008 I bought a couch and matching chair from Kane's for $1700.00. For another $150.00 I purchased a "lifetime guarantee" that was stated on my receipt, no limatations noted. My wife and I are "part timers", about four months a year in FL. Obviously the furniture has not had much use even though it was purchased in 2008. The center section of the couch has "collapsed" about five inches. Flipped the couched over and four springs stapled to the so called frame had come out. Returned to store in Pinellas Park with my receipt with warranty on it expecting Kane's to send someone out to repair couch. I started with the lady at the desk and she told me the warranty only covered fabric. I pointed out that my warranty said "lifetime" with no other stipulations. She repeated her stance several times and I did the same to no avail . I asked to see the manager and got ASSIT manager Sherri. Same story and process except she was very rude to me and obviously felt the best way to get rid of me was rudeness. I asked to see the general manager, Tom, but he was not in. I was told if I left a phone number he would call me. About two hours later, he did. He had pulled the transaction and didn't understand what I was complaining about because the store's copy plainly stated fabric only. Hmmm , store copy and my copy different.?? I question Tom about that and he asked me to fax him a copy of my paper work. No access to fax so I went back to store and lady out front made a copy which was five pages long for Tom. Latter on the phone Tom said he would contact and send copy of my pages to cooperate and call me back. May, 7, 2012, Tom called and said cooperate wasn't going to do any thing. My problem. I want to say at this point that Tom was nice and appeared to understand my position. I asked for name and phone number at cooperate I could discuss my issue with. He gave the the number of customer service, Christine Ball. I have called several times and Mary answers the phone and puts me through but all I get is voice mail. I leave message saying I want to discuss a warranty issue and leave my phone number. Never a response from Christine who is in charge of customer service. I am calling BB and also trying to get in touch with the CEO. I doubt that will happen as the customer service rep is protected from the customer so I am sure the CEO has many more layers to isolate him from the customers. Do I need to say that all Kane's wants is your money and you go away if you have a problem and how poorly I think of them. Their warranty is meaningless and I see they now advertise "free life time" warranty That I paid for. I assume their "free" warranty is worth the price you are paying for it. I know what my paid for warranty is worth!! In my opinion you do business with Kane's at your own risk.

Our "leather" furniture is cracking after 3 1/2 yrs. And we even bought leather Protection for 100's of Dollars and a Warranty, to find out it only covers accidental damage and the Leather is not "real" leather. It is called bonded leather. It took a month for the store to send someone to take pictures of a crumbling love seat and chair. Another month after numerous phone calls to have a manager call me back and tell me that they won't give me my money back on the leather protection that did no good, since it's not real leather to begin with. No one ever said to us that it's Bonded Leather, the original Bill of Sale says Leather. I will file a report with the Better Business Bureau.

I gave my daughter my credit card and told her to check out Kane's Furniture for a new living room. She went with three of her friends and upon entering the store was treaated extremly rude. They assumed she had no money and didn't allow her to see the furniture. They questioned her ,asking question that were ridiculous. She came home very upset, feeling that they were racist against her. I now know never to return to Kane's Furnitur , I feel very offended .I will go spend my money at Rooms To Go (: & This was at Brandon Fl.

Waited 6 weeks for couch set , Then when finally delivered they sent me couch with no legs And refused to help me get some , they took couch back the manager at the new port richey kanes store was rude and I will never deal with these people again we own four businesses in the new port richey area , now on all our doors it says do not buy at Kanes furniture npr ........ very rude people store has terrible service

the manager at Kanes in Orlando FLorida told us when we complained about our furniture and it not being real leather as we were told he sated to my husband and I if it is bonded leather we dont have to reveal that and are allowed to tell u it is real. we bought a warantee for our purchase. within a few months the relcining mechanism kept getting stuck and the seam ripped and fell apart they came out to tend to that but the mechanism still doesnt work and the NOT REAL leather is shedding and falling apart and the warantee company said they couldnt do anything and the manager Tom said they had problems with the warantee company. He told me the general manager would call us the next day we even brought one of the pieces with us he took pix of. he said if we bought new furniture there they would give us a deal the deal being free delivery whoop de do!!!! the general manager 4 days later still hadnt called. I called TOm informed me they have a new general manager and he didnt know when he would be able to discuss this with him and how long it would take to get back to me. the cafe table and chairs i bought it took us 9 months to get the hardware to put it together and use it. they fixed our rocking recliner twice and its so far back my feet no longer hit the floor. another couch I bought was falling apart upon delivery and the get this the delivery guys say yea there furniture is made of poor quality and they literally staple it together cuz i saw the staples all fell loose and the arm rests fell off.i jsut reported them to the BBB. I spoke to 3 differnet people and they all had KANE furniture problems and had to go out and buy new furniture elsewhere. KANES really sucks and I want to report them with my pictures to that shame on you tv show but cant figure out how to go about that.

Just got off phone with yet another rep. from Kane's in Lakeland,Fl==This must be the 2 dozen calls that I have made about my sofa and love seat that I purchased from them on 1/29/12. The very next day I called them with the problems with the 2 pieces I purchased. All I do is call them,tell my story to each and every one--and no one calls me back from the Store Manager Michael to all other rep. They sure do not stand by their product or give you one bit of Customer Service--wish I had been on this web site before I bought my furniture--as I am having the same problems as everyone else listed here. I even paid extra for the stain treatment warranty--I bet that isn't worth a damn as well. Corporrate for sure doesn't read any of this mail.

When we lived in Bradenton, FL I bought some furniture from our local Kane's store. I had problems with it and they did not resolve it. I bought all future furniture from other stores, i.e. Haverty's and always got very good service. Even Rooms to Go, one time made sure I was happy. Well, we moved to Ocala and I needed a new desk. So not knowing the area, I saw a Kane's store and figured I would give it another shot. Found a desk I really liked, but my husband wanted me to make sure it was all wood and not press-wood, because the desk was $1,000. While on the phone with my husband, I asked the salesman if there was any press wood in the desk, and he assured me there was not. When the desk was delivered, my husband looked as they were putting it together and said, "this thing is all presswood, you were lied to." When the salesman called later that day, I told him it had presswood in it and I was not very happy. He said something like it was covered in real wood--- and that was the end--so I paid $1,000 for something I could of got a Wal-Mart for two or three hundred dollars. And trying to get someone from Kanes to call me back----That isn't going to happen.

I just brought a brand new sofa set, got it home and fouond a big tear on the love seat. I quickely called kanes and the general manager BUD was very rude. he told me that i would have to keep it just like it is and that he do not have to take it back at all. He also went on to say well we did not dilever it so how do we know you did not damage it. First and fore most I never shopped there so it was my first time. secondly I did not sing anything at the warehouse, the guys loaded it with the plaste on and we took it home. Had i've known to inspect it there i would have i dont have that kind of money to just throw away. The general manager was yelling and cutting me off I couuld not believe that. i had a few neighbors over and it was on speaker phone they were in shark too. They were so nice at the store but now that something is wrong with their product they get really nasty. I do not want anything from them ever again and first thing in the morning i will be taking this sofa set back to the store. it says to report it within 72 hours well it has not even been a hour for me. Please get the word out to our local people this place suck.

We are thoroughly enjoying our furniture and our neighbors are in awe. Top shelf furniture for sure. Also, the delivery men were very professional and friendly. One of the reasons we bought the amount of funiture that we did was because Kane's gave us plenty of breathing room to decide what we wanted. But the salesman was always within our sight but was right there whenever we had a question. The experience on the whole was wonderful and by far the best experience we have had with a sales person. We will go back for more.

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