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The delivery drivers were some of the nicest men my wife and I have had the pleasure of dealing with. They were very helpful and accommodating. We don't remember the names of the delivery men but I want to say that they were very kind, patient, friendly and professional. I am planning on purchasing more furniture based on how I was treated at the store and how well I was treated by delivery.

Attn: President/CEO, My name is santino mac, I work as senior personnel of the Nigerian Foreign Affairs ministry and serve as the chairman of the contract review committee. We inquire to know your capability to handle international contract supply.This is a contract from the Nigerian federal ministry of health. INVITATION FOR BIDDING (INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIVE BIDDING) CONTRACT IDENTIFICATION NO LSGHSDP-II/ICBGDS/10/011 Word bank credit Name Assisted Health system development project. (1) This invitation for bid follows the general procurement notice for this project that appeared in the development business. (1) The federal ministry of health of Nigeria has received a credit from the international development association (IDA) towards the cost of federal ministry of health system development project and intends to apply part of the funds to cover eligible payments under the contract for the supply of MEDICAL EQUIPMENT Contract NO LSG/HSDII/ICB/GOODS/10/011. Bidding is open to all bidders from eligible source countries as defined in the guidelines :procurement 1BRD loans and IDA credits. (3) The federal ministry of health systems development project invites sealed bids from the eligible bidders for the supply of medical Equipment as follows (1) OPD and Theatre items (2) Wards items (3) Medical laboratory items and Bitumens & Waxes and Condition Monitoring (4) Furniture and office Equipment. The federal ministry of health gave instruction to contact an interested reputable company that can supply Equipment for this project, I have made an inquires in some embassies here in Nigeria and your embassy gave me a lucid explanation about your company. Sir, i will like your company apply to the tender, i heard your company may have those items for the project in large quantities. Sir, if your organization is capable to handle the supply, kindly apply to the tender, i assure you of winning the bid if you apply for. my email is santinomac60@yahoo.com.ph Sir, i look forward for reply, best of lucks and the personal regards, God bless you. Mr santino mac

I WILL NEVER REFER ANYONE TO THIS COMPANY NO WONDER THEY HAVE LIFETIME WARANTY its crap. i even filed a complaint with the BBB kanes have not even called to see what was going on i have been sleeping on a broken bed i will sue that company i hope they go out of business. i have owned this crapy bed for only 2 MONTHS!!!

My husband and I ordered a chouch and loveseat about 4 months ago form kanes(we usuall purchase from RTG, and now I see why). The Loveseat cushions are continuesly falling to the ground do to them not staying in place on the furniture. About the 2nd-3rd time of sitting on it you can gurantee the cushion will slide off the next time!( we have to constantly tuck them into the back cushions)My daughter, who is only 1 will go to get down and when she get to the front of the cushion she gets flipped off! We had a technician come out and look at it and we were told then that its not a defect (I guess thats normal for their products??)and that we can try to put rubber matts under the cushions. Fisrt off I didn't pay $1000 to have to rig my furniture, secondly what happend to "Kanes gurantees quality furniture to last a lifetime" when mine isn't even making it to 6 months!! Then for the company not to replace the product nor to offer anything to help??? That is just poor customer service. The store manager in Ocala wouldn't even talk to me or my husband but instead had the secratray do his dirty work! My Couch and Loveseat from Biglots(the set previous to this purchase) was better quality and lasted a heck of a lot longer! I have launched a call to corpoate where I had to leave a message, Im now waiting for them to call me back about this matter. I will update you all about what they once I know something, Hopefully they will back their products.(its ashanme to b/c I was going to purchase the matching recliner until this all happend)

This company does not care about customer service. They sell inferior quality merchandise and then will not back it up. Purchased a living room suite 2 years ago it started peeling and they said I waited too long. It looks like it has been in a home for 10 or more years. We have no kids, no dogs and work 8-12hrs a day. So how can it be "abused". It is a shame to be taken advantage of by a local company. I am telling all and everyone I know to stay away from this company. They sell very inferior quaility furniture......SHAME ON THEM.....

5112 E Colonial Dr Orlando, FL 32803 (407) 894-6666 Kane's Furniture Categories: Furniture Stores, Mattresses 9/14/2011 i recentley went to kanes and after looking through there nice selection of furniture i found stuff i liked.when approached by the sales person i told him what i wanted to buy and that i was prepared to write the check. i said i wanted a little better deal than what was posted. now what i was looking at was gonna cost upwards of $5000.00 a pretty decent amount to spend. he told me he could maybe get me 200 off however a mailer went out to people for labor day and they would get a better deal than me.well as you can imagine that didnt sit well.so i said alot of those people probley wont show so why dont you find out what kind of dwal you can get me.he came back and said nothing! i left, but i liked it so much i went to another kanes store i went in and said i know exactelywhat i want can you get me a price. she was nice, came back with a sale coupon and said i will give it to you early.so i made the purchase. later i went home and thought about what i bought my roomate decided he would buy some other stuff to go with it all. so the next day we went back to the original store on colonial and got a different salesman we told him what we wanted. after 20x back and forth and them not knowing there own sale and trying to get us to buy a 24 dollar vase because thatwould bring us to enough to get a 200 discount we agreed then after 45 painfull min they figured that wouldnt work. well it went back and forth for hours and we almost left finally we worked it all out.or so we thought five deliveries later and countless returned items for damage we still after 2 weeks dont have all of our stuff we have been mistreated by delivery people and store managers. we have legs to sofa's coming in the mail we have bolts that were holdinding legs on that they stripped before our ees coming in the mail. we still dont havee a chair that was promissed a week ago .i had to goto the store and pick up a barstool so i could get an undamaged oneafter 3 delivery attempts. even that was tought 7 out of the eight in the store were damaged. i took # 8 home in my car. the day office mgr was horrified by the turn of events and gave me the vp's phone # and urged me to call i left ms christine ball 5 messages she doesnt return calls so here iam dont buy from kanes you will regret it they will over promise and under deliver there delivery people play beat the clock and damage your stuff. "they suck"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!a nd in this day and age , in this economic climate who can afford to suck?????????????????????????

I ordered a love seat console from kanes waited 190 weeks for it to come in. I finally contacted Kanes in Ocala about the order and found out that my item had NEVER been ordered because it was discontinued by manufacturer. The manager said he told the salesperson to contact me 2 weeks prior to me contacting them. The salesperson said he thought the manager had contacted me. They both dropped the ball on this one. I called customer service at the store and got nowhere with the representative who answered the phone. So, I called the corporate office customer service and I got some service then! The Ocala store manager called me back right away apologizing for what had happened. The sales person called back (message left for me) that day as well. The called back the next day to apologize for what happened. I let him know I did not buy from the manager I bought from him and I was NOT happy. Corporate office said there was NO excuse for what the Ocala store did and i would receive a refund of what I had paid and a refund for a restocking fee for a return item --when I purchased a replacement item same price that same day of the return! I am done with Kanes, I have closed my credit card account with them, and don't plan to shop at any of their stores again! Refunds: the credit to my Kanes CC was posted the very next day (8/18), however I had to call Kanes (9/6)to find out where the over $400.00 refund to my checkcard was. They claimed that after checking they had keyed in the card number incorrectly and the credit will show to my account in 3-5 business days. I don't think that was ever a credit done and had I not checked I would not have known! Kanes has lost a customer for sure. I have bought many items from Kanes before and never any problems. Now this, never again will I shop in a Kanes store. very dissatisfied!

Wrote this in the comment section of their website today: I'm very dissatisfied with my experience with Kane's. We ordered our furniture at the beginning of June. We were told then that the bed frame/drawers would not come in until the middle of July. We agreed to that because we had to go get a new mattress anyways, so that would give us time to shop for that. We were called in the middle of July to say that the delivery was being pushed back to the first week of August. I called today and was told that, no, it was not even going to come in until at least the middle of August, possibly later. We've been sleeping on the floor for three weeks now waiting for the bed frame to come in. Now it looks like we'll be sleeping on the floor for another two to four weeks. The person I spoke to was completely unhelpful, said there was nothing we could do, and that it was the vendor's fault. No help, no answers, had to drag out of her the fact that she really had no idea when the furniture is coming in. She was completely unsympathetic, couldn't care less that we're sleeping on the floor. I've looked online and found MANY reviews that say the same thing regarding delayed deliveries. This is really no way to treat customers. My husband and I saved for this furniture for a long time, and we still don't have it. Called your corporate office and was transferred to a voice mail. Really feel like everyone I talk to is trying to pass the blame to someone else.

Always the best content from these prodigiuos writers.

A good many valaubels you've given me.

I have never done business with a company that has such poor overall customer service. Especially in this day and age when money is so tight!! I feel for the delivery people. They did their best to make us happy. The truck came as scheduled. They pulled up in front of our house and started putting the furniture together. In the street!!! What is professional about that. I have been waiting over 2 months for this order to be completed. But I guess it should take that long since, as our salesman said, "it must be on a slow boat from China". Had I read this website first I would not have done business with them. And you dont even want to know what my husband has to say about Kanes!! Who ever runs this company needs to take a long hard look. I'm surprised they can stay in business!! I would not recommend Kanes to my worst enemy (or maybe I would).

To Whom It May Concer: We recently bought two rocker recliner chairs from the Kanes on Rt. 98,in Lakeland Florida. When they were delivered, the men were very courteous and handled the cahirs with great care. I thought you would like to know that. The delivery was today, and I am sorry i do not know the names of the gentlemen who brought our chairs. i will also compliment our saleslady, Jessica B. who was very helpful to us in making our purchase. Thank you and please, keep up the good work! Sincerely- J. Potocki

i have tried to resolve my problem with kanes they have abad advertisement kanes for life that's a untru statement. I just purchased furniture not even a month ago. the furniture is to exspensive to have anything wrong the pillows are shredding i have been told after speaking today 6/27/11 that the pillows are made to shred and is not for the purpose of the furniture but, for jsut decorations. '' kind of bull s--- is this you spend this kind of money for decorated pillows if this is the case then i would have purchased quality furniture from haverty's these people just lie to get your money telling you any thing as if you have any problem we will fix it. i can't seem to speak with management always seems busy and when calling back you get this oh''' the manager is not in and will not be in until later or try tommorow. kanes sucks and i will never buy anything in life from them again i should have known better this time after i bought aprx $10,000. dollars worth of furniture for my mom in 2008 i will be contacting the better buisness burea and consumer services.

Kane's need to be reported to BBB, also for frauded people with their Lifetime Warranty plan. Definitly a Fraud Company.

I purchased $2,400 worth of living room furniture from Savon in Port Charlotte, Fl on 5/22/11, they delivered it 6/1/11 which was fine, except the two end tables and sofa table came without glass, and the ottoman was covered in the wrong fabric. Went to store after delivery guys left and found out the glass 'wasn't ordered' for the tables, which is rediculous, and they would order the correct ottoman cushion and let me know when it would be in (never got a return call on that). In the salesman's defense, you would think the tables would automatically come with the glass tops, as who would order tables without glass? So, the salesman ordered the glass and promised it the following Tuesday. Savon called tuesday morning to inform me the glass had arrived, great, so asked what time it was being delivered. Their response was "oh, it won't be delivered until thursday". I said "the salesman PROMISED he would deliver it today", again, their response was "sorry, it's his day off, so will get it thursday". I told them it was promised to me that day and it was their problem and they better figure it out and she was not happy with me. Tough, I gave them my money in good standing, they in return gave me a hard time. Well, the salesman came in, on his day off, and brought me the glass at 7:15 that evening, which I appreciated. I live 10 minutes from the store, but they called him in on his day off, not nice, someone else could have brought it. I asked him about my ottoman cushion, said he would get back to me, nope, no phone call, email or nothing. Called this morning, 6/14/11, and was told it would be another month to get my cushion, good grief. Needless to say they got an earfull. Claim it's the manufacturers fault and they have no control, bull, it's called 'passing the buck'. I'm not done with them, the manager will get a visit from me for sure. To make a long story short, I will NEVER buy another piece of anything from Savon in Port Charlotte. Their motto is: "Take the customers money then ignore them, they'll go away". Sorry, not going to happen.

I purchased my bedroom set in 2010 at orange blossom trail location, after few weeks i call them back for discomfort, i was getting back pain every morning,so they told me give more weeks to adjustment, then finally technician showed up, took pictures and measurement etc. I waited for managers to call me back as the technician larson said, no one call for two weeks, when i call them back they told me they going to send tech again,cause of family emergency i had to leave the country for six months, i came back i call them back and same tech showed up and he totally denied for previous visit, he took the measurement again and left, this time there excuse was spot on the matteres, so i call the padding company they did their jjob,so i call kanes again now they told me they cant do anything,personally i would recommend any one to buy any furniture from them, i spend about 1700 dollars untill now i'm sleeping on floor.

I purchased furniture from kanes in nov 2010..for delivery in march 2011..furniture worth 6000 dollars and more. It also included a mattress worth 1200..unfortunately the mattress we got wasn't working well with us and we went ahead and got a reselection..with the reselection the new mattress costed more than 1200 so we decided that we will finance the difference..now kanes is sending me a statement that i financed the whole thing..they have ommitted the diff which was already paid for..and as i am calling them for the past week to get things resolved..they are not calling me back..giving excuses that oh corporate hasn't replied yet..and when i keep calling the lady i spoke to is saying i should pay what the statement says and if there is any refund i will get it..its ridiculous why should i pay a bigger amount which i didn't even finance..just to avoid penalty and to maintain my credit score..for a mistake they made..she also threaten to hang up on me..if i don't listen to what she says and when i told her that i will call corporate..she said she doesn't care..now i am surely going to take the matter further.

I wish I could Rate a Negative Star. On February 15, 2011 I came into the Clearwater Kane's Furniture store, I was promptly greeted by a sales agent Mary Pantalone & my husband & I told her what we were looking for. We were not in there for a very long time. We picked what we liked & purchased it. When we were checking out Mary Pantalone had to put my information in the computer 4 to 5 times before it actually went through. Meanwhile my husband & I were debating on getting the fabric protection put on the furniture. We told her that we have a houseful of children & animals & it seems a waste of money, she insisted it was a great investment & that she too has animals that have accidents on the furniture & that it's all covered & that not to worry they would have to replace the whole piece of furniture since it can not be taken apart. So we decided to spend the $190 more & get the fabric protection on all 3 pieces of furniture we purchased. My total in the store was $2,229.28 paid that day (NOT CREDIT). The delivery on the 18th went very smoothly & the delivery men were very nice. Now ever since we got the furniture my husband thought there was something wrong with the fabric protection. Every time my children spilled a little something on it, it seeped into the furniture. I told him no & that it was probably a different kind of protection & not like the scotchguard were it repels & bubbles up the liquid. On accident one day we spilled a cup full of water on our sofa & it just seeped right through, I thought nothing of it because it was water. Then fast forward to a few days ago. May 3rd 2011, my cat was startled & tinkled on our couch. I promptly cleaned it up & put stain remover on it (again everything seeped through). After trying tirelessly trying to get this stain up we could not. On May 7th, 2011 I called the store where I bought the furniture, I gave the woman my phone number & she looked up my account. I told her the same above story. She was very quick to tell me that the fabric protection does not cover animal stains. I thought that odd & told her that the sales woman Mary Pantalone told me she had animals & it was covered & that's what sold me on the protection. I also had a problem with my recliner creaking very loudly, she told me that she would send out a technician on the 18th of May.I asked her if there was a way the technician could tell if the fabric protection was on the furniture. She told me no, because it was purchased months ago & that if there was a problem we should have said something sooner. I hung up feeling very disheartened by the companies sales tactics. The customer service woman called me back a few minutes later (whom never told me her name) & proceeded to call me a liar & told me that Mary Pantalone remembered me & she remembers telling me it covered cat fur & that was it. Now, not only to call a customer a liar, but to call them back just to tell them that is reprehensible. Because, as you & I both know, to get a stain some kind of liquid has to be present & that is what the fabric protection is for. Fur can easily be cleaned up with a vacuum cleaner & has never left a stain on anything in my life. We found on only one piece of furniture a sticker that say's "treated by" but the sticker is blank, so that shows me that it was never treated So, now I believe that I was fraudulently duped by not only the sales lady Mary Pantalone but the company all together. She lied not only once but twice to me, just so I would purchase the product. Then the product did not even have the fabric protection put on it, so in essence they stole $190 from me. Tuesday May 10th I received a call from the Corporate Customer Service rep Christine Ball & I thought they were trying to resolve the problem, but I received a letter from the CEO Irwin Novack saying there is nothing they can do. They have scammed a hard working American & their customer service does not serve the customer. Only lines their pockets. I will not rest until I get a refund or a replacement.

My daughter went to the Kane's Ocala office (3/13/11) & paid in full for a 3 piece living room set. She was told that her order would be in at the end of March. Well she got a call from a saleperson that the order would be in at the beginning of April. She got another call and said that the furniture would be in on the 15th of April (as there was a total of 7 orders for the same furniture). On April 11th, she got another call asking if she would be willing to wait for the chair and ottman (as several sets has came in but one set still did not have the ottman & chair). I called the Ocala store and spoke to the General Manager "Bud" whom I explained the situation to, stated "well if your daughter wants her money back we will refund it. Just have her to call me". Well when she called "Bud"-he told her that he don't know why she was told that the furniture will be delivered when their system shows the furniture won't be in til May. On April 12th (today) I called the Corp office and spoke with Christine (Customer Service) and somewhat apologize for the confusion on the mix up however she stated that my daughter can have her money refuned. When my daughter called her today, Christine told her that they can give her a refund of the delivery fee ($100) if she still wanted the furniture. I am going to write the CEO-but from what I am reading may do little good. I am also writing BBB on this. Kane's is not in the business for it's customers! But I will be spreading the word so that others don't have this problem!

I paid for entertainment set and breahfast stools and for delivary in te month of Dec2010.I called them for delivary on two occasions and was told that everything is there in the warehouse and to call in just before ten days. After four months when I called for them to deliver the furniture, I was told, one peice of the furniture is not there=and waiting from the vendor.I cannot understaand how kanes furniture company sell without knowing if they have them in stock and accepting money in advance.It took three hours on 29th dec 2010 to prepare the bill.Can you imagine the services what kannes furniture offers to the cutomer

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