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June 18, 2008 Mr. Russell Chew Chief Operating Officer Jet Blue Airlines 118-29 Queens Blvd Forrest Hills, NY 11375 Dear Mr. Chew, I am writing to express my discontent in the manner in which Jet Blue managed the cancellation of flight 179 on Monday June 16, 2008. I have been and frequent traveler and an outspoken advocate of Jet Blue airlines ever since my first flight with Jet Blue over Y2K. I have often expressed my admiration for the so-called “Jet Blue experience” with it’s the leather seats, on-flight televisions and XM radio on every flight as well as the luxurious sushi bar at the JFK terminal. This, to me, is the ideal way to travel and I have convinced many of my friends and family to try out the Jet Blue experience for themselves. This favorable perception of this airline changed with one unacceptable experience and it is the reason for my writing this letter today. This past Monday Jet Blue made it quite clear that it has a “fly at your own risk” policy and practices passenger abandonment when unfavorable weather conditions are the cause of cancellation for any of its flights. Today I stand a victim of such a policy. When my flight was cancelled due to adverse weather conditions I informed that I would have to wait not hours, not overnight, but four days before I could be accommodated with a return flight home to Phoenix from New York. I was further informed that I would not be provided with any means to find a place to stay in the duration nor any voucher to reimburse me for any accommodations that I may procure on my own. Jet Blue airlines outright abandoned me in a foreign city a country away from my home, in Phoenix, on Monday and told me to go sleep in the airport until Friday without a care in the world as to what may happen to me in the four days in-between. I am a reasonable person. I understand that the weather may cause my flight to be delayed for hours or even overnight. I can accept this. But weather is not the reason for why I could not fly out the next day, or the day after that or the day after that. Overbooking is to blame. Having no affiliation with any other airliner is to blame. Jet Blue policy is to blame. This is not the first time that I have had a plane reservation cancelled on me. This is, however, the first time that the same airliner didn’t lift a finger to make sure that I could arrive at my destination in a reasonable timeframe nor make sure that I would be provided with any form of temporary housing in the duration. Overbooking should not excuse Jet Blue airlines or any another airliner from doing everything possible in procuring an alternative flight route, if at all available (and they were…I found alternative passage out of New York the next day on Delta at my expense) and accommodating its stranded customers with lodging. In a previous incident in my past when a flight of mine had been cancelled, the airliner had accommodated me and my fellow passengers by offering to book those in our unfortunate circumstance on a flight to an alternative nearby city and then found us flights to our final destinations, be it through their own airlines or on 3rd party carriers. Jet Blue, however, has no affiliation with any other airliner so Jet Blue’s policy is one of passenger abandonment upon flight cancellation. This is unacceptable. It is incumbent upon you, the airliner, to fulfill your service to your travelers and return us to our destinations of origin in a timely fashion when at all possible. It should be requisite of Jet Blues so-called “Passenger Bill of Rights.” We have the right to return home in a timely and expedient fashion when the opportunity presents itself and it did. I understand that Jet Blue may have been overbooked on equivalent flights but as long as there is even one airliner with seats available to take us home it is incumbent upon you to book us on their alternative flights, if available, as was the case on the day after my flight was cancelled. It should not have been upon me to book an alternative passage on Delta’s flight 639 on Tuesday, June 17, 2008. Furthermore it should be Jet Blue’s policy to reimburse me and all other passengers for the difference between the cost of the cancelled flight and the ticket that we may have purchased out of pocket to return home. You failed me, Jet Blue. You stranded me in New York City. You offered me no way home, no means to procure temporary shelter, no vouchers due to your current weather related cancellation policies. You provided me with nothing! This event has soured me on the Jet Blue experience. Your current company policy places your passengers in a continuous state of uncertainty. Spin the wheel of chance. If you are fortunate enough to have your flight take off without incident you will be treated to a luxury airline experience. However, if your flight cross-country is cancelled due to dire weather you may be told that you cannot fly to your destination for days at a time. In addition if you are unlucky enough to be traveling on a return flight you will be kicked to the curb with no means to find a safe and adequate temporary shelter. This IS Jet Blue’s current policy towards its customers and it is completely unacceptable. Just as unacceptable, though, is the attitude of Jet Blue’s phone support staff. I called 1-800-Jet-Blue and spoke with an upper level supervisor named Deni, badge number 2668, and calmly but firmly relayed my concerns and discontent to her. Her response: “Then perhaps we’re not the airliner for you”. She really said that. Unbelievable! Perhaps she is right. On average I travel on Jet Blue 4-5 times every year but with an attitude like the one expressed by Jet Blue’s upper level phone representative, perhaps my $2000+ a year would be better appreciated on another airliner, say, for instance, Delta, who assures it’s passenger expedient passage home and has affiliations with other airliners in order to guarantee such a claim. Perhaps Deni is correct. As it stands my IRA retirement fund will never again include Jet Blue again. As far as I am concerned Jet Blue owes me $210.00. That is the difference between my refunded ticket with Jet Blue and the cost of procuring a flight home with Delta three days before your next available flight back to Phoenix from JFK. Until such a point that I am reimbursed by your airliner for this expense I shall no longer be the outspoken advocate for your airliner nor a passenger on it. Very disappointed. Postscript: As of 10-26-11 I have yet to receive a full reimbursement of $210.00 as requested. I have not flow on JetBlue since this incident and to date this refusal by JetBlue to do right by me has cost the company $4168.79 in profits (not counting the flight to new York I took this past October).

I just got done reading your Customer Comments section. I haven't laughed this hard in decades!! Please commend your customer service reps (now there's a misnomer if ever there was one!) because they have perfected the art of sucking at their jobs and elevated piss-poor customer service to an art form. I am balling-up my TWO PAGE letter chock full of outrageously incredible but true customer service nightmare experiences that occurred during my family's August trip to the Dominican Republic. I mean, come on now, why bother when everything they experienced has happenned OVER,and OVER, and OVER again to soooo many of your customers and nothing has been done to improve your complete lack of customer service. Quite frankly, I'm surprised you guys actually have seats on your plane for those of us lucky enough to actually make it on board to sit on! The fact that evidently, based on several customer complaints to that effect, your PRESIDENT/CEO couldn't give a flying fig about customer service either, as evidenced by the fact that some customer is still waiting for a response from him/her, makes their whole tale of woe, misspent money on your tickets, missed days at work due to your complete lack of flights, etc totally redundant. I work for a Fortune 500 company and interface with hundreds of customers daily, and I can't wait to share with as many of them as I can my Jet Blue stories....before you guys go out of business and are nothing but a distant memory of a really bad nightmare.

I was flying home from New York to Oakland last week. I realized that there were several people around me wearing perfume or other strong scents. Because of this, I put on my miniature air purifier. I did this because I have very severe asthma and allergies to perfumes and scents. Having an asthma attack is not something I want to experience at 30,000 feet, and so I carry my miniature air purifier. This device has made it possible for me to travel in comfort. I have flown with this device on many airlines and have never been told it was not allowed. About an hour into the flight, Cynthia, a flight attendant, told me that it was against Jet Blue regulations to wear such devices in cabin. I explained to her that I have asthma, that I have severe allergies and that I need something to help me deal with the perfumes and scents that people around me are wearing. I asked her if she would ask the travelers sitting around me to voluntarily use alcohol wipes to remove the perfume. She refused. She was adamant that I turn off the device, and offered no other assistance, except for a white claustrophobic mask. Wearing a mask would not have helped me. I again explained to her that I have asthma and that I need to wear the air purifier in order to breath clean air. Later on in the flight, she showed me a page from the Jet Blue regulations, showing me that Jet Blue does not allow such devises. The device pictured on the page did not look anything like my own device. Later on, Cynthia apologized and told me she was just following orders, and handed me a yellow slip, showing that I did not comply with a request by the crew. I do not blame Cynthia for her actions. She was doing her best to follow with the rules of her job. Whether she agrees with the rules or not, whether the rule makes any sense or not, she is compelled to comply. After another hour into the flight, Cynthia called me away from my seat and asked me to meet her in the galley. I complied. She informed me that if I did not turn off my miniature air purifier, the captain would ground the plane at Salt Lake City and eject me from the plane. Feeling trapped and not wanting to inconvenience the passengers, I turned off my device. Besides perfume and scents, severe emotional distress can also bring on an asthma attack. Being threatened with ejection from the plane and causing terrible inconvenience to all the passengers onboard, was too stressful for me. I finally had the asthma attack that had been building up for the last few hours due to the perfume. I am a disabled person. Even though asthma and allergies are "hidden" and not as obvious as a missing limb, for example, they are still viable and real disabilities under the Americans With Disabilities Act. As a disabled person, I have the right to protect my health any way that I can, so long as I do not endanger others to do it. Wearing a miniature air purifier is hardly a health hazard to a plane full of people. People who wear strong scents in cramped and enclosed public spaces, like a crowded plane, are a very real and serious health hazard to the many millions of travelers who suffer from asthma and allergies. Airlines have gone a long way to protect the health of passengers, particularly those of us with asthma and allergies by banning smoking, so why not ban the wearing of strong perfumes and scents? No matter how good the air circulation is on an airplane, it cannot filter out strong perfumes and scents. An allergy sufferer or asthmatic needs assistance and support from flight attendants so that they can be comfortable in the cabin. That assistance and support should include asking people wearing strong scents to wash them off. Finally, after I begged Cynthia to do something to help me, she asked the people around me to do this. Only one complied. I went back to my seat and was wheezing uncontrollably. I begged another flight attendant for help. I asked for oxygen. He seemed a bit put out, but finally, Cynthia came along and found an oxygen tank, which she passed over to me. I spent the last 90 minutes of the flight using the oxygen tank. When I am exposed to a contaminant, it can take up to two weeks for my lungs to heal and for the contaminant to clear from my system. The symptoms are very much like the flu. This situation could have been entirely avoided if 1) the airline allowed me to wear my air purifier and 2) the flight attendant made a serious effort to ask the people around me to remove their scents. I am writing this because I want all allergy sufferers and asthmatics know about Jet Blue's discriminatory policies toward respiratory disability sufferers.

I have been a Jet Blue proponent for many years and when I travel I make an effort to fly Jet Blue. I am also in law enforcement and feel it is important to be seated in an isle seat when possible. On the curent trip booked on Jet Blue I was provided an isle seat in the third row but was now asked to pay an extra charge for the honor of receiving extra leg room?? In the yars I have traveled on Jet Blue this was my first experiance with such a new penny pinching regulation. They even charge extra for the emergency exit seating. I never would have believed that Jet Blue would follow the other airlines in their quest to rip off the flying public. To bad!!!

Do not EVER let your minor kids fly alone!!! They do not assist them as they say very scary!!!!!!

While I have had many positive experiences traveling on JetBlue today was the absolute worst. As I sat in the waiting area for Flight 811 returning to Puerto Plata, the announcement stated those passengers who purchased even more space tickets may board followed by those persons in wheelchairs followed by general boarding. As I entered the gangway to board the aircraft, the cleaning crew was not even finished cleaning the aircraft (I understand things happen). The gate crew continued boarding the plane and a back up occurred on the gangway. Soon a wheelchair arrived and muscled through the crowd and a second wheelchair arrived complete with 5 family members who "Mr. Johnny" allowed ALL to pass in front of the group who paid the extra 25 dollars. As I am usually a patient person and always provide courtesy to disabled persons, the elderly and persons with children, the annoyance was the additional 5 family members who were more than able-bodied to board prior to the aforementioned group. I questioned "Johnny" as his name tag stated and he said I don't have any idea why you paid an extra 25 dollars. I asked him for his last name and he stated "Secreto". I said thank you will be hearing from me and began to board the airplane. Mr. "Secreto" stated "wait a minute sir". He then asked me for my boarding pass and told me to wait and would not allow me or the approximately 30 other persons (including general boarding) to board. Mr. "Secreto" approached the First Officer of the plane and had a conversation with him which was inaudible to me. The cleaning crew finished with their duties. The flight attendant Jose approached the boarding door and motioned for me to enter. Mr. "Secreto" told Jose the flight attendant something else inaudible no and then told me to stand on the side and allow the rest of the persons behind me to board. The second officer then told Mr.. "Secreto" that he would have to speak to the Captain. Then Mr. "Secreto" entered the cockpit area out of my vision and hearing. The Captain then exited the cockpit with my boarding pass and asked to speak to me on the gang way. I explained to the Captain the situation he returned my boarding pass and said ok thank you and I was allowed to board. The Captain explained to Mr. Secreto he paid an extra twenty five dollars because he is in the Even More Space. While I am unsure of to whom but somewhere I overheard Mr. Secreto mention something about "attitude". Now as I sit on flight at 37032 feet somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, I wondered where I would be if things had gone different. What if the Captain blindly listened to Mr.. "Secreto" and I was removed me from the plane because of my "attitude"? If the Captain had not, astutely rationally and intelligently looked me over, inspected the smell of my breath, my body language and demeanor and determined that I was not intoxicated belligerent (or otherwise) who wanted to cause a problem on the flight. Possibly he noticed I merely am an individual who retired from 20 and 17 days of an impeccable unblemished career in law enforcement. I am someone who volunteered in my community fire and emergency medical response for 24 years and has life saving awards to prove it. I was just someone who returned to New York to register and inspect my vehicle and renew my drivers documents which were expiring this month. A person who visited my family and finished the tasks in two days and bought a ticket at midnight to return back to the Dominican Republic where I decided to live! A person who would jump at anyone who attempted to harm someone on this flight. I am a person when the Captain comes out of the cockpit to urinate and your flight attendants block the path with the service cart I look around and am ready to fight because I spent the better half of a year at Ground Zero providing security while they looked for my brothers in blue and rubber (FD). A person that would provide emergency services to someone who fell ill on a flight. A person who expected that if you publish an advertisement that states: From roomy to roomier. Purchase an Even More Space seat and get: - Extra legroom - Early Boarding - Early access to overhead bins You actually get it...... Instead for my 25 dollars, not counting the $300 ish for the ticket, I was embarrassed, harassed and threatened (albeit unspoken and only by actions) by an employee who did not like my minor question and decided to cause me even more disturbance by attempting to have me barred from the flight. If you research my True Blue account, you will see that I frequently fly with your airline. Over the course of the flights, I have always encountered professional, comical, polite pleasant, patient employees who are more than willing to help. This communication has nothing to do with the flight crew of 811. They were professional. However, instead, I am suggesting Mr.. "Secreto" be reassigned to vacuum the carpets on the midnights and keep him far away from your customers after undergoing a psychological evaluation. Finally I am a person who is regretting that American Airlines no longer has direct flights to POP from NYC. I am a person who will research Continental Airlines, fly into Newark, take the PATH train to New York Pennsylvania Station and then the Long Island Rail Road to my old community on my next trip which is tentatively scheduled for July 28th returning on the 31st with a subsequent trip scheduled for September 19th for a wedding returning on the 28th. All because of someone named Mr.. Johnny "Secreto". Respectfully

Just to let you know that IN Orlando Fl has to do a cleanup of corrupt employees, Ramp, Counter, Customer Service,Office,Management. employees selling buddy pass, and flirting with passengers.

I just flew my 389th flight with your airline. I love JetBlue. I only wish you flew overseas. I go home to Ireland and I hate Aer Lingus. When are you going in? The flight I was just on both pilots told me I should write in. Three weeks ago I was flying back to NY and they announce they needed a nurse PR physician so I jumped up. There was an extremely over weight Spanish woman having shortness of breathe and chest pains. I was given the B/p machine which was too small for her arm so I had to do it on her wrist which is not am accurate count. Suggestion , get bigger cuffs in case they are needed. Her blood pressure and pulse were very high . I gave her the air sick bag to breath into. I had a feeling she was giving herself an sever anxiety attack. I told her she would have to calm down. I kept checking jer very 15 minutes. The Pilot asked me if he should turn the plane back to Aguadilla. I told him I am pretty sure she is doing this herself. She did calm down after I gave her the oxygen and we were able to land in NY. Half way the through the flight the lady behind me gave her very small dog a bone that he should not have been given. It got stick in his throat and he stopped breathing. I am a huge animal lover. I opened his mouth and saw the bone lodged in his throat. He was lifeless. I grabbed the bone with my finger but he wasn't responding so I gave him the heimlich and the other piece popped out. I gave him mouth to snout respirations and kept rubbing his heart and the little guy jumped up and licked me to death. I just cried because I was so happy he was OK. Hugs and kisses I will take from a little munchkin. Now after 389 flights I can write a book on all my experiences. I just wish you flew overseas. Your planes are big enough. I would love to fly home to Ireland on one of your planes. Anyway the two pilots I just told them about my last plane ride said I should write to you and tell you. Elizabeth Pineiro Hardshoe2@aol.com I am also a true blue member forever JetBlue is the best!!! No complaints from me

I flew JetBlue on June 13, 2011 to go from Austin, TX to Burlington, Vt via New York and then again on June 22,2011 to return to Austin, TX. I was pleased with the service and the flight, however, when I checked my credit card after returning to Austin, TX, I notice I have a charge from JETBLUE BUY ON BOARD FOREST HILL for 5.99 for DINING. The charge was made on June 15, on that JUNE 15 I was in Canada visiting some friend and did not go anywhere near JetBLUE to DINE. Please reverse this charge as I did not make it, I did not order any food from JETBLUE either on the 13, the 22 or the 15. I would also appreciate getting a copy of the signed charge so I can send it to my credit card and report the fraud. This charge is the reason I did not give JETBLUE 5 stars jpruett75@austin.rr.com

My son was suppose to depart from San Juan, PR to Hartford,Conn. on a connecting flight for an internship at a fortune 500 Co. He was supposed to arrive on time for an important interns meeting. When the 4:12am flight was delayed he called the airline at 8:00am , since there were no CSR at the gates to service or give any information to the passengers. He called the JB reservation telephone # because the airport does not have or accept any phone calls locally (thats outrageous!) he requested a reimbursement in order to take another flight with another airline, there was no way he could get to his destination the same day by Jet Blue, after a 24 minutes wait on hold Lorena emplyee #25871, said that she pretty much could not do anything, she spoke to a supervisor, Carr that said that the airline does not retrieve baggage from the flights or can reimburse my plane ticket, this even though they are not providing the service that was paid for. We the consumers do not have to go through this lack of respect and insensitive behavior. Do NOT fly Jet Blue, now I nunderstand the name, your face will turn Blue before they provide any CS thats worthwhile.

Just watched a KIRO-TV Seattle newscast on the fact that Some US Airlines like Jet Blue, Southwest, Delta and US Air are having maintenance done on their planes in 3rd world countries... This includes not only HONG KONG and Mexico But El Salvador! In El Salvador the workers are young, uneducated men who make less than $3 an hour... Do you feel safe now? Maybe that is why they always have maintenance problems...Not to mention the fact that any anti-american sentiment would have easy access... This is NOT ok!

Jetblue need replace all the customer service in orlando florida, and got unrespected employee harrasment asking a personal question, asking for my number to be in contact, this employee it need to be out, WHAT HAPPEND WITH JETBLUE?

I was told I could use my American Airlines frequent flyer number for my 1st flight ever on Jet Blue. That information turned out to be totally wrong as not all routes are included in the program. What a joke. And the check in process was like a zoo. Jet Blue is expanding at too fast a rate and cannot handle the job. Unfortunately, they are the only airline that now flies non stop to one of my destinations. The flying public is getting the shaft.

Until last week I thought I loved JetBlue. 3 - 5 days to wait for a recpt? Insane. And to have a pretty snippy representative on the line and to wait for an even more snippy supervisor - what gives???? And then to get rerouted BACK to the same number that was of NO HELP initially.

I lost my bag 6 months ago on jet blue and they still haven't refund my money the people that work for jet blue are very rude this guy name will is the worst foent Evan know how to work at his job I will never ever fly jet blue again worst airline rver

I was taken off of a flight once it landed in Orlando. I was flying last minute as my Dad was dying in the hospital in ICU. I was met at the gate upon landing by five FLA cops who handed me off to a miniature, older, probably getting to retire on TAX PAYER DOLLARS Federal Agent who accused me of "kicking the seat in front of me" and "restricting the operations of the flight”. I was waiting to use the toilet when a very rude waitress in the sky wanted to get by me. No one would move, so I had no where to get out of her way of her selling very over priced "snacks" to the willing. This led to a "Fed" making me wait over four hours in a holding room and my very ill and elderly Mother worried sick, as they would not let me call her. THIS IS A DIRECT abuse by the over paid slackers who are not doing their job! I was no threat at any time, never raised my voice, used vulgarities or threatened or ever touched ANYONE...is this what we are way over paying airlines and their incompennent "agents" for? GO FIND A REAL THREAT…isn’t that what you are paid by US of A citizens for? Anywithways, Thank you Agent 0 (you never showed me your ID or gave me your name) for causing my family much grief and most likely shortening their lives (My Mom has been much sicker since that stress. Is that what Federal Agents wants? Seems this was the mythology since Agent 0 thought he could make his own policy. I certainly do not want our Great country to become a Police State. Do you? This is not the way I was brought up. To respect real "authority" and not abuse, yes abuse, an American citizen who is distraught on the reasons he was delayed for no good reason to see his parent die. Your one "agent" caused my family more distress than any disease ever could have. His actions were (and most likely are) way over the top of what American Citizen wants. Consider if this was you’re familily (of course you have a Pass by being reading this, I mean you Federal watch dogs) and you were treated this way. By the way, I have many family members who were Police and Military Intelligence as well as many active members. NO WAY TO TREAT An American Citizen GOING TO SEE HIS DAD THAT IS DYING! I lost many members of my family to wars…did you? My Dad is a Marine who fought so that America would not become what we hated. I fear we have lowered our standards to what greedy Politicians (and frustrated Feds) want. And you cave in without a whimper. I really feel safe now! I will consider the train next time. Ohhh I will let everyone know what to except from the public servants who are here to "Protect and Serve", yes you Feds at the airports, go over to the Middle East where some of my family is dying for you and yours and maybe do something! I am forwarding this to my Attorney and my State Trooper friends.... Thanks for the unneeded stress and cost for my aging, dying Parents...Don't worry, I will cover the expenses for now...Peace.

I have booked a vacation for May to Las Vegas via JetBlue Getaways. It has been the worst travel arrangements I have ever made. Every time I wait 15 minutes on the phone. When I just called now at 8:00 am EST I was told that supervisors don't get in until 9:00 am. They were actually really RUDE on the phone.

I regret that I must rate Jetblue 1 star for not being honest with the credit system. I had a credit that I used in time on 2/17/11. Jetblue cancelled this red-eye flight 90 from Oakland to JFK. It was not possible to rebook at that time and there were many disgruntled customers. I called the next day 2/18/11 and received assurance that my credit was given to me and would be good for one year from the date 2/17/11 that is was issued. Today I tried to use my credit and was told it had lapsed. I explained to the clerk but she was adamant and did not even try to help me. I have her employee number. This was a serious lack of customer service; but, even more it was a disgrace to not honor my credit. I only want what is due to me. My credit was $309.40. Please reinstate my credit so that I can visit my friends and family in New York as planned. Thank you, Joyce Henderson

I regret that I must rate Jetblue 1 star for not being honest with the credit system. I had a credit that I used in time on

Please send me the correct email adress to file a complaint. Your representatives have done nothing for me over the phone. Tylerguida@gmail.com

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