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my wife has been sitting on a jet blue flt 377 on tarmac for 4 hrs at lga airport ny no water no food no good reason jet blue should be ashamed to treat pax this way at least offer some food and water they have done this before and do not give a damn never did and never will

jetblue claim to have the bestfare out there. i have been trying to book a flight to barbados for two weeks for me and my family. jetblue prices are very high they are charging 1000+ dollars to fly there. for a family of four who will be paying those prices. it seems like jetblue sells alot of dreams. if you are going to have a sale why not have a sale across the board. how can it be a sale and you have to fly between a certain time frame. i think they failed to realize that people have kids and kids have school.

May 29 2012 Jetblue has a 2 day sale going in May. It includes all their cities except Houston! Houston being one of the biggest city and fastest grown city in the U.S. this is so unfair for us. I am tired of discrimnation agianst other cities like this.

On the evening of 4/2 I had a flight to NC to help my Mother who had just had knee surgery. My Uncle had left that day and my Mom (80 yrs. old) was going to be alone. My flight was at 7:?? I was there at 5pm, I went to the gate C14 and was told the gate had changed and it was now c26 the other end. I went to that gate and was told my the attendant the flight was delayed until 8:20. I left and was walking around getting magazines etc. I did stop for a drink to pass the time and relax as I am nervous to fly. I came back to the area at 8:15 and noticed none was there except the attendant who has told me about the delay. She immediately informed me that I missed my flight and the plane had already gone. I looked out the window and in fact that was not true, the plane was there as well as the passenger ramp. I begged her to let me one and told her about my mother. She did not care at all. As we stood there arguing about it for about 5 mins, another attendant come out the door. I asked if I could get on, she looked at the first girl and then said to me no it's too late" they started to laugh about this which got me angry. I pulled out my phone and began to tape them with my camera. The first girl said" I hope you got my good side" and the second one leaned into the first one and they began to pose. As they were laughing. So a third girl came over and pushed the camera into my face and shove me away. I told her" don't touch me" "Don't f---ing touch me. the second attendant that was posing and laughing came over to me and was mocking me by saying ""Don't touch me, Don't touch me" I left got a flight for the next am on a different airline and went on my way. I arrived home 11 days later to a letter from the court, that the second girl who was mocking me had pressed charges against me for assault and Battery. They refunded me in points, I will never use them because I will never Fly Jet Blue again.....I have gotten Jet Blue so much business in the last 7 yrs. its not funny. Now all of a sudden they are better than me. I'm the one paying their salary. Never Again

Look... the airline personnel are people LIKE YOU. They get treated like they are the airline itself and so everybody vents on them. Could you please treat them like people and you will make somebody's day? It's really not all about you like your mama tried to make you think. Some of you wanted to 'get home to your families' but your families were probably glad you were delayed because you are so crabby and nitpicky. p.s. I do not work for an airline. I am a fellow human being who cares.

As mentioned before and I am extremely tired of calling, sending a letter and responding to these reveiws. My daughter and I flew out to Orlando, FL where her suitcase was not full and I had a lock on her suitcase as well. As we went to baggage claim we noticed that her bag was unlocked nad unzippled. WTH??? I went to the customer service area to put in a claim and all I am getting reimbursed is $45.00 for my 16 year old daughter's suitcase. This was very upsetting for us because I enjoy Jet Blue but to come off an airline carrier and to see your luggage torn apart and then taped up was very upsetting. They want to blame it on the zipper but that isn't the case. I have pictures of how they taped it up and you guys need to investigate on who taped up the suitcase, fire and hire more legitimate people. I will be taking this to small claims court because this is not right to give me answers such as you guys have done. Oh, and then my $45 credit is for me to use for future use. I need a new suitcase now.

I boarded the flight Thursday evening without any issues. The check-in personnel were great and very friendly as were the folks at the gate. I sat at the very rear (last row) of the plane in the aisle seat. Everything was what one expects from a plane boarding. But after the in-flight safety instructions, the flight attendants gathered in the back of the plane and I could hear everything they were saying. Two males, Elijah and Cameron, were the most vocal. The comment that first caught my attention was, "I bet nobody knows where their life-preserver is!" I thought this was an odd comment and so I paid closer attention. The conversation lasted a few minutes about how noisy the passengers were during the safety announcements, what was the point of their (flight attendants) being there if no one was listening, and how they wanted to stop the announcements and tell everyone to shut up for a few minutes. They basically lamented their duties and importance as employees and blamed the passengers for their problems. If this is where it stopped I would have probably let it go, but it didn't. Elijah left the rear of the plane and as he was heading toward the front a passenger (possibly another Jetblue employee, I noticed there were a lot of passengers with gloves on cleaning up the plane when everyone was getting off the flight) indicated that the man in front of her was still using his iPad after the "turn off all electronic equipment" announcement had been given. Elijah stopped and said, "Sir, you need to turn that off or we will remove you from the plane." I thought this comment jumped the gun a bit. Of course the passenger didn't immediately turn it off, because who wants to pay hundreds of dollars on a flight and then be spoken to by a flight attendant like you are a child. Meanwhile, in the back of the plane, Cameron was still complaining about passengers. I turned around and said, "You know, there's no sound-proofing between here and there. We can hear everything you're saying." He replied, "Yeah, we know. thank you," and continued talking. For some reason... I don't think he understood what I was getting at. When Elijah returned from the front of the plane, he and Cameron again began lamenting their plight as flight attendants and considering whether or not to have the plane "return to the gate and have the man escorted off by security and delay the flight for 2 hours." I tried to get their attention by saying back to them, "Yeah, please don't do that." So that they knew I could still hear them. They ignored my comment and shut the doors to the back area for the rest of their conversation. At this point, we were next to take off and I was wishing I had just driven to California.... Luckily, for the rest of the flight I didn't have to hear the flight attendants talk bad about the passengers behind their backs. But no matter how far I tried to lean away from the aisle, when either Cameron or Elijah walked by they would bump into my arm or shoulder. I would have thought this was inevitable, but since I was back by the restroom I got lots of traffic passing by me and only one passenger bumped into me... and he immediately apologized! So, the experience related above is one of the reasons I would have rather driven the 10 hours from Salt Lake to Southern California (Which is about $80 cheaper for me) than deal with rude flight attendants. Over the last 10 years I've noticed a steady decline in customer service on flights. Flight attendants have become less pleasant and more like cranky aunts and uncles or over-inflated hall monitors. They snap at you with instructions prefaced by a "sir" or "ma'am," which only makes it sound more detached and contemptuous. I understand that their job is stressful and under-appreciated. I waited tables all through college and know that the customer service industry is generally thankless and requires thick skin. BUT! I know how awesome airline employee benefits are. (I still can't believe how family flight discounts have remained given the state of the economy and the airline industry in general.) So, they know what they're getting out of the deal and no one is forcing them into this line of work. I never write letters of complaint. I avoid this because I have little faith that they are seen by the right people, taken seriously, or account for any real changes. I admit that it's cynical, but I've never been proven otherwise. I full expect to receive an auto-response, form email that says, "Here at Jetblue we take your feedback seriously... Customer Bill of Rights... blah, blah, blah." But, I'm gonna try anyway. For kicks. My flight to California was a miserable experience where I felt trapped and at the mercy of cranky people who resented my being there. I'm really not looking forward to my return flight Sunday morning.... and I will avoid flying on Jetblue in the future. I might also post my experience, since I've already gone to the trouble of writing it down, on Facebook and my blog. My NPS (net promoter score) is presently a "0". Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, W. Craig Tovey 'The guy at the back of the plane...by the toilet.' "

On march 7 2012 I checked my bag Jet Blue Baggage counter at JFK for my flight to Las Vegas, upon arrival to my hotel in las vegas I noticed that the inside part of my bags outer two compartments were razor cut and my watch and cigars had been removed from my luggage. I contacted several departments at jet blue who referred me back to Las Vegas Baggage desk, Who took a report, claim # LASB600207687. I was told a rep from jet blue would contact me the following day. 2 days later I called Jet Blue to followup since no one had called. The most troubling part of my story was how routine this seemed to your representative. He informed me that my stolen property was not covered and that I did not report my luggage had been damaged. (which I did) I really am surprised how this was handled since one of your employees or subcontractors committed a crime (grand Larceny) by stealing my property and (criminal Mischief) by damaging my property It seemed to me that this happens quite often by the non caring way it was handled. I am very disappointed

Date February 16th JetBlue Employees:  Theresa totally unprofessional Omar Manager Flight 1022 Original time of departure 8:30pm Delayed until 8:50pm   By the time I arrived at JetBlue this evening I had an exhausting day.  I am the HR Director for The Legacy Center and for Christ Tabernacle a 2,400 member church which seats 6,000 on any given weekend in Queens, NY and travel once a month for business.  With that said I was detained in a meeting when I realized I would be late for my flight.  Upon arriving at 8:05pm I was handled with much care by one of your desk associates as expected.  She was not able to print my boarding so she explained that I would need to take a boarding pass for the next flight in order to check in to the current flight.  She asked me to ensure to explain to the JetBlue associate at the gate.  She also mentioned that I might miss my flight due to my late arrival.  When I finally arrived at the flight I was relieved to see that we were delayed and that Iwould make it home to my family.  At about 8:20pm a JetBlue employee began check in and seemed to be extremely frustrated.  Her responses were short and rude.  There wasn't the usual welcoming or even an apology for theinconvenience in the delayed flight.  She made a call to another employee and began to complain loudly that she was alone handling guests; leaving the impression we were annoying her.  As I looked around I could see the tension expressions on the guests faces.  I gently walked over to her waiting for her to get off the phone so that I could explain my situation and she yelled while on the phone "you will have to wait until the end" I asked if she knew what my question was and she yelled again "yes I see you are on standby" I then proceeded with explaining what the agent told me to explain but she refused to look into my situation.  I expressed my disappointment in treatment as a JetBlue customer.  She then began to completely humiliate me by making rude and unprofessional comments about me to the guests checking in. I asked if that is the best way to treat JetBlue’s customers and she said she did not want to deal with it and that I needed to wait until the end to be checked in.  However, she continued making comments regarding me not knowing that I was not on the current flight but on standby to the guests.  Finally Omar who she claimed was her manager came in the scene and asked what she needed help with?  She began to say, “I'm here alone and I have guests” pointing at me “giving me attitude”, I then told her she was rude and wanted to speak with we manager.  She pointed out Omar as her manager. I told her that I would be writing a letter the Jet blue she said shedidn't care to go ahead.  I have never been so embarrassed, ashamed and humiliated in my life.  Omar looked into the matter and advised that I was checked into the next flight on standby and began to explain that the agent was wrong to do so.  They then spoke to one another stating that I was in fact supposed to be on the current flight.  He checked me in and gave me the impression he was doing me a favor but none of them ever apologized for the treatment or disrespect at the gate.  Before she checked me in she mentioned that she would be talking down my name as if she were the guest and I the JetBlue representative.  Theresa was a terrible representation of the integrity of JetBlue.  I would recommend her services for training purposes on how not to treat a guest.  I have worked with outstanding organization with exception customer service such as Marriott International and Omni Berkshire Hotels, so my expectations are high.  In my future training sessions I will always include JetBlue’s mission statement, Theresa poor service and this scenario as a negative tone.    

On Febuary 26th 2012 at approx 1320 hrs I arrived at the Orlando Airport off of flight 1710 from Cancun MX with my husband. Upon arrival of my bag which is a black hard suitcase made by Olympia I noticed the front left wheel to be hanging to the side. I went to the Jetblue baggage claim area and spoke with a women about this issue she advised me that Jetblue does not cover wheels I then explained to her that I didn't think it was the wheel but the actual suitcase that was broken and told her lets turn it over to see more she then said that we don't have to do that and she quickly sent me an email for 30.00 airline credit. Unsure as to what I should do I took the bag home and when I turned it over to look at it noticed that there was a huge crack in the bag that went all the way to the inside of the bag there are 3 huge holes and cracks in the bag and is now unable to be used as all my things would fall out of it. I then called the baggage office in Salt Lake City 1-866-538-5438 I spoke to Daryl on Monday feburary 27th at approx 11am he told me that someone from the baggage claim department would be contacting me on Febuary 29th to give me some forms to fill out. No one ever contacted me so I called back on March 1st and spoke to Christian he was very rude and told me that there was probably nothing that could be done since the Orlando airport rep never saw the damage when I told him that I had told her to look while I was there he said it was a little to late and that he would have someone contact me on March 2nd. I just recived a call from Liz operator number 15019 she was very rude and unfrienly and said basiclly this was a just a follow up call out of courtesy and that I could fill out a claim form but it would take 45 days to look at and that she thought because she didnt look at it at orlando airport there would not be anything she could do. At this time I am still waiting to recive a claim form.

On January 18 2012 I made a Reservation to travel one way to Jacksonville, Florida USA. on February 1, 2012 Confirmation #OKAKQC. Around the 25th of January I called JetBlue at 800 538 2583 to ask them if I can leave before the 1st because I had an emergency. The woman who answered told me that I could leave Standby on the fly before my fly. She said that it will be Tuesday January 31 Flight 615 departing at 1:35pm. I asked her, "Are you sure I can leave on that flight?" "Are there seats available? Do the people at JFK Airport know that? They won't give me any trouble? She answered, "if there is a seat available they will give it to you". "They will tell you the same thing I'm telling you." I called my friend Wilfredo ------- to see if he could travel with me because I needed help driving back. He answered "yes" and I told him to make the Reservation for January 31st on Flight 615 because I was flying Standby on that flight because the JetBlue agent that I spoke with over the telephone told that I wouldn't have any problems. When I arrived at JFK Airport Jet Blue Agent Alex Hidalgo who was working at the Ticket Counter told me that there were seats but I couldn't travel that day. He said "you can only travel Standby on the Flight before yours but on the same day." I explained to him what JetBlue agent had told me over the phone. He told me to go speak to his Supervisor by the name of Tammy. I spoke to Ticket Counter Supervisor Tammy and she told me that the agent that I have spoken to had given me the wrong information. I called JetBlue in her presence and the female agent who answered told me and Supervisor Tammy that it could be done. Tammy told her that it couldn't be done and explained to her JetBlue regulations. All of a sudden the call was disconnected. Supervisor Tammy told me that she couldn't do anything because the system wouldn't allow it. The Flight was leaving at 1:35pm and it was already around 12:30pm. I couldn't let my friend travel by himself so I decided to purchase a regular ticket. Ticket Counter Agent Alex Hidalgo charged me $100. to cancel my original Reservation. He charged me $235.20 for some unknown reason and $237.80 for my new ticket with the confirmation# CEZYMU. I couldn't believe that those people working for Jet Blue at the Airport are powerless to correct their own mistakes. I want all my money refunded to me immediately. It totals $573.00. I also want an apology from JetBlue, and for them to admit that they made a mistake. I told them that I am a disabled American Veteran, that I have two total knee replacement procedures done recently, that I'm a Trueblue member, but they have no heart. They ruined my trip. I intend to do use all legal means to get my money back. I will never again fly JetBlue.

Quote below is from Victor in Baggage Claims in response to some questions that I had about my own claim. "Please call me. I cannot continue a chat session. You can either call me or call my management. In the mid time I will be in charge of your claim and the decision on it too. Thanks." That's the straw that broke the camels back. I felt like he was attempting to intimidate me and keep me from contacting his manager. Who does that? R.

You are all so stupid. I imagine that if you were in charge everything would be perfect all the time. You have no idea what you're talking about. Most of the things you are complaining about are invalid and you are simply wrong. I love JetBlue... through delays and even through preventable mistakes. We are all humans.

JETBLUE is slowly but surely not going to be the number 1 airline in the aviation industry . Employees at the airport are very rude and unprofessional. Pay a little more with the airlines that has been around longer than they have you wont regret it.

I will "never" fly with jet blue again! I booked an "insured" flight for my daughter a month ago, and booked her as an "unaccompanied minor" on the jet blue sight, paid and got a "confirmation" number for her flight from New York to Orlando. Today i get an email stating that i owe an "extra" 200.00 because she is a unaccompanied minor, and supposedly I missed something on the web sight stating that i would have to call and give her information for her drop off, and pay the additional fees. I called and talked to two customer representatives, and a supervisor, and nobody was willing to work anything out to where i was satisfied. These people were like trained robots telling me that i wasn't the first person who had had this problem, but refused to waive the fee or give me a full refund for the insured flight i had booked. What i would like to know is why would i get a confirmation number for a ticket that wasn't fully paid for??? And why if i didn't pay for it...why i couldn't get the full refund back?? This is very upsetting to me so close to the holidays that i will never fly with them again, and will make sure i tell everyone i know not to fly jet blue, and how rude the customer service was to me. I can't believe this! I feel like your airline stole from me! This is completely unexceptionable! I would like someone from corporate to contact me in this matter at michaelanderson76@gmail.com and take care of this very unsatisfied customer if they ever want my business again.

I have traveled on JetBlue many trips but my last was the most horrible experience endured when traveling in my 55 years. Being on full disability with back, neck and knee issues, I was stressed emotionally, physically and financially due to a late flight and having to move to four different gates prior to departing. It was bad enough that I was coming home for a funeral of an immediate family member but I had to endure not making it in on time and lost my money which was secured for my rental car, a few cents short of $40.00(needed to travel three and a half hours away that day to make it to the funeral the next morning) but was forced to purchase a $75.00 Greyhound bus ticket (that was a disaster in itself), had to pay for a cab (another $37.00 to get across town), paid an individual another $10.00 for carrying my luggage a block down the road to the bus station from a mall so I could eat a meal and not have to sit at the bus station for over 5 hours. On top of all of this, I was in severe pain from having to move up and down so much, something I am limited in doing on a daily basis. Greyhound did not arrive until very early the next morning which put a family member out of sleep, time and gas to pick me up (traveling 38 miles each way) and Greyhound lost my luggage so we had to make another trip prior to the funeral after they located it on another bus. All of this cost me "MORE" than the flight itself, not to mention the stress and extra money that it cost me. I also had to give an additional $20.00 for gas money since it cost my family member two different trips to pick me and my luggage up. Being on full disability, my income is under $900.00 per month and this put me under more stress than they will ever understand since I was already under financial limitations. I am still in shock that Jetblue would value me so little as a customer by sending me a $25.00 coupon for a future flight! I am still waiting for them to make things right and until then, I will never fly with Jetblue or share anything positive about them until they have shown me that I am appreciated and valued and properly compensated.

On my trip from Burbank (CA) to Las Vegas (NV) JetBlue damaged the zip and broke the lock of my fairly new TUMI bag. Upon arrival in Las Vegas (after retrieving my damaged bag) I went to the ticket counter to report the damage. Unfortunately the counter was deserted. On my return to Burbank, I approached the ticket counter again and I was met by two (2) ultra "heavy" and sloppily dressed agents. When I reported my experience upon landing in Las Vegas, this is the reply I received,:" We are not responsible for damage to your bag nor even if we shred it (sic)! I sent a letter to the "Costumer Service"...and after one month I received a letter generated by a computer extolling the high quality service offered by JetBlue. Nothing was said about my bag. I repaired the bag and send the receipt with 3 weeks deadline and a warning I would file my claim in Small Claim Court. Within 10 days I received the check and an apology. JetBlue is at the Nadir of all Airlines. I do understand they are offer cheap (?) seats, but the appearance and the service should not be compromised. They should realized that travelers (people) are human being and have the rights to be tread courteously and professionally. There should not be any questions about that!

For an airline that strives to please, you only get it half right. It baffles me that in addition to the difference between the price you pay for a flight and the price of the flight you want to change too, you also require a 100 dollar fee. Now, that would make some sense to me if I was moving my flight back, because you would have had an empty unsold seat. But if I am trying to get home earlier for a family emergency, taking a standby seat, willing to pay the 100 dollar fee, and you still want the price difference, that is plain dumb, unfair and uncalled for. I takenthenseat the day of the flight from no one and you can actually sell the seat I had. Now you make more money. DELTA has a 50 dollar change fee ONLY within 3 hours of any flight with no other fees. I always fly Delta when I can. I will no longer fly you if I can avoid you. Your stock price is under 4 dollars cause you've let your success get in the way of rational business practice.

On my flight No 766 Aguadilla to Orlando on October 16th I encounter the worst flight ever. I was sat next to a woman who weighted approximately 600 pounds, half of her body was on my right leg, I could not move, was unable to use headphones, had to get up several times for her to go the rest room and was close to been asfixtiated by this woman. When I complained to the flight attendants, and explained how other airlines ask these passenger to buy two seats, I was told that Jet Blue does not do that, because they cannot discriminate against overweight people. YET, THEY HAD NO PROBLEM DISCRIMINATING AGAINST ME. JET BLUE CARES ABOUT HOW MUCH THE LUGGAGE WEIGHS, IN ORDER TO CHARGE MORE TO THEIR CUSTOMERS, BUT HAVE NO PROBLEM CARRYING PEOPLE SO OVERWEIGHT AND MAKING THE OTHER PASSENGERS UNCOMFORTABLE AND IN PERIL. ADDING INSULT TO INJURY, WHEN I EMAILED CUSTOMER SERVICE, THEY HAD THE GALL TO SEND ME $25.00 CREDIT. PLEASE READ THE SOCIAL MEDIA, I AM RECOMMENDING THIS AIRLINE!

My sister booked a flight for my nieces and daughter for Puerto Rico enroute to a cruise. Shortly after booking the flight she was diagnosed with Cancer. I called Delta and Carnival Cruises and was able to get a full refund of the purchase price. However, Jet Blue, who does not have a medical waiver,told me they would not refund any money. They refered me to the travel agency to handle any refunds or credits. I called the travel ageny and sent the required medical documentation. It took more than 6 months for them to reply with a refusal. I called them again to inquire about my plan and was told the only suggestion they had was for me to "sell the ticket". During a conversation with a supervisor named Stacey, I was told to stop calling and hung up on. T hey are the scum of the earth. I hope they go out of business. They are the absolute worst. I will fly Delta or American. I know they are more expensive, but I'd rather do that then to pay for shitty service.

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