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I have been applying since 2010 and still havent gotten a interview and i am more then qualified. I have 13 years of ramp experience and warehouse.


Had to attend wake and funeral in Florida for family member so booked a flight for Jan 18th but missed flight due to black ice conditions on highway. Rebooked on the 19th and contacted customer service after my return. Told too much time had passed to receive any credit. Such cold blooded individuals.

why not eye in sky

Why doesn't Jet Blue put zoom camera lense in the belly of their aircraft????? On a clear day , the camera view could be stream lined to the tv sets inside the plane. With added software, passengers could learn about places of interest as they fly overhead.

Incompetent staff

I was traveling to Jamaica to celebrate my birthday in July and lost my luggage with my birthday articles and being a loyalist I took them again in September for a funeral and my luggage end up in Aruba. My God it was a disaster and I will never fly jet blue again.


My father came to visit me this summer by jetBlue. They lost his luggage in New York. When we contacted them to find the luggage or refund us. After period of time, they said "we will not refund you until you BRING RECEIPTS for EVERY single ITEM". Who is keeping receipts these days?! What a company is this?! My father is disappointing for that. He brought a graduation gift for me and it was very very expensive.

Bad Bad BAD

My family saved up for a trip from LA to NY. My daughter was playing ball in Centeral Park. We checked in her softballl bag but the bat was sticking out from the holder. The LAX agent said it would be fine to "please just tape the bat to the bag" and when we arrived in NY there were no issues. The agent at JFK said the samething but when we went down to get our bags the $350.00 composite bat was broken at the handle. Jet Blue tried to duct tape the handle back on like we wouldnt notice it. Wouldnt you know, their so called customer service said this was not their responsibility and i cant even check in on my claim as the so called supervisor doesnt return calls. This is one of the worst airlines ever and will never fly with them again. So the thousands and thousands of miles i fly per year for business just went to their competitor. All for a $350.00 softball bat....


People who prize JetBlue for customer service never flew with European Airways (e.g. members of Star Aliance). JetBlue standards are far more below any european, non-chip flights.


Jetblue staff stole a $3000 laptop from a seat magazine holder and even though I complained 5 minutes after I realized I departed the plane without the laptop, Jetblue did NOTHING to follow up and blamed it on airport staff.


July 16 2014, Jet Blue don't showing respect in Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo. I saw three fly with delay,all three sitting in the airport waiting to fly to New York City, My fly to Fort Lauderdale got delay too, hours waiting in Santo Domingo without any cash. I know they care less, this is the first time and the last one, they never offer a free dinner, drink, no way. They only offer you a very nasty customer service, rude and unprofessional. I paid one way from Santo Domingo $689.00 US dollars. I feel sorry for you Jet Blue I read all the comments and they NO GOOD, I saw the news today one pilot been using heroine . WOW

Jet blue

My mom and my sister and me we went to Orlando and on our way back our airplane got delay twice.We were sat at the airport for 12 hours. Why did do that ? I'm disappointed in jet blue and crushing people flights to.how could you do that to people . You are bad airline you are the wort airline in whole wide world that I ever met . So think what I said to you in this revive and make better next time or talk this over

Really Bad Servicde

I will never fly JetBlue again. They have terrible customer service and leave you stranded to find your own way home. Never again! JetBlue has gotten too big to care about their paying customers.

Look Elsewhere

Jet Blue has gotten a bit too big for their bridges. They started out as a great airline with great pricing. Now, their prices and customer service is horrendous...They don't want to take responsibility for anything as you can see from previous posts. Do yourself a favor.... The TV's don't mean that much. Book another airline.

Totally disappointed I have a faithful customer and when I missed a flight and called I was informed that I did not call on time not true and to get a flight will cost an extra $150 for my child and me without refund how disappointing . I will consider other airways.

Did not print entire name on boarding pass

Did everything online. Entered all the information properly. The printed boarding pass only reflected the first three letters of the first name. Almost didn't get on the plane because the boarding pass did not match my drivers license.

Not what was expected

January 21, 2014 flight Tampa-San Juan- Punta Cana. They brought us to to San Juan, but cancelled flight to Punta Cana. What bothers me is that that they lied straight faced about cancellation reason-bad weather. The weather could not have been better-clear sky and sunny. The flight was under booked, so they cancelled it.

Very Dissapointed

Jet Blue has always been a top flight company but this past week of January 5-7 is unacceptable. No communication with Jet Blue on the phone or on line is atrocious. Flight cancelled on Tues Jan 7 and not able to fly until Sat Jan 11. Jet Blue must compensate us. Dont they realize the planning and sacrifice that is involved. Waiting to hear from them. Until then I will keep my rating average

This company is a disgrace. Who leaves thousands of people stranded? Lets all take off since we are cold and tired. Can you imagine if you called 911 and all doctors and EMS people are off because they are tired. That's what Jet Blue did to my children. They were left for 2 days in an Airport over 6 states away. They stopped all flights because they were cold and tired. This makes me sick. I will never fly with them again!


I just wanted to let you know how exemplary the crew were on the 25th of Dec. flight 1165 and Dec. 30th flight 966 they are sterling assets of JetBlue. The flights could not have been better. thank you again for having such wonderful flight attendants and pilots/co-pilots flying for JetBlue Paula


JetBlue has continued to be the #1 airline in costumer satisfaction for a long time according to JDPowers. Don't let one bad experience tarnish your thoughts about this amazing company. JetBlue is, like ALL businesses, prone to err at times, but never should one person blame a whole company of over 15,000 people with lives of their own, for a simple mistake. Im so sorry your experience wasn't first class. Iv'e only been treated with kindness, and if you treat people with kindness, thats what you will get in return.

Insulting Really

Well I wrote a letter to JetBlue Airways telling them how we missed our flight because they told us the wrong boarding time and never paged us. This is all they offered us in return for our loss. "After careful review of your email and the airport's documentation, our management has decided to offer you and your husband a $100 per person vouchers as a gesture of goodwill. This credit will be good for 1 calendar year from the date of issuance" What makes them think I can afford to make up the difference for a plane ticket somewhere within the next year? These are useless to me. Very disappointing.

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