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Hi shopping at jc penny id ok but when i enter the store i feel overwhemed like the products are demanding my attention you had me at jcpenny, get rid of the clutter.and also relocate get out of the malls people don't shop like they used to seperate yourselves kind of like a higher end affordable walmart without the food and diversity is important every culture wares cloths and you get them anywhere every culture lives in the united states diversify and everyone will come

Johnson's changes brought me back

In college, I was a summer employee of Penney's. fashion, quality, and price made the store a good place to shop. When you revamped your stores I stopped in out of curiosity and I purchased stylish women's clothing by Gloria Vanderbilt that I love and are very affordable. You also have 9West and other designs that are appealing. You carry clothing for all ages. I value classic good looks that are office appropriate. Other stores like Kohl's seem to be aimed at teens through post college age with fun things for after work but very little that fits professional needs. Target is missing things aimed at professionals. I don't buy clothing at either place. Under Johnson's leadership you have brought an updated mix of brands and merchandise. Stay the course Johnson has set. Please don't go back to the stodgy my grandmother's style of merchandise and store layout that has prevailed for years.. Your new Constant Friendship store in Harford County, MD, is a prime example of great design, merchandise, and market strategy. Give that new shopping area time to be completed and your sales there will shoot up because that store is done right.


I am 75 and have shopped at J.C. Penney for 56 years . It isn't the fact that there are no sales . It is the quality of your merchandise . I have purchased Royal Velvet bath mats and towels plus all curtains drapes , sheets plus clothing . I only wish there was some store that sells that quality so I could go there . Just having sales isn't the answer . QUALITY IS !!!!!! Bring that back and I will return to your stores.


JCP used to carry a large selection of women's Tall sized clothes in their stores. I bought my clothes almost exclusively there, as they were reasonably priced. Over the years, it has continually diminished to virtually none - only available online. Why would you want to alienate a large and continually growing segment of your customer base? There are more women now who are 5'10" and taller than ever! You cater to Petites and Large women with entire departments devoted to those segments - how about bringing back the Talls section to your stores now that you are "customizing" your sections. Just as a reference, I am 5'10" and a size 10 - one of your associates suggested I go to Lane Bryant....really!!

Thank God!

Just learned that Ron Johnson is out. Thank you! Maybe I'll once again be a frequent shopper at JC Penney. It was my favorite store until Johnson ruined it.

Thank you for recognizing we would lose our Penney's if you kept the Apple CEO. With the economy people want value and friendly service; real women do not shop at boutiques! They want to go in, be comfortable, look and touch the clothes, and they don't want to have to impress, just to be their best selves and be accepted. And to find a size 12, not just a 2 or 4!

Love everyday pricing!

I must convey my disappointment in JC Penney’s recent rejection of his marketing concept for reasonable pricing every day, the chain has actually GAINED me as a customer since implementing the change. I rarely frequented JC Penney before the change, for the same reasons I rarely frequent most of its competitors who run “super sales”. As a working professional, I do not have the time, nor do I want to expend the effort, to await special sales dates and coupons to make a purchase for a reasonable price. I want a fair price when I need the item and when I have time to shop for it, which is rarely during those great sales. Perhaps some of the American public is narrow-minded enough to believe that 50% off of $100 during a “super sale” is a better deal than $45 without a sale, but many of us are smarter than that! In addition, I must commend how clean and organized the local JC Penney stores have become over the past year. They are nicely arranged, prices are clearly marked, and the cleanliness surpasses that of competitors. I believe JC Penney has made an error in rejecting this refreshing way of thinking and marketing! Should things return to the “old” way of overpricing and running sales with coupons (like so many of its competitors), I will discontinue my patronage.

new credit card

opened up new credit line went out of town for three weeks bill came two weeks later on new account paid in full when I got home but two days late charged $25.00 late fee on brand new account closed account and lost my business for good.

Stupid Marketing Decision

For the last 5 years, I purchased shorts from JCPenny. Some buyer decided that those shorts were not worth keeping. I was told you all did away with Towncraft....now I have lost a line I liked. I suspect I will still be buying shorts long after JCPenny closes...I saw how empty your store looked today....pathetic


I use to purchase the Cabin Creek pull on legging jeans because they were decently priced, plus size and petite lengths. Then you stopped carrying them! Why? Your customers loved them and now we all shop elsewhere!!!

Just keep making BIG mistakes

I knew when Penneys got the idea to have everyday value in lieu of sales, it was going to be a bad decision. I was right. Now, each time I go to the store it is under construction and is getting a whole different layout. Another big mistake. Do you ever think of asking customers what THEY want? I used to be a regular shopper (Ventura, CA) No more. And last time I went I walked out immediately an did the unthinkable--went to Sears. Take a cue from Kohls for a layout that is easy to navigate, and easy to find what you are looking for.

JC Penny Lost my business

I have shopped at JC Penny for over 35 years but will no longer be a customer. What happened JC penny? Every change you made has been one to poor quality, crazy fad styles, confusing store setup and discontinuing of my favorite items as Lee side elastic jeans for women. Fire the people who destroyed JC Penny.


why should i pay higher prices at pennys and stores like pennys when i buy the same chinese crap at cut rate stores pennys has lost its edge because it betrayed the american workers if i cant buy good quality american made things from pennys and sears and high end stores im not going to shop there god damm levi for selling us out why should we buy from them or you thankyou


I'm sorry, but I don't shop JCP anymore...ever since the fun was removed from shopping there. All shoppers know about the inflacted prices reduced to a reasonable price, and fortunately most businesses still offer the "sale" prices. I would rather go to Sears and pay more for something than to stop at JCP and pay a comparable price because it's fun. Somewhere in the reoganization your corp lost sight of what is really important to shoppers like me...make us feel like we are getting a bargain. It's a shame to see such a wonderful company loose valuable customers (around 60-years for me) and losing ground with each circular in the papers.


I am happy to hear that Mr. Johnson's pay was scaled back considerably. There needs to be more. Mr. Johnson, and other employees who commute by corporate jet; should have to fly commercial and pay for it themselves. Or they should have to move to the corporate area. Using the corporate jet like that in this economy is arrogant. That money could be used to pay for more employees which your stores really need. You need to focus on coupons AND customer service. WE are your bread and butter.

I really like all the new styles and clothes they have. However the stores always seem understaffed and it's difficult to find an employee when you need help. The prices seem more reasonable too.

Bring back the classic items

It is sad that I can no longer find the classic reliable items I have always purchased a penny's. You know, the timeless items that never go out of style. Classic dress pumps, black slacks, plain white blouses with out any frill. It seems like all that is available now is the trendy items that will be out of fashion next week.

I am happy to hear that Mr. Johnson's pay was scaled back considerably. There should be more done though. In this economy him using company aircraft to commute instead of paying 23 more workers is arrogant. Mr. Johnson, and any other employee who commutes by plane; should have to fly commercial and pay for it out of their own pocket. Or force them to move to the corporate area. Shame on them. I still think he is overpaid.


I am deeply disappointed in JCPenney's today. The majority of workers are friendly and I liked to go to the salon at the Coral Springs, FL location. However, the new salon manager is terrible. Not only is he NASTY and RUDE but he can't do hair and knows nothing about the hair products. How can you be a salon manager and not know about what you are selling? These are the reasons that JCP is going down the tubes. Hopefully, they can do better otherwise they will be closing their doors and laying off.

Impossible to contact headquarters to give an opinion but apparently, with the threat of closure, someone will listen, even if it is too late! Sad not to depend on an "old friend" to continue to provide excellent service, merchandise and a not confusing store set up. The proof that jcPenney was a great store is in so many clients feel betrayed by them.

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