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Not real happy about my 2013ford edge the front and back bumper are two different colors ,my car is white the bumpers are beige ,my car dealer said that is the way they are suppose to be ,still like the car but the different colors make me wonder. Hartsville ,south carolina

pretty bad when you cant even get a simple question answerd,

Just wanted to write that we have had our truck since 2001, is a F-150, 4x4, Sport with the small V-8. This has been a very good running vehicle and still is with over 306,000 miles on the original engine. Could never afford another in this economy so we've been blessed to say the least. Although I realize people have different reasons for purchasing trucks of other makes and models, just want to say thanks. John D. and Melinda B. Young Dandridge, TN 37725


bought 2006 Nissan Frontier. The owner Steve Pleau owns two dealerships side by side in Roseville, Ca. I was sold this truck with a warranty on the window. When I signed the contract they said I had no warranty. I told thim to look on the window. But they had taken the truck to be washed. I found the warranty wadded up in my glove box a few weeks later. Tried to work it out in person but the owner did not care. Tried to work it out with the BBB and the company refused to do anything. Taking them to court for FRAUD.

Bought a gorgeous Lincoln LS sport in 03 after two decades of having no say or authority secondary to my ex who bought all the cars and they HAD to be in his name. So I was very excited when I was able to purchase this car on my own with help from no one. That quickly turned to anguish as anything that could Tear up did on this car. Engine fails Multiple times, and a leak that has gone undiscovered as to it's origin - no its not the windshield - that continued to get worse. Now to the point it has destroyed my navigation and entertainment system so I ride in silence with no radio no CD player and my cars steering column is rusted and the carpet is ruined . Smells and looks like a car that has just been pulled out of a pond with mildew and the condensation inside is so bad at night and day I have to keep a towel with me just to see how to drive . I owe at least 3 more years on this lemon and no one will help me. I'm wondering if the people that produced this year of car has a care or a clue as to what is going on and what kind of shoddy product and dangerous one they have put out to the American people that trusted them. I am not the only one who has had these identical problems . So i am driving a ticking time bomb bc I've spent all I can fixing boots and replacing this and that and now it's not changing gears without jumping. It rolls down windows and the moonroof without anyone being in the car! Reported to NC state but even they can't help me. So just a warning to everyone since I guess soon I will be walking bc I cannot continue to sink money into it and make car payments and car insurance payments. So so so wrong !!!!

My son bought a 2012 Ford Focus. He started hearing a noise took it in to the dealership because it was under warranty. The said the transmission needed work. They kept the car for over a month and a half. He gets the car back and it still makes the same noise. He takes it back again. They tell him it is normal to hear that. HE takes it to another dealership and they look at it and they tell him it is the transmission. Well Ford will not let them fix it and pay for it because the other dealership told Ford it was normal to hear that noise. This was my son's first time buying a new car and the service he has recieved from Ford has been horrible. WE will never buy another Ford again. This is not the end of it either. Looks like we are contacting a lawyer to get his car fixed which is still under warranty.

my windstar 2002 millage 126000 was very good but in tulsa transmission went out of work @ there is terrible condition for repair please increase the customer services with regular costs thank you

I would just like to let you know when it comes to customer service Ford and or Ford dealerships are horrible. I have a new 2012 F-250 and have had more problems than with it than I ever had before with any other truck. Really that isn't what I am complaing about what really ticks me off is the fact that when you do have an issue or warranty work you can just drop it off and they look at it and fix it. my truck is currently over heating due to coolant leaking, but every dealership I take tried to take it to says it would be 3-5 days before they can even look at it. Sounds to me like they must get paid by the hour and not by the job. Does ford just assume that when you have problems with your truck you can just leave it for weeks at a time?? If that was the case I would have not bought one. I just think that the service that Ford dealers are providing is well below par! After they sell you a truck you can never get them to get in any hurry to help you again. Ford the Company needs to get with these dealerships to figure a way to speed up service repairs and warranty issues.

Hello please help me, I Bought my first ford and I will tell you never again !!!! I have a 2010 ford fusion se with flex fuel. I have had 12 plus lug and studs break off in a year. Ford safety bord did nothing but offer the x Plan. I'm so scared to drive this car, all 2009 and 2010 that were assembled in Mexico have had ongoing problems with the wheels. Am I just going to be another statistic ? Contact me danamckinney@ymail.com

I recently bought a 2012 F-150 for $55,000. I have paint peeling in multiple locations on the truck. I have had the roof repaired three times and now the caulk lines are tacky and a different color. Anything that has fallen on those caulk lines is now stuck and won't come out. I have bare metal on two of my doors also. I can't get no dealer support of support from Ford either. I guess this is a sign of the times of whats to come. My truck is only 5 months old. My salesman, T.J. Orlicz, where I bought it from told me to drop a match in the gas tank and all my problems would be solved. WTF? Is this what spending $55,000 gets you? Wonder what it is going to look like when it is a year old? If you have a 2010 to 2012 F-150, you better check your paint in all door seams, the tailgate and bed, under the hood, and on top of the roof! I know this is a common problem and that is probably why I can't get no help. MAKES YOU WANT TO DRIVE ONE!

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Nice job. Extort the Americans who support you. Item 1995 Ford Explorer dimmer switch. The wheel type. No aftermarket part. Only available through Ford for over $200.00. Faulty unit that causes tail lights to fail also. Engineering report will soon arrive as well as attorneys letter to you. You use your poorly made part tpo extort money from people. Shame on Ford again. The only other Ford I bought was the bump and burn Pinto. You guys suck.........I pray China takes all your business away as they are the world leader in all areas. Education, manufacturing, money, low debt, bigger army. You name it America is no longer the big boys on the block. Ford is an example why.

I bought a '09 car from Grand Praire Ford that need a battery that I paid $107 out of my pocket before I even made my first payment, had two back bad tires which I took photos of if you need prove, and the battery bracket was missing. Is that good service or what? When I called the sale person said " I don't have time for this and cut me off. Thank You, Ford Motor Co. God Bless You. Mr. Ben Ortiz Sr.

I just finish talking to a ford representive regarding my 2010 fusion they cant help. So i have a new model car sunroof wont open, a/c fan making a clickin sound, and my steering acts funny whenever i pass my car goes to the side by itself. Biggest mistake is a buying a ford.

Oh, am I ever dismayed at Ford. I have been a Ford owner since the mid 1950s when I first married. I guess I have been very remiss in keeping abreast of the business dealings of Ford, basically because I trusted Ford's American made products and I trusted it to be a loyal American comapny. Now I read in the day's paper that it is opening its FOURTH site in CHINA. That when we in America are trying to create more jobs for our own citizens. If I can ever find an auto company that manufactures its cars in America, then that is the car I wil buy. I love my Ford Fusion Sport but I will gladly give it up to support my country and my president's initiatives. Dismayed, Disappointed and Disillusioned

I have a 2007 ford sport trac 4x4,its a nice looking truck,but it also the sorry'est drive train,transmission and mechanical parts i've ever owned.I had one of ever type out there and ford is my pick for being the worst.By the way its in the shop now and has been for six weeks,they dont have no one that can fix what evers wrong.When I get it back,its going to the TOYOTA DEALER screw ford.

Bought a used vehicle from bankston ford in burleson and once they make a a sale that is it.

hello my name is Jennifer Bill, me and my parents came in and bought a 2012 ford focus in December2011. Buren and Betty Bill are their names. I have been experiencing a hesitation with the transmission and went to your shop to get advice about what may be causing it. To my disappointment this is what I was told by not one but two of your employees on Thursday 23rd of August 2012. That this new car I bought has a weak transmission and that I paid for an exspensive GO CART. I was shocked that after spending 22,000 thousand dollars on a brand new car that the same company I bought it from would talk so poorly of their product. It is a shame that this has happened and it makes me question my decision about buying from your company. I also think that if the transmission is as bad as they say it is why didn't a sales person inform me of maybe up grading to a nicer car with a better transmission. After spending 22 thousand what would be the harm of suggesting a simple upgrade? Please get back to me for I am upset, thank you. jennifer 530-693-4585.

I have always been a Ford person, but not anymore. I bought a 2008 Ford Edge in Nov. 2011. I took it back to them 2 weeks later telling them my brakes weren't right. They took it and checked it out and told me they didn't find anything wrong. I drove it off thinking why didn't they find something? My brakes did seem ok for a while but sure enough they began acting up again. I've had this car less than 6mos. I took it today to Ford again about my brakes.They now say that it needs a new brake booster and master cylinder and it's gonna costs 915.00 !!! I am sick! They knew this when I took it back to them after only having the car two weeks;but they won't pay! I am angry and will NEVER EVER BUY ANOTHER FORD!!! I had bought two fords before this one, but after this ordeal never will I give Ford my hard earned money because they are crooks and their cars are crap! I actually had a 2007 Chevrolet Impala that I regret trading in on this crap of a car. My Impala was a great car never gave me one ounce of trouble. I could kick my own butt for trading that Impala for a crappy Ford. I am going to see an attorney to see what my options are. Hopefully I will be able to sue Ford.Please Do not buy a car from Union City Ford in Union City,GA. they are crooks!! Ford is losing many a good customer because of their underhanded dirty ways and by not treating customers right. They should make the necessary repairs when a car that was purchased from them has problems such as the ones I am having ,they should stand behind their product and do the right thing. I will report them to the BBB and anyone else I can find out to report them too. But no, they'd rather scam the customer out of more money!

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