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I have had an issue with Ford Motor Credit Company for over a year. I bought my Ford Fusion in 2006 while stationed in North Carolina. I have moved from North Carolina to Missouri and got Missouri license plates, and since May of 2009 I have been tring to get Ford Motor Credit Company to send the title to Jefferson City the Capital of Missouri so I could renew my plates in a year when they expire, my license plates have now expired. I can not leagally drive my car that I am paying for due to incompetent workers not sending my title. It was first requested by myself through the mail, then requested two times by Jefferson city, at this point I assumed my title had been sent but I was mistaken in thinking that the people of Ford Motor Credit Company would actually do their jobs. I went to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in the begining of May to find out that my title was never sent. We contacted Ford Motor Credit by phone and they said that the title is being sent to Jefferson City. A week later we recieved a photo copy of the title; I took that to the DMV and they said that they could do nothing with that and they need the actual title to be sent to Jefferson City. They called Jefferson City to check if the original was sent when they sent us a copy but Jefferson City didn't recieve it. I called Ford Motor Company and they said they have no record of any requests and I said I know that my State Capital has record of them requesting it twice. The lady on the phone then said "Sir we can not dwell on the past we need to look at the future." I gave her the address to Jefferson City and she said "Well I can't use it unless it is in writting, and that I need to write it a peice of paper and fax it to them." So now I have a car I can not drive and I will have to pay late fees on my registration because Ford Motor Credit Company is to incompetent to do their jobs that they are being paid to do. Thomas St. Louis Missouri

I bought my Sport Trac in 2005 new. There is a bad problem with tire wear. I have done everything . There is not a person that i have talked to that can figure out why there is a front end problem?? I have read many many reveiws and it seems that everyone has the same problem with your product. I will not purchase Fords anymore. You guys should look into this problem its not fair to us your customers. How about a recall Karen Baker Bowling Green Ky 42104

I am so frustrated with Ford. I bought my first Ford in Octpber of last year. The first weekend I had it it shut off 3 times! Once while I was on the express way. Because the vehicle shut off, I was not able to merge on the shoulder. I was going 70 mph on I94. I could have easily been hit from behind. Only by the grace of God, my children and I came upon an exit and safely got off of the express way.(The throttle went bad) 3 weeks or so later something was grinding on my passenger tire and it was steering weird. When I brought it in on that Monday, because this occured over the weekend, apparently a part of the steering fell off and was completely missing by the time a tech got to it. Now my sync is intermittently inop. It sometimes will not respond when I push the button. I'm also irritated that I did not know that I had to have the upgraded Sync (navigation) for my music to be saved in my vehicle. I found out the hard way, after i bought it. Your customer service was awesome in fixing all of these issues(My vehicle is in the shop now getting the Sync repaired) My salesman and everyone in this process has been amazing. If your product could be as amazing as your customer service you would have a lot more happy customers.

I am certain I am not at the right site but hopefully you will get this letter to the right people for me. My husband and I are big Ford truck fans and we intend to stay as such. We have owned several Ford trucks over the last thirty years. So this correspondence is not about your company or the vehicles you make. It is about the appearance of Lady GaGa (sp?) on the Ford sponspored show American Idol. American Idol is a family show and her costume on last night's program (5/5/10) would have been considered trashy in a strip joint. Please take a moment to review the program and if you feel that her appearance was out of place on a family program please advise the directors of that show that you expect more in the way of good clean family entertainment from them. Judith Ann Schaaf, 1220 H Lane, Delta, Colorado 81416 judyschaaf@qwestoffice.net

THIS IS A COMPLAINT LETTER!!!! For the past few weeks I've been trying to get a release of lien from Ford Motor Credit for the titles on our 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis and 2004 Ford F-150. There are no liens on either vehicle, but the computer shows each has a lien. My husband, Stanley B. Green, recently passed away and I'm in the process of probating the Will which shows I am the heir of these vehicles. The problem is I've lost both titles. Texas Motor Vehicle Department will work with me to replace the titles if I can get Ford Credit to release these liens. I've contact them by phone almost daily. They requested I FAX a copy of the Will, Death Certificate and Hiership letter which my attorney, William Sansing, has done. In fact he has done this three different times!!! When I call to check the status of the release, I'm told the papers have not been received and I'm asked to FAX the documents again. So my attorney FAXs them again and again. He is getting very irritated and so am I. When I ask to be transferred to the department where the FAX is located to see if the papers have been received, I am told "they have no phone; they are in another building." So there is no way to talk with them. When I asked to speak with a manager, the response was, "Why do you want to talk with a manager?" and would not allow me to do so. This morning I received an e-mail from Ford Credit stating the fee of $17 I paid for the release letter was being refunded to me. I immediately called 1-800-727-7000, which is the number I have been using and was told they never received the paperwork. She again began to tell me the very same thing I've been told before that I should FAX the papers I've just mentioned. I've done this three times already! My attorney, Mr. Sansing, has FAXed this paperwork three different times and each time on the very day I talk with your representative. I do not understand why it is so hard to send a release of lein on these vehicles. How many times do I have to send this paperwork? I am a very dissatisfied customer. Is there anything you can do to help me? My attorney and I do not think the solution is to continue to FAX these documents to Ford Credit as they continue to request that I do each time I call them. There has got to be a better solution. I thought Ford was a first class company; now I'm beginning to wonder. Mrs. Stanley B. Green (Tevis T. Green) 718 Suncrest Dr. Kemp, TX 75143 903-432-2492 Ford Credit Account Number: 344 46165 - Stanley B. Green E-mail address: tevistg@gmail.com

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