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i selling my ford care and truck the for comp. where i live will service my 2011 ford car

Bad service

I bought a mustang 2013 3 months ago after I saved hard work money for it was my dream car but after 6K miles I hear a click sound at the rear axel when shifting gear R to D or stopping and restart again this click keep nocking on my head and when accelerating I smell engine smoke inside even when the AC is on recirculation. when I bought the car the dealer promised of maintenance service and warranty which happened to be questionable and doubtful !!!! as when I asked Ford dealer at Victorville CA, to solve my problem he told me he can do nothing to it I have to accept it and live with it.and my car has 6000 miles and I can't consider it as a new car..!!!. Its like nightmare.. I really regret the unprofessional performance of FORD dealership service.

buying a F150

why is it so hard to buy a new ford truck these days? I've been trying for three months. I've owned Fords since i was eleven. I asked my dad when i was young,Why he raced Fords? answer: "anyone can make a chevy run. I've been looking for an F150XLT with a eight foot bed. there's a lot more to it than that. my wife is five foot two, i have a 2010, she likes. she drives mine instead of her Sport trac. I think Mullinx apopka may have found one. don reid Ford as well as Gary Yeomans datona iks also looking. Yeomans also has a lead on one mull trac.

Scammed by Ford

We put money down on a suv in omaha, and asked detailed questions as far as our loan was concerned, and ultimately were told that everything went through and we could drive away. Now when we go to get the license plates after 30 days, the dmv doesnt have a clue about our truck. We called the ford dealer, and suddenly we were to return the truck and trade it in for a new one. They claim the loan was denied, but couldn't they have told us that moment, instead of threatening us? We asked for our money back and explained to them that that was their fault, but I was chewed out by the store manager! And we've been ford customers since 1989...no more...

2006 f150

I bought a 2006 f150 new I took in in 2 weeks ago because it was stalling at low idle Ford service told me I was a oil pump tensioner pulley they put a new one in picked it up drove it home and it did it again took it back to ford they told me they have no idea whats wrong with my truck.im a owner 0f 5 ford trucks and a suv

2010 Ford Escape

Very unhappy. Bought Escape used last year, haven't had it a year yet and now the AC unit melted down from the inside. Ford won't help with the $3500 repair ( which has happened on many of these vehicles.) This is a major defect in the system. Although there is an extended warranty on the vehicle it was never transferred over to my name. All I have gotten from Ford is the run-around. I will most probably have to trade vehicle in and go back to KIA which has a great warranty program and customer care. Sad on Ford's part.

2005 Ford Escape

I have a 2005 Ford Escape which I love and it only has 49,000 easy miles on it I am the original owner. I had to bring to the dealership because it was hesitating, well, I was told that the computer was bad and coils needed to be replaced and the catalytic converter may have to be replaced, but that part maybe under warranty, well guess what the catalytic wasn't under warranty after all and they told me that if I want that fixed it would be an additional $4,000 bringing the total to over $7,000. They said because I bought the escape in April of 2004 that it wasn't under warranty anymore even though it is under the 50,000 miles. I am very upset. Over the last eight years I also had to replace the gas line, a bracket, struts or whatever they are called and two coils before all this. I have always been a ford person and my parents and my husband also, I can't afford a new car right now and now I have to worry about the coils that they replaced to fill up with gasoline and possibily cause a fire. I have come to the conclusion that I unfortunately bought the lemon of the ford escapes. How can so much go wrong with a vehicle that is well taken care of and have only 49,000 miles on it. Can you please respond, I am just so sick over this. I didn't know what else to do, thank god I had the $2500. and change to pay for what they did, I don't have the additional money to get the other problem fixed. Please help

navigation system

what a expensive piece of junk after several months trying to work with ford they have decided that they cant fix my navigation problem .2500.00 and it wont route coastal areas they say lol well i have news for them get a Magellan it works just fine and it is under 300.00 .sad customer service mine as well be bots just a bunch of trained genie pigs that just keep giving you the run around they havent been very reputable yet but when you sell as many cars as they do all you need to do is put on a good front

Mad as Hell

I have a 2010 Ford Fusion which I have had now for 3 years, I started having trouble with it going dead in November of 2012. I had to have it towed to the Dealership. After keeping it for 3 days they fix what they said was the accerator which was under warranty. Will 2 weeks later I had to take it back because my engine light came on. After fighting with them for over 6 months now my car is out of warranty, they wouldn't fix the problem because they say if it doesn't show up on the computer they can't fix it. I took my car to another Ford Dealership and they fix the problem by replacing the throttle body. Ford should recall this part because one day it is going to get some one killed. I myself and my family were in the car when this happened and if someone had gotten killed I would have sued you. Please fix the problem and refund me my money.

Terrible service @ Ford headquartersI have

I have a 2009 ford escape. The welding was faulty on the subframe moulding. They would not pay to have repaired because it was out of warranty. This was a defective manufacturing error that does not occur unless you have been in a collision. Service department reps are robots that read off a paper. Heaven forbid they stand behind the customer. The only wrong thing I did was buy a ford.


this is the second new ford f150 i bought. my 2011 has hard shifting issues. from 1st to 2nd. been in the shop 4 times. ford says it is shifting like it should. yea, right!! they wont do anything about it. ford knows there is a problem, its all over the internet. all they offered me was an extended warrenty. shove it!!. we have complaints with the bbb, the attorney general, the safety administration and who ever else i can think of. they need to fix the problem!! it shifts very hard. not right!!!!

Defective Throttle Body - Escape

2010 Escape - almost died several times today with family aboard due to defective throttle body that causes vehicle to loss all power and renders you defenseless in high speed traffic. Vehicle continued to stall over 25 times while trying to get home. With hundreds of similar NHTA complaints and several state investigations Ford needs to step forward and recall and replace the throttle body. The car is only 2 years old!

My son purchased a 2010 Ford Escape that has become an extremely dangerous vehicle to operate. What does it take for Ford to recall these vehcihles when they have defective and deadly problems? There have been numerous complaints of defective throttle bodies and to date the 2010's haven't been recalled.

my truck

I was a dodge m an for ten yrs. I got my frist ford truck 3weeks ago now iam a ford man I know, it's the way everyone needs to ride

Horrible service In hastings ne

I bought a ford edge from Or dealership. When I bought this I was told up and down that it was an all wheel drive when to find out its not !!!! They took my money and wouldn't do anything about it. Come to find out that they sold me chopped tires and ruined my tires by toeing them in in different directions to get it aligned right which did not work and now I have to spend 1,000 on tires for their screw up ! Ill never go back to that dealership again!! They act like I'm just a girl and have no clue what I'm talking about when infact I do !

TSB 13-1-2

I purchased a 2013 Ford Escape on March 28, 2013 and had to put my truck in the shop due to the brakes squeaking. I was told by Ron Bortnick Ford located in Upper Marlboro, Maryland that both caliper anchor plates had to be replaced due the TSB dated January 2, 2013. I am very disappointed at this time because I feel this is something that should have been displayed to me at the time of the purchase. I hope this problem will not arise again with this truck in the future. A very concerned New owner of a 2013 Ford Escape Truck.

O.C Ford not Reputable dealership

had a high pressure oil pump and icp and ipr valve changed at Hardeesville O.C. Ford they overcharged me on the labor and parts, $3,500, as I was from out of state, 4 days latter the repaircame apart they did not warrenty the job, had to pay to get it fixed again.

Ford F150 stalling when running

My 2012 F-150 Ecoboost stalls when its running. I have taken it to Ford three times, twice for the stalling issue, and what does Ford do about, take my name and number and give me a pep talk.

Awful service department

Jersey city ford have awful service in their parts department. They charged me for a part when they weren't supposed to and took my credit cars information over the phone when they weren't allowed to. Then when I picked up the part no one would help me put the emblem back on my car North Brunswick ford does not honor their appointments. I made an appointment to take my car to get services today at 8 am and I called at 10:30 to check up on it and they hasn't even looked at it! I'm totally dissatisfied and will no long be buying fords'


myself and my husband was really excited about finally being able to buy a ford ecsape, limited eco boost, until going to dealers locally and trying to buy a car for 36,000 cash. they refuse because they loose 1000.00 or so..... wow the things ford will go through to assist or help their customers.... ford i am extremely dissapointed in you and will not recomend you to anyone i know...... thanks for the help!!!

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