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Hall Ford Elizabeth City, NC

I applied for credit approval online, they asked the following on the application- what model, what payment do you want, how many months did I want, new or used/ I put down exactly what I wanted! They called me and said I was approved and asked when can I go to the dealership. I drove three hours round trip .I was MISLEAD by the online application, when I got their the salesman told me I could not have that vehicle! I told him I was told I was approved for the vehicle I put on the internet application. He told me they do that just to get you in! Ford is not running a business by MISLEADING buyers! I will work hard at notifying other buyers so they won't encounter the same treatment by Hall Ford.

2012 F150 EcoBoost

Truck was Good for 1000 miles! Has been in the shop 9 times(over 2 weeks this time)! Had a Noise in drivetrain! VERY POOR GAS MILEAGE 14-15, Motor Stalled when raining! Over the dealers head or FORD DOESNT CARE!!! I have ALWAYS been a FORD guy but this truck is a LEMON!!! 2012 F150 window sticker 21 mpg & 2013 F150 17mpg By Leslie Combs Maryville, Mo.

We own a 2005 mustang we bought this vehicle used, and have had several problems with this vehicle, water leaks in the a pillar post! Door handles that stick in the open position and problems with the speedometer, our vehicle also had catastrophic engine failure, can someone from ford please tell me what "Ford Quality is! "

Ford Windstar

They say if you wait long enough you will see what goes around will come around. I purchased a brand new Windstar in 1996. Before I ever got to 70,000 miles, my transmission tore up & I finally had to get another vehicle as the engine was going as well. I had printed out many complaints about this but the dealership would not do anything to help, I contacted Ford and they would not help either. Ford knew this was a problem with their 95's & 96's. I see where Windstars are being recalled for something else & there are thousands of other Ford automobiles being recalled. I always loved Fords, even though I grew up with Chevy's. I had 3 brand new ones. But after the Windstar deal, I said I'd never buy Ford again.

Wrong Choice

My 2013 Ford Escape was Brought as a Lease and in 2 Months I've been to Ford New Jersey City Dealer 3 Times Already. The Check Engine Light keeps coming On and the Radio Computer Panel has went Dead Twice Already.....I shoulda got the Hyundia Santa Fe.....At least It's Reliable!!

Ford Escape

Please do not buy a Ford Escape. I have had mine as a company vehicle for 2 months and it's a 2013. The windows do not go up and down in the front driver and passengers side. The engine light keeps going on and off, it has already had a serious recall for the engines catching on fire and I don't even have 5K on the odometer....Whew.....


I iwll never take my car to Beyer Ford in morristown, they are crooks,rude, and extremely direspectful!!! I will certainly send a complain to Business Bureau !!!

Ford F150

I purchased a 2011 Ford F150 and I am very unhappy with it. The windows suck air something terrible, cannot carry on a conversation, the doors do not close like they should. When having an oil change had the doors checked, said there was nothing that could be done. Its like riding with the windows down.

FORD 6.0

i have a ford 6.0. paid good money for it used it on farm it run good until i hook onto 14 ft. cattle trailer empty drove about 2 hours smelt antifreeze pull over water boiling in jug let it cool off came home took it to ford house in Lufkin tx. they said blown head gasket gone cost 5000 if heads bad they said 3000 more. should be a recall.thats bull corn truck runs good but cant pull a 14ft empty tailer. ford need to be responsible for the problem. its hard for a family of 8 to pay 15000 for truck pull empty trailer now gonna cost 5 to 8000 to fix it. it was blown when i bought it and no way of knowing it. ford need to make it right. after research all 6.0 have the same problems head gasket and egr cooler.


Let me tell you, I have bought the new ford focus. this is my secound one. I now have a 2012. But the dealer tells me they can't fix the noise it makes when I take off. they say it is the transmission. but let me tell you some thing. A NEW CAR should never make this kinda niose. My family thinks I got ripped and so do I. A new car should be quite....I'm also finding a Lawyer. I have always had ford. But never again, if they can't back up there product.

Poor Customer Service

Do you drive a Ford Expedition?? Does it make a clicking/tapping noise from behind the console?? Well if so, that piece will cost you almost a $1,000.00 to replace. It is a noise that comes from behind the air condition controls on console and it will make a loud tapping/clicking noise that comes and goes while driving the truck. A year ago I had to replace one of them in my expedition and it began making the noise just around the one year mark from having the last one replaced/fixed. Well four days after hearing the noise return, I contacted the local Ford Dealership to discuss the problem and why it has returned. I learned that this part has to be replaced so often that Ford Service Stations keep this part in stock all the time. After a phone call that ended with no help in solving my situation, I called the Ford Corporate Office. The gentleman I spoke with was helpful and willing to help me find a way to get this fixed. He stated that I would receive a call back within four days with an answer to my problem. Well, today I called them back because I haven’t heard from them. I found out that I was over my warranty date for this part (which I had already knew and discussed with them) to be replaced so there is nothing Ford can do to help me. So I asked the lady for a supervisor or someone higher up and I got told that they would take my number….well the last time they took my number we didn’t receive a call back. When I asked about them not calling me back she said that they called my husband and the phone just rang and rang, I asked why no one left a message and she said there was no voicemail setup, so they could not leave a message. First off, my husband has had the same number for over seven years and he has always received his voice messages. The second thing is, I gave them my contact information as well so why wasn’t I contacted. I would completely understand Ford not repairing my truck if it was caused by my own wear and tear on the truck, but this part, which there are four of them in expeditions, is so common to go out that in my town alone, there have been numerous expedition owners with the same complaint/problem and they have already replaced this part once or twice and because it is so expensive to replace, they are riding around with this noise in their trucks. I bought this truck for a great amount of money and I love it, but I do not believe that it is the owner’s responsibility to continuously replace a part that is continuing to fail………it should be RECALLED or Ford should fix it at no charge. I am extremely disappointed in the service I received today and by the responsibility not taken by Ford for their parts that continue to need replacing.

ford was great till now

i have been a ford onwer a long time never had a problem with any of my fords im a owner of 2000 ford expedition, 2000 ford lighting f150,and a 1965 ford mustang yesturday i call ford because when i was out of town with family some one took my super charger, and intake mandifolds, they tell me they do not make them anymore so how am i going to drive my truck that is my work truck can't use a mustang or a expedition to pull a fifthwheel and i dont want another truck. these new truck dont even come close to want i can pull.

truck & car

In 2011 bought a new f-150 ecoboost. It was in the shop 4 times. The a/c was draing inside the passenger floor and just kept the carpet wet. After the 4thtime attempt they finally fixed it. Now we bought a new fusion, i had it 5to days and the sync wont work. When you hit the phone button it would change my radio station. So far they have had it 5 days and just called and ordered the part. When they called ford they said the part number the service guy gave didnt exsist. Never again.

2012 Ford Fiesta Fiasco

I purchased a 2012 Ford Fiesta a year ago for my daughter because of the safety ratings. I've owned ford vehicles in the past and have always been pleased until now. It has been in the shop three times with transmission problems. They say they've repaired it and within a month or two it starts lurching forward with no warning, won't start or my favorite-goes in reverse in drive. This car is an accident waiting to happen.

2008 F-250 Super Duty Diesel

I purchased a new 2008 Ford F-250 Super Duty Diesel in July 2007. At approximately 42,000 miles, the main radiator developed a leak in May 2010. The dealership in California advised that a new radiator was needed at a cost of $1475.00. I called customer service in Dearborn to express my displeasure and Ford agreed to pay $1000 of the cost. At about 93,000 miles, the new radiator (manufactured in Mexico) deveoped a leak just before Thanksgiving Day. This time, a dealership in Mesa, AZ advised that a new radiator and upper and lower radiator hoses were needed to make the necessary repairs. This time, the cost was $1960.00. I have talked to four different representatives at Ford's customer service division, and all have expressed sympathty but advised there is nothing they can do since the vehicle is well past the warranty period. I find it hard to believe that a well-built Ford pickup would need two radiators to be replaced in less than 93,000 miles. Thay are aware that there is a problem since they have issued a TSB to their service departments on this particular topic.

Poor Communication

Bought a new 2013 Mustang and didn't receive the security label that provides important vehicle key cut information. According to the owners manual it is only to be removed by the customer. Contacted the dealer, Ford Customer Relations and no one has returned my calls and/or emails. Take your money and forget about you is the only conclusion I'm left with.

mike bass ford is a big rip off in the parts department. i bought a transmission line for my truck. come to find out i needed more parts for that part.when i took the part back for a refund the crooks told me it was a special item. no refund. every item is a special item. what did i do, i bought a chevy. 20 years with ford, no more. they suck...........


please, if i see another tv ad with the dirty job guy and the dumb blonde, i will never buy your product., over exposed, over and over,it is starting to get sickning to watch this same commercial over and over again..........stop it....

i want to tell you i will never buy another ford again i bought my f-350 in 2006 i paid 44.000 dolars for it and also bought the exstended warranty wich took me to 5 years or 60.000 miles well i hit 56.000 miles and the egr cooler went.do you think ford would be willing to work with me of course not.they wanted 4.500 dollars to fix it and they would have put the same crap parts back in it.after talking to my mechanic wich by the way does not work for ford.i not only got it done cheaper but we put a different parts on it wich were made in arizona and the parts are warrenteed by them for life my mechanic said the work is too.this does not happen at ford. the name of the company to get these parts is bullet proof diesel.com as i said made in america and warrenteed. i tell you this because i would hate to see ford get any more of your money or mine they are exspensive and under skilled at ford further more this is a common problem that should be a recall

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