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Please do not tell that my name is not cheetah gray which it is and to lock me out of my account is over the line did someone tell you my name is t correct?


local postings oft truth and whole clothing i li stated already

Legal Male

Facebook needs to let me erase a post I made when I request them to do so, instead of "FBAPIError Domain error 100."


a family member used my comuter to access FB: now his name etc is always showing up on my IP ... I do not use FB nor want to WHY does this happen (he logged out properly when he was done)


ive had all of my accounts hacked..gmail...gooogle...wifi....facebook..my phone i need help and it seems no one can. ive reported it to cops and they do nothing

colsed account

they keep closing my accounts I will get a lawyer if they do it again

Bullshit suspension of my page

I have a stalker who keeps reporting my account as fake its not facke and Facebook wont help me stop who ever it is and it is ruining my life and ruining others innocent peoples lives

Messenger?? Or stalker

Messenger is able to read my texted messages and access my camera. That is unacceptable that is a violation of my privacy and I am in able to send Facebook messages unless I open a new sight and have to relogin to my face book on the browser u guys suck!!! I hope you guys Change this or else I will inform all my friends and family and make a status on ur own Facebook site and see how manny people will continue to use messenger!!!


Take down the ISIS tee shirts NOW

deleting games and they staying on.

I have tried over 4 times to take several games off of my face book page. and finally found how to do it. It does not give a good explanation how to take games off. After I did what I was to do, it would not remove the games I wanted removed. they are still there. I cant seem to get rid of the games I want off of my game list. a better explanation needs to be put in to explain to people how to get rid of games they want to.


You have taken it upon yourselves to keep us from messaging each other unless YOU can have access in Messenger. While you own Facebook and it's free, you treat us like we owe you something. I will close my account after I delete all information so you can't find it and my friends feel the same. Either leave us alone and stop prying Into our info or you will lose millions...Facebook will be a face plant.

Harrassment on Facebook

I have been harassed on facebook. This social media was used by two of my male co-workers to stalk me on the web. Then they would come to work and tell gossip and lies about me and my "friends". What can be done? I tried blocking them but they set up fake accounts that really lead to my site!

Stephanie Obele on facebook is a hacked account

I have sent a report on this already. Dear facebook please do something about it. My reputation is at stake!

Asking for someones government identification to get into one's agount is absolutly rediculous. I will not send you a government identification to show proof that I am a real person. You should know if I am real! You are taking my rights to my personal information from me, which in fact is against the law. Shame on Facebook for allowing such aburbed actions. My bank doesn't even ask for me to send them my identification through email and your not even a government company, so please tell me why I should send you my identification? Also, I don't pay for facebook to even have to show proof. YOUR COMPANY IS A SCAM!

Facebook overstepping bounds

Occasionally I'll get a message saying," hi friend, etc. etc. etc. when I click on the photo. Facebook says, this conversation is no longer available, because it was deemed abusive, or spam. Who are you to determine whether something is abusive toward me or not. I would like all communications directed towards my Facebook account to go through. This way I can make my own decisions is. The problem is you never sent it to spam to give me the choice.


You must get rid of messenger app and not force American people to download this which breaches all privacy and is not very secure do to criminal activity! If this is not changed within a 2 week period I will hire attorneys for this matter and take it to court even if I have to spend millions to take Facebook messenger down! Please consider my request otherwise further action will be taken! Thank you George

i really need help

i need help loging in my account done the rest password nothing someone keeps hacking in my account you guys need to fix this or im contacting my lawyer

I have been blocked because I posted a public document on my timeline that did not violate any of Facebook rules or policies. The individual that I posted information to my "friends" the information was factual and true and their were no threats made against anyone involved in my post. Instead of facebook asking me for my reply to the false compliant filed against me facebook automatically removed my post and blocked me for 24 hours. This is wrong a public official is open to comments that are filed in the legal system as a public record and this is not harassment or violation of a persons right's to privacy. I want my page restore and my account reactivated.


Facebook, This is to inform you that I have shared information into your insane messenger app that violates so many of our fundamental rights that it borders on criminal activity, with all my friends and family. This app must be removed at once. If you think that you can play spy for our corrupt Govn. any longer with out back lash you are mistaken.


A fake profile has been made and using pictures of my daughter, niece and nephew. I along with many family and friends have reported the issue and has not been shut down.

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