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I called the Enterprise office in my area at 3:30 on a Tuesday afternoon and was told they currently had nothing they could rent me, but they would have cars by the next morning. I let my husband take my car to work the next morning since I was assured they would have something. I called the next morning since I had not heard from them and was told they had nothing to rent me. I am VERY disappointed with this lack of service and with this national company. I will NOT use this company again to the best of my ability.

The Buckhannon WV rental office was not very cooperative when I need a rental due to an accident. The only car they said was available was a Town and County van. They said none of the other vehicles on the lot were available and could not get a car from an Enterprise Rental in the next county. I had to make arrangements to ride to work (50 miles away) because I was uncomfortable with the large vehicle.

Worst customer Service

We received a confirmation for a car in writing and went to Enterprise to rent car and they told us that they would not honor the price. Wanted us to pay $10.00 more and they had the car there we put on hold. This is the worst rental car company out there...Bate and Switch


Was promised one rate and charged a higher rate. When called I got 3 different stories Very bad experience Shame on a national brand to treat customers this Way I will no longer rent from them

I have been calling since August 2013. I am trying to settle a issue reguarding my name on the "do not rent list" I have spoken to several representative and no one has returned my call in two weeks reguarding this matter. I have also fax in copied of my marriage certificate and drivers license as I was instructed to do. Every number I call are transfering me to the wrong department. This is very unprofessional I will not be renting again after having a very long history with Enterprise I thought the customers were valued, I guess not.


I tried to rent a pickup truck from Enterprise in Casa Grande, Az. I called the day before and reserved with a credit card. When I arrived to get the truck they told me they did not have one. They offered to rent me a mini van and when I agreed they the said they did not have the keys. They were not sure when they would have a pick up or a mini van. Very poor service.

Bad Treatment

I applied for a Cust. Svs. job online and was called to set up a job interview. The girl who called me acted like she was confused while setting up the appt. and said, "Oh no, that won't work hold on." Then she set up the appt. for a different date. Then I get an e-mail from the same girl the day before the interview saying they were trying to reach me. I called her back and she said they had been trying to reach me, and gave me a number to call the Mgr. The phone number rang and rang. Then I called the appt. setter's number back and got a second number. I talked to another man who was also going to be sitting in on the interview. He said he couldn't believe the girl had set the appt. up during their busiest time. Then he said we would just keep the same time. Then I get an e-mail from the same guy saying the job has been filled. I called him back and he said, "I don't know anything about that, I'm in management training myself." Then I get a second e-mail from him saying, "Good luck. Thanks for reaching out!" Are you kidding me? Great customer service there. Make your applicants pay for the bimbo setting up the appt. wrong. GEEZ!.

Be Aware

Be aware those who rent a car from the brand Enterprise in BWI airport in the future, which by the way will not be me again renting from the Enterprise brand. The issue is to make sure the service person, who checks you and the car you choose out the door from the lot, to follow courtesy protocol and do a walk around the car to check for previous scratches. Otherwise one may well be charged for such scratches on the return. This happened to me unfortunately and I really have no other recourse but to pay up for damages I did not cause and feel helpless now about the matter. My only recourse is to turn such a negative experience over to my insurance company to handle, which will cost me additional money to rent this car from National. Not surprised this brand has such a poor average rating as above. Goodbye Enterprise!

I rented from the local Enterprise. I will never rent from you again. I had to rent a car because mine got hit and was totaled. I rented the car for two weeks, and on my way to drop it off I got hit by a guy that was on something. Your roadside assistance told me to have the police have it towed since it was on the highway and it would be an hour or longer before they could get anybody there to get it. It gets towed to the lot for the tow truck service. Now I get charged another day because it was a day late being picked up by Enterprise. I will not ever rent from you again and I will not recommend you to anybody.

Had a complaint ...

I had a complaint with a rental, one of my first ones in 2010. It is easier for me to e-mail than call, so I went to Enterprise.com and filled out the form. I don't think it was 30 minutes later that I not only had a call from the branch I rented with, but three e-mails from different folks at Enterprise Corp. or Customer Service, or what. I thought I had e-mailed to the branch (yes, on the website I know) but found out otherwise. The complaint was resolved and I am still renting. One 'issue' is that I would like a direct e-mail to corporate instead of the form. Rarely will I have to use it, but the form may be limited in characters and I don't want to send two.

Good, but....

I rented a car from our local Enterprise. Last year I rented a mini-van for LESS than they wanted to rent an economy car to me this year. However, with enough paperwork and discounts and haggling and a call to Corporate, I was able to get the price I wanted to pay. At first encounter, the office manager was VERY rude and insolent, but after I called corporate, they were all very syrupy sweet to me. The rental went well, and my charge card was correct when all was said and done. What I would suggest to this company is to get some serious training regarding customer service, and to understand YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY CAR RENTAL COMPANY ON THE GLOBE. Competitive rates and loyalty to customers will make you MUCH more money than the way you're acting now. I don't like to have to fight to get a deal.

Upset mama

I don't think I will ever rent a car from you all again. I was quoted one thing and then my card charged a whole different thing no body cares. I rent a car to get to the hospital with my special needs daughter. We don't have much money. And this hospital in Augusta doesn't have a agreement with you all about a van to get us back and forth to hospital back to airport. Very upset and nobody seems to care. So I will have to figure out another way to get back and forth to the hospital. Which sucks

Dont do what they say they are doing

Don't ever rent a car in Augusta ga one person says one thing then you are charged a total different amount when you try to talk to someone about this there are two different people telling you two different things nothing matches what they are saying they are rude. We fly in to Augusta because of having a special needs daughter and having to go to hospital I don't know what we will do now about getting back and forth from airport to hospital but I can bet I won't be renting a car again. So very upsetting because enterprise says they have best prices and quality workers. Very upset. I had the car five hrs and got charged an amount that should be for two days. Again not happy

confirmation #'s are worthless

My car was stolen between last night & this morning. I have been trying to get a rental car all day. 3 separate resevations with confirmations at 3 different Enterprise stores. After I went to the 1st one & was told they had no information on me in their system (my insurance company made all the arrangements), then told by the 2nd person at the counter they didnt have a car for me, I decided to call prior to going to the stores as I was depending on others to get me there. Good thing I did. No cars in the area. Its only taken me 6 hours to get this information. Then the guy at 1 of the stores learned who my family member was... wouldnt ya know he found me a vehicle. Only there was no time for me to get there before they close. So.... tomorrow still no car & another missed day of work. Thanks Enterprise for making a bad situation worse!

Stolen Item

So I dropped off the rental car at the Enterprise Car Rental branch located at the Airport in Las Vegas, NV. Soon after I realized I left a dress button up shirt hanging in the back seat. The value on that shirt was $125.00 so as you could imagine I was pretty upset when I learned I left it in the back seat of the rental car. I returned to the location within 2 hours and was told that a full inspection was done on the car and there was no shirt found. The manager said they would check the cameras and get back with me the same day. Of course she never did so I filed a complaint with corporate. We shall see how that pans out being I'm still waiting to hear back from them as well. Pretty sad this company prides itself on integrity and doing right by the customer when in realty that's the furthest from the truth.


On August 1st, 2013 I called the WIsconsin Ave, Bethesda, MD Enterprise to get a rental car. Made a reservation. Right before I was to go pick up my rental I called ahead to make sure that there was an availability. A woman picked up and put me on hold at that point a gentleman named Mike answered. He told me that he was the manager. As I started telling him what kind of vehicle I needed he continualy cut me off, obviously I was getting a little fed up with this. I asked him to let me finish about 5 times and towards the end I just could not handle it anymore. He told me that he did not need to sit and listen to me and I finished that if he did not then that means he had a better job opportunity because I could not possibly think that this company would let him stay in this position and turn away customers. I have rented from Enterprise on and off over the years when my Mercedes was being repaired and so one, but now I could not possibly return again. There are a lot of other rental companies around the DC area. As a business owner myself I know that customer service is the top priority. I dont think Enterprise has that same motto going around.

Zephyrhills FL

Don't rent from this Enterprise. Dishonest Rates jacked up after low quotes. Rude Manager if you can call her that

Incompetent Employees

I was told one thing over the phone by an Enterprise employee and when I arrived to the counter, I was told something else and that the people on the phone did not know what they were talking about. I was humiliated and embarrassed at the counter because of the lack of training and knowledge that this company represents. The employees need training all around to ensure that communication is given that represents the whole company and not one or two people!!

SCAM $1000

Checked out a rental in Rapid City SD in the bright sun. Found 3 dents on top. Salesman only noted one on paperwork, said other 2 where to small to note. Brought back in 3 days they said it had hail damage, No other damage but what I noted nor did it hail at anytime I had the car.Too many pictures before we left. Got home to Missouri and check our CC account and OMG....They charged our $1000 deductible on the card. We denied Enterpise insurance. By all the reviews I have now found this happens a lot. Have called corporate and file a complaint but I really fell it went on deaf ears. No call back yet and I bet I never get one. This is not right, We must all pull together and write the Attorney General. There are way too many complaints on the Enterprise for this not to be investigated.

Great Enterprise Manager

Enterprise 5954 Richmond Highway Alexandria, VA 22303. What a busy office that handles several Auto Dealerships. I ama military member who has been a customer for as long as you have been in business. Mr. Ian McCleary (Branch Manager) is "Outstanding" in fact he is better than outstanding. He has the gift of knowing how to talk to EVERYONE. You really should take advantage of him. Thank You for letting him show what ENTERPRISE should, could, and can do even in rough times. He makes you "more" money.

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