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I am just a crew member at an Orland Park IL. Dunkin Donuts. After reading this page I have something to say. A bad experience at one Dunkin Donuts does not mean they are all bad. I live two blocks away from a McDonalds and they couldnt get an order right if there life depended on it. So I drive two miles to a different one and am totally statified with th food and service. There are alot of employees like me who go out of there way to make every customers dining experience at are store a pleasant one. I work early mornings and have many regular customers and totally enjoy seeing them every day. I also live by the rule that if I wouldn't eat it myself I wouldn't serve it to a customer. I have been working here for almost 5 years and my customers are the best. Sure every once in a while you will get someone that you can not make them happy no matter what you do. But I try. So if your ever in the Orland area early in the morning stop in and you will be treated as you should be. So don't give up on all Dunkin Donuts by just having a bad experience at one store. Looking forward to seeing you!

Went to the Dunkin Donuts at 1197 Amboy Avenue in Edison, NJ (store# 339427) on 8/23/10 around 9:30am with my wife and made a purchase. The place was in utter chaos as the attendees behind the counter were taking care of 4 or 5 people at a time instead of concentrating on taking care of individuals as they came in. Checked my bank statement on 8/26/10 and found that my debit card had been double charged for $12.80 on 8/23/10 and then again on 8/25/10. This is not the first time that this has happened at this location and I don't know if I will be doing business with Dunkin Donuts again. I spend quite a lot of money regularly at Dunkin Donuts not only for myself but for my corporate functions and cannot continue to support an organization that cannot hire competent people to run their business. I am very busy and don't have the time to go to my bank to straighten out incompetent errors that are made by incompetent employees on a regular basis.

I would be the happiest person if you can bring back Dunkin Donuts Shop, between Oceanside and Poway Please at least one. I love the donuts. Maybe put the donuts on the selves of Ralphs store in Carmel Valley. Thank You

I was going to tell you my tale of woe with DD but after reading the above comments, I don't believe that DD Corporate really cares or there wouldn't be as many complaints as there are. So the best thing I can do for my self is to boycott DD and tell all my friends and family and even people on the street to boycott them also until they get their act together. For every ten people you tell, at least that many will tell ten more and so on. In this economy, it will catch up and maybe then Corporate will begin to listen to their customers. So Boycott and then lets see what happens.

I would like to say that while my husband was getting operated on i went to a dunkin donuts in Albany N.Y. on new scotland ave. It was a cluster ---- I had ordered a sausage and egg on a crocsont roll but instead i got a bagle and cream cheese. I told the girl behind the counter about the mistake and was basically acquesed of lying to her, i said no i had ordered a sausage and egg but still i was told that i was wrong, my nephew who was with me had ordered a sasuage and biscuit sandwich but he got it with cheese,which he is allergic to, he also told the girl behind the counter but to no avail we were all wrong.... I strongly urge your company to investigate this matter before you lose all your customers, which you will sooner or later. Yours Truly,

Mr. Concern, My two freinds and I went to DD on American Legion Highway in Roslindale Massachestts on Friday, August 6, 2010 at 12:00pm. We purchased three coffees and three cheese bagle twist. Afterwards, we sat down at the table to eat and drink our coffee. While we were at the table, we observed the employees going into the bathroom. After they came from the bathroom, We also noticed that the employees did not wash their hands at the small sink that is provided for hand washing behind the counter. They immediately started serving customers. None of the employees were wearing gloves. This is unhealthy and unsantitary, which can cause sickness and diseases. I would like to make a suggestion that a represenative from DD come and sit down and observe the unhealthy actions of the employees while serving customers. If this matter is not investigated there could be serious consequences that would be dealt with by Health inspectional Services by the City of Boston. Your immediate attention concerning this matter will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Mr. Concern Boston, MA

Since its opening, your store on upper Braodway, between 101st and 102nd street, New York, New York has been a complete disaster. Don't you people employ managers? First,I have lost track the number of times that your store has been "out" of items. Sometimes, this store has been "out" of almost every thing! Secondly, your service staff, rotating with startling regularity, acts and appears that they are on death row, awaiting their sentence yet still managing to show a level of incompetence. Example, one evening I walked in at 7:30pm and found the only employee was behind the counter, one the floor, sleeping. Thirdly, there have been several incidences of over charging and filling the most simple orders wrong. If I had more time, I could continue, howevever, this should be enough for you to investigate the management and staffing of this store. Unfortunately, I and my neighbors here on the Upper West Side have given up on this franchise, deeming it as a joke. Our anticipation of having a Dunkin Donuts in our neighborhood has been replaced with total disappointment. We urge you to fix these problems, starting with management. Until then, the loss of customers is your responsibility and failure. Sincerely, Hal Hance New York City

I have tried to contact Dunkin Donuts Quality Assurance several times in the past few months via phone and email only to be told I would receive a reply shortly and never did. I complained that several times in different stores they had new lids that did not fit properly and I ended up wearing the coffee on my clothes and car. I also had to pay over $100 to get my dash/gears fixed since the coffee spilled into it. I spoke to a Louise Conory at one point, a supervisor who pushed me off to someone else. Then spoke to a Kathy Murphy who promised a call back and nothing! I sent an email to the Corporate office and received a reply "we will give a response shortly". That was May. I want reimbursement for my car. This customer service is a disgrace. I don't go to the store anymore.

I went to the Dunkin Donuts located at: 21911 Hillside Avenue, Jamaica, NY, when asked if I can use the bathroom the employees there had an attitude and just said that the bathroom was out of order. I did mention to them that I am disabled and have diabetes. I was refused access to the bathroom. There was no visible sign that stated it was out of order. As advised by my Independent Consultant, I and anyone with a disability cannot by New York State law, be denied access to the facilities. I have also advised my attorney on this matter and do have a print out of the State law, provided by my consultant. I wish that these locations had more access to the public, in regards to restrooms. Some places do not even have a restroom. I am aware that this is a public forum but I will be contacting your office directly as this situation needs to be answered by someone knowledgeable with this issue. Best Regards; Mr. S. Santiago (Valuable Customer) 173 West Valley Stream Blvd Valley Stream, NY 11580 PH. 516-825-4311 E-mail: scientic@optonline.net

JAKE FRANK MCCAULEY 7/22/10 2801 Dorsey Place Melbourne, Florida Zip code 32901 Phone Number 321-725-5015 Email mccauleyjake@yahoo.com Today as my wife and myself were riding around Melbourne, I suggested we go over to Dunkin donuts and get a bagel as I noticed on my previous visit, Dunkin donuts in addition to donuts they sold bagels. We arrived at Dunkin donuts store #301889 at 1500 S. Harbor City Blvd., Melbourne, Fl. 32901 about 10:45 in the morning. I ordered a small cup of coffee and an onion bagel with cream cheese. The young lady that ask me what I wanted asked me four times in a row Quote, “you want a onion bagel with cream cheese” I said yes, and the fourth time I said, Quote, “ yes, a coffee, and a onion bagel with cream cheese. The Young lady was there in body but her mind was some where else. I excused that situation since I have been there to, but since my job was docking merchant ships, I tried to limit where my mind was on the job site. While the lady in the back was getting my onion bagel with cream cheese, my wife entered the donut shop after my wife had finished her cigarette. I asked the young lady to add what ever my wife wanted to the bill before she rang up the sale. She did as I asked. We got our order and went to one of the tables to eat. My order was in a bag. I opened the bag and removed the bagel that was cut in half but stuck together. I pulled the bagel apart and found no cream cheese on one half of the bagel and the other half only had very little cream cheese on only half of the bagel. I ask my wife can you believe this, she laugh and took the bagel back to the counter and asked the waitress to put cream cheese on both pieces of the bagel. The young lady carried the bagel to the back. A short time passed and a black lady brought the bagel back out to our table and said, Quote “that's all the cream cheese we put on bagels and if you want more, we will half to charge you extra. The ladies behind the counter started talking and laughing about the situation. I went up to the counter and asked to take to the manager. A young girl came from the back to our table and said the same thing the black lady told us, Quote “that's all the cream cheese we put on bagels and if you want more we will half to charge you extra. Another customer and his wife came in and sat at the table next to me, The lady saw the bagel and told me I was to polite and the bagel was ridiculous, that I needed to holler a little louder which she started doing towards the waitress. I quickly stepped in and told everyone I would handle the situation, as the manager did not have the experience to even be a waitress. Note: Until this matter is settled I would suggest you save the video that was taken while my wife and I was in Dunkin Donuts. I have the frozen bagel in my freezer. This document will be posted and forwarded to the following. Upon checking the Internet I found 15 pages of complaints against Dunkin Donuts. This informs me that Dunkin Donuts has little concern resolving issues concerning public relations. There for, as a member of local senior citizen groups I will post this litter to make sure our senior citizens are aware of Dunkin Donuts public relations policy. And will use every opportunity to inform local citizens of the poor customer respect that Dunkin displays towards its customers. Thank You, Jake F. McCauley Retired Shipmaster Copies will be sent to Dunlin Donuts Corporate Office 130 Royall Street Canton, MA Zip-02021 (781)-737-3000 Greater Palm Bay Senior Center1275 Culver Drive, NE Palm Bay, Fl. zip- 32907-1178 Senior Resource Association Inc. 694 14th St. Vero Bch. Phone 722-569-0760 South Brevard Senior Assoc Inc. 1300 Airport Blvd. Melbourne, Fl. Phone 321- 7242233

The Dunkin Donuts in Oak Forest and Middlothian IL are horrible about giving you a receipt via drive thru. They clearly have a sign posted that if you don't recieve your receipt, your order is free. Well, sometimes to me it's not worth going back at 6a.m. in the middle of a rush for a $1.99 cofee reimbursement, however, I do call them from my office to inform them of this slight error so this way it won't happen again. Yeah right! I frequently buy from the two locations and it always happens! Before I drive off I ask for my receipt and they have the the nerve to give me an attitude and say I have to come in an get re-rung because they threw it out. What!!! Then I proceed and tell them that the sign clearly says "no receipt, you get your money back". Well, that didn't fly with them either so they told me to take it up with corporate. UM, HELLO??!!! WTF!!!!!! I have been a long-time customer for years and here's the kicker, the managers at both locations know me and my co-workers by name!! I'm tired of the run around and the lack of professionalism (and respect!) so after reviewing these blogs, I boycott Dunkin Donuts and spend my money at Carribu Coffee where both I and my money are appreciated!!!!!

Today, July 21, 2010, I stopped by at the Dunkin Donuts on Westwood Avenue, River Vale, NJ to get a cup of coffee. I frequently buy coffee from many Dunkin Donuts chains but this particular one was dirty throughout the store. When I asked the Manager to kindly wipe one of the tables because it was stickly and grimy with food stains so I could sit and enjoy my coffee, he replied he would get to it in a moment but never did. Then I asked one of the female employees to mention it again to the manager about cleaning the table so I could sit there, she did so but the manager reluctantly refused to do so complaining that he had customers he needed to attend to first as I stood and drank my coffee and left with disgust!!!

The Dunkin Donuts in LEONIA, NJ simply is rude and obnoxious. The girl at the register, Bea, is rude and very disrespectful to Koreans. I will take this to corporate because of the racism involved.

Claremont NH dunkin donuts needs to train their employees on how to service customers with respect. I refuse to visit that location again until they do. I ordered an ice coffee and when the employee handed me a hot coffee, I explained that my order was incorrect and told him I wanted an ice coffee. His reply was "Thats not what you ordered" then proceeded to pour the hot coffee into a cup with ice. He then handed it to me with the words "there ya go, thats what you got". My reply was "Oh My God". I am a paying customer and do not appreciate being treated this way. I wrote the Claremont NH manager a letter but they never acknowledged it. I have switched and I am now getting my ice coffees at McDonalds, not because they have better coffee, but because the service is better. Brenda Hebert

my wifeworked at the dunkindonuts on washington st in clarmont new hampshire this morning she awoke very sick however she wouldnotcallinand insisted that she go to work dispite her condition eventualy i ended up driving her to work telling her that i wouldhave the manager on duty look at her and tell her she was not fit to be working today. to my suprise when i adressed the manager she spoke back to me in a rude tone saying "she has called in for the last four weeks" wile i know for a fact that she has not because i myself have bought coffee from her on several occations.while talking to the manager on duty she also stated that if she does not come into work today she will be fired with that said i left the building and told my wife she was done working there she will be going to the hospital today i WILL NOT ever recomend anyone to this spacific dunkin donuts and i will advise highly to people whom i know not toapply for this spacific store

going to my local DD for the past 5 years and can not get a cup of coffee that tastes the same 2 days in a row; I've been going to DD since the early 60s they have weakened the coffee in this losation in Sunrise Fl. so much that it tastes like sugar water; The people that work there must be shipped in from somewhere else. some of them cant even Speak English; I am very disapointed in the quality of this location; please do something or I will spend my $40 dollars weekly somewhere else; Thank you 11170 w. Oakland Pk Blvd; Sunrise Fl. 33323

Last week, 07/12/10, I went to the Dunkin Donuts on Wade Green in Acworth, GA. I go to that location very frequently. I always order a Medium Caramel Iced Latte with whip cream. The price is $3.18 plus tax coming to a total of $3.38. Last week when I went there and ordered my same latte, the cashier/clerk charged me $3.90. I told her that I always paid $3.38 before. She said there was a $.50 charge for the whip cream. I have been overcharged in the past also. Two years ago, I was charged $3.70 by other employees. They seemed to have suddenly disappear and then the other replacements always charged me the correct amount, $3.70. Up until last week, when I was charged $3.90. I believe these employees and the past ones were pocketing the extra charge. They are dishonest and should be dealt with accordingly. I'm going to go back to the Wade Green location one day next week and she what they charge me. If it's not the correct amount, I will contact the manager. In the meantime, as you are the corporate office, I suggest you look into this matter.

Does Dunkin really care about what I have to say??? Nah. I will write a note to their offices in Massachusetts anyhow. But if they hire people and especially management people, who do not respect current or future employees, it will all come around and haunt them in the end. Remember we are also customers of their product(s). Word of mouth will ultimately be their demise. I have been through this, and am thoroughly turned off by Dunkin Donuts. McDonald's here I come.

I went to the Dunk Donuts on Broadway in Arlington Mass this morning 7/13/2010 asked the girl at the counter if they had Bran muffins she said yes I ordered bran muffin and coffee I opened teh bag and what did I have a blueberry Muffin I took it back to her and she said we don't have any I asked her why did you say yes for she said that she could not hear that good then why not ask to repeat what I said Once agian here is a problem with the language barrier all they hire is non speaking English why How come DD does not make bran muffins on a regular basis the manager came over to me agian not speaking very well he ais thay only make them 2 times a week What happens to people that cannot eat anything but bran what happens to people that are allergic to blueberry or nuts corn I am having to many bad expereinces with DD now a days they have to remember people that are health concious also and have allergies Dunkin Donuts has become the worst palce to go if it wasen't for their coffee they would not survive

I go to the Dunkin Donuts on Main St in Woodbridge, NJ. I was soooo happy when you did the 99 cents iced tea campain. I would stop more often for my morning large iced tea and get either a bagel or muffin to go with it. This morning I stopped an now I paid $2.49 for the same iced tea. Well just so you know I will now go back to my local McDonald's in the morning where I can get sweet tea for $1. They give you the cup and I mix the sweet tea with unsweetened and get a large for a buck. I can get food there too. So unless DD goes back to the 99 cents deal, I will not be stopping. I will be giving my moring business to McD's. Their coffee is cheaper also.

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