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I've read every complaint posted and complaints are characteristically unique to Dollar General. I live in South GA and have experienced almost every above situation, unlike those in any other store. Dollar General has a knack for: (1) asking too much of their few employees which gives the aura of a lowlife, tightwad CEO. Hire adequate help! Surely you can sacrifice some money for better customer service, which in turn will keep customers! (2) Entering 1c items into your database then forcing your employees to refuse to sell those items. Why don't you issue a recall for said items instead of going through this meaningless tripe? (3) Having a too-strict return policy. (4) Outrageously increasing the price of items that sometimes surpass other stores' prices. I'd rather you not stock items that reflect unreasonable increases. (5) Tolerating dirty and messy stores (because you are too cheap to hire adequate help). Despite the aforementioned, I like to visit your stores. Occasionally, I find good bargains; however, I rarely spend a great deal of money as in years past. I am very sympathetic to your employees. One is expected to do the job of three people. Wise up! Dollar Tree is breathing down your neck!

I really like dollar general except for every time I find a product that myself and alot of my friends love, they discontinue it, like the latest thing is the wrinkle releaser for clothes. I use this product every day, it is wonderful, and now it is discontinued, shame , shame.

i worked at the marion warehose in ind i was fired for they say a policy change i was fired on may 3 2010 at 230 i worked there sence they opend but there telling the unemployment office that i was fired for fighting i guess they had to make up something sence i dont think they could have fired me for a policy change my email adress is hyabusa042000@yahoo.com my mailing address is 948 jones rd gas city ind 46933 something is going to be done chris chappman fired me

i worked at the dollar general warehose in marion ind ... i was fired for a policy change . but they told the unemployment office that they fired me for fighting there telling the unemployment office that couse id ont think they could have fired me for a policy change my cell num is 765 603 0472 its lawyer time

I really like having this store in our city of carter lake Ia. this store would be so much nicer if you would put in a manager that knows how to run a store that people would love to shop in, the store is always a mess with stock in the isles all the time, so much so that you can not get to anything in those isles, also the manager is very rude and has absolutely no people skills. To many people are looking for work for you to have someone like that in your store. Thank you.

Our dollar general is at Red Oak,Iowa. We are a rather small rural community and need stores as we have lost alot of businesses over the years . I worked in stores as a clerk and cashier I don't know the name of this manager but I am confused with her attitude. We were in yesterday looking for a particular item that might have been on the weekly merchandise truck. As we were leaving she ask my husband if we were able to find what we wanted. He said no and said what it was. She suggested we should go to Kmart. Your store carries this item and she said go somewhere else. I felt like she was saying don't come back. I was shocked. I don't care to shop there again. We are of the older generation where the customer was first and now a manager who don't want business. She has said merchandise didn't come in before just to have it magically appear a couple days later? I have overlooked her actions and attitude too long.

I own a used mobile home business and I buy a lot of cleaning supplies,ususally from Wal-Mart. I was in the furniture business for over 35 years. Because of the location, I visited your store on Thomas Rd in West Monroe LA last week. I was appalled when the clerk told me that Dollar General didn't accept MasterCard! In this day and time I couldn't believe it! I also sell credit card processing equipment. When a retailer takes credit cards, he increases his business from 30% to 80%! For Dollar General NOT to take MasterCard is a big mistake! It's not that important to me as a single buyer, but it is a start to the end of Dollar General. Personally speaking, you need new management! I have never emailed anything like this before, but I thought it was important enough for you!

On May 27, 2010, I visited the Athens, Alabama Dollar General located on Highway 31, Store number: 2680. I bought flip-flops for my kids. In line, I had to use a debit/credit card. I hadn't used the card for a long time, I have poor eyesight, and needed some assistance with the card purchase. There was a customer behind me making snide remarks to me because the transaction wasn't going fast enough for her - words were exchanged - several words were exchanged between us. Neither of us used any swear words, but I asked her if she intended to shoot me and she said, "We'll see." The clerk ask ME to leave the store. At no time did I threaten anyone, curse anyone, or attempt to assault anyone in any way. I was simply minding my own business and was provoked by an impatient customer. The cashier, Charlotte, asked ME to go outside. She never asked the customer who started the verbal exchange to go anywhere. Outside, the customer and I talked and she apologized to me and I to her. However, I was extremely upset with Charlotte because I hadn't done anything to warrant being asked to leave the store. I've never been asked to leave a store in my entire life! I was simply defending myself against an impatient person, who was ordering me around. I went back into the store to speak with the manager. I told her what had happened and how rude Charlotte was in handling it. Charlotte walked up as I was speaking to the manager, uninvited, and proceeded to argue with me right there. She said that I had been taking up too much time at the register by using my debit/credit card and that the line was long. I pointed out that there is no time limit for customers at check-out and also that I had little experience in using that card recently. Charlotte continued to be rude. My husband came in and noticed how rude she was to me. He encouraged me to contact corporate. He said that Charlotte came across as being someone who does not belong in retail/customer service, as her appearance is brash, as well as her attitude. I asked the manager for the phone number/complaint form for the corporate office. She said that she was not allowed to give out that information. During the course of conversation, Charlotte mentioned that there is video camera tape to prove that I was taking too long checking out. Well, I didn't know that there are time limits for check-out at the Dollar General Store. And I didn't know that the Dollar General Store workers will ask someone to leave for responding to rudeness, just because they agree with the person being rude. I feel that as a customer, I should be allowed to use my card and if I need help with check-out, I should be assisted without fear of humiliation. I feel that I should never be asked to leave a store if I did not start an exchange, but rather felt a need to defend myself. Like I said, once the customer came outside, she had a different attitude, altogether. She was apologize. The only reason she acted that way in the store was to humiliate me for taking up her precious time. The cashier, Charlotte, obviously felt that I was taking up her precious time too. I'd like fedback from Corporate regarding this issue. I give the store 2 stars because it was clean. Thank you.

I am or was an employee at Dollar General. Our store is brand-new and I am currently in a dispute regarding my manager and his ill treatment. Despite this I am eager for the resolution of this issue so i can get back to what I do best. I enjoy my job very very much. I take great pride servicing the elderly when they become confused with the debit machine and will often talk them through the process. I always greet the customer with a smile and let them know about special sales and clearance items. I have often assisted with getting groceries to the car when time allows. I am often tired and frustrated but I choose not to reflect that on the customers. It's not their fault that management is often overbearing, rude and irrational with their expectations. I live in a community that is generational and many of the customers we know on a first name basis. I totally concur with all the complaints listed here since I often find that I am not treated on the same level when I shop at other DG stores. I think I just try to treat the customer as I want to be treated. I also treat my co-workers with the same respect and dignity. Unfortunately my current situation with my manager has proven to be very negative and intimidating. I did want to express that not all DG employee's are rude..often times they are overworked and underpaid as well as subject to a manager who has no idea how to manage regarding people/employee skills. Sometimes DG employee's have no idea how to act because they follow the same pattern displayed to them. I'm not making excuses. DG does have a toll free number for input from the customers. Take advantage of that ... it's there for a reason.

I am writing to complain about your Bell Florida store. This store is not organized concerning stock and has poor employee morale. This store could be a real money maker if it were stocked and managed properly. On more than one occassion I have walked out of your Bell store because of long lines. Common sense would be to open a second register when lines are long. If you are not willing to address this problem, you would be better just to shut the doors ! It appears the district manager is not willing or unable to do his or her job !

I shoped at the dollar general market, in Bardstown Ky I purchased clover valley coffee that i thought was $2.50. I called the same dollar store and told them about the purchase. The clerl said the coffee was $2.50 as I thought. So the dollar store clerk said bring the receipt in and they would give me my .30 cents back. I said it would take $2.00 worth of gas to get my 30 cents. back. The clerk said "I guess so sir."

I shopped at store number 4449 in Alexandria, AL on May 16th at approximately 7:45 pm. While shopping I found the clearance rack in the store. On the rack were 3 bottles of children's hair detangler. They were not priced so I took a bottle to the register for a price check. On my way to the register I found a can of waterproof spray for shoes, which is what I came in the store to purchase. The cashier, a white female, checked the price of the detangler and found it to be $2.00. I told her it was on the clearance rack, but that was the regular price. She said the spray should not have been on the rack. Another employee, a white male, came to the register and explained the item was about to be discontinued, but the price was not being reduced. I chose not to purchase the item. The cashier then rang up the waterproof shoe spray. It came up as $0.01 on the register. The cashier said she couldn't sell it to me at that price. The male employee said that the item was being discontinued and was being taken off the shelf and they could not sell it to me. Is this your business's normal practice, to place items on clearance and not reduce the price and to have items on the shelf you can not sell? I try to visit stores in my local area; however, if this is what I should expect from Dollar General I can drive a few miles out of my way to visit Wal-mart and find what I need. I am very disappointed in this experience and plan to tell my friends and family members to be wary of dollar general.

I live 1/2 block from Dollar General on Holmes Ave.I asked that trashcans be placed outside the store while visiting the store on the first day it opened.{spoke to a regional person} Two weeks later I asked an employee about the trashcans,they stated the concern had been relayed to management. A week after that I spoke to a manager who assured me that a request for trashcans had been made to management.It's approaching two month's now and I along with others continue to pick up an enormous amount of trash on our street from the corner where our new Dollar General is located to the end of 17Th and Holmes. Corporate you have been notified, I request that you take action and we will continue to pick up the trash on our street. I love our new store the staff is both knowledgeable and professional and I as well as others are very impressed with their customer service. Please relay this to all the staff at Dollar General 2710 W 16TH ST. Indpls,In 46222 Thank You in advance I hope.

This morning at 8:20am, I entered your Harlan, Iowa store. I was the only customer. When I entered, the employee, her name was Janis, was stocking a shelf close to the door. Not only did she not greet me, but her facial expression showed that she was disgusted that I had come in and interrupted her. (Here's a hint if they want customers out quickly - greet them, ask if they need help, help them, and then they are out of there). I needed 10 sets of lei's for an activity. I placed them on a counter, and went to get a few more items. When I layed the products on the counter, in a very snotty tone, said, "If you'll notice, that register is closed" and kept on stocking the shelf. At that I retorted, in a low tone, almost to myself, "I guess transferring these to the other register would be too hard for you." I then, went around the other side of the counter, transferred the product from the one register to the other. To show her how easy it was. And how that simple gesture of customer service, instead of a smart a _ _ mouth would keep a customer rather than run them off. But I don't think she got it. I was definitely a distraction to that important business of stocking the shelves. Because, as I read the other recent postings, that must be the most improtant aspect of the D.G. business. Based on the experiences of many of the other customers, being rude and indifferent to customers is common practice amongst the stores, which baffles me. We have a depressed economy, there are several other discount stores in town. D.G. just happens to be one block from where I work. But hey, if corporate doesn't care how customers are treated, I can drive 10 blocks as easy as one. The other two places have always been friendly and professional. From now on, I will be going to the other places to shop. I was reluctant to write this, after seeing all the other complaints. But I did, because I can see Janis' problem isn't her problem, or isolated to the store her in our town, but these roots seem to run far up the corporate ladder. With all the options that customers have one complaint should be too many. Perhaps someone in your organization needs to read and understand the Sigma Six concept.

My shopping today 5/9 included a purchase of coffee filters. The sign said buy 1 pkg (200 filters) get 2nd 1/2 price. The pkg only has 160 filters in it. I had the manager look and she said she had the 200 pkg in the back. When she came out she said no those were the sale items. I feel that the store owes me 80 more filters. Your manager just let it go. rcpt# 2010-05-09 9535 store# 08840 1486 smith ridge rd chittenango ny 13037

I have had two very rude experiences at Dollar General in Casa Grande, Az on Pinal Ave. I bought 2 pairs of Terry thongs at this store on 4-16-2010 and the first time that I tried to return 1 of the pairs that I had purchased I was told that I could not return them until the manager was on site. Jennifer was the clerks name and I felt that she was rude and not very professional in dealing with the public. Again, I tried to return the shoes on 5-4-2010, the 1 pair that was defective after wearing them once and the other pair that had never been worn. The manager was there and he said that I could return the defective pair but he could not give credit for the pair that had never been worn. He called me a liar in front of the clerks and a customer when I stated that the 1 pair had never been worn, then left the store and peeled out of the parking lot. His name is Matt Pierce. I now know where the personnel get their cue on how to deal with the public. So sad. I will not be returning to this store as I am a shooper for people that cannot get around and I feel that I do not have to take this abused from anyone much less someone who is serving the public. Thank you for your time to read this.

I originally started shopping at many diffeent D.G. stores because of the reasonable prices. However, my entire family and friends have noticed that it has become quiet expensive to shop there. Sometimes, one is even better off to purchase some things at other store, which were traditioanlly higher in price than D.G. I have actually spent MORE money at D.G. at times than at the grocery,and we ALL know the price of groceries! But, I am starting to look elsewhere to try to find the buys I once found at D.G. NOW...to adress the Personel problem there. Most of the Managers and employees have been nice to me. However, like many other Businesses, you are trying to operate without sufficient personel to get the job done. While I was on lunch break, about a month ago, I was in D.G. on Reidville Road, close to Burger King, in Spartanburg, S.C.,and literally had to leave, because an approx. 90 yr old woman was trying to use a debit card, and was clueless. After about 4 failed attempts, and the line backed up to just about mid-ways from front of store to the back, I asked the cashier..."Sir, do you have anybody that can check us out? I have to go back to work, and I can't be late." He said..."nope, I am the only one here." I just put everything down I had, and walked out the door. Today, I went to that same store again and the same thing almost happend again...only THIS time I told the Manager and the cashier asked him to come to the front. I told him I didn't want to have to leave again. You need to have enough personel to run the stores. We live in a busy society, and people don't have time to wait on ONE cashier each time they go to a store. You are loosing business. Now, after 2 trips there, I will know to avoid the store when I should be able to go and get out in a timely fashion.

I buy sun wash (oxi wash) in the bucket for $5.00. However I have tried to buy it in two different stores in LaGrange GA and West Point GA and they no longer have it. I would like to request that you please add it back to the list of items you carry in your stores. This product works great and I use it in every load of laundry. Thanks, Angie Blakley

i was in the clay city ky store and it so happened that the district manager was yelling at a employee so loud that you could here him al through the store. i am 48, and have been retail for 25 years, and he appeared at least vocally to be a horses ass

I was a customer at the dollar general store in montour falls ny. i shopped there almost every day. I like the products and prices of your store, I do not go in the store anymore due to the unfriendly atmosphere, and the attitude of the manager who thinks you are a burden for ringing the bell at the counter when she is busy. it would be nice to have a friendly person to make you feel comfortable as you shop or need to ask for help.

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