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I just put a rateing for the store on 7th st. in Parkersburg W.V.,These people never stock anything.When it opened it was a good store.Now when you go in you can't find anything.When they do stock product,it is in a differant place every time.If it is not stocked, they won't even check to see if it is there! On one instance my wife ,and I went in for dog food,The employee there said(he didn't think there was benifull there).He didn't check,he sugested that we buy everpet,because Benifull was pretty expensive.I know this is your brand,but to tell the truth I wouldn't feed it to a stray.He even said he wouldn't feed it to his dog.This was a mgr.You would think a mgr. would want you to spend more.The fact that you go through 15 mgr.s a year there might have something to do with that.This store was a store we went to 5 to6 times a week.Now we will travel an extra mile to Family Dollar.We live 1 block from this store,and I feel it's pretty bad that we are forced into this.I was in mgmt. for 30 years. If I couldn't do it any better than this,I would wash dishes,or collect trash or something else that takes verry little skill.I would say thank you,but I don't know what to thank you for.The rateing for this store should be -5,but it's not on the scale.A concerned x costemer

Well, as with most of the other posts I have to agree that if you're looking for customer service and efficiency you'll need to go somewhere else. While the DG is very convenient to me, there have been many times I have gone out of my way to make purchases elsewhere due to many reasons . . . (1) not enough store personnel (you have to wait to be checked out or ring that stupid bell!!! - Pleeeeeeeease make your employees watch the registers - that's how you're making your money!) (2) Items don't ring up as priced on the shelves (never less - always more) (3) Employees seem overworked and most don't seem to care about their jobs and I feel sometimes as if I'm "bothering" them Having stated the above there are also a lot of good people working at the DG near me. Just like much of the work force, they are underpaid and overworked and I try to take that into consideration when I get aggravated. A lot of these things aren't the employees fault, but the company and PLEASE stop asking me to donate to the Literacy Fund. I see the box there and IF I have any extra cash I will drop it in. However, most people are having really difficult times right now and don't have 2 cents to spare so stop asking for donations. People dontate if they want to and are ABLE to.

I visited my Dollar General Store in Knoxville Tenessee, Western Ave. on July 7th. at around 5:30 pm. I made my selections and went to the register and what happened next absoutly amazed me. I was turned away becouse they could not take my CASH!!! The gentleman behind the register said he did not have change and I could pay with a card or exact change. You mean to tell me this store had been open for moore than 8hrs and did not have any cash change, my purchase was only $13.00 & some change, not a big amount. I go to this store often and have not had a problem in the past , but I will use another store in future that i can pay cash with. I dont use credit cards for small amounts and dont intend to use them in this store just becouse they dont have change! You have lost a customer that spends money in one of your store on a regular basis, please check into this store's cash flow problems so future shoppers will not have this same problem.

I have visited a couple of your stores in the area where I live, Monticello and Jackson Ga. I would say that the experience in the stores was fine, but when leaving I would call it an embarrassment to myself and your company. While checking out the clerks at these stores placed my items into garbage bags. They indicated that they had been cut off by Dollar General from receiving any merchandise bags. I do not understand how a company as large as yours can resort to having your customers exit your stores with the embarrassment of carrying merchandise to the car in a trash bag. Normally your stores provide a bright yellow bag with the Dollar General Logo, that serves as a good advertisement for your company and a way to carry your merchandise. Can’t say much for the new style trash bags however. Just felt this is something that you need to be aware is happening at your stores.

I believe that your workers think their customers are a pain! Ardmore, Ok. Dollar General on Washington is the one I am referring to- Ashlea is a horrible manager!

The assistant manager Shawn Moore at store #1395 Jacksonville Florida was GREAT. She was so helpful I couldn't believe she was only the assistant manager. It was Thursday, the beginning of the 4th of July weekend, and Shawn saved the day!

I thought hard on taking this complaint into action, and I also consider, if this happen once it may have been a on going accurance. I was at the checkout lane in the Dollar General, both lanes was open,I check in the lane where the manager was ringing, I looked over to the lane next to him and saw a checkout operator talking on her cell phone, it was obvious it was a personal call. I gave the manager a very strange look, and he look at me the same way, than I ask him a question, (are you still the manager of this store?) He reply (yes) so I ask him was that permitted, He reply no, and he would take care of it, but there were to many customer to address it right now, but if this was not allowed why did it happen? I have worked in retail for over 15 years and never have I seen such poor customer assitance, with the manager right there.Just down the street where you buy beer and cigaretties, they have a sign on their register(will not be serve while talking on your cell phone.) Where I work you will receive a automatic termanation. Dollar General in Pgh,Pa #08972

I went into the Dollar General in Chaumont Ny on Monday 6/28 at 7 PM,as I was doing some shopping I heard a young lady in the aisle explaining to another lady that she could not work a certain day because she had just had surgery and had a tube placed in her face, which you could plainly see fron the gauze acrossed her ear. Obviously Im thinking this woman is the manager and the young lady was staff. I tell you I would never be an employee of that store if they treat their staff the wat this lady did. Anyway as I get to the register there is approxiametly 15 people waiting to check out, the cashier was having a problem running a check through so called the manager up. The manager helped her with the problem and walked away, not acknowledging the 15 people waiting in line, so another customer went to the back of the store herself to get the manager to come up and cash people out. I went to her register just to see her name and it is Nancy. Dollar General should really consider getting rid of her.

I worked at Dollar General, and recently walked out!!! They expect alot from you in a short amount of time, I worked with some very good,hard working people. I liked the job itself, but was transferred and my new manager is friends with the DM and they kindof let their authority go to their head, and will take advantage of anyone that will take it! Wish I would've stayed at my original location. Good luck to all that work at DG, cause I know you work your butt off. Hopefully a fair DM will get hired in my location.

So tonight I go to the local Dollar General Store here in Nashville to purchase a can of bug spray. When I pulled in the parking lot the clerk Cortney ran to the door and stood. I walk up to the door but told me they were closed. The time was 8:56 and the stre dont close till 9:00. There were customers inside and when I told her I have 4 minutes left she replies "4,3,2, minutes were closed" I replied "Are you serious, there are still people inside"and she refused to let me in. So I went home and stille made it back before 9 pm. I called the store and asked how I was able to get ahold of the manager. Danielle the other clerk working told me she wasnt allowed to give me that information. So I asked her how I was suppose to make a complaint she told me she didnt know. So I told her I wanted to make the complaint regarding her not allowing me service and said thanks and hung up. Now I have been a department manager at Walmart and a Deli manager for Kroger and we were not allowed to refuse service no earlier than closing time so why have opening and closing times if you are not going to abide by them? I do have to say I wont shop at the Dollar General here in Nashville Michigan again I suggest you dont either.

I find it funny that people come on here and complain about so much, 90% of it is meaningless, and there is no praise. I see a lot of people working hard at Dollar General, retail isn't an easy job. There are slugs, but many good people. Put yourself in their position, they have a job to do with limited hours and help. I bet most of you wouldn't last an hour!

Dollar General in Ducktown TN. I called DG several times to ask about a sale item and could not get through to the store. I drove to the store and saw the manager standing outside with the phone.

I would like to report an employee of yours in the Bellwood PA Store on Friday afternoon June 18th 2010. Afternoon shift an employee named Carol, I don't know her last name. She was putting alot of items in a big bag, which was for storage items, batteries, cookies. She has a big bag in her hand and was putting a lot in it. I said I didn't want a lot in that bag. She got mad and was grabbing the small bags and saying I will put everything in one bag since you want it that way and putting the bags slamming them down.To me she acted very rude. I feel she should be reprimanded. Tracy Eckenrode

The Meyersdale PA Dollar General is an alright store except for some of their employees! I was in line behind one young woman and her and the tall blonde female nightshift employee were having an extrememly rude, unprofessional, and inappropriate conversation about shooting up heroin. I guess since they figured I was a guy in my 20s they could talk about such things and I wouldn't care, but due to my conservative beliefs I was highly offended! I hope conversations about drugs are not allowed from employees while working!!!!!!!!

i would give u a 5 star rating but lately dollar general store in princeton, in. is too hot to shop in and it seems to me it was that way last summer...i asked the girls that were at the register when i walked in why is it so hot in here? it's as hot in here as it is outside...they said the air conditioner was down and had been and was reported several times but did not know when it would be working again...how awful for those employees to have to work in those conditions and then expect to be in a good mood when customers complain about how hot it is in the store amongst other things complained about...if this is a sweat shop then why do customers have to suffer when they come to shop let alone the employees...makes me feel sorry for them...i always enjoy shopping at dollar general i have for years now but not in that sweltering condition...might as well have your merchandise outside so at least a breeze is felt...i have a breathing problem and it was very hard on me to get the items i needed without feeling like i was going to pass out from the heat...the walk from the car in the 100 degree weather is enough but to go in the store to escape it and find out it was just as hot in the store as outside made me sick even with the couple of fans they had running it was not enough to help! please remedy this like yesterday for your valued? customers to continue shopping with comfort and ease...i do want to compliment how well the young ladies handled my questions and was still very nice to me despite the conditions...i hate to think what it will be like when flies start breeding in this heat!

Dollar General Store employees are very rude in Meridianville, AL. 2010.

To Whom it may concern, 17 June 2010 I am writing this to say that I have a complaint concerning one of your stores in Leesville,LA, more specifically the one located at 900 N. 5th St.,STE.14 Store #2054. I am and have been a regular customer of Dollar General for at least 20 years. I am however dissapointed at the fact that the Debit/Credit Card machine has not been operational for some 3 months at least. Please see from your end what could be done to resolve this issue, so as to better accommodate your regular customers, as well as those that may be coming in from out of town, and or state. To top it all off Leesville is a City that is near Fort Polk, LA. Thank you for your consideration per this matter. A regular Customer, Charles Ballback

I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED IN YOUR 100 PERCENT CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. I TRIED TO RETURN A RUG PURCHASED AT THE HOBART, IN. DOLLAR GENERAL STORE AND WAS TOLD IT HAD BEEN TOO LONG SINCE THE RUG WAS PURCHASED. THE BINDING CAME LOSE ON THE RUG THE FIRST TIME IT WAS SHOOK.The young lady had to call her manager to learn of the store policy. I really am surprised that the dollar general stores does not keep its word on keeping customers happy.

Why is it that if you have a coupon that says free item , the dollar store doesnt honor it unless you buy the exact same product? The coupon doesnt say buy one get one only free.

My wife and I shopped at The store in our townin Bunn NC until we purchased an item marked at 2 for $1.30 the manager said no it was marked wrong and the price is $1.50 we showed her about 30 of the same irem maked at the same price, then she said "we don't have a price gun that mkes those tickets. I guess some body came in and marked them from the street. Also I find it rude and inconsiderate for the manager to be standing outside the store next to the entrance smoking!!! They lost our business and many others I talked to.

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