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The Dollar General on Lebanon Pk in Hermitage, TN is a wonderfully, well-stocked, great customer service and cleanly store. They always have an abundance of Holiday Items which is a plus. It's also very hard to get my kids to buy just one thing. From the cards to frames to food to cleaners, I am very impressed. Could lower the prices on some things a little though. My only complaint is that Dawn found other employment. She was always so helpful, friendly and knowlegable. If she was still there, I'd say give her a MERIT RAISE!

The store in lincolnton ga is so bad #08916 sat 0ct 23rd line backed up manager going outside to smoke does not care about the store at all who do I contact to complain about this it is not going to get better unless everyone complains

I was an employee for DG and I came down with a health issue after 3 days of working there so I had to quit. when I went to get my paycheck the store manager acted like she was too buisy to help me, so I am having to wait on my check that I desperately need befor I go to the hospital. This store is no different then the others, the store is great but some of the people are terrable. Huffman Tx

I am writing in regards to an incident that occurred on October 16, 2010 between 8:00am and 9:30am. Until that day, I have never been to a Dollar General Store but I went to the Dollar General (Located on 501 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, PA; Store #: 12415) to take advantage of a $10 gift card for its grand opening, to use a $5 mail-in coupon after buying $20 worth of items, and to use three $1.00 off DG coupons for buying selected items. After shopping around, I selected items that total about $26 (without including the tax). When I came to the register, the cashier (the store manager) rang up the items to $26.38. I then gave her the coupons. She proceed to scan the 3 $1.00 off DG coupons and place the coupons along with the $5 dollar mail-in coupons in the register. The total of the price came to $21.38. I then gave her the $10 gift card. The overall price came to $11.38. I thought something was odd so I asked the cashier if the $5 mail-in coupon and the three coupons were used. She quickly responded yes and said “waiting for the customer” in a hasty manner to get me to pay for my order. So, I paid and tried to look at the receipt in her presence but then she told that she scanned all the coupons and that I would see it on the receipt. After stepping out the store, I went over the receipt and did my own calculations and realized that not all the coupons were used. Initially, I thought that the $5 coupon was not used because she did not scan the $5 mail-in coupon (just put it in register) so I went back into the store and told the cashier that I thought the $5 coupon was not used and that the total price should be around $8. She yelled at me, claiming that all the coupons were used and made sarcastic remarks about “not doing my math right” and “not thinking right” but went over the receipt with me. She told me that the whole price came to $21.38 after using the coupons (the 3 $1.00 off) and that she then took $5 and the $10 off to get $11.38. Going off her logic, I said that $21 minus $10 would get me $11 and that if the $5 was used, the total price should be about $6. She then got nasty me and continued to say that all the coupons were used and they would show on the receipt. She then pointed to where it says $5 savings; however, I still pointed out that the price is not reflecting that if the price was about $21 before removing the $10 and the $5. I then asked for the store manager and then she told me that she was the store manager and remarked that I should just go to another store. I continue to insist that the price was wrong if all the coupons were used. To show me that the price of $11.38 will appear, she voided my items, took out the $10 gift card that I used and the 3 $1.00 off from the register, and then proceeded to scan my items like before. I realized then that the whole price was initially $26.38 and that the $5 was subtracted to get $21.38. She then used the $10 gift card to get $11.38. It was then that I realized that it was the three $1.00 off coupons that were not used and I pointed this out to her. She then claimed that she told me three times that the coupons could not be used with the $10 gift cards, yet she initially took the coupons from me, put them in the register, claimed that they did scanned, and allowed me to walk out of the store without them. I asked her why since the coupons were directly from the Dollar General Store website and that nowhere on the $10 gift card and the $5.00 off coupon does it say that other coupons cannot be used. She replied “I don’t know” and that “maybe the system just won’t allow them.” At that point, considering that she was the store manager and that I did not have time to go to another store, I decided to void some of the items that I planned to have the coupons pay for to get a total price of $5.88. She then helped pack my stuff and gave me back my coupons and I left the store. She was right that the $5 was taken off; however, what concerns me was that she illegally took the three $1.00 coupons from me and would not have given them back have I have not pointed out the discrepancy in the price. She tried to twist it as if she knew that the three coupons were not included and that she told me but only gave them back when I came back to store right away to question the price. On other hand, if she knew that the coupons did not scan but originally took the coupons, then she knowingly robbed from me. Yesterday may have been their grand opening and they may have been under a lot of stress; however, that does not excuse the store manager for being rude to not only me but to other customers who asked for help.

This is both a negative and a positive (of sorts) review. I have been going to your Dollar General store on North Lamar and Rutland in Austin, Texas for a few years. I have had two very negative experiences there in the last week and a half. For one thing, when you walk in, no one greets you (and that's ok, I can live with that part),even if there are at least two people in the front area working. Last week I went there and I was going to buy quite a few things (about 75 dollars worth) and I had 2 sets of nursing scrubs and I still had a lot of other things to get, so I asked one of the ladies who works there (skinny white girl with a ponytail) if I could put this down at the register and she gave a very dirty look and said just put them on one of the clothes racks over there and pointed to the clothes rack where I had gotten the scrubs from. I told her, why would I want to put them back where I got them from and she rudely said, well that's the only place you can put them at (she had a very, "I don't give a shit attitude"). Today, Sunday Oct. 17th I went there to buy several household items and when I went to check out the cashier range everything up, put my items in bags and after I paid with my credit card, she tells me that her register ran out of paper and she can't give me a receipt and asked me, "do you need a receipt". I said yes, it would be nice to get a receipt for the items I just paid for. So, there was a black gentleman who I assumed was the manager and she asks him about printing a receipt out as she is putting in a new roll of register paper in her machine and then she turns and said, well if you are going to want a receipt you have to go to the other register and wait and then we will have to scan all your items again in order to give you a receipt. I was very upset at this point and so was the lady that was waiting in line behind me. I just told them, nevermind, I don't have your kind of time, and told them this is so ridiculous and unprofessional and walked out. Now for the positive part, I think it has been about 6 to 9 months ago, there was a very, very nice young black gentleman who worked there at that store, named Jarvis. He has been the only (and I mean ONLY) nice employee at that store. He would always greet me and my daughter when we would come in there and ask us how we were doing that day. He always had a smile on his face, no matter what. That is the kind of people you should have at all your stores. Not the rude and very unprofessional people that you hire now a days. You need to bring in a professional company and have a class for this dumb asses that work for Dollar General and teach them how to treat the PAYING public. We arn't asking you or your stores to give us anything, we are paying for what we buy and just want to be treated with respect, but not to be treated rudely or like I am bothreing you because I need a receipt for my purchase. Don't want to ever shop at Dollar General again.

I visited the Dollar General store located at 1290 Highway 82 E in Tifton GA recently. I have nothing but praise for this store. It was the neatest, cleanest and most organized Dollar General I have ever been in. The manager there, deserves a pat on the back. Keep up the good work.

I shop at the dollar store in smithville texas , well I used to go in there at least three or four times a week, but Ive since stopped going in there and told many people I know not to go in there anymore and I wasnt surprised went one them said they didnt go in there anymore either because the manager her name is KIM has got to be the rudest person that works there. SHe is very unfriendly, acts like it is inconvenient that she might have to open the other register and wait on someone (only if the line is all the way down the isle will she do that). I went in there one day and there was a little box with what was called bling string sitting on the counter when I went to pay for my things I just asked her what bling string is and she said in a very hatefull way , why dont you just buy it Im tired of people asking me what it is. Very hate ful person and Im encouraging people I know not to go in there and be treated like that. Please get someone in there that is friendly so we can have a store that you dont have to dread going into.

i was in denton nc there are two lady in the denton store the manger and the other manger was very rude one was following me like i was going to still something. i am not the only one. i will not go back to that store when they are there i will go to family dollar store.that iss not all they have done. more people is going to going to family dollar when they are working denton is a small town and everybody talks. thatnk you ashley 10-12-10

The MANAGER, and assistance manager, well ALL the FEMALES in this store, are MEAN, and just as NASTY as can be! They are so RUDE, they act like they do NOT WANT to be at work. They're talking on the phone alot ~ personal phone calls. I have heard management talking on the phone, saying her husband is living at the neighbor hood drug house!!! She also said the name of the peoples house that he's staying at (the drug house) in which happen to be MY SISTER's house!! They females are always complaining about one thing or another, they do not like their jobs, that's made VERY,VERY CLEAR!! The males have been very nice & helpful. Each and EVERYONE of the employees look like they'e running late for work, & grap a dirty shirt off the FLOOR! They ALL are wrinkled, nasty looking, EVERYONE of them look like they have been bleached. And are VERY FADED looking. I DO NOT AND HAVE NOT GONE TO THIS STORE, IN 3 MONTHS NOW, It's not worth it, so I just go to walmart now. May God Bless you and your family. Thank you.

I use to work at dollar general in '06 there we we told and trained to have friendly attitudes.I now shop at a dollar general in red oak texas each time I go in there and the worker gwen is there i want to just leave without shopping.she always seems to have the worst attuitude.today i went in saw that she was there and wanted to leave and come back another time but i needed to return something.she looked at me and so i told her i needed to return something because i knew she saw me come in with something and i also didn't know if she needed to call a manager or something to do that she got an attitude and told me i needed to wait in line because she had 2 people to ring up, i knew i would have to wait and then when she got to me the phone rang but it wasn't a customer,she was having a personal conversation on the work phone while she had a customer and a growing line. i don't think you are suppose to have personal calls while not on break. i am so close to no longer shopping a dollar general,i have already made it to where i will drive 20 minutes to go to wal-mart rather than 5 mins to go to that dollar general.

I'm Very displeased at the Dollar General store in Algonac MI.Because a lot of the time I a confronted with rude, managers Angel and Brandy are two of the worst & have even been rude to and my 80 yr Grandmother.Today I was confronted by the rudest cashier ever Her name was Jen.I have worked for the public for 20 yrs and understand it is a pain sometimes but I asked this women where a Halloween item was and she was completely rude and didn't care I had my son with me and he was even upset about her ranting and raveing about her job and hw she is friends with the other two Managers were and wish she didn't have to work.Excuse me in this econmy we all need a job.I aplogize if I'm comming off as rude.But when you have rude Managers and cashiers complaing about there job and their responsablities its rediclous!!Please get rid of the problem.Thankyou Michele Mancinni

I have worked for the company about 3 years now and I am have become the store manager in my store for about 2 months now. I am reading all the comments on this site and believe they are all on track. Not enough hours and over worked employees leads to bad service. I am a very friendly person and I have my days when I come in and nothing is ringing up correctly or we are out of product because we are not given enough hours to do stock. All this with the lack of pay is hurting Dollar General bottom line when it comes to their customers. So, when I visit other stores I always try to remember 2 things - you have no clue how much this person gets paid or how hard they have been asked to work. I hope if any of you ever visited my store we would get 5 stars!! Yes, are return policy is NOT the greatest but some thing you should keep in mind is that we get on bad reports for to many returns!!

I am a freqent customer of Dollar General and have always had great service there. I usually shop the stores in Smyrna, TN, however, I made a quick stop at the Dollar General store on Broad St. in Murfreesboro on my lunch break today. There was a female employee in there ranting and raving to someone on the phone. She was obviously unhappy about something as you could hear her yelling all over the store. It was quite disturbing. It was even more disturbing when I found out this woman was the manager. There is no excuse for the way she was behaving in that store and she was quite unprofessional. The little girl at the check out counter was hands down more profesional than the manager. This woman does not need to be in the position where people are to look up to her or look to her for guidance. Someone definitely needs to be guiding her. I was absolutely appalled at her behavior. I was not the only customer who complained to the poor girl at the cash register, either. I hope that you will not tolerate this type of behavior from your managers, of all people.

Hi, I have shopped at Dollar general on Spillway Road for as long as I have live here about 4 years. The previous managers were rude and the store was filthy so I stopped going there last year about August of 2009. One of my neighbors, Henry, said that they hired a new manager and that he had cleaned, organized and re-done the store and it looks wonderful. I beleive his first name is Greg. I went in the store and I was amazed, it was clean, organized, not cluttered and I loved the new manager. he was friendly, showed me were items were and thanked me for shopping there. This is the way a store should be run, friendly and knowledgeable managers willing to stop what they are doing and come and help customers. I will tell all my friends that they should go back to that location as that Manager is wonderful and hard working and it shows...good work Dollar General for hiring that man, we needed him in our neighrrhood.

I was overcharged for a purchase that I made at Dollar General Store #02865 and the cashier called the manager (Donna)to fix the overcharge. Donna told the cashier it will give me the discount when she pushes the total button. The cashier immediatly pressed the button and it did not give me the reduction. The cashier and I both said that the total was not correct and we both attempted to get (Donna)to refund me the overcharge. After hunting her down she said she currently can not do it because she is giving a interview. What kind of example is she setting in this interview. I will tell you "It's ok to cheat and ignore the customer".

Hey everyone, I walked in to the Dollar General store in Hiddenite NC and guess what. They are the same here very rude people and no customer service. Every time you go in there is always new people and new managers. Why cant they find good help. I have been in there and always when you buy something its a different price because it was placed in the wrong spot. I am getting tired of the way Dollar General treats their customers and wish they would close the doors. I don't shop in them anymore. You can find most all the stuff cheaper at different stores anyway.GET SOME GOOD NICE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

I have loved our Sachse, Tx. Dollar General since it first opened. They have had great managers and employees who take the time to help customers. I wonder if there is an emplyee handbook or training video to encourage and set examples for employees to use good customer relations skills. Even then, employees need positive reinforcement, decent wages, and respect from upper mangaement. They are expected to stock the store and wait on customers. Apparently their favorite cost cutting measure is to not hire overnight stockers. After reading so many negative comments I truly hope that Dollar General corporate offices will contact an independent research company to utilize secret shoppers to visit stores and report their experiences. Of course this report should be based on at least three independent visits since every retail day is filled with good and bad moments. I would also think that customer comment cards could be added at every register. Customers should have the option of mailing these to corporate so that managers and employees cannot modify or eliminate the comments. Many people prefer using the internet these days, so proactive companies like Target Stores have set up online customer comment links. All these suggestions will be to no avail if corporate policy is not in place or a responsible party doesn't take the time to read and respond. If I could fill one out for our Sachse DG it would be filled with positive comments.

I went to dollar general # 09221 at 501 warren coleman blvd concord nc 28025 the manager was so mean to a worker you could hear her all over the store had her crying i will never go back she said bad words she looked sloppy to be a manager the words she used I was a manager I hope I was better to people then she was I would never want anyone to be fired but she needs to be I don't know her last name it was funney her first name was cynphia thats the way someone spelled it anyway there are many people looking for jobs that would be better then she is it is so sad dollar general would hire someone that Low the store was dirty and to top it off the girl she was mean to was working harder the she was they should make her manager

Once again I am on here but this is bad. Last comment I left was good. I shop at your DG location in Walton Kentucky at least 3 to 4 times a week. I went in there today and discovered that they are short handed of staff and the assistant manager is working his but off to keep the store looking good. Your company has apparently let the store manager Tina go. She was a sweet lady and a hard worker. Every day that I would stop by your store, she was always smiling and ready to take care of you. Never once did I ever have a problem with her. I hope you can keep the staff you have in there now. This store has come a long ways and if you let these people go, im sure you will loose a lot of business. They turned this store from a disaster to a great place to shop. Oh yeah and should I mention,...you should ask your upper management to have some understanding for their management. These people need breaks to like you all get. Do you not beleive that they should have time with their families. It is only a $1.00. Treat them nice and give back to them too. We as customer's notice these things and the people who work in this enviroment such as DG puts a toll on their attitudes, lives, and jobs. You should be ashamed of the way you all as a corporation run and treat your employees. You should open your eyes and be kind and greatful that you have those big top jobs. Im sure they would love to have a paycheck like yours or even the time off like what you get. Get real Dollar General or you will loose in the long run. Sad to say but true. I don't blame your employee's for disliking their jobs.

I visit the Dollar General in De Leon, TX often, frankly because it is the only store in town. The other day I was checking out with my 3 yr old daughter who was fussing for some candy. I simply told her no because she got other things. This employee looked straight at my daughter, not me!, and said, "Here you go, get you some candy", while handing her a dollar!!! Just so everyone knows, this was the MANAGER who I do not know from Adam!! Other times we have visited the store, this same Manager has been "stocking shelves" while there is only one checker and 10-15 (not an exaggeration) people in line to check out!! And the only reason I put parenthasis around that is because the fact that the stuff you always need is never on the shelves!

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