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I am writing concerning the closing of one of your stores in Bowling Green, KY. It is located on Main Street. The store has been closed for almost two weeks and all of the lights are still on and stay on day and night. You quote in your main ad "save money". If you are wanting to save money I would suggest getting those lights turned off. Someone said they were on a computer, can't someone in the corporate office change the computer so the lights can be turned off. In this day and age I think we need to save all the energy we have. Keeping lights on 24 hours a day 7 days a week is a waste in my opinion. No wonder there are stores closing.

I visited the store on 08/03/2010 at 9:20pm. I entered the store to shop because they had some great sells but once I entered the cashier tells me that machines are down and they are accepting cash only. I went ahead and got what I could with the cash I had on my because it was so close to store closing. Once at the register I expressed my frustration by stating I was upset that the machines were down. I also told her that she just missed a $100.00 sell because I needed to use my bank card to shop. Instead of her apologizing she states that my sell is NOT BENEFITING HER AND SHE DIDN'T CARE IF I SPENT MONEY OR NOT. She also refused to ring my items and the manager had to come close me out. He never spoke nor apologized for the actions of the cashier. I was upset and told her she is not suppose to be talking to a customer like that. I also told her that Dollar General is who you work for so they are paying you so it is benefiting you. She was rude and out of line. The manager was non-responsive to her rude behavior. She should be reprimanded and so should the manager. Do you really want employees like that to represent Dollar General? I spend tons of money in there EVERY MONTH. I have 3 kids and I spend lots of money on food and supplies. I am upset and I will never visit that store again. Since I love Dollar General so much I don't think I will stop going but I won't go back to that store. My email address is

I shop at Dollar General in Trenton, IL When the store first open under the management of Donna it was organized, efficient, well-maintained, clean...a great place to shop! Unfortunately, Donna retired. The new manager is not organized...the store is a mess, you are greeted with rugs on top of rugs at the front door...nearly tripped and fell on my face. Carts of broken down boxes in the aisles...product on the floor...product on top of product on the shelves...so much stuff at the registers you can barely get to the registers...filthy floors...the store is a mess! Please address this so our Trenton, Illinois Dollar General can once again be a positive representation of our well maintained community! You deserve to be represented much better as well. Thanks for you immediate attention to this matter!

I use to shop at Dollar General in Seymour Indiana and i am in there alot through the week and i have a Handgun License so i carry open all the time which is legal in the state of Indiana and was told by one casher that i have to cover it up which is Ilgegal under the 2nd amendment and i informed her that i was in my legal right to open carry and did not have to conceal it not once did she ask me to leave mind you just told me to conceal it but i blew it off and left with out geting anything because of my little dealing but and i went in agian today and had a better time and when i went to check out the manager i'm guessing asked me how my day was going and i told her better this time she asked me and i told her wut happend and she told me that she to can carry and knows the laws and told me that i CAN NOT CARRY into any store in the state And that is bull and i told her that as long as its not posted i can and will carry and all they can do is ask me to leave. so if such a big Company like this want to spit on the Rights we have that Men and Women have fought and die for to protect then i will take my shoping some where else and i hope those who read this will take note and stop this from going on.

We just wanted to write to let you know how much we enjoy shopping at our new Dollar General in Basehor, KS. It is a wonderful store. The staff are very professional and they always welcome us! It is a welcomed addition to our community. THANK YOU!

I live in Cloverdale, IN and my store # is 06749. I visit this store atleat 4-5 days a week. Every time I go into this store and a girl named Brittany is working, she is never doing anything but standing around. I was there yesterday, and she made the very polite clerk waiting on customers, to stop waiting on customers, which I was next, and ring her stuff up. Today, there is 7 people in line and Brittany and a black man working there are off laughing in a isle. It hit me wrong and I just went up and asked her why that every time I come in the store, she is never working. Her reply to me was she did not have a register, and the black man informed me if I did not like it, I could go up the road to Value Market. I was mad, but already had the items, and went to the line. The black man immediately went to the other register and asked for the next person. He was appologized once the line was down and I was at the register and said he did not realize the line was so long. Brittany walked up and spun the shopping bag rack, but never once lifted a finger. This girls clothes are so dingy, they are not even bright yellow. She is very rude. We are a very small community and I spend well over 250.00 a month in the store. I will not be going back and will be taking my business to the Family Dollar across the road. I would rather pay a few extra cents at other stores then to visit this store again. It has had so many clerks in and out of there in he last year it is unreal. Reading the previous posts, Dollar General is all about the bottom dollar, and not the customer.

My daughter was fired because she was scamed from 2 black men. $50.00 was the amount and also these 2 black men hit another store and cause another female too lose her job also. My daughter was one of the best clerks this store in Wardensville WV. has had in a very long time. She has a small child she supports, and now no job. There are no jobs left in this small community. She never missed work, always worked when they wanted her too. She really loved her job and all the local people here really misses her. I think the manager could have done more to help her keep her job. This has really been a hardship on her and her family. They say it's policy, I think somebody should review their policy, and rewrite some things. I know somebody made a 400 dollar mistake at a Wal-mart and they didn't lose their job. What gives so rewrite your policy. My daughter would love to go back to work at the Dollar General. She really needs a job. I hope and pray you will read this and do something about this stupid policy. My daughter needs her job back.Now the burden falls on her parents to help support her and her child. Please review her work records and really think hard about your stupid policy. 1- 3 chances of over or under on your drawer or your fired [ THEY ARE ONLY HUMAN, MISTAKES HAPPEN] take it out of their paychecks but you don't have to fire them especially GOOD AND HONEST EMPLOYEES. yOU WANT TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT POLICY GET RID OF YOUR NO GOOD MANAGERS!! 2- your assistance manager and your managers should work more hours than the cashiers, and one of them should work a weekend with the cashier. No wonder the cashiers are making little mistakes with the cash registers. The cashiers have alot of work and stocking while waiting on customers at the same time. 3- when the manager is standing beside of the cashier, and the cashier asks for help and the manager says nothing and does nothing what are you suppose to do. Then your manager causes you to be fired, because she wouldn't take a minute to help the cashier with the problem, when you have a long line of customers, you're in trouble again because you have more than 3 customers in your line, so mistakes will happen because you don't want to lose your job,and you have to rush to get the customers through the line. 4- I read all of these complaints from other employees with the same issues WHY DON'T DOLLAR GENERAL WAKE UP AND READ THE COMPLAINTS THEMSELVES AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE POLICY!!!!!!! I am very disappointed and disgusted with WARDENSVILLE WV DOLLAR GENERAL STORE [ but it sounds like most of these stores have the same problem TOO MANY CHIEFS AND NOT ENOUGH INDIANS!!]

I work for Dollar General as a Cashier. I am very friendly and greet all everyone that enter's the store if I see them . It is hard at time as the Cashier had to stock self's as well. Also a lot of Cashier's may seem rude , Because we are timed as we ring you up and they like it to addvrage out at the end our our shift to be around 2 seconds . So we have to get you rang up and gone as fast as we can. If not we are fired. Also we cant be more than 1.99 over or under our reg- or we are written up next time fired. And we are human. I have only been under once $6.00.. I was written up . Next time I am fired. I really like my job at DG always on timen and a hard worker. Just hope I am never under again.. So try and think we have a lot dto do stick and ring up as fast as we can to keep our job's..

i been going in this store in Blakely, ga almost everyday shoping. today i went into the store to shop for back to school supplies. i was on one isle, and my nine year old daugther was on the other isle. she was playing with one of the toys .just as i turn the conner to see were my daughter was, the manager of that store called my little girl a negga, his words was"negga put it down". i was so hurt i wanted to fight him right there in that store. the one thing i will never do agan is go in that store to shop for anything. i think that Dollar Genaral needs to be careful who they put in there stores.b/c those words will get somebody killed, times have changed and so have people.

I was shopping at the Spencer, Tn Dollar General Store on Monday, July 19th where i witnessed an employee turning in her keys and belongings and ask the manager for some kind of slip regarding her termination and the manager who's name was Natallie ? ask her to go to the break room and was cursing and yelling at her told her not to ever come back in the store, The little girl she did this too left in tears and was very upset. I thought this was a very unproffesional way to treat an employee under and circumstance and thought I would bring it to your attention so you could resolve the matter so it doesnt happen again. It upset me as I was hearing it, and I didn't even know the little girl and didn't catch her name. Thanks for you concern.

Hi, I live in Jacksonville, Fl. and shop at the Dollar General Store #2821 frequently. Since they have changed managers the store has gone downhill. Please bring Sam Hunt back to the store so it will once again look like a place people would want to shop in. When Sam was there, it was always clean and everything was in it's place. The card racks were always neat and made easy to find what you were looking for. Now everything is in a shabbles and the store looks like a disaster. Please get the store back to the way it was when Sam was the manager by bringing him back. There is one young lady that has been there for a while who really tries, but she can't do it all by herself. Plus she works the register. Please help us get the store back to it's clean organized status.

I am writing to voice a complaint about a policy which Dollar General Store has in place that I feel is a grave disservice to your customers. On July 1, 2010 my husband and I were in Britt, Ia. visiting relatives. I found a nice gift item for my mother-in-law's birthday present and my husband needed some ibuprofin for his headache. While I was looking around I found some Bobbie Brooks bras at a reasonable price. I asked the clerk is there was a dressing room available and was told, "No, there isn't." I didn't know what else to do but to slip the bra over my outer clothes to try it on quickly. I was slightly embarassed but relieved that no one saw me do it. I felt that the bra might work, but thought that we would be passing through Britt on our way home and could return them if neccesary. I decided to buy two of them, since they were a decent price. Well, the bras were a little too large, so we stopped on our way home with the intention of returning them. I was told that I was unable to return or exchange any undergarments. One of the bras had never been off the hanger even and the other was worn only long enough to see if it fit. I had the receipt and I had the original packaging for both bras. The next part is extremely hard to tell, but I feel I must. When I was told that I wasn't able to return the items, I became annoyed and voiced my opinion about selling garments that can't be tried on and then not being able to return them. I believe that if the Dollar General Stores are not going to provide changing rooms, then the least you could do is allow returns. You are not offering number one service to your customers to say the least, and definatley setting people up to be humiliated and disappointed with their experience shopping there. While my husband was looking at Iowa T-shirts, I put one of the bras back and took a smaller size. Unfortunately, the clerk was able to see what I did and came up to me and told me that what I did was like shoplifting and threatened to call the police. I handed the bras to her telling her to keep them for herself, that I was not shoplifting and didn't need bras that wouldn't fit. I left the store empty handed without my money back or the bras I had purchased. Of course, my husband left without getting his Iowa T-shirt also. I was very hurt by this experience. I know I chose to go against the Dollar General Store's policy hoping no one would actually mind if I had a bra that might fit to go home with. I feel that your policy set not only myself, but the store's employees to be exasperated. I will definately avoid shopping in that store again and will probably not shop in Dollar General Stores in the future. In conclusion, I beg you on behalf of other prospective customers to not sell bras in your stores if you are not going to allow women to try them on first, especially if you will not allow them to be returned if they do not fit. This is taking unfair advantage of your customers. Using the line that "some have spoiled it for others" is a pitiful excuse for not offering personal service and makes me wonder what our country has come to. I was taught that "the customer is always right." Guess that cliche is no longer true. Sincerely, Kris Palmer

I was in the Dollar General store that's located in Rex Georgia state road 42. I went in to purchase the Raisin Bran Crunch that on sale for $2.00 a box. When the clerk started to rang up the boxes the price was $2.95. I told her that was the wrong price she said it was right. The ad had Raisin Bran 20oz for $2.00 not Raisin Bran Crunch. There was no ounces in the ad for Raisin Bran Crunch. The only Raisin Bran Crunch in the store was 18.2oz. I was told that size of box was not on sale. So which one is on sale Dollar General? Do Raisin Bran Crunch come in 20oz? Why did you not mention the size of the Raisin Bran Crunch to avoid this problem or was it on purpose? The ad is good from July 18-25.

I meant to rate as lowest possible the first time. Rated five stars by MISTAKE. First they advertised on a product with a large flyer in front of the product stating a sale price. When I got to the register it rang up for half the price more than the advertisement. When I questioned the amount I was told that was for a small size. I said then you should not have the flyer with the sale price hanging with this size. I asked to talk to the manager and waited while they tried to find her. I neglected to say when I first got to the regisster no one was there and I had to wait for about three minutes until the sales clerk finally came. So this woman named "Kelli" comes who is the manager and I said what my complaint was. She told me they are told to advertise this way and it is my responsibility to read the fine print. I said they are false advertising by hanging a flyer with the sale price for another size with this size. She turned her back on me and walked away. I told her I would contact corporate office and that I spend a lot of money in this store. She said "so do a lot of other people" in other words customer satisfaction means squat. The employees there (2 of them) were very rude, inconsiderate, and extremely unprofessional. I will never shop in that store again, but it probably won't matter because the employees don't care and are rude to the shoppers. They act like they hate their jobs and treat the customers like they wish they weren't there.

Hendersonville, TN store on New Shackle Island Rd., very rude and unapologetic cashier/mgr in charge (Brenda). I purchased almost $50 worth of items, checked out and she gave me a coupon book that included a 1 cent toilet tissue with $10 purchase. I asked if I could get the 1 cent tissue and she said no. Next visit it would be good. I came back to the store a while later as I was still out shopping. When I tried to use the coupon, she said it was expired, and IT WAS. Good June 1-15th. She charged me for the tissue and overcharged for the pepsi also. It was 3/$10, she charged me for four. When I noticed this outside I came back in and between customers asked her for a refund. She never apologized and seemed very put off with my discovery of the over charges. After waiting several minutes I asked if I needed to get back in the line for my refund and she said YES, get back in the line. When it got to be my turn, I just asked for all of my money back instead of the refunded items. If she had any personable skills or a customer service attitude in the least it would have been no problem. But there are two or three other stores I could shop in that appreciate my business. I think I will patronize them and forget about DG. And the worst part is the DG Corporate office is in this town. I called them, but without giving full name I don't think the complaint will be addressed.

Today is July 15, 2010. It is 6:30 PM and I am writing about the Night Manager Lisa Casswell. 413 South Barker Ave Evansville, Indiana. Dollar Store needs to be addressed. Nice store, nice merchandise, but the rudest night store manager. I have noticed a pattern with this manager. She is never and I do mean never in the store. Her red van is parked in the number two spot just to the right of the door. She sits in her van and smokes. When I asked to speak with her she told me she was on break. Now I do not have a problem with her being on break. Everyone needs a break. What I do have problem with was her attitude and the fact that she had a cigarette in her mouth the minute she walked from the store and then in her mouth again when she exited her van. We do have a city ordinance here in Evansville that states. "No one is to smoke within 25 feet of a entrance from the door". Her van windows are down, and she is not parked 25 feet from the door. I have visited this store several times and picked the merchandise I wished to buy. I have been so mad about standing in long lines that I have left without the merchandise. Every time and I do mean every time the clerk at the counter need help from the Manager they have to go to the door to get her because she is on break. HOW MANY BREAKS DOES SHE GET? She should not exit her van with her cigarette. Her van should not be parked at the door. Is the first couple of spots at the door for the manager or the customer. When I asked her why she was parked at the door, she replied "This is where we are told to park in the evening" Is this correct? And I sure don't need her being rude to me when I asked her if she was the manager and I wanted to talk with her. Put the cigarette out and speak with me and finish your break at another time. I am done shopping at this store as long as she is the manager. When she no longer works at your store I will be back.

My names malorie and my mom (sherry hendrick) works at your ellenboro store in NC. Her boss Linda Ramey is treating my mom which is a third key holder unfairly she is only getting to work 3 days next week when a lady renee who is only supposed to work part time as a cashier is getting 20 something hours in. Linda is doing this to my mom because she dosent like her. Also Lindas husband has called up to Dollar General cussing my mom out while she was on the clock several times which i think is uncalled for. I would greatly appreciate it if something was done. Thanks- malorie watkins

Rich Dreiling, CEO: I fell in one of your stores in april of this year. Made out the paper work that was required. Talked to store managers and insurance lady from the company. The insurance person was to send papers for me to sign to get my doctors and hospital paid. This is July nothing has happened, no papers and no calls from anyone! My bills need to be paid. Your company or store SHOULD RESPOND with some answers.

I had a mishap at the store in Duncanville Texas due to employee incompetence.I turned it over to rick management and recieved a turn down letter that was a standard form and had nothing to do with my problem.I am filing a complaint with the BBB,FTC and the state ag's office.After that will be small claims court.They could care less about one less customer or customers in general.The CEO of this company is Rick Dreiling.Flood him with your concerns.cheers

Hi im writting this complaint on a store we have in our hometown{NEWBERN, TN}.I have been going to this store for about a year now and 90 percent of the time i go in there the lines are long the store is dirty also there hasnt been bags at the register the last 3 times ive been in there.On one ocassion the lady at register asked the manager for help to check people out there was about 8 people in line.The manager came unglued on her in front of us yelling at her telling her to mind her business and do her job.All the woman done was ask for help thats just one example of the headache in this store. John Jones

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