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dell and their support are crap

Have spent a total of over 10 hours trouble shooting computer still not working when you call they want to know if you have it pluged in since it goes black, now wont come on at all but they will not help unless we start all over again told them it wont even come on they will not help only over phone, want to know how that works, will never buy a dell again.

Poor service......42 phone calls and don't know how many hours trying to talk to people that can't speak English spent $2000.00 with you and was told order would be shipped on 8/5/2014 then told there was a problem with order and would have reorder then told would be shipped on 8/5/2014 then on 8/6/2014 there was a delay on my order now told might shipped on 8/8/2014 I being lie to so much. I don't think you people really care.............


Not much more to add from above, have experienced it all. From lack of manners from sales staff when you are trying to go around foreign involvement to call centers that are ill equipped to answer a question. Warranty work has no controls and communication, often call center have no idea were repair is and what is being worked on. When computer is sent in for repair, do not count on getting back same one you sent with the possibility of loosing all your information.

dell latitude 10 tablet

I've been with Dell for years have a account with them my tablet has been to the depot 4 times and still its not working right I have had it almost a year the warranty done next month August 2014, im not happy with dell I need a new tablet.

Repair Service

I need help with my Dell Repairs. Please give me a direct number to work with customer support in the USA OR CANADA. I need to resolve my issues but don't want to deal with India or Philippines. I'm tired of spending hours on the phone only making my computer performance worse not getting it corrected. (623) 266-1193

lost one more customer

ordered laptop, accessories received, laptop itself was cancelled...no explanation given...what good are the accessories without the computer...again no explanation given...Dell Preferred Account in A+ shape with plenty of credit...again no explanation given...in fact they hung up...nuff said...Dell no longer cares about customer care or satisfaction

What happened to the Dell I use to know

As Compaq disappeared so will Dell.

worst service in the world

ery bad service,recently i purchased dell inspiron all in one 2330 in hyderabad in aandhara pradesh,india, after 10 moths tere was a problem with lcd screen, the screen look like complete horizantal white lines, i given complaint (no.893993211,tag.6QFYWS1),they were responding late and told me that ur lcd PPID no not matching. this very worst company in the world ,friends dont buy dell computers and same tell to ur friends. i am also sending court notice to this company.

crappy computers

I was finally sent a replacement computer in November 2013.. this replacement has the same exact issue that I had with the first computer.. dell is the worst! will never purchase another dell. for all the money and time ive spent I could have purchased a mac

Bad Customer service

Customer Service do not understand what there doing - keep on transferring from one operator to another. Ask for their supervisor , they transfer to another operator. Will never buy from Dell again and advice others think twice........................

Customer Service

I called several times to get resolution for mu Dell Venue 11 pro, but the operator would not transfer and would not even tell her name. Last call was made at 13:30 on 06/03/2014. Surely DELL need to work on work ethics

Customer Service

This is inregards to my previous statmemt - the operator at customer resolution center who refused to say her name was Susan - call on 06/03/2014 @ 13:30 - she really needs work ethics rethaught


Horrible customer service, horrible computers...I would NEVER buy another DELL product ! Waist of money and time..

Horrible Tech Support

I've owned Dell computers for years and am sick to death of their cumbersom, convoluted automated phone menus and horribly inadequate tech support. Some techs have made problems worse even and I've actually had tech supervisors outright lie to me. If I could give a negative rating, I would. I am so done with Dell.

Why is it that when you don't use your Dell credit card, for a period of time, they close your account? Then want you to get another account by running your credit again. I have gone through this twice with Dell. It makes no sense at all.

Piss Poor Service

Dell is in the toilet. They took this company private last year and the new management will the death of them. HURRRRAAAYYY!!! Goodbye Dell. Used to a good brand-no more. DO NOT BUY DELL

Has to be the worst company

Beyond dissatisfied and frustrated with dells customer and technical support! Spent over $1000 in November on 4 tablets and have had issues with two of them. Many many many hours spent on getting disconnected and transferred! The communication is impossible with the non English speaking reps. I will never ever buy a dell again! Doesn't even deserve the one star rating!

Terrible Computers

Bought 3 brand new computers. One died in the first 30 days.

Tech support

There are plenty of customers that continues to describe Dell is poor as it gets when it comes to satisfaction compared to the high quality they held for a while. This is a pain for me because not only when I was excited about my product, I call support to get treated like a pessimistic beast. Very sad news for the company and now returning my product so that they can learn from their mistakes.

Forever done with Dell

Websites that dead end. Poor non-English speaking customer service. Lousy poorly made products that cannot update the firmware. I will NEVER do business with Dell ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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