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There has been a noticeable change in the quality of your merchandise. It now feels like an outlet store. I have been a dedicated shopper at Chicos for many years. I especially liked the comfort of your traveler crop and long pants. These are practically non existence today. Please bring back the quality of your years past quality travelers pants At this time, I have been so disappointed in my recent orders and store purchases that I will not be ordering until the quality improves and I can purchase the older traveler clothes that we enjoyed for many years. Thank you for your consideration in this request.

I have been a Chicos shopper for many years and have enjoyed the comfort of your traveler crops and pants. Please bring them back. When shopping at your store I do not see any young people shopping to which you are now catering to. I now feel I am in an Outlet store. It is a very nice store in Asheville NC. However, the quality of the cleothing has become so cheap looking and poorly made that I feel no one is doing anything about it. I am beginning to wonder if they are made by the children slave workers in China. I also order quite a bit on line, but I end up sending most of them back. Chicos is in trouble and will probably go by the wayside like many other stores if they don't increase the quality of their merchandise at a reasonable price. I will not be shopping at your store until things are changed. The majority of shoppers I see in the store are 50+ of age. Ms

They don't care and are rude

I looked up the hours to the burnside store in portlsnd oregin and they were opened to 9 pm. When u arrived at 8.10 they were closed and I waved st therm that website said 9. They said no 8. I told them I was leaving for Europe the next day. Sorry. And turned away. I called from my car saying that their website said 9. And they hung up on me. Not going there again.

Management at Chicos is horrible and highly manipulative, using harassment policies and blaming practices to justify decreasing a sales associates hours in Atlanta Peachtree City location. Disturbing verbally abusive language and targeting of employee. Advised employee to file complaint.


I am really disappointed in the style of clothing at Chico's in the past two years. What happened to the classic Chico's outfit? The animal prints seem to dominate each season. Even the Black Label and Travelers selections aren't appealing anymore. I have been a Chico's frequent shopper for many years, have spent lots of money at Chico's, and have even been in fashions shows at my local store. I cannot wear your slacks/jeans because I need a 32.5 inch length. Good-bye, Chico's, unless I see a change. Also, use different people in your ads instead of the same person. Use a few customers!

I don't know what these other people are talking about. I love this store. Everytime I walk in the store all the sales people are gracious and so helpful. My closet is 99% Chicos and will remain that way. Love your clothes!


If you want to work at Chico's, it's really not a good idea. They don't respect anyone that works for them they have no general concern about their people, Instead of making you pay for short term disability, they make you pay for long term disability

Horrible Customer service

I have been a long time Chico's shopper. I recently sent my daughter in to the store in Seal Beach Ca. to make a return. They treated her like a piece of dirt. I called and emailed corporate office. No response...I must tell you as a business owner, I will not be shopping in that store until I hear from an executive. It was the 2nd time it happened, they laughed in her face and refused to give her their names. She is a teacher 27 years old and presents her self very nicely...They have lost my business.


Ludicrous experience. Shame on Chico's for disregarding a great potential employee. Customer Service was beyond useless. 2

Poor Service

I have been trying to return two tops and have gone to two different stores. I purchased these items with a credit card and they will not credit my card after returning said items. I have been trying to do this since 10/6. The first store said I bought and returned too many items. Well guess what they won't have that problem because I will never purchase from them again.l Today is 10/17 and still don't have a credit on my account since 10/9 when the store took back merchandise and here I sit without a credit.

frequent shopper

I am frequent shopper and passport memhber,my recent visit to your Chicos Ashford/Dunwoody store in Georgia was a rude encounter ,the sales ladies didnt ask if i needed help but gave me a fake smile.I am African American and feel this was intentional.Cultural Diversity should be a top priority,this is 2013

employees hound you to death

I love chico's clothes but I hate shopping at the stores, their employees will not leave you alone....they follow you around, take things you are trying to match to put in the dressing rooms, I never go to the Charlotte, NC store in the Southpark mall anymore, the employees are rude, follow you around, they don't let you just leisurely shop.....you sell more if you leave people alone and let them shop....

Chico's Clothing

Absolutely love Chico's....have only one problem. My local Chico's in Dell Webb Lake Providence, Mt Juliet, TN is the only really nice store within which to shop without driving several miles. As a result my average size of 1 in tops and 1.5 in pants are ALWAYS in short supply. Could the inventory of these two average sizes be increased in this store. I go in with money in my pocket and no Alberta sizes!!! Thanks so much, Mrs. Alberta Brandon, BS, JD, RN

Kudos to the Winder Distribution Center!

As a frequent shopper at Chico's, both in store and online, I want to express that I am extremely pleased with the timeliness of shipments from your Winder, GA, Warehouse! Case in point: I ordered the white crochet poncho online Thursday, April 18 during the "flash sale" from 6 p.m. - midnight. Today is Saturday, April 20 and it arrived at my door this afternoon. Amazing!!!! It is even more gorgeous than it looked online. Please pass along my appreciation to the employees at that facility. They sure made my day! Thanks!

Customer Service

The sales lady at the Aventura, FL store gave may daughter and I dirty looks the minute we walked in the store. I picked up a pair of pants and she walked over to me telling me they don't have anything in my size. When I asked her what she meant, she said they are all plus sizes. We left the store and took our business elsewhere. Curious, I went on-line to the size chart, they do have smaller sizes. Need to get rid of that person immediately. She is bad for business.

Real women

I just love Chico's cloths, they are well made and very stylish. But you really have to get on the ball when it comes to fit. Women over 45 have tummy's, and arms. I am not a large women, I wear a size 1 at Chico's, but I have a bit of a tummy. So when I wear pants I want them to fit well and over my tummy, that is what's comfortable. Not have a pair come up only to my hips and then my tummy hangs over. I am not 20 any longer, so I can't wear styles for a 20 year old. Make the pants fit over a the tummy so they are comfortable. Also arms, I have them, and they are not big, but why can't you have dresses with a cap sleave, what's with the no sleeve, that just isn't apealing when you have upper arms, again I'm in my late 40's not 20's. I don't always want to wear a sweather, just a little sleeve would be great. I want to wear stylish clothing, but I want it to fit comfortably.

happy customer

I was so happy to meet your wonderful associate at the Woodbury store. Felicia is so sweet, helpful,knowledgible and considererate. My visit was from out of town. I'm so happy I stopped in. THANK YOU FELICIA!!!!!!

clearance merchandise

I have been informed that Chico's Somerset Collection, Troy, Mi will be sending most clearance elsewhere. So sad, yes, some shoppers do come in to see those items. Now they will not come in AT ALL...they do sometimes add other items to their purchases. Do you not understand that you need all types of shoppers? Most of these women wear Chico's exclusively . Is that not great FREE advertising.

Customer Service

Customer Service in Medford - Stinks. Customer Service complaint process - Stinks.

Slimming jeans

I'm a big fan of Chico's. have my wardrobe is your name brand. One suggestion: the slimming jeans. Please bring the waist line UP. It's too low for the older gang. You're platinum jeans are cut better.

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