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I live exactly two tenths of mile from one of your restaurants. It is at 9041 College Pkwy, Fort Myers, FL 33919. After seeing your recent advertisement for your original chicken sandwich in a two-for-one campaign on television, I took a study break from school to drive there and buy one of the sandwiches, with the second one free. What I had in mind as I placed my order at the drive thru was the thick, juicy “hands-full” sandwich that I saw on your TV ads. What I brought home were two ordinary-looking chicken sandwiches on a long bun instead of a round bun, with six small swatches of lettuce, approximately the size of a medical swab, and a dollop of mayonnaise that did not even cover the length of the bun. No tomatoes, no onions, no mustard, extremely salty, and quite flat (1 ½ inches from top to bottom, to be exact). Until you close the gap between what you advertise and what your restaurant serves, I will take my business to another establishment. There is no way I can justify the price I paid for what I received, even with a second thrown in for free. Sincerely, JB Lawrence former BK customer

What is it with the people that get employed by fast food places? Is it that hard to NOT put mayo on everything? What ever happened to having it "YOUR" way? Does corporate even know that their employees don't even know the jingle? Have they ever heard it? I told a clerk "no 'special' sauce" and she looked at me and went - huh? Looking totally perplexed... I had to explain to her what that meant and was, and wouldn't you know it, when I got home there was MAYO slathered all over the bread? And at another time it was put on the bread, then realizing it was not supposed to be there scrapped it off thinking it would'nt get noticed!!! People say "no" to certain ingredients for a reason... If these clerks are deemed smart enough to be employed then they should be smart enough to know how to read the tickets! "No" means "NO"!

I went to Burger King yesterday December 26, 2010 2:20 p.m. I felt like the lady who attended me did a poor job. I was intimidated to even place my order. She sounded extremely unprofessional and ghetto. She definitely does not have any work ethics. She treated me as if she was handing out free food. The part that gets me upset is that she should be more polite and courteous. I refuse to go there now. I specifally asked her for a chicken sandwich and the second chicken sandwich free. She ends up charging me for both. When I confronted her in a nice manner she didn't even apologize for her mistake. She told the manager " can you handle this". When I told her manager about how she treated me he didn't even care and wouldn't release her name. I felt as if that's unprofessional. If you guys want customers to continue coming back you should require better customer service skills. My ticket #: #277 Latoya 57 is the lady who attended me.

Burger King in Baton Rouge on Bluebonnet across from the Mall of Louisiana is HORRIBLE!!! The food is old and they still continue to serve customers. I purchased a whopper jr combo today around 1:00p.m. and at 3:30 I begin having diaherra and still having it and it is 10:00pm. DO NOT EAT FROM THAT BURGER KING!!! However, when tring to reach the store manager was not sucessful at all. I called another store to ask for the complaint line number and the lady said she did not know it. I asked for her manager, and her response was I am the manager. I said and you don't know the 800 number to complain on one of the stores? Her response was no!!! Now, you also need new managers and they need to be trained the CORRECT way to speak with customers as well as having knowledge about their job. SAD PLACE TO EAT!!! GO TO MCDONALDS where the service is EXCELLENT and food is always HOT!!

Your recent ad for buy 1 chicken sandwich and get the next one free is very misleading. I went to Burger King thinking to buy one sandwich for the deal. They said I had to buy the meal in order to get the free sandwich. In your advertisement there is no mention of buying a meal. What's up with that!!!!!

I went into the Burger King Drive Thru on December 3rd of 2010 at 7pm or so. It just snowed that day a light snow for that fact. As I was turning in the drive thru doing less than 5 miles an hour my car slid up over their curb and almost hit their light post and when I went to back out my bumper was torn from my car. I did talk to the manager on duty and he took my info and said they will be in touch with me. I just now called the store and the gm was rude and said they laid a chemical out that day to stop it from being slippery. If it wasnt slippery then there was no reason for my car to slide period especially doing less than 5 miles n hour. Also just because you lay a chemical down and not clean your drive thru does not mean it wont be slippery and it should of been shoveled. This store in Fort Dodge Iowa should be responsible for the damage done to my car because I was not doing anything reckless to begin with and my tires have really good tread. Please contact me immediately to have this situation resolved so I don't have to take any legal action. Thanks Joe Wood 928-442-6885

On December 12, 2010 I went into the Burger King located at 1622 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90062, to purchase a breakfast muffin sandwich. I love Burger King's motto "have it your way" and I requested that in my breakfast muffin a beef patty instead of pork sausage. I DO NOT EAT PORK OF ANY KIND. I have orderded my breakfast muffin sandwich this way at several different Burger Kings, and have got things my way with the beef patty. At this particular restrauant the woman taking the order had told me once before I would have to pay extra for a beef patty; I told her I never had to pay extra at any other Burger King and I would not pay extra now. I asked her manager who was standing nearby and she told the cashier no, that there was not extra charge, and got me what I wanted. On December 12, 2010 this same cashier was at the register again and I made the same request for a beef patty, instead, of pork sausage; the cashier smiled and said "well there's different manager on duty today, and called the manager over. This particular manager told me I would have to pay 65 cents extra if I wanted a beef patty instead of pork in my breakfast sandwich. Of course I refused, and took my business elsewhere. SO MUCH FOR HAVING THINGS YOUR WAY TODAY. The manager kept insisting that I make the purchase anyway, and just smiled and left.

burger king sucks eggs!!! i got a cup with a code for the bk kinect thing their doing and when i put my date of birth in, it constantly says "We're Sorry You are not eligible to play this game. Please see the Official Rules for full details" note that this was copied and pasted straight from the site.i am over 18 so how the **** am i not elidgable?!?!?!?!?!?! i live in the US, so explain this crap to me!!!

EVERYONE PLEASE READ......EVERYONE PLEASE READ....EVERYONE PLEASE READ!!!!!!!! You know it amazes me how upset people can get over food. especially when it is for just a few dollars. I mean really? Do you honestly have nothing better to do with your time then complain over a freaking burger? I dont think some people realize how hard it can be at times to work fast food. And to complain about getting pulled at drive thru, think of it like this when your getting pulled that means you will have to wait on your food.so what is the big deal about pulling forward 10 feet when your gonna to have to wait anyways. I think when people get this mad over food and a couple bucks they should stop and think of how there is much worse problems going on in this country, and compare those problems to your sandwich being made wrong or having to wait a few extra mins. Because when you react like this you show how truly immature you really are.if you dont like the service just dont go back plain and simple why overreact. be the bigger person!!!

I went to Burger King on Telegraph Rd in Brownstown, I ordered a Whopper Jr with no tomatos and no onions. Got my burger they gave me no reciept and my burger had tomatos and onions on it. I called the manager was very rude and told me that because I had noreciept that there was nothinbg should could do. She called me a liar for saying that I did not get a reciept. I do not appreciate being called a liar especially from some rude little girl. Unless someone resolves this situation I will NEVER NEVER buy another thing from Burger King as long as I live and I will spread the word to all my friends and family not to give there money to such a horrible business.

I have called the local Denver corporate office many of times and voiced my opinion but I never get a returned phone call plus nothing ever changes at the BK. I love BK's ice tea and if I find someone else who is selling the PEAK ice tea I will take my business there. I go to BK daily to get at least my ice tea and many of those times I order food too. I can't believe how long I have to wait for someone to wait on me EVERY time I am there then I have to wait for the employee to have time to hand me my cup! I think there is only 2 maybe 3 employees working at the BK at lunch time in a very busy location. Of course the employees that are working seem to be very annoyed with the customers because the employees are way too busy. What is going on doesn't customer service matter any longer? I know this BK must have lost customers over this very poor decision of being short staffed. The company I work at which is a very short distance from BK the employees warn the new employees to stay clear of the BK unless you want to wait a very long time.

i read all the bad things about bk i have had no problems with the bks in mastic @ patchogue n.y. 11950 @ 11772 maybe the people in the towns need to have a better work attitude.stop your complainig and and just be thankful bk is giving your area jobs.

621 West Chicago Avenue East Chicago, IN 46312-3219 (219) 397-3534 I've gone to this burger king twice on a monday Oct. 4th, 2010 and a wednesday oct. 13th, 2010. On the 4th i ordered a bk big fish meal, on the 13th i ordered a regular classic chicken sandwich meal. Both times at 600 p.m. I was very very disappointed. one employee, male had plastic gloves and handling money and going back to handle the food. The worse part is that both sandwiches on both of those occasion were disgusting, it tasted like rubber, like it's been sitting under a heat lamp for 10 hours, fries were terrible. cashier service was good by an old lady and a young african american woman very nice. The guys in the back i don't know what the hell they're doing, but they do win 1st prize for having the most disgusting tasting sandwiches. I think those guys have their Heads up their Asses. YOu guys in corporate office need to do something about this Dump of a burger king. Juan C. Perez/ Sorry I forgot to rate this place, pay no attention to the 5 stars on the previous message, this bk should get NO STARS!

Every Burger King in New Orleans forces the driver at the Drive-Thru to back up past the censor and pull up to the window again. They will not serve you until you do. Burger King is a joke in this town.

We have been going to Burger King in Azusa California store 5414, once a week for many years. We love Burger King. When we went there this Thursday, their was a new owner. We were charged 25 cents for a cup of water and the senior drink that was 55 cents was now 99 cents. The small fries were more like the small fries on the dollar menu. Is this the policy in all Burger Kings now? crittersbyjan@hotmail.com

Went to Burger King for the big breakfast platter and knew I was in truble when they took it out of the cooler and heated it up in a microwave....since they were not cooking at the time and no smell of food it had to be from the day before never had a taste for rubber eggs and dry old biscuts the manger said they only heat the pancaakes it takes too long to fix them ....they were fast in taking my money save my place McDonalds here I come

The commercial with the mailman singing about pitbulls and rotti's is inexcusable. I am a lover of both these breeds and it is unforgivable to continue projecting this false stereotype. Not to mention how many children are going to see their family pet attacking a mailman on TV. This commercial needs to be pulled immediately!

My 11 year old loves McDonalds’ but I made the mistake of introduced her to Burger King unfortunately her second Kid Meal is her last at Burger King. I did not get anything to eat but just the kids meal for my daughter… Just a few hours later after eating her burger she complained of a stomach ache and diarrhea then started to throw up. Thank you Burger King in Albuquerque New Mexico Coors and I40 for keeping your KIDS burgers sitting under your warmers past the time frame required or not fully cooking your hamburgers and actually giving them out to the customers. You really suck!

On 10-3-10 i arrived at one of you restuants at 7:07am tride to give my order but was ask to hold on, after waiting for 10minutes i drove up to the window of store #881 in Denver co.my order was taken after the car in front of me walk up to the window to say how messed up her order was after a 15 minute wait. i got my order and it was worng. by now its 7:27am they take it back and give me what i though was my order,i get home and it's still wrong. I call the store and ask for corpate phone # and was told that it not availalbe. and to call the clompate # so i did, i never recived a call back i called 3 times.


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