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Back again. I'd appreciate someone giving me the name of Corporate headquarters President and his postal address and telephone number if available. You can email me @ spinmiller@aol.com Thx

Should actually be 0 Stars Just moved to the orlando area and wanted to order from this company for TV Internet and phone and all i got was nothing but grief from the reps on the phone the customer service with this company is very very poor I have had cable providers before but this one tops the cake on bad service For anyone reading this if you are getting any one of their services for home or business try a different company this company is a no star in my book and eyes


After 6 months of calling and speaking with multiple reps and supervisors i have still had no resolution. I was told by a rep when i changed my services from one house to another that my bill would stay the same. it did not. i was being charged 50.00 more than i was supposed to be. every time i called about it i got a different answer and each rep said that the previous one had made a mistake. i was also being charged for 2boxes 1modem that i had returned already that was another 550 and amazingly after calling and having a heated discussion with a supervisor they found some where in their system. when i moved out i was told that i had a zero balance. now they are telling me that i still owe 450. when i called again 2day now it was down to 90 still no where near corrected. the supervisor told me that the original rep that set up my inst' had done some thing that he was unauthorized to do. i explained to her that i dont care what mistakes were made i was told one thing and i expect as a paying customer to be getting the service i was quoted. the sup had no resolution except " i will find that agent, pull the phone call and coach the rep" which makes no sense. i work as tech support for a different company (not cable related) and coaching is a joke. so at this point the supervisor is yelling at me i asked her if she like being lied to. she said no. i told her "then why is it acceptable for your agents to lie to customers. every agent i spoke with had a different story" and the only response was a scripted answer. when i told her that i was tired of hearing her repeat the same answer (not so nicely) that i wanted a real answer which she was unable to provide. and as far as the initial rep goes i found out he works out of the melbourne office. the sup that said she was gonna "coach" him works in deland. so how does that make sense. its over an hour away from deland. so once again i was lied to. when i told her that she started to back track. i told her if thats how they are gonna conduct their business then i was not going to pay anything. i shouldn't have to pay for some one else's mistake. i had to hang up. its pointless to argue with an idiot. that seems to be every one within this company. if bright house was the only provider left on this earth i would never return as a customer.

Brighthouse installed their service, which in turn made my ADT Security not work. Both companies came numerous times and each kept blaming the other. Finally, I asked them to come at the same time. ADT told me that their system does not work with cable or digital phone. Brighthouse admitted in front of the ADT people that they KNEW THAT ...AND ...ADT admitted that because of Brighthouse, ADT had NEVER WORKED so I paid for over a year of ADT service NOT received! Now Brighthouse has ruined my credit and so has ADT, ALL for SERVICES NOT PERFORMED! How and when to get justice? Unbelievable what these people do to unsuspecting customers! What a rip-off! Oh! Brighthouse Headquarters was contacted and so has ADT headquarters...their response? Collection notices. Now, they leave me no option but to go to the Federal Trade Commission, the Attorney General of my state, etc. and report them for fraud (charging for services not rendered).

I am so disgusted with Bright house. Their commercials claiming "moving is simple" is a crock! I am still waiting for my mid-September connection date (we have now had no cable for five weeks and it sucks!) I am going to college online, they don't care. I started this process only July 30, it is now September 14th and they have now changed my connection date to NOVEMBER 30TH. You call customer service and get nowhere, except 30 minutes of your life wasted you can never get back and no answers. This house is satellite ready and Directtv will come out on Thursday and hook me up, I am just trying to hold out for Bright House, I loved, loved. loved them BEFORE I moved. Now, not so much. If I don't have a REASONABLE connection date by the end of today I am done, directtv it is. Wish me luck!

August 9,2010 RE:BRIGHTHOUSE RIP-OFFS AND LATE FEE What late fees,,,I was told by Melissa, in January to Feb that I would not have to pay my Brighthouse bill until March, in which I paid the fulll bill, but over paid it by some change. The music played, I tapped my fingers, the music played again, I was on hold for over 8 minutes...and of course with my issue I was never going to hand up until this issues was resolved. And NO...this is still pending...Why? Nevertheless, I was charged every month onto that bill a total of ($5.07) per month until this day....I have discussed this with supervisors, and very aggrogant call representatives, who arugumented me down like a boxer in the ring this week, named Ingred...and I will find her ID#; subsequently, she needs to be in the prison system, where she can fight words with criminals, not customers. I called with THIS PROBLEM...she does not have one, otherwise, why would I call? Anyway, she only made me insist on a Supervisor...and was on hold for over 2 minutes,the issue was also on the bill of ($19.96 until 6 months) which is June 2010, and yet I got charged for the total of ($30.97) cents...why? and July, I can see, yet the reminding bill of the ($30.00) dollar issue is nonsense! My fiance' paid the bill of June, and was told my Micheal to pay ($30.00) instead of the ($19.95) in which I was out-of town, that month. Ingred,,,told me a lie, saying that I had not committed for 6months, and the supervisor proved her wrong,,,and I told her that the UCC's business contracts are oral are legal...next Ingred told me that there is no CONTRACT...hm...then why send me a bill at all! Next Ingred is heated, and starts to become aggressive in word, and starts, yelling, and cutting me off, I had to tell her that as a paralegal, I can sue,,,and I am not paying,,,I do not care what you say...this is my money,,,and I want this corrected this is my right...still nothing, she is still talking rudely, while I sceam for a SUPERVISOR...is this the way Brighthouse does business...if so then make Ingred...Ms. Brighthouse! I paid my bill for July, 2010, and the other posted days are deadlines August 16, 2010, yet I was told a late fee. Even when I paid my bill at Amacsot...and faxed the bill over to Brighthouse...my Modem, and services were OFF! That's right...no service...off the whole day...next day,,,called Brighthouse,,,talked to Chris...he was wonderful in disposition...corrected the issues, and within an hour, I was back up and running. Brighthouse, needs to post the day the bill is paid, at the various locations on their bills, next, Brighthouse is sent out a money order, and post dated on Example March 9. 2010, and yet they say the mail is not recieved until after March 30, 2010, this is a MESS...how... I live in Orlando, Florida, and they are in a Tampa, Florida location...Federal mail does not take that long, and the outcome...another late fee. One can see that I am totally tired of this corporation, and wished that Net Zero, was allowed in this area, in which their services is DSL ($9.99) whatever happened to fair play, and non-monoploization! I refuse to be stuck, controlled, and insulted by Brighthouse Representatives, overpayments, and excessed tacted on late fees that I have not accumulated. This is not the way to treat customers,,,and customers like me,,,will not take this kind of abuse, and smile, and keep paying the bill. By the way,,,(2) times a man left his named (EDWARD)on my outside door knob, although I had paid for the services...this is total revenfull tactic to scar customers...well this will never work with me...and I left him 2 messages,,,he never called me back...totalitarian tactis....well I am writing as we speak. GOD BLESS US ALL,,,AND THE CUSTOMER. PEACE MS. DEBRA

I have had to have a repair man out to my house every single week and just started service 6/16 not had solid service from beginning always going down they had the nerve to state I am not their top priority in care they will fix it when they can just sit back and wait so my phone enternet and cable dont work on regular basis what great caring service

Just tried to run a commercial on Bright House. They are not too Bright. They gave me wrong rates. They waited so long to enter my order that the spots were sold out and I could not get what I wanted. They scheduled me for the wrong system. They ran someone else's commercial in my spot!

Brighthouse came out to repair my service 4 days in a row. Upon repairing they drilled a whole right in the front of my house and broke my irrigation head. I have been calling Ismael one of the supervisors every since this was done. I have his personal number to his office. He has yet to give me a call back. This will be repaired even if I have to get a lawyer to get it done. Some one please give us a call.

I would like someone to contact me from corporate offices the complaints from my home are so numerous its a joke! Look at the screen and you will see all documented complaints service calls and lack of local supervisors and field directors solving the peoblem or checking to see if there still is this major problem. No phone, no internet, no television. At least 6 technicians have been to my house for days and hours interrupting my work and they want a critique on customer service? Your kidding right. Not one Supervisor knew how to handle this situation. No follow up and still pay for servivces I am not getting?? I would love to hear from someone outside of the local offices..They all need to have better training. No wonder if there were no monopoly people would jump at the chance to make the move. Customer service is just as important as the service!

I have never been completely satisfied with Bright house. But when it is very close to a monopoly in given areas what choice is there. We have been having chronic problems with our internet and have spent hours on the phone with tech support in the past two plus weeks. We had service calls and still have an internent problem. Our appointment we had scheduled today was a no show with no phone call to tell us that the repair person was running late. How about I statrt chrarging Bright house for my time. Tardiness is bad enough but a no show is not acceptable. When I asked customer no service for a contact at corporate such as a general manager I was told I could only speak to a her supervisor and was not given a corporte contact information. I guess she thought I was not smart enough to figre it out. I am curremtly exploring alternatives for my services. At this time I am more disapointed with Bright house as ever.

I have been fighting with Brighthouse for MONTHS over their failure to log in a modem when it was turned into their office. Approximately last August, my computer died and I went to the local Brighthouse office and returned my modem and requested them to cancel my internet. I thought nothing more of it. Several months down the road, I actually took a moment and reviewed my actual cable bill and realized I had been charged for Internet for the entire time. I began contacting Brighthouse to get the situation straightened out. I was assured time and time again that someone would contact me back and discuss it. At that time, they refused to cancel my internet due to them no having any record of me returning my modem!! She asked if I had a receipt?? Seriously?? It had been months! No, unfortunately I did not have a receipt. I was assured I would get a return call, no call. I called back and was told the same thing. THey are researching it and someone will call me. After 3-4 calls and an inet chat, I was advised that the problem had been resolved and that they had turned my account over to Accounting to refund the money in which I had overpaid for months! Now, today, I callback after receiving my cable bill and was told again.. sorry... you didnt return your modem, so, we cant do anything for you! It is not my fault that your office is full of incompetents that cannot log back in a modem! Now its me, the consumer that is getting trashed over this! With threats of cutting off my cable because of my refusal to pay my bill until I have some resolution! WOW! Is this the way that Brighthouse treats its customers!??? I even tried to speak with a supervisor and after 20 minutes being on hold waiting, I was hung up on! THis is completely unacceptable! I need resolution and resolution asap!

The Birmingham Alabama office is a nightmare! I call every other day to have my cable buried and they just give excuses. I also cannot use my internet. I cannot wait for more competition to come to our area. I have had the service for 6 weeks and regret ever using them. We told them to cancel our service of they do not bury our cable by June 19, 2010. I am not keeping my hopes up they will call us back

Just want to inform about the bad experiance i have with the sanford call center with the supervisor that was not verry nice and the agent that give me the wrong information i just want to let somebody knows my email address is luisalicea1811@gmail.com

I have had service (cable and internet) about one and one half years and have yet to be satisfied with the service I am paying for. I have had multiple cable boxes, additional line to the house, and innumerable service visits and still my problem is not resolved. I have loss of HD cable pack stations, and all pay per view access. I also am getting pixilation, picture freeze and loss of sound. To date there is no resolution. On Tuesday 6/1/2010 I have an appointment with one of your service techs between 10am and noon. If this not resolved completely I will definitely communicate with ANC in New York Thank you

After submitting a claim to the appropriate State Agency-BrightHouse Networks gave me the overpayment as a credit.

Complaint- for the past five months Brighthouse has placed a charge of $40.95 for a sports package on my monthly bill that I have not received. They came to my house in December 2009 and verified that I was not receiving the "package" and again in April 2010, same results. Each month they were advised of the recurring charge for a service I was not receiving. Each time Brighjhouse billing supervisors advised they would issue a credit but that never happened. Now I am refusing to pay on a monthly basis until it is resolved. Each time in which Brighthouse has been made aware of the overcharging,they advised we will issue a credit but they never do. For the past 3 months Brighthouse sends someone to my door saying payup or we will turn off your cable. This last time I said no(May 3, 2010). Brighthouse billing adivsed they would issue a credit and my outstanding bill would be just over $90.00. I advised them to send me an email for verification and proof with their calculations so I could see how they arrived at the amount stated because I have been lied to in the past. They said no, payup or we will turn off the cable. I will not pay without a verification of proper credits and removal of the ever recurring charge of $40.95. They then turned off my cable and refuse to pay me for the overpayments made. The cable/internet was the only means of communication with my family(sons 12 and 10)now they have turned it off without giving me what I overpaid either as a credit or cash.

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