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The Bright House don't like sending customers their bill for the month by mail...instead they want to blame the post office employees for what they didn't do...and that is to mail the bill in the first place...they are trying to save money the back road way...instead of telling the cusomers that they rather use the computer/internet for billing...they mislead customer that they have mailed the statement...which is far from the truth...there is something there...and I will not try to figure it out..because it not that important....but to let you know..this is really happening...

I agree with all of these POOR reviews, Brighthouse does not deserve even 1 star. I think that they have a whole bunch of retards and rejects working for them.

On 2/11/11 I received a letter dated 2/5/11 stating that I owed a balance from a previous address that lived at 8 years ago. I spoke with customer service and she could not locate any outstanding balance. She would forward the request to accounting to research and someone would call me back. Conf #496752 Today 2/28/11 My cable gets shut off. I called customer service and Margo stated that a letter (invoice) was sent on 2/23/11 "3 BUSINESS DAYS LATER" they shut the cable off??????? I haven't even received the letter yet stating the amount of the outstanding balance. Besides, why have I had current service for 5 years if I owed money? This bill is from 8 years ago and Bright House can't give me more than 3 days notice to even get the payment to them????? Poor Poor service after paying in advance and on time for 5 sraight years.

Were billed just for dailing a phone number to egypt the calls never ever connected and its not fair they are hitting us with a 90dollar bill. we werent able to get through on a land line their technical service told us to keep calling and that we would get through as they were fixing the problem. we went out and bought phone cards yet they worked just fine...the representatives were so mean and nasty on the phone..thats what you get for being a bright house costumer for 10 years..never had a latepayemnt..nothing...

I have been having bright house services for about 8 months. bright house found an old bill owed to this address. Now the last person that live in this address owed an amount of about 200.00 dollars. Bright Desided to charge this amount to me. They are saying that that person added me as a primery account holder and that they are making me respondsable for that bill when i never even give any of my info (SS# or ID) to them(bright house) or the people living in the house at that time. Now they have pissed me off because i haved called them acouple of times and ask for it to be removed. of course they refused. Now i think that this might be illegal. Im guessing that the collectors of bright want me to do their dirty job for them in this way of theirs. im just wandering if what they are doing is right and if is there any way of fighting their bull?

Out to lunch, sleep-walking, not-too-bright. Customer service is non-existant. I'll bet you that somewhere deep in the halls of Florida government, Bright House is deep in someone's pocket.

i think i have found the number 02072697250 i hope so i will be phoneing 2mo................my laptop has been back to them 4 times in the last 10 months. each time i have waited 6 weeks to a few months for it to return, this time thay have given me a diffrent laptop stell a referbished! i,ve had it a wk and the key pad has gone :0(.............peed off and wont my money back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was looking for a negative rating but such luck. Wait til you hear this....I have internet and cable through Brighthouse if I only knew I wouldnt be getting the services I was paying for. I have had a steady internet issue for the past 3 years. I have had hundreds of serive tech people to my home and clearly had no knowledge of how to resolve the problem. I call about 3-4 times every week of loss of internet. Everytime I call they have to send a signal to my box and then it comes back they say thats normal. EVerytime someone comes out they everything is working fine and they dont know what to do. WHen I call they say they see no problem everything is fine. So finally I spoke with a knowledgeable woman yester who saw the problem and diagnosed it as intermitant connectivity where she saw my internet go offline. Finally someones with common sense. She sent an email to have the supervisor come out to my home today for the service call but nope didnt happen a regular tech came and said there is nothing wrong and left. Now Keep in mind this morning I had no internet until 11 but according them its normal. I call them today and talk to the internet manager and he says well the field supervisor handling this is off. I asked for the head of the internet department, the corporate number,and the field supervisor name and he refused to give me any of that information. I asked him to connect me with the woman I spoke with yesterday and he wouldnt either. I have tried to leave Brighthouse but they are the only ones that service my area so I am stuck. They are the worst company and provide aweful service and no customer service.

I would like to know if anyone else is having the same problem I am. Brighthouse came out to install "new equipment" outside. I only know because I saw them and asked what they were doing to my cable. Ever since my internet service needs to refresh every 5 minutes or so. It's annoying if you are in the middle of something important. I called and first they said it could be my router. Then my computer, which is only 3 months old. Then they sent a tech out who confirmed that the problem was coming from whatever they did outside and that he needed to send an outside tech. That tech came out yesterday and said it was the modem. Still have the same problem. Could it be that they want to force me to buy lightning service at a higher cost of what I pay so that I can get the service I had just last week?

We have had service with Brighthouse for over 2 years and recently have encountered problems beyond our control. Our tv and phone were messing up so we called for a tech to come check it out. The tech that came out for our tv came out with such an attitude and was cussing in front of my children. When we asked for him to watch his language he got nastier and continued with more cussing and yelling. Saying we should be grateful he even showed up since it was 6pm. The next day we contacted Brighthouse and made a complaint. The 'vice president', Gary Cassady, contacted us directly and started BLAMING US!!! He went on and on about how we can't afford our bill and if we kept complaining he would terminate our service!!! All the while not touching on the subject of the irate tech that had come out the previous day. He completely over looked that! He stated that if we complained ONE more time he would have our service shut off, no questions asked. What kind of crap is this????? Anyways,...our phone ended up messing up and had no dial tone,..no nothing. So of course we had to contact them to ask for yet another tech to come and check it out. We used our neighbors phone. The representative told us that they could not discuss our account with us because the vice president put a note on the account that WE CAN ONLY CONTACT HIM with any matters concerning our account! (Like he;s really gunna answer his phone at night!!??) She couldn't even set up an appointment for a tech to come out. She pretty much told us we were out of luck and hung up. We continued trying to get an appointment set up, with no luck. A few days later, my 1 year old son had a seizure and stopped breathing. Since we still had no phone I had to RUN to the NEIGHBORS house at 5:30am to call 911. I couldn't believe it!!! My son could have died, but I was very lucky they were home and let me use their phone! (he is ok now..thank GOD!) Later that day, we contacted Brighthouse yet again and I explained what had happened and that we NEEDED our phone fixed asap. The rep was reluctant but agreed and set up and appointment for a tech the next day. All of a sudden we got a call from Mr. Cassady saying he decided our service would be terminated the following Friday as we called and complained as he instructed us not to. ARE YOU FREAKIN SERIOUS??? We pay damn good money for our service and yes!! I will call and complain if it isnt working! How can they shut our service off FOR NO REASON??? PLEASE, SOMEONE TELL ME!!!

I called on Jan 18th so schedule a second box to be installed in my residence on Saturday Jan 22 between 6-8pm. I was home at 5:30pm and at 7:30pm I called to check on the whereabouts of the technician. I was told by Customer Services that the tech was running on time. At 8pm when the tech didnt show I called and was placed on hold for 28 min and then told the ticket had been closed out and job completed. NO TECH WAS AT MY RESIDENCE from 5:30-9:30pm The customer service agent told he would call me back and find out what happened. When he called back the call was dropped so I called back and again put on hold for 20 min. I finely got ahold of another customer service agent and she told me she had no record of my order and asked what I needed. I recounted the entire story and was resched for another appointment for a second box Jan 23 between the hours of 10 and 12. She again asked me for my phone number despite the fact that I have give it 4 times prior. I havent seen this kind of deplorable service in years. A weeks notice, four calls and 4 hrs of back and forth with customer service to get a simple box install from Brighthouse...A new low in customer service.

I just switched to Brighthouse from Verizon this past month and it has been a nightmare so far. Read below to see the message I sent via e-mail to the so called President e-mail site. Unfortunately, I have had nothing but problems since I switched from Verizon to Brighthouse. I originally called and purchased services from your sales rep, Shanay, out of your Riverview Office. The agreement was to activate all existing cable outlets, build three new outlets, 2 HD boxes, 1 HDDVR box, phone, cable with Showtime and TMC, and wireless internet for $219.62. This price included the services for the 1st month. I was to get services free for the second month. Shanay was very professional and did a great job. The tech (Dave) first showed up late on Sat 12/18 and informed me that he couldn't set us up b/c he didn't have the boxes he needed (not sure why we were never called and informed and had to sit around waiting for him all day when he knew he wasn't going to be able to set us up - we were given a $20 credit for him showing up so late). Dave later came back the following Tues (12/21) and set us up but only built 1 outlet. He said he had a lot of other work to do elsewhere and would come back at another time to build the other outlet we paid for and gave me his personal cell phone before he left. I called him the next couple days and left messages and never received a return call. I contacted customer service and another tech was sent out on Mon (12/27) to build the 2nd outlet. This guy was great and mentioned that Dave had a reputation of disappearing and not finishing his installations. I can not stress how negative of an impact Dave had on our perception of Brighthouse. I received my first statement dated 12/23 showing the initial agreed upon payment of $219.62 with an additional balance due of $125.04. I called in on Wed (12/29) at 6:00 PM and spoke with customer service rep Carmella for 20 min. She said she would take care of everything and it would all go through within 48 hrs. I was assured I would receive my next statement with no charge since the 2nd month of services was supposed to be free. I received my 2nd statement dated 1/13/11 when I returned home from work this evening and nothing was done. This still shows my previous balance of $125.04. In addition, I was charged $39.95 for the 2nd outlet that was built that was supposed to be part of the original $219.62 that I paid (There were actually supposed to be 3 included, but I only ended up needing 2). I called in this evening (1/21) and was on the phone for over an hr (8:50 PM - 10:00 PM) trying to explain the scenario to the customer service rep and supervisor Mattie (I was placed on hold for the bulk of this time). I asked if my original conversation with Shanay was recorded or if I could somehow get a hold of Shanay as I'm sure she would remember the order since we spoke a few times about it. If you can somehow listen to this conversation you will realize that everything was to be included in the initial $219.62 charge. The original work order dated on 12/21/10, Job #275902, lists under equipment to activate all outlets, build 3 new outlets, 2 HD, 1 HDDVR, Phone, RRZO, and wireless all for $219.62. I had all outlets activated and only had 2 new outlets built, but for some reason am being charged for 3 additional outlets for $38.95 on 12/22 and 1 for $39.95 on 12/27 for a total of $156.80. This evening I was informed that we were charged for several of the outlets that were activated. This is not what was agreed on with Shanay and is not what I was told I was signing on 12/21, the so called "completion date" of my installation. Dave (first tech) also, like Shanay, assured me there would be no additional charges for activating all the outlets that we already had in our house. I'm hoping that I will have better luck with actual written requests as phone calls to customer service do not seem to be getting anything accomplished. I was originally excited to switch to Brighthouse and was planning on being a long term customer, but now am thinking I may have made the wrong decision. I apologize for the length of this message, but hope that someone from upper management is able to get a hold of this to see what a new customer has experienced.

ive had brighthouse on and off for countless years and had many issues. however, all of them were resolved immediately. you people are a bunch of whiners. be glad you get tv at all. be nice to the call center and theyll be nice to you. if nobody gets that, then just keep sending missles and dealing with the direct consequences of that

I have for the past 3 weeks been waiting for a real supervisor to contact me concerning my broken TV. I finally switched over to a HiDef Box in order to save money on my bill. My TV worked great until I got it. The box had always re-booted itself but this last time it continuously re-booted about 6 times and it caused my TV to surge and stay on the MYMYSTRO screen. It flickered one more time and then one half of my screen started to slowly turn green. I read the manual before calling to see if it was an easy fix, no luck so I called. Set appointment for the next day between 1-3. Of course nobody showed and got a $20.00 credit (we shall see). Tech came out the following day and said he would file a service complaint on my behalf for he could not see the why the box did this. Gave me a new box and left. Problem was not resolved. Supervisor called within 48 hours and sent out a different tech, he told me he agreed that it was the box that caused the problem, but in his report to his boss he stated something different. I called again and even emailed, got a response and was told that it was my HDMI cable. How they knew that when they never even looked at the back of the set. Had another tech com out and he tried a new cable (never even had one to begin with). Problem was not solved. Told that a supervisor would call me back. Still no phone call and I have a broken $700.00 TV plus equipment that has not been used since the problem occurred. Bright-house takes NO blame for anything. I would like to know since when are these techs TV repair men and can figure out that the box didn't short my set just because I am getting a strong signal from the cable line. I will be pursing this all the way.......

You are the biggest and worst pos provider I have ever dealt with infanit hours on hold craptacular service unresolved questions and all at aprice that is higher than at&t and dish tv you take away chanels no reason no reduction in price move channels all around like a grocery store mixing pay and basic chanels and no excuses you in a word suck calling to cancel my service and literaly an hour on hold to do it gee I wonder why

A Brighthouse Technician came to my house on 11-03-10 and left with $700.00 of my hard earned money that I had on top of my armoire in my bedroom. I reported this to Brighthouse and was told that I had to file a police report, which I did. But Brighthouse will not cooperate with the Police or me and provide the name of the Technican who was at my home and desecrated the sanctity of my home. JUST WHAT IS IT THAT THEY MEAN BY "COMMITTED TO RESPECTING AND PROTECTING YOU PRIVACY". BH has ignored and lied to me and I am tired of it, how about some RESPECT for your valued customer who has an unblemished record of paying the bill. Where is your customer service BH?

Wow bright house they should have negative stars to choose from. I have nothing good to say about any part of their company, I know the only reason they are still in business is because they don't have contracts. I have had so many problems from them I don't have the time to write them all, I have to use my phone because I still have issues with my Internet. If you are thinking about getting bright house don't we ordered a movie that we really got into but after just 20 min the picture started pixelating and freezing yes they credited us for the movie but why is it that we try to watch anything on demand in HD it messes up whether it's free or we pay for it it always messes up it's very annoying. We have had several people come out and have had several boxes nothing seems to "fix" the problem so I assume it's just bright houses service. We cancelled our service and are happy to be rid of all these issues our tv looks better with direct tv any ways so thank you bright house for the worst service y'all are right up there with progress energy. Peace

I hate this services I was told that my services was going to be cut off if i did not pay the past due amount i called and spoke to 3 different customer service reps who told me the amount to pay and AFTER I made the payment they tell me that I have to pay and aDDITIONAL amount to get my services on I am so furious at this point because how can you speak to 3 different rep and they tell you the same amount and on after they get your money is it diffrent they need to be FIRED for the

Over the past year I've had service with brighhouse. My bill increased a small amount but I was not informed regarding the changes. Then I call the local brighthouse and was informed that they did not have the coporate brighthouse number. I need the address and number to coporate number. Please email me at precious812000@yahoo.com

Why is it so difficult to get anyone at Bright house to give me the name of the PRESIDENT AND THE POSTAL ADDRESS OF CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS? Probably because local people don't want the Corporate officers to know of the problems encountered by subscribers. I have tried for several weeks to get this information by phone and by emails without success. Perhaps this is a warning to new subscribers. Be careful. You can't get beyond local people. I'm switching to Verizon. I have had my share of service problems and unfulfilled promises for out of service credits, incorrect billing, and frustrations trying to get problems resolved. I've spent [wasted ] hours and expense to get answers. Good luck if you go with brt hse. someone kindly give me the postal address of corporate headquarters and the Presidents name

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