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The score for one would be a lot lower but that was the only choice for how badly we are treted by BH. We have a tap on our phone, tv problems daily, but to top off every thing else they came out and installed a wireless router and put in a password that is controlled by the adminastor and we have no control over the password at all. After calling the csr 3 times and being placed on hold for a total of 60 minutes I still had no help. The last man wh put me on hold said he would do a confrence call since he was at the national help desk to see if the high speen internet depart would help me. He said our acct is a level 3 and they would have to do a remote access or have a tech come out and change the password for us. I asked if this is another 100.00 and he said he did not know and then placed me on hold. It has been 15 minutes again and no one has picked up.

hey my brighthouse user friends, everyday my brighthouse phone doesn't work. it drops calls and i dont recieve calls either. Ive had several techs out to trouble shoot and 1 even replaced the modem it worked for two days. today i called after no phone or internet all morning, Im on call and almost lost my job because off the phone issue today, im glad a co-worker lives down the street to give me a headsup. so i guess all get another tech in the morning to tell me nothings wrong. NOw with everyone ive spoke to that has brighthouse for a phone there having the same trouble, per brighthouse they say there not having any comlpaints about there phone service, sure there not. so guess im going to look for another internet and phone service from someone else. glad i found this board.

I had brighthouse installed in my home on 8/28/11 and have had nothing but problems from day 1/ had to call that night because phone and internet was not working,called it in they said I needed to reboot the modem but should not have to do it all of the time, guess what problem has been here call the customer care center and talk to technical support I get crappy customer service, ask to speak to a supervisor and just about everyone of them (out of about ten)except 2 says the same thing. We will send someone out and they will give a follow up call in a couple of days, guess what you never here back from them. I just had them back out today and they say that they can not see anything and next time take a picture or record it on the DVR. We asked 1 of the field supervisors was asked can you tell where the problem is from the recording he was very hesitant to answer that, you know why because you can not detect that. I have asked numerous times for someone from Human Resources or from the Headquarters office to call me and get no response. Brighthouse does nothing but offer false advertisement and i am sick of it.

My internet goes out everyday for hours, around 1pm-5Wwwpm give or take. I live in an apt complex and they demand everyone we use brighthouse. IV had 4 different techs come out the last one said he fixed it but no, definetly didnt. Im sickand tired of this zhit. My name us Kyle Reid fix this.

Online gamers have terrible service. Hi latency for World of Warcraft and Vent. Tech support that has no clue what is wrong and only has me run the same speed tests, etc. every time I call but can't do anymore and keeps telling me it's my router. Checked with Linksys - they are sure my router is fine. Brighthouse loves to shift blame when they can't fix something. In previous years they blamed my operating system if something went wrong. Some Tech Support - they should be called the "Blame Shifters". I'm not computer illiterate like many of the customers they deal with who have no clue and accept that blame. As far as the programming for cable tv. Why doesn't BrightHouse come out with a "pick your channel interest" package. We don't watch sports, music channels, or shopping networks; and they comprise a large part of the programming - especially sports. Wish we could get more PBS stations since programming is different in different markets.

Since upgrading to Brighthouse HD,Internet and phone I have had nothing but problems. The techs come out, do some cable replacements, box swap outs and modem replacements. The problem is with freezes and pixeleing on HD channels. The analog channels work fine but why pay for HD service when HD goes out, freezes and goes black for an hour or so. The pay on demand channels and Primetime on demand also act up repeatably. Last tech that came out said that I was getting a lot of noise interferance from another user three doors down. He disconected there HDTV, my signal improved but there was still noise on the line (according to the tech). He left a note on the unit that had the problem to call and have a tech come out. The tech came out and I spoke to him about the problem. He was here a total of maybe 1/2 hour and left. Never saw him replace any exterior cabling. Still having issues and another tech will be out tomorrow. Every time I call I ask for a credit and get it on my next bill. Maybe if all Brighthouse customers demanded a credit, it would hit Brighthouse in the pocket book and they might improve their equipment.It sounds like all the Brighthouse customers are tied into a loop system. Cannot understand why a dedicated cable run cannot be made from the home to the junction box. I can't find where the cable leaves my home and where it is routed. Will try to get some answers from the tech tomorrow. Six to ten techs within 6 months is crap. They have to fix the problems internally and get better equipment.

i live at 1212 bradbury rd haines city florida i have been telling these people that the cable is not working right they came and fix something but it is doing the same thing again come you promise me it will get gfix but there not fixing the problem they are just cover it up i have been i customer since you started on bradbury rd all they do is bring me another box it works for awhile then goes back doing the same thing either bring me a new box not one that is fix i have talk to the president of the company and he promise to fix the problem but it is not getting fix i pay good money to you to have this i woul;d like to at least watch my tv with out problem please have it fix i have a schedule appointment on saturday but that is not helping now my tv is breaking i shouldnt have to watch tv like this my cable phone and internet went out twice last week and they couldnt tell me way but it would be fix in a couple of hours it took almost 4 hoursa please fix it mary ann hatcher 1212 bradbury rd haines city fl 33844 8634194735 please let me now what you are going to do about it

I need to express my utter disappointment and frustration regarding my experience with Bright House cable services and equipment. Between June 2009 and October 2010, I had to have 1 modem switched out, 3 cable boxes switched out, and I’ve returned a 4th cable box to one of your locations. Since I clearly couldn't rely on your hardware for my main TV viewing, I switched to a TiVo box. After receiving a cable card to put in my TiVo box, I started having intermittent trouble receiving HD channels—some would work sometimes, and not at others, and others just wouldn’t work at all. I came to find out a week later that I needed a separate HD Tuner. I still have no idea why the technician who brought the cable card didn’t also bring the HD tuner I needed to make it work properly. Finally, everything seemed to be working OK, at least for a few months anyway. Then we came to a period of time in early 2011 when some HD channels would randomly go out and other worked just fine. I would call customer support and they would resend the signal and have me restart the TiVo and/or HD box. About 6 months ago, I had the same intermittent HD viewing experience, and you guys sent out a technician who said he needed to tighten the cable wires to improve the signal. It sounded ridiculous, but seemed to work for a few weeks. Then we started having HD channels play or not play at random. Sometimes we would go for weeks with things working fine, and then suddenly 4 or 5 channels wouldn’t work. A day or two later they worked again. Finally, last week about 21 of our HD channels just stopped working. I called customer support and they said there was weak connection to our cable card. That was it; we were done with Bright House’s cable TV service. We’ve kept your Internet services for now. The ONLY reason we didn’t make a change in our TV services sooner was that we live in a condo community that only uses Bright House services. However, we have a more options when it comes to the Internet so we’re shopping those options now. I have to say that even though your phone customer service reps have been top notch and very professional, it’s clear that your overall service from Bright House has been far from stellar. So, we’ve decided to go OTA Antenna which provides us with about 33 HD quality channels for free. We also use Netflix, Hulu, and our iTunes TV show subscriptions; all of which are accessible via our TiVo device and Apple TV, and are a fraction of the cost of Bright House TV services. Not only do we have great hardware, but we have no problems streaming our content all throughout our home. I just felt that I needed to write this letter to describe why we are so disappointed with the fact that Bright House failed to deliver on its promise of simply providing a quality cable TV service. Your equipment is outdated and unreliable, and the fact that you couldn’t deliver a consistent HD signal was just inexcusable. We were just tired of paying for HD quality service and not getting it on a consistent basis.

RECAP! MY SERVICES WENT OUT AGAIN! Another Tech Came out again! I told him what has happened and what Harry Williams said to me......& he said he has been turned in So many times But they never do anything to him! He also Told me that Almost all the Tech Hate him! If Brighthouse would get rid of these upper Managment people that Only care about there Bonus checks, and could care less about there Techs!I would love to see who actually reads theses complaints and what they do about them! Cause like this Tech told me harry has had more complaints and nothing Ever gets done! Why would B.H. want someone that there Most Important people of the Company don't like him! The Techs should come first as there are the one that are in the homes fixxin the Problem! I think if they have a site like this they should reply back to you and let you know they have heard the Problem and plan on repairing it! I found out Yesterday that Mr. williams did the same thing to a woman that lives a few houses down from me as well, She has now went to Satalite because of Mr. Williams! I would love to hear why they keepaman like this , As he must know someone high up or he runs his Techs into the Ground and keeps there Numbers looking good , so they like that! Cause every Tech that has come out has nothing good to say about there Manager Mr. Williams. Reply back Brighthouse, Or better yet Start listening to your Techs, I know your HR dept doesn't they just do the proper paperwork then wipe anything about Harry Williams under the rug! I Hate BH Services, as they are all Liars and blame everything on the Techs!

So there is one consistent complaint with Bright House. My service goes out frequently. None of the technician can fix it. You need to realize that it is not the technicians. If everyone is experiencing the same issues and none of the technicians can fix it then IT MUST ME A SYSTEM WIDE PROLEM. This is considered a very wide network. And a network can have many different problems like to much traffic for it to handle. Bright House will not invest in upgrading their network to support the traffic. It is that simple. This is a decision that only the top executives can make and they will not spend the money. They do not have to provide you with a reliable service and they can simply just blame the technicians which are just contractors. The only thing you can do is make it clear to your government that you do not want bright house in your town and you will vote them out if they renew any contracts with Brighthouse. Write your local governments and make it clear. NO BRIGHTHOUSE.

My B.H office comes out of Auburndale Fl. I live in Winter Haven! I have had 10-12 Techs out to my housein the last 3 months,Techs Try hard, some know what there doing other dont know there butts from a whole in the ground! I heard one of them Talking to his Manager and he Treated his tech so badly on the phone, then when he hung up! All that tech did is Bad mouth his Manager! It's know wonder they send out so many different Techs, he told me on a normal day they would get 12-15 calls a day! How do they exspect there techs to fix whats wrong when they have to run like a chicken with no head! In a 8 hour day no less! 1 job per hour should be plenty when you have to travel from job to job! They treat there Techs like trash! Well it messedup again the very next day! I called in and asked for the Manager of the Techs and I Spoke to a man Named HARRY WILLIAMS! Found out he is the Man in Charge of the Techs!Well after talking to him on the Phone I see why all the techs Dislike him! he Talked down to me like he was better than me! Then he told meif I was having that Much trouble with his service best thing I should do is find another Carrier! It's no wonder Brighthouse is So bad! and your Techs are SO rude! they have Managers that Treat them like Crap < If he talked to me the way he did then God only knows how bad he must treat his Workers! They need to get rid of all the Managment and listen to what the peoplethat are actually out doing the work has to say to them! I will be getting ahold of there Corparate Office about how bad I was treated by a Manager!

Hello, My problem with BH is billing. I was a winback for BH from AT&T and was given a good price for coming back. That was in Dec 2010 I have been work with BH to get the price I was given. every time they say it was fixed the price went up. Now they are telling me the price I got is correct and do not think they can do anything else. The price is now more than 50.00 over the price I was given.I have sent them a copy/pdf of my work/price sheet. I am getting ready to switch again. I rather pay a higher price than pay for something I feel as a bait and switch / lie.

Dear Corporate Heads, My name is Todd Hike. I am writing this letter to inform you that your programming, since you obviously don't watch it yourselves, is both outdated and pathetic; with so many customers out of work and struggling to manage every dime, were still getting robbed with super poor programming; stations like BTN(field hockey-REALLY?), FSCR/FSDET(are we still in England?), FSW(the only good things from Wisconsin are cheese and the Packers), FoodHD(with so many fat-asses in America already?), CookHD(refer to previous parenthesis), TLC(Learn What, did we forget how to dress ourselves or raise our children?), Update(x4, how many do we need?), TRAVHD(like most can afford it today anyway), BRAVHD(like old school, REAL house-wives exist in this day and age?), TVGN(worthless), UVHD(what the hell are Nash Bridges, all day?), ENCORE(Boooooooo!), VELOHD(Are we all car enthusiasts now, we don't get enough car commercials already?), HMCHD & RETRHD(why should we pay $6.00 and $7.00 respectively to watch 1966 TV that was even FREE back then?). We deserve so much more from a conglomerate that has been in business or 35 years! I'm quite sure that Robert Miron is disappointed that his son Steven A. Miron(moron, whatever,), sold out to play a lead roll on the Saprano's. He should have taken a tip from Steve Jobs of Microsoft by being an innovative leader instead of cramming this crap programming down hard-working customer throats! $140.00 a month for this TIRED shit, are you kidding me? Sincerely, Todd Hike toddhike@hotmail.com 727-577-7904

I've been getting calls from brighthouse telling me I'm a customer and have three different accounts They are very stupid over 4 hours being transferred no results they should have there FCC lic suspended or removed.

We requested the bundle package after specifically stating we wanted the same phone number we'd hadfor 35+ years. We were told no problem. We weren't getting calls for about a week. I called my cell& see its coming up a different number. B H changed our phone number without telling us. We've been calling for 2 weeks to get it corrected, each time saying they'd fix the problem. Now B H is saying WE need to call AT& T to fix the problem that B H created. AT & T says if BH made problem they need to fix it.Incompetent boobs at B H!

I have to pay AOL four dollars and ninety nine cents a month for antivirus protection because the antivirus protection from Bright House aka Cable Vison, Time Warner messes up my PC. I have been trying to get Brith House to recuse my monthly statement of the five dollars and ninety nine cents for several months. Dawn at customer service told me tthat Bright Hous is only responcible to provide me with fast internet service. Yet on page twelve of the Road Runner welcome kit book under internet security tools there is a listing for antivirus software. So this customer service person does not even know her own products. I deserve the five dollars and nintyt nine to be deducted from my statement each month.

I was with Bright House for over 14 years while living in Orlando, FL. I liked the services and would suggest the sevices to family and friends. However, since moving to South Lake county Florida the customer services, technical services and pricing has a lot to do with me changing my mind completely. With my problem no different than others across the nation (i.e. loss of jobs, bankruptcies), they could care less about OUR problems. But that's okay Bright House, I am not the only one with these problems across the nation. Your customer services would not allow me to speak to a supervisor to discuss a solution to my problem. Caroline only stated that they would tell me the same. That I would need to discuss and make a deal with the disconnect technician. When I told her that it did not make sense to make a deal with the disconnect technician and not the customer service office she did not want to hear it. Thanks a lot Bright House for not being sensitive to the problems and hardships we face everyday in our nation. Continue this and pricing yourselves too high with bad cusomer service, will someday put you in the same boat that we are.

FAR BELOW ZERO. I have never been so badly treated by a company. Bright House makes billing mistakes that essentially remain there forever as long as it benefits them. They will not correct anything in short order and almost seem like they intend to do this so you give up and pay whatever they ask. The big wigs insulate themselves from the public altogether so do not even try getting to them. Just getting to customer retention is like pulling teeth. I have been on the phone for 8 hours and my problem is still not straightened out at all. There is nothing BRIGHT in my house these days and all I can say is that HOUSE really is a house of cards that should be knocked down a few pegs at best or better yet, put out of business.

Brighthouse must hire their employees from the prison. They believe if THEY are argumentative and act like they have CONTROL, that we the customer will follow their lead like brain dead sheep..I have had ENOUGH with calling Their local Melbourne office and being ATTACKED by their NO CLASS UNPROFESSIONAL CLOWNS..TODAY they will SEE just WHO IS the BOSS in my world.As I WILL be canceling 5 services and pulling ALL my employees in for a little talk about::::who they have in their homes for service and just HOW many ARE THROWING brighthouse OUT OF THEIR HOMES TODAY.....When I call a place of business and ask for a supervisor::::That is NOT a request for permission to be transferred to one.IT IS A DEMAND !!!!So for horace and his little play friend to THINK it is a GOOD IDEA to start messing with ME.....BIG BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!

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