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So I am switching to BH from Verizon dues to Verizon's slow DSL speeds and lack of Fios in my area. When I called BH to talk about new services, they pitched their Lightning 75MBPS and phone bundle and said they could give it to me for $85 and change per month with free install. So I say "great, let's do it". What's not to like about that? Well I'll tell you what. Installation day comes. The installer arrives within the two-hour window, as agreed, and he starts looking around seeing how he is going to do the install. So he's outside with my wife while I am inside getting socks and shoes on to go outside, when she comes through the door and says, "The installer just told me to tell you to make sure you have $168 in cash for him before he begins the job." I was stunned. This installation is suppossed to be free. I go outside to talk to him and he says "this is your first month's service fee which we collect in advance." He then proceeds to show me a work order that has a bunch of lines with column of $0.00 on it with one line that says $96.00. He points to some other place on the work order and says, "see...$168.00." He then quickly pulls the work order away from view. I say "all I saw was $96.00 and, anyways, my total monthly fee is only suppossed to be $85." He replies that the $168 includes taxes. I tell him I am calling customer service to which he replies, "if you call customer service, I'm leaving, and if they reschedule this and I have to come back here it's going to cost you a lot more than $168." So he leaves. I am totally stunned by what is happening because this is the most unprofessional treatment I have ever experienced. But I call customer service anyways to try and find out what is going on with the $168, only to find out that the first person I talked to misrepresented the cost. Their service for $85 is for 35MBPS, not 75MBPS, and they were at a loss to explain the $168. I have found a few things since signing on with BH three days ago. First, they will knowingly tell you flat-out lies to get you to sign-on. They know that once they have your permission to port your existing phone number over to them from Verizon or whoever, which takes three days to do, you won't discover the lie until three days later when the installer arrives, at which point they have you by the throat because you have no dial-tone or internet service. Second, they use contractors to do their installations, not BH employees. The effect of this is that these installers have very little fear of reprisal from BH corporate and they will threaten you with higher costs and fees to get what they want. Finally, something needs to be done about these regional monopolies for TV, internet and phone services because, due to the lack of competion and, therefore, few options, we are all being screwed by these gangsters, and BH is the worst of them. Tony Soprano has nothing on Brighthouse when it comes to juicing its customers.


Very poor service and customer follow-up!!!

does any one read these?

I wonder who if anyone beside irate customers read these. Nothing has been done or said for many complaints. I want the world to know the service I got and I post it everywhere including face book

Worst Customer Service

I canceled by Brighthouse account in October and was also told 4-6 weeks then 6-8 weeks then 8-10 weeks and I'm still waiting for my refund check. I plan to submit a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. This is by far the worst customer service and unethical company I've ever experienced! I switched to WOW, they actually care about their customers and am receiving more services for half the cost.

I discontinued my service on Oct 7 & paid my final bill on Oct 10. I was told I'd receive my refund in 4-6 wks. Never rec'd it. Now I get an email saying I'll receive it in 4-6 wks. This is an unethical company. How do they get away w/this? I'd rate this company a minus 10 if I could.

Brighthouse charged for 30 Mbps but was providing 9 Mbps

Hi All, I am with Brighthouse for the last year+ and I am paying 104$ for a 30 Mbps line. I have been having problem for last 4 months and when I contacted the customer care they said everything is good from their end and today i connected through ethernet cable and I get 9 Mbps.I was paying all these year for 30 Mbps. How can you guys provide just 9 Mbps with but charging me for 30 Mbps. I have the snap shot of the same let me know where should i send it.

Field Operations

Been waiting on my technician for 7 hours. You lost another customer. Bye bye Bright house. 12 year customer tired of being screwed over by you. Kiss that $200 goodbye.

Get your stuff Together

It is 330 PM I called at 10 AM and a call was put in for our phone service for today. It was even put in a an EMERGENCY CALL. Phone has been out 6 of the past 10 days, and I have received 3 different prices for the same service. I call the corporate office thinking I can get some help there, but the cooperate office of this large company only has ONE PERSON to talk to and if she is busy (and she will be) leave her a message and she will call you back within 24 hours Cox might be expensive but at least their service works!!

I was just appalled and quite surprised to see Brighthouse Networks following a "Free Palastine" "Free Gaza" Twitter page. Every one is entitled to their own opinion, but big corporations, who have customers from all walks of life, should keep their opinions to themselves.

I am payed in full

I paid my last payment on 01/25/2014 and also returned equipment on 01/25/2014. I am sure that I was paid up on this day, but you have a collection agency after me for $71.17. I feel that this is in error. Duffy Martin


False Advertising.....they are the kings. who else is there for internet in Inverness FL?

Corporate contact info

Hey - for all of you who cannot reach corporate, try this: http://investing.businessweek.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=9316967

Your corporate office number is not even a working number you shisters.

Your company should be ashamed

I am leaving bright house because they are a bunch of liars and never show up for their appointments. My husband was on phone with your incompetent personnel for 2 hours after the technician cancelled the appointment himself. The supervisor called my husband a liar even when the notes showed we called 3 times when they did not show for our appointment. How funny they offered 25.00 for the mishap what a joke . Bright house needs to be accountable for their crappy service. We will be leaving so long brighthouse u guys are terrible . No more money from us don't use them

disgusting service

I wish there was a lower rating for the horrid treatment and service I have had from Brighthouse. Constant problems with digital boxes. I am disabled and was left fixing the box by these people. It took a yr for them to admit it was no good and to change it out for a new box that worked. Then they sent work people to put wires in ground and they were laying all over my backyard for 2 hrs with a cooler. When my son asked them to please move from our backyard they refused. Now I aks for simle information from them only to be left waiting 2 weeks. AGAIN i have a disability and rely on doing things by phone. They have overcharged me. I will be cancelling.

Ex Customer

I have had 3 cable boxes break in 6 months. I was trying to get my 4th and I was scheduled for a 10-12 service. Then called back for a 6-8 service and then called back to see to reschedule for another day. This service sucks!!!! I canceled it

your service is the worst .box locks up ,slow to change channels dvr takes forever miss end of some recording. If I could get an other provider I would dump you, speed to slow you want more money for everything. you evean have black outs like direct so don't say no black outs. your automated system is also a pain in my head. first most people call to say my box is locked but all you care is say is it billing or payment not service bad business I think ill twitter and see how many people agree, unsatisfied

The Blaze TV

Anyone else interested in having The Blaze TV part of Bright House programming? If so, contact Bright House and ask for The Blaze TV.


on june 2 a man from brighthouse knocked on my door said i was stealing cable i told him i pay my bill every month he said i was getting standard and not paying for it i told him i did not climb the pole and change it one of ur service men did it im 68 and cannot even climb a step ladder then he proceeded to tell me if i slip cash thru him hands he would not do anything i told him i live on 700 and month and not giving u a penny then he proceeded to ask me if i had pain pills i told him i don t take pain pills if that is the kind of service people u send out to correct a mistake UR service men made u can come and take all the crap out which i called and it will be gone thrusday


People are not aware how computers work. Also need classed in Billing and customer care. For if over payments are made and/or late payments are made the computer does what it wants without requires to payment schedules or payments made.

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