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Very very poor service. Unfortunately, I'v had the service since October 2010 and I've had problems with no service, freezing, no HD channels just to name a few. Brighthouse will send a tech out who will take a look at the cable outside and then say everythings okay, now. I need a tech visit once a week, but I still have to pay for service that I'm not getting. Please send me any info that you have on Corporate contacts. Brighthouse won't give me any contacts outside of the local office. Please rely to chocthu36@yahoo.com and add Brighthouse in the subject line. Thanks.

Ordered wifi on july 29th, 2011 special was dsl 29.95 for 6 mos, then 42.00 a mo the next 6 mos. I have to date, never received one call from them for service set up! Multiple calls to them and 2 supervisor calls (one, very rude) have yet to result in any attempt to set an appt for setting up service! Do they have so much business that they dont need mine? Now rhey madw me send them a emailed copy of proof of my email they sent me, which states terms and amts. Sent, and no reply or call back. Called again, and was told her sup will not honor the deal! REALLY? Now looking into dish network

Brighthouse? I don't think so! What's bright about this company? Not much. What a hassle.

Brighthouse has been messing me about for a year now...and I am at the end of my rope. The technicians they send out are not competent and don't know what they are doing. My service goes out every 6 days...No signal...they put in black box after black box - I think they just take the one they took out of the previous house and stick into my TV...Brighthouse technicians are not competent and simply don't know the engineering/electronics of the system. I am not joking when I say my TV gets a No Signal about every 5 to 6 days...This is utterly unacceptable. I have the Bright corporate office number and will ask for an explanation, an apology, and monetary compensation for my raised blood pressure and loss of TV service. Maureen, Clermont

Bright House sucks. I have only had them for 5 months at this house, and signed up for auto-pay immediately. They were supposed to be taking the payment automatically out of my checking account. Should be simple, right? Instead, Bright House waits until AFTER the bill is past-due, adds a late fee, THEN collects auto-payment from my checking account a day or two later. There is always more than enough money in my checking account for payment, so it's not a matter of insufficient funds. I have called Bright House and begged them to please just take out the payment like 3 days after the bill gets generated, or at least a week or so BEFORE the due date. But they refuse to adjust either the date on the billing OR the date on the payment! This is FRAUD, plain and simple. They are deliberately waiting until every single bill is past-due so they can collect late charges on every single invoice. Who can I complain to about this? And is anyone else experiencing the same kind of problem? We need to file a lawsuit against Bright House and shut them down!!!

Ever try finding out who runs this company, forget. Talked to 5 people and sent three email and no one can tell me who is in charge of Bright House Central Florida. Ever since John Rigsby left this company has had the I don't care approach to customer and there concerns. Cable is out yet again. If i was the 6th largest anything and my system went out this much I would relies there is a problem.

I am also interested in class action suit against these tyrants !!!

Hi I am a BrightHouse Customer and just found this to share my experiences that I have had with BrightHouse Networks. My story will go all the way back to March of 2010 where in previous months from there I was having issues and had enough and contacted them. Well needless to say its now June 7th 2011 and the issues are still not resolved. I would have intermittent internet and cable reception, Pixilation, channels freezing, channels just stop working and saying Please wait with black screen. I have had several maintenance and techs in my home including area supervisors. My house has been rewired 3 times..had bad amps on my stran...bad connectors, bad boxes, bad modems,etc. I actually had a Area Supervisor tell me that oh that's a network thing and I would have to deal with it... I don't think so! Then the same area Supervisor had the nerve to update the account specialist working on my acct that he changed out equipment in my home as a precaution..which in turn means he is saying he didn't find anything wrong so no credit will be issued. Wrong..he came in my home with his help and looked at equipment..he grabs the modem that they put in my home and says here is the problem your wire doesn't fit. MY WIRE??? umm your company put that in my home. So he goes and send the helper kid out to the truck to get another wire. Kids comes back in with it and he goes to attach it. Well that wire doesn't stay in the modem either. I look at the back of it and tell the guy it is defective that's why it is not holding the wire in and so they change the modem out. along with one of my old tv cable reception boxes. So I talk to the account Specialist and see if credit was issued she said no because of what he told her..she said you can call him to discuss ..well I did told him he was a liar and to issue my credit and for him not to ever come back to my home and I also told this to many reps for BH as well. Well I have been battling the charges and the bad reception for over a year I am tired..they need to get my stuff fixed this is ridiculous. The Corp HQ is right up the street..not sure if anyone knows what they are doing. I have had so many ppl in my home I would like for the President of the Company to come stay in my home for one night and watch my tv ..I will fix you a 5 star dinner Guaranteed and make sure you have a comfy bed Guaranteed . But I cannot guarantee a night of uninterrupted entertainment from the TV. And by the way that rating 1 * ...seriously 1 star for poor?? should be none!! My email if anyone wants to contact me Cyt4SoreEyes32@aol.com Class Action is yelling my name!

Brighthouse Networks cause me a lot of stress!! There is not a week that goes by that we don't have to call them. They send out a technician that supposedly is better than the last one they sent out. I think if Brighthouse had a little more competition, they'd be up on their game! My mom has Comcast and never has a problem!!!

Why don't you have a minus star rating? Bright house has been giving us the run around since December. Our service has not been right nor have we received what we are paying for. After at least five calls and one visit to the office on May 18th a teck came out and turned on our road runner, said someone would be out in less than two days, well today is the 30th I have been on the phone with bright house for almost an hour. No reslove, only saying we can get credit for no roadrunner for two weeks even though we have NOT received it since December until the 18th! And still not our other services or channels....not good enough. Bright house headquaters number is 407-215-5577, I will be on the phone with them or might even drive to Maitland the headquater office. Is anyone out there interested in a class action suite.

Just got off the phone with Scott R-21 esclations specialist! offered one month of cable and internet for six months of us not have the services we are paying for, I could not hear on the phone....another install problem...... I did get that his boss is at home.....isnt that nice....BRIGHT HOUSE IS RIPPING ANY PERSON OFF THAT IS PAYING FOR SERVICES THEY ARE NOT RECEIVING! ATTORNET GENERAL WHERE ARE YOU?????

I've had brighthouse services for more than 10 years, Cable/phone/internet. I have contacted customer service to block a phone number (nuissance calls telemarketers) and because I have no computer they cannot assist me. Does it make sense to anyone? Does every household in the US own a computer? the outcome of answers I received from Brighthouse customer services, will determine my future with said company.

I have had nothing but problems with brighthouse since the conception. At one point in time I had 15 service techs including field supervisors at my residence and no one could figure out what the problem was with my cable. I actully did not have a cable bill for almost 3 months. 5-13-11, my cable went out because of a bad transformer. Brighthouse knew about the transformer on that day and failed 2 fix the problem. 5-14-11, at 3:30 pm, I am still out of cable. There is a lot mire 2 the story but that is the short version, I told brighthouse if I could put them out of business, I would. They have NO BUSINESS being in service - they r all ad dumb as a box of rocks.

Well I had bright house while I lived in Tampa. Service was 5 star. Had no issues with customer service always had correct billing and when I needed repaired in service they were out working 24 hours. I moved to some family property in August of last year.(Haines City) Called them before I moved and was told I would have to be put in contact with that regions supervisor. They transferred me and I got voicemail. I left a message to obtain service with brighthouse at my new residence. A week later I received a voicemail from a brighthouse rep and was told that my new residence was not a finically viable location for them to provide service. I tried calling them back with no joy. I moved and am using dishnetwork and wild blue for Internet. Insane pricing for Internet and is just about as bad as dial up. So more research uncovered that there has never been fiber optic from any service provider been installed. Be it direct berial or strung. My family has owned this land since my father was 1 year old. He is in his mid fifties now so it is not like there has been no one living here. I get busy with a new job and forget about it for a while. I re-attack the issue calling the regional offices again and get the same story. Here is the kicker. I get to know my closest neibohrs (about half a mile away) and they have bright house which was installed by Bright house. The land owner directly next to me who I havent talked to in years came over for a visit the other week. He recently retired from a medical firm in Miami and has moved back to run his private airport here. He was irate about the while thing because Bright House is giving him the same story. He said he filed a complaint with the trade commission saying something about how they run or own this area. Can anyone tell me how to make bright house provide service to us?? I know of Atleast three other homeowners that would pay for the service. Help please!!

Up till now your service has been ok. But. I don't think it's fair to give some a good deal and not everybody. Or to sign me up for a package and after so many months email me that the price of my services are going up. All this time I'm your customer, which does not seem to matter to your company. Now you have the nerve to send a collections agent to my apartment. And have the nerve to charge me for that. $20. Man that is really really CHEAP! You know from all other experiences that if you cut off the service I will pay up ASAP or if you cut back on some of the service I will pay up, ASAP. So why do you cheapen your company by sending someone to my door? I believe this is just one more CHEAP way to create income. I mean if this person goes to 15 or 20 homes a day X $20 per stop, and I'm sure you probely have 3,4,or more of these collectors out there. You get it right?? Cuz I do. And gee!!! I bet you never took into account that in todays ecomony that some of us maybe struggling. I myself lost a $45,000 a year painting business over the last year. But go ahead BRIGHTHOUSE squeeze as much as you can out of me. I'm sure I will come up with it from somewhere. Thanks so much for your concern for your customers BRIGHTHOUSE. signed-Don Myers, your customer for 10 years out of the last 13. And as not to want to upset you I did pay for Brighthouse cable those other 3 years, just thru another person.

Brighthouse is horrible. Please someone come to our town with reasonable and good quality services. Thank You

i been having problem with local free hd channel moving around like abc cbs nbc. Some of them will move to upper channel. Others I have lost. I have had a technician look at my tv and he tried to blam it on my tv. But I have another tv in my home that is a different brand that does the same thing. My neibor is having the same problem with two different tv. They will not fix the problem. I did contact them and told them that they are in violation of FCC law, They did not seem to care at all. I want to know if anyone else is having the same problem. ursnoked@yahoo.com

My wife and I have recently moved back to Florida after a 6 month move. Before we left we had been customers of Brighthouse for many years, the problems were numerous and constant with no relief in sight. We switched over to Dish Network about a year and one-half prior to the move, the quality of the picture was outstanding, no more freezing of channels, we always were able to view H D channels without losing them on a daily basis with Brighthouse, even the volume problem seemed to be gone. Why is it that we could get this quality from Dish Network but not Brighthouse ? Why do we have to pay the same price for service when Brighthouse knows they have these problems and they either can`t or won`t fix them. After the technician came to our house to set up it didn`t take 10 min. for the old problems that we experience almost two years ago to show up, plus a few more. So Brighthouse never took care of the old problems at all, not in two years, but the price sure went up, how do they get to raise prices for inferior service ? Why are they allowed to charge these prices when they know they have these problems and can`t or won`t fix them ?, why are they allowed to lie to their customers ? We need more cable companies, there is no better way to get what you pay for when there is somewhere else to get what you want/need!We have to hit them where it hurts, the WALLET!!As soon as I can, brighthouse goes, maybe even sooner than later, I am not going to drive an Edsel, when I am paying for a corvette!!!!!!!!!

i have nutting but problems with my dvr box. i have had to switch it out five times in less then a year and a half. because the drive crashes. it has rebooted it self bout every 10 to 15 mins for three days. the service calls they tell me half the story. i am not happy one bit.

Today I spent 7 hours on the phone between Bright House and Verizon I started the day calling Verizon to find out why my home phone was not working . I have had the number in the same location for 30 years . Representives told me it was ported over to Bright House . Now I have no home phone . Bright house tells me I have to connect the number with them in order for it to be ported back to Verizon. I feel as though I've ben a victom of identy theft . Because Bright House is suppose to connect me before they dis connect a line . Further insult to injury . My on line account with Vreizon is no longer is active . My bill is due and I cant pay on line . Also I have DSL with Verizon that is currently still working . And I'm told I will be loosing the current rate I'm paying for internet service 7 hours of greif added to the months of unsatasfactory service since Bright House changed there cable format . This is how a multi decade customer is treated . Both companys are wrong here and this will not be the last they here from me !

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