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We are on our second brand new BMW in as many months. Today was the last straw. Apparently mice and/or other rodents find the wiring on this particular brand of vehicle quite tasty. We paid to have the wires fixed...when it happened a couple of weeks later we traded in the first one (instead of continuously repairing the wiring)and bought a second BMW, as this car has always been our dream car. As added precaution, we have set traps into the engine EVERY NIGHT. Yet, this morning, AGAIN...the buffet in our engine has once again become active. This coming Monday we are bringing the car back and will have to purchase yet another car...but, alas, it won't be a BMW. We cannot afford a $600 repair bill once a month. We have been reading the preceding comments and are curious as to what type, if any, resolutions have been offered.

I bought a BMW x5 about a year ago. The last 4 months have been Hell. There is a warning light in the car that the service center in Escondido can't fix. My car has been in and out of the shop the last 4 long months. Finally, they gave me the car back (not fixed) and said they don't know what else they can do. So, basically they gave me an unsafe car to drive.

Bought car at 300 miles new BMW 328I And when they deliver it same day car was dirty and had scratches. Sales guy told us to come back some other time which we had to do. at close to 900 miles check engine light. Then sister parks car down a small hill, not even a big hill car rolls through her foot, drags her and hits the school fence. After that I had to take my sister who is a lawyer to hospital and be with her for x-rays and etc. My sister has plenty of witnesses. The next day car gets towed to San Francisco BMW and dealership ignores us for a while, talk to sales guy he barely had time to direct us to the server department. Management refuse to talk to us. At first they do not provide us a loaner car and then when i asked for manager again they got us a loaner with almost no fuel. Once we gave them keys and signed the repair order warranty form they drove car "test drive" over 600 miles. When spoke to their service manager no help whats so ever. Car license plate and cover was damaged due to transmission didn't hold car at park position. No only the car was returned not clean also they did not refill the tank. When we gave them a car it had almost 1100 miles upon return it had 1700+ and half tank of gas. Now the car has 600+ miles less warranty thanks to San Francisco BMW. I want a brand new car , i bought a brand new car and i am expecting to get this one replaced or get $ for the miles techs had a joy ride in~! BMW does not provide a solution to my issue i addressed. I am in process of talking to a lawyer about this issue. San Francisco BMW has "F" rating at BBB.org!

I am the owner of 2008 335i. since I bought the car I been having problem. especially when i drive it for a little long time the car slows down and it shakes really really bad no matter how much you push the gas it wont run. I took it to the dealership several time but they didn't do anything about it. I did not took it serious at first but now its getting worse. I just took it last week again the adviser told me the same thing. I am very scared because it can cause a deadly accident if someone is driving in highway and all of sudden the car shakes and stops on its own you can get hit by another car. I don't know why BMW is not doing anything about this. I am very upset I don't ever want to purchase BMW. BMW also have bad service!!!

I was aproud owner of 2000 540i bmw until 11/11/2010 I took my car to the carwash and prior to exiting the wash i notice i had lost brakes moments later the vehicle started misfiring and suddenly the engine shut off I restarted the engine thats when all sorts of noises ans smoke started coming from the vehicle I knew instantly the was major problems I got out of the car there oils just pouring from under car i called for towing had vechicle taken to bmw of silverspring md where tey evaluated the car and determine the vehicle had hydrolocked. my insurance company wrote the car off as a total lost very devasting conculsion

I am the proud owner of a 2002 BMW 325XI . I purachased the car new and to date have 130,000 miles and relatively little maintenance other than the required schedule of service. However, I reacently noticed 3 rust areas beginning to appear. They are as follows: 1 over the left rear tire, 1 over the right rear tire and the final one just below the trunk door. I pointed this out to the service manager at Bell Motore in Newton and he was very surprised to see this happening. My car is always garaged and washed frequently. Can you make any recommendations as how to handle this problem without it costing me out of pocket expense? I know BMW prides itself on the finish of each car expecially those made outside of the USA. Unfortunately, many of the American cars start to rust well before they become olf. Prior to my purchasing a BMW, I owned two Acuras and neither one of them showed rust even after six years of ownership. I was about to retire and wanted to treat myself to a very special car. Since my son owned a BMW 500 series and had only positive things to say I decided I would buy one. My car is in very good condition with no dents. People do not believe how old this car is. These rust spots are upsetting me as I have no control over them. Will you kindly respond to my inquiry and comment. Thank you, Cosette Elaine Kuntz

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