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Disappointed is an Understatement

Wow i see i am not the only person disappointed in the service centers at BMW. Well today I am included on the list of dissatified consumers. Long story short took my BMW745LI into BMW Mt. Laurel, NJ only to be given my car back in WORST condition that i originally arrived with. Car broke down in front of the dealership after I asked them was everything OK. And NOW they want to charge me for another diagnostic, yeah right buddy

BMW nigtmare

We had so many problems with our BMW X5 for years but we had a warranty. Before the warranty expired I took it to Peter Pan BMW in Burlingame for a check up. I was under the impression that everything was checked and repaired. Wrong. On 2-5 this car just died on me. We contacted Eric Edwards at BMW few times by e-mail, called him, contacted manager Jim Cyr by e-mail never heard back from them. In the mean time we discovered that in 2012 it was a recall of the battery and some cables. Nobody mention it to us. Worst service whatsoever.


I've been waiting for them to refund me my gap coverage. When I called the company they go through for that extended coverage they told me bmw has already received that check and cashed it. Every time I contact them they tell me "oh, where so sorry for the inconvenience and it will be another week." Its been almost 5 months!

BMW 3 series worst car ever

Don't buy any bmw because it will break down about 3 to 4 times a year if you're lucky and it will be at least $1000 each time to repair. I regret ever buying this luxury lemon. And according to online reviews and my friends they too have the same issues so it is more than common.


From the day I bought my Certified BMW with only 28,000 miles. I has had a transmission problem. It is a joke trying to get it fixed even with a full warranty. This is my first and last BMW

BMW Crooks

Buyer Beware The BMW service center is out to get you for every penny you have. Once your warrenty is up the entire car falls apart!!! Never buy a 645 Ci, It has so many issues that should be recalls including the drop top roof leaking!

Terrible. $4300 to REPLACE a sunroof on a X5 when it should be REPAIRED not REPLACED. Does anyone else have a similar issue? I think this is a defect??

Be sure to fully inspect and drive the vehicle before purchase. Columbia BMW in South Carolina delivered a vehicle with acid rain damage. Buyer Beware. This is not what you would expect from a $60K Plus vehicle but it happens and you are stuck.

i have a 98 r1200c the crome is falling off the rims...i was told of a recall & i was also told that i missed a 10yr statute of limitations....is this true?

When you by a BMW they tell you welcome to the family! Yet, I'm being treated like a step child who was adopted. This is a joke beyond words. You shouldn't advertise what you can't maintain. I bought from Quality life BMW's via cash a certified pre-owned BMW beautiful car, bought it into NYC's Manhattan office and was told my tires needed to be changed because of dry rotting. The brooklyn office told me to bring it to them but could not and did not give me a loaner until my car was fixed... I'm still waiting for the phone call that wasn't. Then they had the nerve to send me an email telling me my car was coming out with a same model but new year, when I inquired about it they told me that it would cost more ahhhh hello you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out. Yet still no call but they always want you to rate their service. (F)

I purchased a 2011 328xdrive from BMW West Springfrield in Springfield Mass. We agreed on a price and when I sat down with the finance person I was told there would be a 499.00 document fee and 199.00 for a stick they place in the car in the event it is stolen. Now I realize I did not have to purchase the vehicle but I hope this review will let other potential buyers to be aware of the added cost so they can negotiate the added cost when they buy the vehicle. Buyers be wear!!!!

Another BAD service review. Today, I experienced a horrible experience at Memphis BMW. I was told by another Mini owner that she recieved emails with coupons, recalls, service time, etc. Humm. I never recieved those emails. Asked service rep... she knew nothing about the coupons available nor why I was not recieving emails notifications even for a recent part recall. Was told the brake change would not be covered becasue out of maintanence time. I asked her to show that to me in the warranty manual. She could not. Called in the service manager, he could not find it either in the owners warranty manual. I am assuming my telepathy should have read thier minds. I told them that I was not seeing the service lights. Was told that most people did not know how or where to find them. Oh, an important message in the computer system was difficult to find. Hummm. I asked why she had not answered my last email regarding the reports of a faulty airbag sensor. She stated she recieves 100s of emails and I should have called or re-emailed her. When I told her I did...she did not remember. Under her breath she called me a word that rhymes with witch. I expalined that I was the customer something that I think the Memphis, Tn BMW service just seems to not understand even when the BBB has investigted them for many complaints in the last 12 months. Yes, that was the BBB! Horrible service and I was the first customer of the day. Can you imagine what the whipping was like for the last customer????

I recently traded my 2005 Infiniti FX35 in for a 2007 BMW X5 with 39K miles @ Tom Williams BMW in Birmingham, AL. Worst mistake I could have ever made. I had zero problems with my FX35 but it was getting up there in miles. So my husband and I decided to trade for a BMW. I purchased the car on 6/29/12 on 7/23/12 (literally) the engine light came on. I called BMW they said their computers were down they would call me when they came up. I am a pretty resonable person, things happen. 3 days later still no call. I was told to make an appointment online, so I did. On 7/26 I dropped the car off for them to check it out. My husband is a mechanic (thank god) because BMW techs are crooks! They changed everything that my husband told them wasn't the problem and told me I owed them $380 but the car was still doing the same thing and it was misfiring on cylinder 5 (really Sherlock, my husband told you that when we brought it in). They had no loaner cars avail so I had to rent a car myself just to get around. Today is 8/10 I still don't have my car as a matter of fact they have not even torn the car down yet. No one has contacted me with status I have been calling them almost everyday for 16 days. The service manager is a joke! He says he will call you back but NEVER does. I manage managers for a fortune 5 company and if my managers did this to our customers they would be out of the door, period. I have not driven this car 30 days just paid the first note today and I am driving a rental that I am paying for too. I wish I could get my FX35 back. Inifinti was always a pleasure to deal with. I pruchase luxury cars thinking I'm going to get luxury service but this is not the case with BMW. They are selling 80,000 cars with buy here pay here service quailty. I usually never say never but I will NEVER purchase another BMW.

BMW your newest commercial should really offend a lot of Americans. I find your newest commercial very offensive to the public. What has America become with this type of commercial being televised when you have to bleep out the word. It is very clear in the commercial what the word was that was bleeped out, Americans are not stupid. Your commercial should be removed at once.

I have had my Z3 Roadster for 10 years now and bought it at the Peabody, MA dealership and continued to bring it back there for the past 10 years. This time my experience in service was the worse I have ever seen. My car was in for service for over a week and nothing done but replacing the gas cap. I had 4 service lights that went on at the same time. I brought my car to service the next day. The mechanic they had working on it said there were so many things wrong with the car, the service writer called me and said it was going to cost $3600 to have everything fixed. I talked him down to $3100, but long story is that after 4 days of my car being in service the service writer called and said they were waiting for a part to come in and the origianl mechanic was sent home sick. After 6 days of being in service the service writer said they fired the origianl mechanic because they found out he was trying to screw customers. The service department was also trying to recreate the problems we had with the car because the original tech cleaned out the warning lights. The dealership could not recreate the problems and only replaced a gas cap. They said the car was not in any danger, but why did 4 lights come on at the same time and now they say there is nothing wrong with the car and we have to wait to see if the lights come on again. I made sure I had a copy of all the original problems the tech said and had the service manager sign it stating the customer DID NOT decline work to be done. I certainly hope nothing happens while driving this vehicle because BMW will certainly hear from my lawyer.

My center brake light at the top of the rear window fell down and was dangling by the wires. The Sterling BMW dealer fix it by glue it to the window and charged me $107 dollars. If it happen again they said I would need a new rear window???? I have a 2007 328i BMW with only 26,000 miles. It stays in my gargage 90% of the time. Since the car isn't under warrent BMW could care less. I expected better quality from a German car.

I have tried for 3 weeks to get my car in for service. This is the the worst service I have ever had. When I had a Honda not a problem. But try to get my 528ix in not possible. This is my first BMW and I am almost sure MY LAST. What a JOKE.

I have yet to see an outstanding review to BMW. I just can not believe one of the top car manufacturers in the world can not get this right. Peake BMW in Kenner, LA (New Orleans) has the worst reviews I've ever seen. They will not answer the phone in service and the people there are very arrogant. My friends and I that have BMW's are looking at other places to get our cars serviced. Who at the BMW Corporate Office is going to look into these monkeys running their business? I own a 550I and I will say I will NEVER purchase another BMW. Gents get this fixed now!!!!

purchased a new car at hasel in freeport worse service ever 2 mo old car never gave me a loaner now tells me the car will not be fixed by them its my fault go to your ins. never go to hassel motors in freeport long island


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