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Buyer beware

Having a Bmw is the worst experience ever! It's not worth the price you pay the cars are junk! I will never buy a Bmw again!

Selling Used Car as New

My wife wanted her dream car as a gift to herself for beating breast cancer. We bought a New BMW 328I only to find out that it was sold a year earlier. There is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE from the Corporate Headquarters. It may be The Ultimate Driving Machine but its the Ultimate Non Customer Service Machine in my book.

x5 dangerous

my daughter was t boned on the highway Aug 2014 at 60 miles per hour. $9000 to $12000 in damage. The airbags failed to open and the whiplash has caused her a great deal of pain. BMW claims that the wreck was not enough to cause the airbags to deploy but the is a long history at BMW of airbags failing. If you value your safety stay away from any BMW cars, they do not stand behind their automobiles,sad!!

Car Issues

I have a 2012 528XI where the turbo charger just went out and while repairing the charger found oil in the engine. No one touches my car but the dealer and they have indicated that they have no idea where the oil was coming from. They cleaned it out but I fear that once the warranty runs out I will be having engine problems. This is my 4th BMW and the 1st to have such problems. I am thinking of getting raid of it. No one at the dealer could tell me what caused the charger to goo out and where the oil is coming from. The good thing, it was documented for me to send to BMW Corporate Office.

I agree with Egardo! I am also the owner of a LEMON, a used 2010 X-5 purchased from Bellevue BMW in Bellevue, WA. I purchased the car in April of 2013. It is has been in the repair shop 8 times since then I just had it in again, May 30 2014, because a THIRD coil failed! Yesterday,June 10, the check engine light came on...again!!! What is it now? A four year old car should not have this many problems. I am done with this LEMON!

las vegas crooks

Do not, I repeat do not get your repairs done at the Las Vegas BMW dealer. Besides their unbelievable poor service, some of the work I had done had to be redone 2 weeks later by other mechanics.

Class Action Lawsuit

I think all BMW buyers must file a lawsuit against this company for selling LEMONS. It is terrible. Does BMW really care about its customers? Maybe not! All they care is to keep their sales up and never mind if they have satisfied buyers.

335i and crap tires

I have owned my 335 for a year and a half and have had to put 9 tires on it already and was told when I bought it that I wouldn't have a problem with the tires and from my research everyone else has the same problem maybe it's time for a class action law suit

Bmw trash

The makers of bmw need to be fired! These cars are complete trash . How can you ask for those high prices for your cars and they're junk. I have a 2008 750i and the car can barely make it up hills. The radio sounds like it came out of the 99 cent store. I can write a book on how much of a rip off bmw's are. DO NOT BUY BMW !!

i series 2010

I have decided that the ultimate driving machine is the ULTIMATE PAIN IN the rear!! I'l be nice just saying this !! I have a big d--- that comes out from the seat ever time i drive this ultimate pain in a--- .. If you r stupid like I was and like to screwed over buy a bmw , Then buy one they will not dissapoint you !!! Service is I GOTCHA you !!! I will never envy the poor suckers that get signed up for the ultimate driving german junk !! I can say this because I HAVE SUFFERED !!!!!!!!!!!!


I recently had a repair completed on my Mini in at Ft. Lauderdale BMW Service Ctr. (my 3rd negative experience there); this last experience was the worse. The repair took 5 days, the communication from the service rep. was poor/attitudinal, my car was returned w/a missing part and was it was dirtier than when I dropped it off. The labor ratio to the # of auto repairs at the service center seems unbalanced, causing the owner to suffer multiple inconveniences. I love BMW products (this is my 6th BMW product), but these continual negative service experiences really cause me to rethink my next (soon) auto purchase, maybe I'll return to Jaguar or Mercedes...


I am restoring old bmw need parts. I called 5 different dealers no one couldn't tell me availabilities. Ordered Euro bumper rubber, specifically told the guy EURO not American. This morning drove 2 hours the guy ordered American. Bad Bad Bad service. I am willing to pay any price just can't find someone to tell me what they have

poor service and customer service

we recently purchased a vehicle and sold this car when the back brakes were completely shot and we did not knwo and took our 2 yr old grandson for a ride.. per car fax there had been a oil leak and the salesperson showed us a bill where they had put a new oil pan on and i have requested a copyof this and have never recieved. we took it to midas and they said it was the intake manifold gasket and has been leaking for a yr.. Century bmw will not return our car.. if they inspect there cars before they put them on lot to selll then they better fire the worker cause he doesnt know how to do therer job.. Century BMW only knows how to connect u to one person and then another...

CPO Lemon

I purchased a CPO 2010 CPO 335xi with 33,000 miles on it. From the first week this car was a joke. Nothing on the gps worked, it pulled to the right and engine misfired. The windshield cracked which I found out after purchasing the car the crack was from a previous repair which had failed. After 6 weeks I had to get rid of this car. I sold it back to the dealer with 34,000 miles and took a $5,993 loss. A week later I saw the same car being resold as a CPO BMW for more than I paid for it in the first place. This company are a bunch of crooks. I contacted BMW NA and they refused to help in any. DO NOT BUY A CPO BMW...CROOKS

Terrible service . Would not help me with my bmw x5 I neede to pay for road side assistance and I have only 26,000 miles on it. Will not buy another bmw

Takes Advantage of Women

I paid over $1,000 for a compute chip that shut down my car (335I) in August. Recently I received a recall letter in regards to that part I paid for. When I called BMW to get reimbursed due to a faulty part, they insisted that I have the work redone by them. That is silly.


worst experience ever. service people are liars.

Poor Quality

From the day I bought my Certified BMW 2006 X3 with only 22,000 miles. I took good care of it and made sure I changed the oil every 5 - 7K miles. My X3 just turned 71K miles and my car started violently shaking and it was a misfire to one of the engine coil and oil leak into the piston. Long story short, the cost to repair is at least $4.000. The dealer won't honor the warranty even if its few months over it's 6 year term but way under 100K miles. I'm so disappointed and disgusted with this car company.

TV Advertisement

Dear BMW; quite often I vbiew your ad on TV in which you show a BMW 5 series sedan driving around a curve coming downslope on a highway. Beautiful sight!!! However, you show a young boy in the rear seat next to an open window with his arm and hand out the window and apparently no seat-belt on him!!! This is not a safe drive for the young boy and, certainly not a good showing for BMW


I am so disappointed with BMW as a whole this is my first one an will def be my last . I have a 2006 3 series with less then 80k. I went to the service depo cause my car just started violently shaking. They tell me i have a misfire in my engine coil. Long story short and $2000.. I have it fixed only for me to drive 200 miles and another coil misfires ! How do you change 1 coil? And charge me 2g!? That's like if I need new brakes you change one brake pad. I'm so disappointed and disgusted with this car company.

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