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Hi As there is NO assistance from BMW South Africa I am pleading with ever BMW complaints center until it can get to BMW German. From: Denvan [mailto:Denvan_fynn@msn.com] Sent: Friday, May 25, 2012 11:04 AM To: 'Registry@thenct.org.za' Subject: BMW - Is BMW Disregarding the Consumers Rights Dear Reader On 10 November 2011, I purchased a BMW 740I from BMW JSN Motors. The vehicle was financed through BMW finance and the cost is as follows, note that I also traded in my BMW X5. Purchase Price of BMW 740I R563 500.00 Deposit paid by me R 50 000.00 Difference R513 500.00 Still owing on X5 R315 000.00 JSN Offered R210 000.00 Difference R105 000.00 The vehicle contract was R750 000.00 less the discount and the deposit is R620 166.12 (Principal Amount) On the day I fetched the vehicle (10/11/2011), I reported to the salesman that the vehicle had a couple of issues. He (Alan King) advised me to keep the vehicle for a few more days to see if the problems persisted. Alan King supposedly had made arrangements for the vehicle to booked in on the 21 November 2011. This, however, was not the case, when we took the vehicle to be booked in, we realised that no bookings were made and Alan King no longer worked at JSN motors. Nevertheless, JSN vowed to have the vehicle booked in the following day. The problems reported were as follows: • After pressing the start/stop button to start the car, it literally takes up to 5 minutes to start (the engine swings continuously). This created a loud noise from the engine. • The windscreen had a chip • The tyres squeaked without pressing the brakes • The aircon vents did not work • When driving it sounded like the doors were opened (noisy inside the vehicle) On the 21 November 2011 at 07:20, the vehicle was taken to JSN motors as the problems persisted. During the course of Monday, my wife received two telephone calls from Kevin Govinden informing her that the car will not be ready today, however, will be ready for collection on Tuesday. On Tuesday, my wife received one telephone call whilst she was in meeting from Kevin. He left a voice message saying that the car will not be ready today but will be ready tomorrow. My wife called Kevin when she came out her meeting which was approximately 15h30, Kevin told her the same thing. She then relayed her disappointment in having to wait yet another day to get the car. She asked Kevin if he would be able to fetch her from Sandton on Wednesday and Kevin agreed. She asked him if he could provide feedback first thing Wednesday morning and he agreed to this too. On Wednesday morning, my wife called Kevin to find out what has been done on the car and what was still outstanding. She was assured by Kevin that he would find out and call her back. One hour later, she called him back and he had forgotten. He then went to find out the progress and called her after another hour went by. He told her that they are sorting out the brakes, they need to get the tyre out first. Everything else on the job card was done except the brakes and the airvent. The airvent would be sorted out another day as this had to be ordered and delivered. My wife asked Kevin again if he was sure that everything else on the job card was completed and he assured her that it was. Kevin called my wife again in the middle of the day saying that the technicians are having problems with getting the tyre out, they left JSN at 12h00 and will be back at 13h00 as they had to get more tools. Kevin called again after 14h00 saying that the technicians have arrived (this was 2 hours later) but he does not think the car will be ready today. My wife informed him that she needed the car and explained that we have kids and they need to be dropped off for school and picked up and this was really causing us a lot of unnecessary inconvenience. My wife then called me frustrated that the car was still not ready. I then fetched her and we both came over to JSN, we got there at 15h20. Kevin then came to us at 15h35 and I went down to the Workshop with him. I told him that if he can get us a courtesy vehicle then it shouldn’t be a problem but we needed a vehicle. He then went to talk to other customers, leaving us standing at reception with no idea what was going on. At 15h55, he tells us that he will speak to his manager about the car. At 16h10 he informs me that there are no courtesy vehicles and he cannot help us. I then asked him to please get my vehicle out of the Workshop, I will take it now. I explained to him that I did not have a vehicle and I needed a vehicle, if he could not provide me with a courtesy vehicle then I would need my vehicle. I then waited till after 17h00 and my car was still not out the Workshop, I then left JSN Motors. I sent the GM: JSN an email wherein I informed him of what had transpired, he apologised and undertook to resolve the matter. I was then contacted by two individuals from JSN Motors, Grant and Michael King. Michael King informed me on 8 December 2011, that JSN Motors would cancel the agreement, however, I had to pay in a shortfall amount of R 75 993.86. I then requested the reason as to why I need to pay in this amount, NO feedback was given by either Stavros (MD of JSN) nor Mr King. Due to lack of response from JSN motors, attorneys were appointed by myself, prior to their appoint I personally sent through an email to BMW finance informing them of this decision. My lawyers have also sent through letters to both JSN Motors and BMW Finance, and they both have not come back. I have recently (01 March 2012) received a mail from BMW Finance stating that if I don’t take the vehicle back, they will auction the vehicle off at its current value R375 500.00 and I will be liable for the outstanding monies. This to me is a form of black mail, and threat that if I don’t take possession of an un-roadworthy vehicle they will sell it and I must pay in the difference. JSN motors and BMW Finance, in my opinion have no consideration for the client, have no consideration for the law and disregard the consumer act. I have pleaded with them on many occasions to resolve this matter amicably, and to see if we can come to some sort of agreement, but neither party is willing. In the meanwhile, I am being inconvenienced having only one vehicle to use and to transport 3 kids to school and 2 adults to work. I am still paying for insurance and the tracker on a vehicle that I don’t have. To top it off, I am paying lawyers’ fees. And my name in terms of my credit worthiness is being dragged through the mud. I have NEVER missed a payment on ANY account and now this And today BMW says that I now need to pay them R168 567.65 for a vehicle that I don’t have.

BMW in Nanuet do not take your car there worse service ever.

I order a BMW in Dec 11 from Military Sales and requested power rear and side window shades which were not included when my car was built. I identified this issue almost three months ago (23 Feb) and I feel I've been led along just to get the vehicle to the States and into my hands for me just to accept and deal with it. The mistake was made by the BMW agent that placed the order who stated in an email “I thought you opted to go for tinting and the V-Cool film that is added after delivery as you thought the US$ 1,000/- was high for the possibility of occasionally using the rear blind”. In no correspondences to the agent did I indicate I thought $1000 was too much for the blinds and would get the windows tinted afterwards. I only asked him if tinting was available or was that an option I need to discuss with the dealer. I'm convinced my order was mistaken with someone else's order because I never mention to the agent removal of the shades. I notified the agent of this overlook while the vehicle was still in Germany and was told it would get fixed at the dealer. I called BMW North America and was informed the issue would be taken care of. I was informed by by BMW later I was being referred back to the agent that made the mistake to discuss the options. I’ve gone full circle back to the person that caused the issue and who has not being able to fix the issue for the last three months. His statement to me a while back was I was not charged for the option of the power rear and side window shades. That totally misses the point, if BMW prescribes to that train of thought it could just leave anything customers want off the vehicle as long as they’re not charged. I just want the car like I originally wanted, with the automatic shades. I purchased this vehicle to treat myself after spending a year in Iraq and this experience, my first with BMW, has not been pleasant. I watched a BMW special on CNBC last Friday and was amazed at how well BMW customers were being treated during the order of their vehicles. I would like that same type of treatment please.

I recently purchased a 335D for my driving school to use as an additional training vehicle. This is my second BMW in the fleet. I am extremely disappointed with this automobile. It has a major problem with the computer, which started out as the turn signal lever only working periodically. More often than not, the passing signal would work, not the complete turn signal. We brought it back to the dealer, who couldn't figure it out either and proceeded to "fix" it by jamming the lever all the way down. It worked for a day and went right back to the original problem. The service tech then told us he would have to get permission to order a new lever, and after waiting several weeks finally installed it. The following day not only did the turn signal lever not work again, but the computer started sending all kinds of "system failure" messages, plus the tachometer and other dials were going crazy. Mind you, I had a fifteen year old student in the car at the time! We once again had to bring the car back to the dealer for a complete diagnostic, where it was discovered that two sensors were bad (on a four month old car). The car will have to be brought back once again for the installation and another complete diagnostic. This is a working car, every time I have to bring it in it costs me money and cancelled lessons. The dealer will not give me a loaner car because I'm going out of state for my son's wedding, and said they would give me a rental car (according to them a Toyota Corolla is a comparable car since it is mid-size), and I will have to pay for the rental after my BMW is repaired. I guess I'm supposed to leave my sons's wedding so I can return the rental car 600 miles away. I'm so done with BMW's and will never buy one again.

I recently purchased a 2007 BMW 3 series from BMW of El Paso, TX. The car had 47,000 miles and recieved a full inspection from the dealership. After having the car for just one day, the brakes and drums needed to be replaced. According to the dealership, the replacement was due to the brakes and drums did not meet their high standard. Approziametly two days later I noticed that I had a screw in my back rear tire, I called in for a replacement. Before, getting to the dealership for repairs, I also noticed the car was drifting to the left and a noise was heard each time I stopped the vehicle and accelerated from the vehicle. The service department kept my car for two days, and after I placed a call several times to inquire on the status of my vehicle, I was informed that the stabilizer's were bent and that I also had a nail in my front tire as well. I spoke to the service manager who informed me that the issues on my vehicle were known in the initial inspection report and that he requested to have new drums and brakes installed on my vehicle. I believe that BMW of El Paso, Texas is a unethical company that does not care about the quality of their products before being sold. I explained to the management that I feel as if I was sold an inferior product although they new the vehicle had problems before being moved off the lot. And now by trying to retrace their steps in the process offered to cover all repairs at no cost. But, whatelse could possibly be wrong with this vehicle? What condition will this vehicle have six months from now? I have had the vehicle less than one week, and already needed major repairs on the vehicle. Although, I am just one of thousands who will own a BMW in their lifetime, I want to ensure that every person that I encounter in life understands the poor service I have recieved. BMW has always been a dream car of mine, but with the type of problems I have encountered in my short ownership, I think an American luxury car is better. BMW should be ashamed of priding themselves on quality and comfort.

To the receipt of this letter that can further help me with this mater, I recently left my car at the Albany BMW dealership and had to wait for over a month in order for me to receive my car back. I have a BMW and want only the best to work on my car. I am so disappointed about the service that I have had. After I got my car back from the dealership I was under the assumption that my car was ready. I feel like I have taken my car to a knock off mechanic or some sort of shade tree mechanic. The reason that I took my car in, the issue is still there. I put my car on the road and it has left me stranded on the highway. Embarrassed, mad and confused as HELL! If this is the way service is being done I will never buy another BMW or use their service department. I need someone to help me with solving this issue now that I have spent over $3,5000.00 on my car to get it running at top notch. If this supposed to be top of the line dealership, please prove me with the top notch service. A concern consumer, Troy

I want to inform you of my dissatisfaction with BMW Service Repair Department. I had tires removed and replaced of my 2006 330I, got the car back, felt the front end of the vehicle shimmy, visible shimmying of the steering wheel, and noticeable pulling of the vehicle to the right. I called BMW Service Advisor, he scheduled me to bring the car back. The front desk folks quickly conducted a preliminary inspection, with a diagnosis that my rotors could be worn, and implied the problem existed prior to having the car repaired. There was no indication of concern of arranging to have the car looked at by a techniciana. I had to ask when can I bring the car back to have it thoroughly checked by one of his technicians. On another occasion I had a complete maintenance inspection, to include an oil changen recived the car back, the wiring harness was “knocked off” on the oil level/condition sensor; as result the check light could not be reset, then shortly after took the vehicle on the high way, heard a considerably loud flapping noise coming from under the car, I noticed the shield was loose. I took the car in and reported the problem, BMW Service advisor checked the car and verified that the shield was hanging. He indicated the shield was non-repairable, and suggested that I just take it off since it served no real purpose: Reported all this crap to managers and got absolutely no help. NONE.. Don't Do it, DOn't believe the hype. Great Car, No warranty, your in deep shit..Please tell somebody

If you purchase a BMW, ensure to purchase the extended warranty up to 100, 000 miles bumper-to-bumper. DO NOT buy a BMW without a warranty. Get rid of it before the warranty expires. I currently own a 525xi, which I bought new. I took it to the dealer to change a Xenon bulb - was told the control assembly required replacing, which cost $1006.00 dollars. I took the car home, and the headlight stopped working. I took it back to the dealer, and was told that I needed a headlight assembly, which costs $1300.00, not including labor (part cost only). I found the same assembly on line for $884.00, $416.00 less than the cost at the BMW dealership. This is my 2nd BMW; however, my next car will not be a BMW...overrated, and unnecessarily high maintenance. Also, I am not convinced that the problems exist as stated by the dealership, so I filed a formal complaint for what ever that is worth. There is evidence of price gouging as evident by the exorbanant price for the headlight assembly. My recommendation - If you warranty has expired, find a trusted mechanic, buy your parts from off line, and have them fix your BMW. It will save you hundreds or thousands. My rating reflects the lack of satisfaction you get when you have a problem with BMW, and from the apparent price gouging. Although, I can't prove it, I am not convinced that things are fixed that aren't wrong with the car. This seems to happen after the warranty runs out.


I called up the 1 800 number that shows up on google serach for BMW USA corporate office. Called and got one of the rep to talk to. Asked for a contact email or phone number or numbers where and to whom I can lodge mty complain to regarding my new BMW Active Hybrid 7 series. I get the email address from her and also am told that if I explain her the issue then she can document it right now and can be addressed faster then if I send out the email. I said sure and explained her the issue that I am facing and all the details to her, response I get from her was quite shocking. How can a customer service rep say outright 'no we can not help you with anything' when its so technical issue. I explained her again that this issue is very very technical issue so are you the CR of the engineering or maybe a production dept or something and she says " No but we have been empowered to decline or accept completely" Wow, BMW corporate office gives that much decisive rights to its CRs. I ignored her comments and I tiold her in a stern voice that "just simply lodge my complain, open up the ticket for it and pass it on to the approriate team to have a look at it, please" Upon which she reacted to say that I am " I am telling you that nothing will come out of it" I always thought that a 'Customer Service rep' is there and hired to serve the customer and listen to their issues and what customers have to say and calm them down if they have any issues or any complains about the companies products and/or services and not to aggravate them more. But no, thanks to these kind of customer service reps .... left me with no choice but to give this bad review.

A consultant came out to assistant me with a question I had and caused damages to my vehicle in the process. Now the dealership is not willing to repair the damages. On November 7, 2011 I stopped by the BMW dealership in Union City to ask a consultant to show me how to pair my phone to my BMW X5 2005. The Consultant, Bryce, came out and started pressing buttons in my car looking for a "pairing" button to pair my phone up with. He didn't know what he was doing even though he said he could help me. He then proceeded to press on my sunroof button, that didn't have anything to do with my cell phone being paired up. In the process he caused my sunroof to get stuck. He played with the button for a while trying to get the sunroof back down but couldn't so he took it in the shop to see if anyone could help him. Bryce then came back to me saying that obviously something was wrong with my sunroof before he touched it and all he could do for me is have it closed the next day by disabling the entire sunroof. Bryce also said that it would be $3000 to fix the sunroof completely. Fix a problem that he caused. I left the dealership that night but called Bryce back and told him that this was not acceptable that I needed to talk to his Manager or Owner. They were both out of town until Wednesday. I proceeded to email Bryce and another associate in the dealership that night letting them know the exact details of this situation and that I will be back in their office Tuesday morning. When I got there Tuesday, I spoke with Cindy Dixon who told me that the Manager and Owner was out of town but she would contact them but in the meantime she gave me a loaner car and told me that she would make sure the sunroof was at least closed until the Manager and Owner got back into town to help me. To date, I have spoken with Mark, the Manager, and th

sir,i'm trying a buy a bmw 3s 318ise touring regtfo7wgy,the uk government are paying for said car,but i'm getting the run around by your york dealer coopers who say bmw finance have turned me down.if this is the case,please pass all the said information regarding the above so that i can pass it to NEW SCOTLAND YARD .you may know this police department as THE YARD . yours antony john lister.ls209jp leeds uk,ps i hope we can get passed this these people causing the problem....my land line telephone number is leeds code 01934 88 44 09 .bt direct line to the above.ppsi would like to take delivery asap HAPPY CHRISTMAS.

The "500 series" are beautiful cars, Are there plans to put out an SUV type, with the power and style of that series? It drove like an airplane or what you might think an airplane might drive like, and certainly had the slow power needed for such a powerful, fast, and attractive automobile. Height and size certainly might be a good advantage, as well as the safety I currently do not see in the current SUV's made by BMW. Also the color? -HT76

I have been a proud owner of a 2008 BMW 328i for four years. I purchased my car in November 2008 at LIfe Quality BMW in Brooklyn. I brought my car in for a New York State inspection and yearly service maintenance on October 10, 20011. My advisor at the service department explained that the car would not be able to be ready for that day, however, the car would definitely be ready the next day by 3:30. I called four times to confirm the status on my car. I left messages with the secretary as well as voice mails on his mailbox. As I am approaching the dealership on 63rd Street in Brooklyn, a couple of blocks away at 3:23pm, I receive a phone call from my advisor that the car is not ready and has not even been looked at. I asked him why didn't he call me earlier because I was in cab practically there and that I had called him four times and left messages. HIs response was, "I'm calling you now, right?" I was completely in awe. I was appalled and felt very disrespected. I bought a BMW because I had heard good things about their cars and customer appreciation. My boyfriend owns a 2007 Mercedes Benz CLS and when I took it for service it was a completely different experience. I was treated with respect and complete kindness. The car went for the same maintenance and I was handed the car in two in a half hours as per BMW that will have my car for two days and hasn't even been looked at. My views and thoughts about BMW left me with a bad impression on what they say they stand by "Customer Appreciation".

I brought our 2009 328 series in riverside dealer last 9-9-09 to check that inactive sign on oil check . They evaluate our car they found out the right fog light is not working.They check the four tire are in good condition, the tire depth are also in good condition.After ,I received their evaluation and they told us ,it will take two hours to finish the car and they give us free ride to the nearby mall.After one and half hour they called us and they said the wire on the fog light was bitten by the mice and my engine light is on,the low tires sign is on too.They show me the wire ,the wire need to put together and it will cost me $180.84 and the engine light it will cost me to check $150.70 and my tire got problem too this time it have golden screw inside the depth of the thread and it will cost me$279.95 to repair it. And all those are not covered by warranty.I did not agree on their quotation. I took my car now with engine light on, low tires sign and a bonus screw in my tire and I noticed the screw is still new,because it is not grinded.If ,I agree this will cost me$658.88.I'm just wondering what the dealer thinking that we are all stupid.Hope the corporate office will read this complain.

The Ineptness, Inconsideration, and POOR electronics, coupled with the Horrendous Brooklyn Service Department creates a Nightmare when seeking to have a car fixed. Prior to owning a BMW , i owned a Mercedes. There is Absolutely NO Comparison to the service & professionalism. I Will Never purchase or recommend BMW to Anyone! Terrible Terrible Service !

I had almost leased a bmw 335i and thank goodness I didn't from this dealer. I paid a deposit down on the car at Hasel BMW in Freeport, NY and still waiting over a month to get the refund back. They were very convincing and eager to get the business but giving me the "run around" when I called to get my money back.THEY ARE THE WORST WHEN IT COMES TO CUSTOMER SERVICE - PLEASE DON'T GO THERE!

Purchased our BMW new in 2003 and it has cost us more time and money than we could have ever expected. If the BMW was the last car on earth, I would prefer to walk or take the bus. In addition, I am so unhappy with the quality and the service I have received regarding this car, if I won the BMW on a game show, I would give it back. You believe that when you pay for quality that's what you get; that's not true with the BMW.

The car is great. The company not so good. BMW while accepting millions in tax breaks from the US government, is laying off union workers in California and replacing them will low paid workers. This would not be allowed in Germany. Our middle class is disappering.

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