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Well, i feel that if I pay over 30,000 for a car, I should not have that many problems. I feel that the bmw is a great car, but has known flaws in certain models that should be addressed and or recalled. The warranty only covers so much, when the salesman says your totally covered, so right off the bat your swinging 0 for 1. I've owned GM cars with extended warranties that covered everything and I didn't nearly have to have it in the shop as many times as our 3 series. Bottom line. I was sold a car with bad tires and was informed that the issue would be addressed, however after the deed was signed and monies exchaged the dealer played dumb. Not to mention the numerous repairs that have been done,which should have been under warranty, but was denied-Not cool

This complaint is about South Bay BMW and it's employee: Tammy (I'll withhold the last name). Director of Business Development is what her title is. THIS IS A JOKE. Although my company is small.. I REFUSE to allow this kind of behavior to go unnoticed. Tammy committed South Bay BMW to not only attending our showcase but bringing cars to the event, models, photography for guest to take pictures with the car. They were the entry into the show and were to be the highlight for the finale' of the show. After COUNTLESS .. and I mean COUNTLESS E-Mails, and Calls. We connected acquiring the logo for promotional purpose. I personal spent months putting them all over the internet (social and professional wedding sites) since she explained they wanted to reach the wedding market. Follow up is EXTREMELY POOR IF THAT and after all that work she asks me to call her to for her to tell me that she cannot provide what she promised afer all but would make up for it by providing ORIGINAL BMW His and Her Watches valued at over $350. She was to follow up with photographs (jpgs.) - and descriptions. In 4 days. Well again, that NEVER happened. And, again after me chasing her with e-mails and phone calls of which she doesn't answer I'm taking measures to make sure she doesn't do this to anyone else. So, I AM contacting her manager and corporate. BMW... you have a name that stands out. Why and I seeing so many complaints about you. And, why do you allow people like this to represent you?

I am the owner of a 2005 535i and I have not experienced any problems with the car but the service center at the dealership in Virginiabeach,Va is horrible.The advisor are not very friendly and I took the car in for simple oil changes and they have kept my car both times for two days without calling and advising me that they need to keep the car.The service advisors are not very cordial and I hate when I have to go to the dealership for service because I feel uncomfortable everytime I go there.I hate the service there.

I have a 2002 325xi that was damaged in a hail storm. The first time I got in it to drive it (after the storm) to get insurance estimate there were all kinds of strange lights showing on the dash, even after the car had been parked overnight with no key back seat lights came on & off, and sometimes it would start sometimes not, also was draining the battery. I called the dealership to ask if hail could have damaged the electrical system, was told that was unlikely but that they could plug it into diagnostic computer to see. In the meantime, I realized that damage to the windshield seal had allowed water in and front floorboard (driver's side) was WET. My insurance company sent a rollback to take it to the dealership. They called and told me it wouldn't started so their mechanic beat on the starter and then used a long handle screwdriver to "jump the poles". Then diagnosed that the starter was bad. Then put on a new starter without authorization. Then put back on old starter at our request. When we picked it up and asked for the diagnostic test results, we were told they never ran one even though we were charged the amount they told me it would cost. They said I should have been charged $1000 because of them putting in & taking out the starter and that the amount we were charged was just for the mechanic to drive it into the work area! By the time all this had taken place, the front floorboard had dried and there is no longer any way to find out what was going on with the electrical problems. This car has had more problems (especially windows, moon roof, electrical) than any car we've ever owned, and the dealership - Rick Hill Imports, Kingsport TN - is very rude and does what they want NOT what the customer asks them to do. Will never purchase another BMW or recommend them to anyone!!! Like the previous post, it had been a dream car but now it's a nightmare car....

I was in BMW getting my fluids filled for the last time under my 3 year warrenty and while I was there, I was told by the master machanic who worked on my car that my L/R Trailing arm was damaged and would need to be replaced for $670.00. I said no at the time due to I had already missed 2 hours of work. I took it to my old faithful machanic at Fire Stone and got it checked out...NOTHING WAS DAMAGED AT ALL! I took the car into BMW and asked the manager to check it out with me looking on...funny, they couldnt find anything wrong! Maybe because I was a women...maybe dumb or so they thought so. The manager said he was sorry, naturally the master machanic no longer worked there but I should be thankful the manager gave me a free tire rotation if used in 6 months..REALLY FOLKS! why not something for $670.00? What was that machanic going to do with my car for a day and a half while he had at....nothing probably because nothing was wrong! I dont have money to just throw away but I guess they think people who own Beemers do. I WONT TAKE MY CAR THERE PERIOD. I am going to let my friends and family on facebook what crooks they are. Be careful folks...get second opinions. I sincerely hope that someone from corporate contacts me about this...

I am the proud owner of an 1999 bmw 328i (e46)i love the car, its my first BMW, and now i have just joined all of the famous BMW 3 Series vehicles owners that have defects that cause fractures in the rear-axle supports in the vehicle’s sub-frame. I find it hard to believe that BMW was found at fault in an E46 Sub Frame Class Action Settlement, were they acknowledge to be at fault for building a piece of shit rear frame, and yet the settlement only stands for one year were they will provide service to all the vehicles that were damage exactly during this time, well not everybody drives the same, different distances, and different environments, this should of been an straight recall, my vehicles subframe is cracked, car runs like crap, and they will only stand behind their product temporarely, i tell first and last bmw, ive own several cars in my time, american, japanese, customs, and yet to find one in my 25 years of driving and working on all kinds of vehicles that would crack in the frame wich is supposed to be what holds the car together, wow what does that tell u about bmw, bmw + frame = crap.... now i have to come out of my pocket to fixed something they messed upon build up of the car, and believe this is not a cheap fix at all, this sucks and bmw sucks... my first and last bmw, short experience.

I purchase my 2004 530i and it has been in and out of repair, just 1 month after purchase i had to buy a new battary, then 2 months later the transmission went out, now a month later the service light came on, something call a cyclone seperater is crack and need to be replace. I will never purchase another BMW.

I bought my 2008 BMW 535Xi 3months ago. My 4X4 ABS malfunction light came on. Now I have to pay for a new transfer case! I hate having to shell out $3700 after just paying so much to get it a short while ago. I cant help but to wander if this issue could have been caught and fixed before I bought this car? Is this a known issue?

We bought a certified 2007 X3 out of the 17 days we had it, it was in the shop for 14 days then we had enough and traded it in they gave us under the price we paid. Then purchased a 2010 X3 at full price. It had spots all over they said bring in for service they could clean. Brought it in for service and they can't get them out. I knew that cause it's under the paint!!!!! Of course now they will not return my calls. Thats twice they are screwing us again!!! You would think that for $48,000 you could get a good car. What is really going on with this company?

When the brake booster line went on my 2005 5451 I was taken by surprise. Even though I was driving on Interstate 476 I managed to bring the car to a safe stop. The real surprises would come later. The repairs cost me $2300.00 A few months later I received a recall letter in the mail for guess what? The brake booster line. I followed the instructions on the letter for reimbursement and the dealer submitted my claim---that was four months ago. The dealer told me that a check had been cut and I would see it in 3 weeks---that was two months ago. When I tried to call the warranty dept at BMW, that was impossible---they don't have a phone I'm surprised at BMW. If I walked into a dealership and asked to have my car repaired and stated that I would pay them in 6 months they would probably ban me from there. I don't think it's fair because I wouldn't have had to pay anything had I taken that letter to the dealership---why can't I get my money back?

I have owned 3 BMW's over the years and thought they always provided the best service. Well I learned differently. My BMW went in for it 3 year check-up and everything was fine. I hadn't driven the car for a couple of months and when I returned I wasn't able to start the vehicle. Right away I called roadside assistance to get a jump. Car seemed to be fine except it wouldn't keep the time on the vehicle. I called my local dealer and he advised that the battery is bad. Which would be a cost for the battery of $250.00 and then to sink it with the alternator was another $150.00. I could go out and buy the battery from a store and pay $125.00, but then need diagnostics run for $150.00. I called BMW and asked if there was anything they could do and they advised not. Similar thing happened with my Lexus except I was 2,000 miles over and they felt that since it was so close they would replace the battery at NO COST. I think BMW should stay out of NA. This will be my last BMW I ever own, Lexus is far more superior and real easy to deal with. When you go into their dealerships yu are treated with great respect.

I love my car and the way it handles; however, BMW is the biggest let down. I purchased my car in 2006; last year, my 2000 328i would not go in reverse. Kicked out $1800 to get my tranmission rebuilt and the problem is still reoccuring. The mechanic is at a loss and is alarmed himself. I have done tons of research and have found that there have been the same problems with so many BMW 3 series and BMW has done nothing about it. No recalls or nothing. I am very upset because I got my dreamcar only to find out that BMW does nothing to fix the problems they know are existing amongst many consumers, which is not the consumer's fault. These defects are wrong. I would like to suggest a recall on the NO REVERSE problem amongst 2000 328s. PLEASE HELP.

i own a 2003 325i in 2003, the Transmission gived out 2 times in 2004 for $2500 first time and 2011 for $1800 second time.

I am the owner of a 2008 BMW 528i. Within the first year of purchase the transmission needed replaced. It was a battle with the dealership to fix the problem but it was resolved. This past winter, 2010 I took my car to get the snow tires put on which I’ve done in previous years. When I got the car back I noticed it was pulling to the left. I called the dealership and took the car back the next day. They said it needed aligned. The car originally drove straight before the tire exchange. After BMW did the alignment, a day later the car was pulling hard right. I immediately called the dealership. The next day I took the car back to the shop. The dealership kept insisting it was the tires causing the problem. The regular tires were less than a year old with 7500 miles on them. BMW tried to push me off telling me to call the tire manufacture and deal with them. I did call the manufacture as well as took my car to a professional tire shop. The professional tire shop test drove my car and told me that it was definitely not the tires. They rotated my tires and found the pull was consistently to the right. I went back to BMW with the information I was given. BMW then put all wheel drive tires on my car and it still pulled to the right. BMW then said my car needed brand new tires. My car was in the shop for three weeks while they did their alignment testing and put brand new tires are on my car. Well guess what, it still pulls to the right! I'm getting very frustrated! The car has 42,200 miles on it and it's a constant battle to get this issue resolved. My car never had a pull to the right or the left for that matter until I took it to get winter tires put on. BMW insists now that it's the roads and the way the tires roll on the roads. Seriously? As I said, my car never had this issue. I've gone through the alignments, brand new tires etc. and the problem still exists! What is the real problem causing the constant pull to the right?

I bought a certified pre owned 535i( only 20,000 miles) and I have had nothing but problems. I bought it feb 1st and its been in the shop 5 times already. Although its under warranty its a real pain to take the car into the shop, get a rental ( both times I had to get a rental I was not given a bmw) and deal with it. This car wasnt cheap and it has turned into a big headache. The 1st time the fuel pump went out, 2nd time it was a grounding issue, 3 time routers and breaks, 4time engine oil light came one saying oil was low ( but mechanic showed me it was full) which means theres a computer problem, And now it wont sync with my phone! Which it was working just fine up until a week ago which leads to think there definately a computer problem. All I ever wanted was a BMW and it has been the biggest let down!!!

I own a 2000 BMW 528i with 147000 miles and recently i had to replace an ignition coil. The coil removed from the car was stamped "BMW made in Germany". The replacement coil from the dealer was stamped "BMW made in China". If i wanted after market parts i could find ignition coils for 60% of dealer cost via auto parts stores and internet. I went into the dealership only to find Chinese parts being sold from dealerships. I would expect German parts from the Dealership Parts Dept. not Chinese. I am starting to loose my faith in BMW. I'll start looking at the Audi as my next vehicle. THAT"S JUST SOOOO UN-BMW, CHINESE PARTS!!!!!

My X5 is 2008; already I have been back to BMW 8 times for repairs including a steering pump failure twice...within 2 months.

Hi Mr Mechanic , i own a 06 3301 red lol .. i drive less then 5000 miles a year , i am 47 yr f , for the last yr my car has had a passanger seat belt warning message in the nav window when i start my car , now i have time to take it to the dealer, its out of warrenty. So i ask the service guy if he could look at it for me . no problem. after 7 hrs , he tells me 1. yes it is the seat belt sensor . 2. but you have reset the warning so many times , ( it will be 750.00 ) to reset all of the warnings . and then we will know for sure if in fact that it is the sensor . 3. So do you want to reset the warning sensor , 750.00 then we will tell you if its coverd at that time. and we bmw will pay for the sensor . and i ask for my car back not fixed. they still charged me 195.00 for that infomation. is this right .. thank you Mrs Doty ./?

I have a 2009 528 XI and am experiencing ( and have experienced for some time ) a high pitch squeal or screetch when the brakes are applied . I was told twice by the dealer that many owners of these series are , and have been experiencing similar performance . The dealer also said that there is no known fix and it MAY resolve itself in time . There must be a better answer . Is there one ?

I bought a bmw coupe, experienced a couple of problems with the car but, I really do love the cars, thinking about upgrading when I save up the money.

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