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Ashley Furniture....ummm read your reviews. Do you get the picture yet? I am just another person who has had the worst experience with both customer service and timeliness. As I feel confident that you know, good service spreads, but bad service is like a wild fire. You will end up putting yourself out of business. Never again will I use your company, and I assure you that I will spread the word.

Well I would not buy Ashley Furniture again. Our sofa and love seat are only 8 months old. It is only sat in for company when they come over and it has now developed those little fuzz ball all over the cushion area and at the bend of the knees. Guess what Ashley furniture considers this normal for the fabric, what a joke hate to see what it would look like in 2 yrs. I don't recommend sofa's from them.

Customer service at Ashley is horrible. No one can make a decision with the exception of the manager. waiting for a refund for 15 business days and also they claim they dont do price adjustments. Good furniture.. horrible service.

I purchased a king size bed Feburary 17th 2010, delivered March 4th 2010 ans only a few months after the crown fell on me while I was sleeping splitting through the dry wall of he headboard and the crown, luckly I though I was okay because I purchased the "amazing" Insurance the Pearland sales agent inform me to get. Called June 26th to place my claim setup delivery date for July 6th on the 6th to lazy delivery men showed up bringing me a damaged headboard and not all the pieces...Long story short its July 25th still no bed Ive asked for refund nothing, bed nothing. This place is a total rip off!!


I to am going thru the same thing..I went to Penneys and was going to buy but then Ashley told me they could have it in 2 weeks that was in June..was suppose to be delivered now on 7/24, got a call on 7/21, it is backordred and won't be delivered until 8/19, which i do not believe.

I have never purchased anything from Ashley Furniture. Thanks for sending me this link, Amber. Now I never will purchase anything from Ashley Furniture. Sounds like you guess should contact 2 on your side. They got after Conn's and got charges filed with the Texas Attorney Generals office for this same thing. I believe the Texas Attorney Generals office needs to get involved in this one also.

when we purchased the bed we were told that a Saturday delivery was just fine, well that do not deliver on Saturday's so someone has to take off work to meet the deliver people. I will never buy anything from this company. It is worst than dealing with a car salesman.

I have been waiting for my bedroom furniture now for 3 weeks. I have been told on a daily basis that all items have been received. Today the delivery guys showed up with only my headboard and night stand. Last weekend I was told I would have my footboard and my headboard, my nightstand and rails and mirrow today. Then yesterday I was told I was missing the rails and dresser. When is this nightmare going to end. I have been on the floor for weeks now and I am NOT HAPPY. I do not recommend Ashley Furniture to anyone!!!

Geez..what can I say that hasn't already been said and apparently your head quarters could care less because there has been no change. For as long as I live I will never purchase a product from this company nor will anyone within ear shot. This ridiculous, inconsiderate and unprofessional. Furious after 13 week wait for a expensive purchase and still no product.

Yet another disappointed customer. More than three weeks and I just keep getting the run around as to when it will be at the store from the manufacturer. Also, they want to charge me 30% to cancel my order. That must be the person who sold it to me's commission so they don't have to take back their paycheck.

This is the WORST customer service EVER!!!!! I bought a love seat and recliner the chair was scratched and didn't match the loveseat. I was told I would get an exchange and five later NOTHING. I ws told they were going to deliver the new pieces on Saturday and they never shopwed up. The store manager never returns phone calls. I am really frustrated.

I wish I would have read the reviews before spending my money on the invisible bed I have now. I purchased my bed with cash in March and it is now July still no bed. I have tried to contact headquarters but they are as sorry as the store I deal with. As of tomorrow, I am returning the few pieces of my bed that I have received and taking it back to the store and I promise I will not pay the 20% reshelving fee. When I leave the store I am going straight to Lacks and purchasing a bed that will be delivered and set up in my home wihin 3 days. This company sucks and if someone doesnt take control of it soon they will be bankrupt and I for one will help to tell everyone to STAY AWAY to speed them on their way.

It's me again,well the latest is my couch,ya they will replace the arm's of my couch,they said 2 weeks today is amonth later and guess what the were putting on the new one and noticed there is a scratched. "we can order a new one" ARE YOU KIDDING??????!!!!! i will contacting the BBB today. By the way this is the Rockford,IL

I have been buying Ashley Furniture for years. I have never had any issues with their furniture until my most recent purchase. Long story short... I purchased a "quality" table and five months later, the table is completely ruined with wood bubbles because of a glass left on the table over night. Fortunately, I purchased the extra insurance and they are going to replace my table. However, the insurance company told me that it is a manufacture defect and Ashley doesn't care. I am be only one fish in the sea, but this fish will never go to Ashley Furniture again.

Bought 2 recliners and a bed from my local store (Richland,Wa). Unfortunately the slats for the bed were to small and when I called the store the salesman informed me there was nothing he could do for two days. This left me without a bed for TWO DAYS. All the salesman (Dave) could do was make excuses instead of a solution. I would have used slats from a display instead of arguing with a customer. I will be returning all furniture and will never use or recommend this store to anyone.

Just got off the phone w/Tom Thompson at Ashley's Furniture in Chico. Had to threaten the office that I had the DA's Office and CPD involved in this and I wanted him or someone with answers on the phone. My kids bought furniture with money they received from their great grandmother.(their inheritance money)Back on May 5th. Guess what no furniture after alot of calls, then it came on the news that the owners skipped town. Supposedly today July 8th. Ashley's Furnitue Headquarters is going to supply buyers that paid for their furniture prior to May 21st. Go figure though no one knows when this will happen!!! Here is the Butte County's DA's Investagtors name and number and fax number Investagtor Van Hout 530 538-2046, fax over your documentation with your contact info to 530 538-3826. Hope this helps someone. P.S. Next week I will have more info on the Chico PD's investigation. Just Pray that Ashley will Stand Behind Their Customers!! And screen the people better than what we have been seeing when they buy into the franchise.

Will never recommend to anyone. I bought a leather living room set year ago. It came in 3 different shipments and then they jacked me around and keep pushing the dates back.2 months later finally got it, and the arm of the couch started to crack a year in. Took in for repair the guy said 2 weeks now saying 2 more. Told them I wanted a new one and the manager is going to check into this. AGAIN WAITING!!!! getting jacked around AGAIN SURPRISE.

I Guess I'll join the club of dissatisfied Ashley furniture customers. They just are outright liars and very disorganized. I will never purchase anything from tnem again. I hate them, I hate them, I hate them.

I purchased a dining table for $1300 with 8 chairs on 06/19/10 recived the table with 8 chairs, 3 chairs were defected with short legs causing the chair to wabble. I called the manager or assistant on duty explained the situation and he stated i had uneven floors, i explained to her/him if i have uneven floors why the other 5 chairs are perfect, could not get an answer after that, still waiting for my chairs after 2nd attempt they thought me the same chairs again all 3 uneven, called the store stated that i should recive the chairs like that and they will send a repaire man out there to fix them, i told her that i will not accept chairs like that and pay allot of money so that they can send a repair man to fix on brand new chairs that i still havent recived, i will call my attorney on this matter, this store is located in bolling brook in chicago. That's probably the only set they have thats why they keey sending me the same chairs all over 3rd attempt.

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