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I paid for an entire house full of funiture at a value of more than 7,000.00$ they were taking so long to deliver it to me that i had to raise a big stink just to get them to give me everything off their showroom floor which left their floor empty.. however i got some of my items the rest they say it has not yet come in to them yet...its been months and well still no items. plus they are now trying to say that i did not pay for everything...!!!!!WOW now i did pay and can prove it i just want my things or my money back or i will sue them..this has been a nightmare shopping ecperince that i would not wish on anyone..ill never shop there again or spend that kind of cold hard earned cash for this type of treatment with ashley or any other store again in this life time.....they are a rip off fancy name company in all the locations they have it dose not matter where you buy from they all SUCK BAD!!!!

Worst Service EVER. DON'T DO IT TO YOURSELF, TRUST ME. Doubt if all these positive reviews have been written by customers, has to be the store it self writing on here. This was by far the worst experience I have ever had and all though you feel like your buying from a big named company, they're all privately owned so expect bad attitude because they have no one to answer to and do what they want. They did not deliver my furniture, then they called my apartment complex and stated personal information that had nothing to do with anything, that I could technically sue them for but don't really feel like it. And then because I did not want to wait for the furniture any longer, they told me they would keep half of the money I have already paid for. Lets just say it's been 2months now and no furniture, no calls and no one has any idea how to help me.

Horrible Customer Service. 2000K Cash Leather Sectional delivered with rips, tears, and repair spots on all 3 pieces. Within a week or two had a complete exchange that was no better as far as condition. Now have to wait untill Corp. buys out the local service center/warehouse untill anything can be done. We were told that a complete return is not an option and some one will be out to repair the new item to new standards. Was offered a 10-15% discount to shut me up and keep item as is...Very doubtful. IS it too much to expect to buy something on the spot and get it within a week in new condition the first time if not the second time? Ashley Furniture will never get my business again and I will make it a point to make sure anyone I know does either unless they can make it right. HORRIBLE !

Ashley Furniture of Charleston was an absolute dreadful experience. The unprofessionalism was intolerable from the salesperson to the sales manager. My furniture was weeks late and when I called to inquire the salesperson spoke to me as if I were someone he had picked up on the corner. I am an educated, professional that is employed by a Fortune 500 company and I have to say that this conduct needs to be exploited and turned over to Better Business Bureau for legal action. To top it off, I just viewed an add on TV of the same furniture that I purchased one month ago and it is now literally 1500.00 cheaper than when I purchased it. Once again I called to speak to someone and they assured me that the manager would call me back as soon as he was finished with his customer. Well, I'm sure you can guess the rest of the story...that's right....no return call. I guess the next step is legal action. HORRID EXPERIENCE!!!!

Another dissappointed customer thanks to ashley furniture in Maryland on route 40 near elkton. sales rep ordered wrong color furniture and stated he was putting an order in for the right color and kept stating order didnt arrive until return time expired. He then stated he didn't order the furniture and couldn't take the other furniture back. Manager of store would not come to desk and everytime you called or went there she was busy and never returned a call back. The workers there all lie and cover up for one another. I will never look at that store or refer anyone to use it and when the store goes out of business and you don't have any jobs you will know why. You all will reap what you sew.

Ashley Furniture are rip offs! We purchased furniture from them at the begining of the year and we paid it off within a month. 6 months later they take money out of my account because there was a glich in the system and caused me $70 in overdraft fees and are now refusing to return all of my money back to me!

Wow. We sell so much furniture. Less than 5% of our customer ever have a problem. We actually have people who moniter this. Damages are a serious issue but are unavoidable in this business. Our franchise does a quick exchange in this situation and our customer's rarely leave the store upset. I am a member of management and understand the importance of customer service. I am glad to have read this and will work hard to make sure these issues do not become a problem for our franchise.

I wish my family had read these reviews before we bought from Ashley. We have had our sectional sofa for 9 months now and it looks like furniture you have had for 5 or 10 years. The cushions are worn, and same with the back pillows. All of their furniture is horrible quality. Needless to say, my family is never buying from them again and I am going to pass this along to all of my friends.

I am currently waiting for the last of the furniture that was promised months ago. We bought a bedroom set from Ashley's and haven't gotten the truth about the pieces yet. I have had to give up the last 3 weekends for promised deliveries. I will NEVER shop there again. The customer service is really bad and they lie about everything. My advice...go to any store but Ashley's.

Wow, i wish i would have read this blog before i bought from there! I just purchased a couch on tuesday, so i dont know what to expect from delivery. But i know that my in store experience was awful. I went to their new store in Draper UT and i got a sales rep that was so tacky. She was telling me that she hates when they have sales because it ruins her commissions. She was so rude. If i wasnt in love with the couch that i bought, i would have walked out right then. I am hoping i dont run into the same delivery problems. SIGH.

bought sofa and two recliners from ashley furniture store in gastonia nc. recline has not worked well in sofa or recliners since new. had repaired twice in first year and they are broken again. call customer service and be prepared for 15min hold job, then operater will transfer you to an answering machine. called store and was told they had no manager. transfered to customer service and had another hold job

Never seen or read about so many unhappy customers. I'll buy from a local retailer, where the owner is involved in the sale.

I bought a living room set for over $1,200. I don't have money to throw away or to waste on a crappy living room set. I bought 2 bedroom sets prior to this purchase and had no complaints (until now). Thr original delivery team scratched up my hard wood floors in my aprartment. The feet of both the love seat & sofa were scratched up and torn. The tables were nicked up as well. I called in and the customer service rep said I had to accept a technician. I'm sorry I did not pay over $1,200 just to accept defevtive merchandise to be fixed. I had an exchange and that was defective as well! I called in to report this and to let them know the secod team scratched up my floor too! I don't want another delivery team at my home scratching up my floors. So I don't mind a technician, but the customer service reps at the call center all give me the run around when I ask for a manager! They want to offer me less than 10% to keep my furniture as it is. I spend hours on the phone. I get "promised" a call back from a manager multiple times and get NOTHING. What kind of service is this? I should have went to rooms to go. I'm thinking about returning my merchandise and going somewhere else if a manager does not call me back TODAY as promised! A rep said she could offer me a $300 gift card..I don't want a gift card. I just want service and a manager to call me back like promised. WHAT HAPPENED TO ASHLEYS FURNITURE????????

I purchase my bedroom set from ashley furniture on sheridan and off of I75.I received my bedroom set on Friday Sept. 10,2010 the footrail was not installed correctly, one of the dresser draws handle was installed broken.I contacted customer service on Monday Sept.13 they told me that someone would be contacting me within 24 to 48hrs. I didnt receive a call in fact i call customer service back to tell them on Wednesday Sept.15 no one has called me and they guarantee someone would be getting in touch with me.No one called I called back on Thursday Sept 16 and spoke with James ext.6257 and he guarantee me someone will be calling me.The repair furniture company that they have working for them finally call and said that they had already set an appointment for me on Saturday Sept.18 between 8-12 and I asked him how could you set an appointment with me without speaking with me. I needed an appointment for Friday Sept.17 which is my day off he stated that thats a Jewish Holiday and they didnt work on that day. I finally agreed to go to work late on Sat. morning Sept.18. Then i received an phone call Friday afternoon at 5:45 that someone will be coming between 12p-3p thats not the agreement that we made. I am very disappointed with this company. I have purchase from city furniture before and never had this problem. I am very upset no one is willing to work with me on my situation.I have not been able to enjoy my bedroom set yet and have only had it for one week today. I will never purchase from this company again......

Respected Sir / Madam. I order my bed set on date 07/24/2010 and i haven't recieved my bed set on the contract date. The contract date is 08/17/2010 then i talk to the store manager and he give me new delivery date that was todays date 09/16/2010 and now still same excuse and they said we are late for delivery. Now he give me another new date that was end of next month. I brought this bed set for my brother for his wedding gift. but i haven't recieved it then i gave to my brother my own bed set and now i sleep on the floor for last 6 weaks ago. now i want you guys taking care of my problem asap. Becz my wife she is going through in a bad time becz is having a back problem so please taking care all of this things.

NEVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY - Their product is inferior and their service is non-existent.. We purchased a sofa and matching accent chair in March 2010. The chair arrived and you could visibly see exposed staples and the fabric did not fully cover the frame of the chair. This chair was replaced after a long lecture from their service department of how they reserve the right to fix the product and that only one replacement is ever authorized. The next chair was acceptable when delivered, until 2 weeks later when the complete front arm panel of the chair fell off - (Yes I said fell off). They sent a repair tech who needed to order a piece which we waited for 4 weeks to come in. Schedule another repair visit only to find out the wrong piece was sent. The repair technician indicated that we will most likely experience the same thing based on his experience and ordered the needed part again and this time ordered both the right and left arm, so he wouldn’t have to come back out a second time when the other side falls off (Are you kidding me!). About 2 weeks later I get a call from service that they are only ordering one of the arms as they is no current trouble with the other one. Another 4 + weeks pass the part shows up today and guess what - Wrong piece again!! I refuse to wait another months to get this resolved - They need to buy this crap back as this is unacceptable.. But wait gets better, guess what happens when I call in to talk to a manager and get put on hold only to be transferred to a disconnected phone – Peachy Not!! My next call I get the supervisor will need to call me back in 10 minutes line - Oh yeah - I'm waiting by the phone 20 minutes and counting – Glad I’m not holding my breath... If considering buying something from them - Please go back and re-read my first sentence or be for warned

vivian Herrera whats happening to your leather sofa is called delamenting and this was popular on the Sonoma set, the Galaxy, and the Sorrento. Its because the leather iis not fully analine died.They have had to replace several of these pieces go directly to corporate in arcadia wisconsin if noone at store level will help you and the local better business bureau.You have rights be demanding that they be responsible!!!!Good luck...

I really do not think any of this complaints are even read because if they were read Ashley would do something to correct it.I do not know what to do about this company at all I think the people are trained to not take complaints to put people off I have reported Ashley Furnature to the bbb here in Amarillo,Texas.They will have to ansawer to them I know if ALL of these people would do the same maybe just maybe somthing will get done .I read that the company donates alot of their furnature THEY SHOULD ITS NOT WORTH ANYTHING,tHATS RIGHT GO GET THE PEOPLES MONEY THAN FORGET ABOUT THE SERVICE.

yeah well wish I had also read all these reviews, I am waiting on a refund in the amount of $800.00 I paid CASH 800.00 on some furniture I did have to cancel so they said NO PROBLEM you will get a full refund from Corp. Wellllll try and follow up on this there is NO WAY None of the stores have the # to THEIR companies corp.Ofc. I don't even think the bone heads know where it is......I was told by Customer Service (right) that it was issued to me HOWEVER it then goes someplace else (WHO KNOWS WHERE) before I get it by the time I am supposed to receive it the time frame will be OVER a month and we are talking I PAID THEM IN CASH!!!!!!!!! NEVER NEVER EVER will I shop at Ashley Furniture and will spread the word as many times as I can. Just Beware People go elsewhere.........

I purchase a King bed set In June 2010. They gave me a del date Aug 7 (in writting)- WEll no del - I called and they told me this was a difficult order but expect it Sept. This bed set was back ordered for Sept sometime and then called back to say it could go as far as Oct 1st. Aslo I oreder a mattres and it took 2 weeks for a rep to come and look at it -it was damaged. they told me they would schedule a pick up - well no one showed. I called the store mgr and he promissed a pick up -again no one came out to pick up the mattress also the mgr promissed a good gester refund ck $300.00 due to all the confusion. well 2 wks went by no check. Email customer service and they called & again the say SORRY for all the confusion we will get the damaged matterss remove ( and they did) and they would be mailing the $300.00 refund out that week. WEll no check and it's been 3 weeks now. SO I have no bed room furniture and no refund. These people are so unorginized and lie to no end. I plan to have them exposed to the public eye. Action 9 news will investigate and I hope they can put up with all the lies and run around every one else gets. How can the BBB not get involved?

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