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i also had the worst experience with this store:p . i wish i had read all the reviews before i decided to place an order.i had to cancel my order after waiting 3 months. And as of today I'M still waiting for my refund. DO NOT SHOP AT ASHLEY FURNITURE. with service like this i hope that they dissapear soon.

Ashley Furniture is a huge disappointment! I purchased a bedroom set for my daughter at the Lexington, KY store. My daughter arranged the move in date to her appartment to coincide with the delivery date we were promised which was June 15th. The furniture never arrived and has since been delayed five times. After numerous runarounds, it now appears that it will not ship until late July. I can understand shipping delays and be patient to an extent but what I cannot tolerate is the terrible customer service at the store. The store manager (Ted) engaged in an emotional and unprofessional altercation with my daughter which only made matters worse. I attempted to call Ted to apologize on behalf of my very upset daughter and try to work things out but unfortunately he was not available. I asked the person who answered the phone for contact information for the Ashley corporate offices for my records but she flat out refused to give it to me. I asked repeatedly but she would not even tell me what city they were located in. I then Googled it and found all these unfavorable comments and decided to express our concerns as well. We urge anyone reading this to shop elsewhere.


I really wished I would have read this before wasting my time and money at Ashley Furniture!!! I ordered a bedroom set for my daughter. When it was past time of arrival, I called only to be told that it was backordered and would be in in a few weeks. I waited, then called again, I got every excuse from not made yet, hasn't shipped from overseas, some items are here some are not, only one person can access that order....it was ridiculous. When the order finally arrived, almost two months later, it wasn't right! They brought me an incomplete bedroom set with the wrong size mattress/box springs! The "new" owners have not answered my calls! I am so disappointed with Ashley furniture. Never again.

How can you continue this sheraid as quality businnes what a joke. I have contacted an attnory and the local TV station here in AZ. One way or the other I want my furniture or my money back period!!!!! No more excuses or I will move forward with several of your other disapointed customers and there are several to say the least.

Two Issues, 1. I was lied to by the salesman in Live Oak Texas. We were interested in a Leather Sectional I made sure I asked all the right questions, one being if the couch gets a scratch will be extremely noticable? (Note: I have four dogs) He said NO, he showed me a swatch of the leather and said it is dyed all the way through. Sure enough even by keeping the dogs off this couch, one of us scratched it and Im sure you all have guessed it. It showed up as a hot pinkish color, the couch in dark brown. It stood the hell out, talk about pissed. After we went twice to the store and asked this question several times, We were insured that will be fine. My ass, Not to mention the cushions dont stay in place very well, I had a 14 day satisfaction guarantee, they picked the couch up, and I lost a total of $215.00 for delivery and pick up. 2. Couched was picked up on 10 day ago, and after being lied to by an office employee that the credit is being processed 6 days ago, and was told 3 days ago it was being processed since I had to go in person to complain to a Manager. During my time awaiting the manager, I heard a office worker discussing with a customer an complaint as to why he hadnt received his credit yet. Advise for all, if you have something old and of good quality, just have it re-covered and save you money. The quality today SUCKS, since alot is made in CHINA.

Ashley furniture as a company is the worst and most unprofessional company I have ever delt with. We had furniture in lay a way and only made two payments on it the second payment was the full balance, as we made the payment they told us the sofa that we chose was on back order. The store manager made some changes and found it for us and set for delivery for 6/18 with a 3hr window and a 1hr prior call. Well on that day the driver calls us after the time it was to be delivered saying he was still an hour out, then he calls back 45 min. later and says he is on his way and "oh by the way I don't have your couch its on back order" no call from anyone just the driver to tell us this. I try to contact the store mgr. but she was in a meeting for 6hrs so the customer service mgr said he would take care of it and give her the messege and call me back. So the next day i go to the store and the mgr. is there and knows nothing about it. So she makes some calls to the warehouse to locate the sofa 6hrs later no call, i go back up there and she tells me they did locate it and i would get it delivered that night or sunday but would get a call from the warehouse mgr. NO CALL NO SOFA!! So we go back up there sunday and another person says that the sofa is on a truck and will be delivered between 2 and 10 with a 1hr prior call. NO CALL NO SOFA!!!so i have to go back up there this morning. DO NOT WAIST YOUR TIME AND MONEY WITH THIS COMPANY!!!just look at the reviews everyone with the same problem and no results...

Along with everyone else here I am beyond frustrated with Ashley furniture store based in Chico Ca. I bought a bedroom set and a bench from their store in Yuba City Ca. I purchased this furniture on May 8th 2010 and was told it was in stock and would receive it within 2-6 weeks. They said that was just on the contract but actually I would receive it a lot sooner. Well it has been six weeks and have gotten nothing but a runaround. Their excuse is that the computer is down and they can't find out where my furniture is. They have recently closed a store in Roseville and are in the process of closing the store here in Yuba city. They are still taking orders but the man that was hired to close the store told me he can do nothing about the furniture I ordered. I called their main office in Chico many times and left messages for Mike Armstrong to call me. NOTHING. They have received a very bad article written by the Appeal Democrat with the same complaints as me. I am in the process of finding out the legal way to picket their store in Yuba City. I contacted the police and they told me what I could and couldn't do and was also told by one of the police officers that his family was ripped off by Ashley. I have spent around $18000 with Ashley but I will never spend another dime on Ashley furniture. It seems to me Ashley corporate could put pressure on the franchise owner to either deliver the furniture or refund the money. I was told I could not get a refund until September 2010. I feel I have been ripped off. Is it to much to ask the get the service you paid for???? Typical corporate corruption. I truly believe they are going backrupt but they are still selling furniture out of that store with a NO REFUND policy.

Lubbock TX Store: I purchased over $5000 worth of furniture in March and have not received but have been told they will deliver today (just because I really became upset, after being called by the warehouse manager that they will deliver next week) .... I will never purchase another piece of furniture with Ashley Furniture, I went to Haverty's for another piece of furniture, and my goodness they looked up the furniture and they had in stock, we were very happy with their customer service. The furniture was delivered the next week on the day we chose to have it delivered... Amazing Don't even remember what the furniture looks like. When I contacted the store I asked to speak to the manager i was told that they were busy, and would take message and have them call me back, never heard from them My husband called and spoke to a salesperson, and he asked to speak to a manager and they would not allow, are your managers that much more important than a customer.. hmm Maybe the BBB should know about all of this

In 2007 my husband and I purchased a reclining love seat and sofa from Value City furniture in New Brunswick, NJ. We also paid additional for the 5 year extended warranty. In 2008 we moved to Fl. Shortly after the move we noticed the leather sofa beginning to fade in certain areas. The head and arm rest. After contacting the store we were informed the furniture was no longer covered because we had moved more than 75 miles from the store and that voided it out. The warranty company also refused to refund the money spent for the 5 years. May 2010 we contacted the Corporate office. Well, much to our surprise, Crystal, was more than willing to help... And she did. The furniture that we had was discontinued. So we were told to go to Ashley furniture near us and pick out a brand new set. Well it was delivered today and they picked up the old pieces. We are very pleased with the professional, friendly and speediness of the handling of this situation. She even called as a follow up after we received the furniture to make sure everything was ok. Thanks again....

6/9/10 I ordered a chair from ashley furniture on 5/4/10 with a delivery date of 6/5/10. Like the others I have not received my chair and customer care is worthless. I have gone to the store in Rohnert Park Ca two times trying to get a delivery date. They were no help either. On the third attempt the manager of the store told me "it was coming to their store on Mon 6/7/10 and would be delivered on 6/8/ or 6/9". Needless to say that didn't happen. I went to the store again today to get my money back and was told someone named Angela would call and take care of the cancellation. Really? Are you kidding me? The store can take my money but can't make a simple refund? And now someone wants to talk to me when I couldn't get a straight answer before? I'm not waiting any longer. I'm filing a small claims court action as soon as I'm done writing this review and I will be posting a review on ANGIE'S LIST. Oh, 7 on your side in San Francisco! Great Idea, David. Ashley Furniture, YOU LACK INTEGRITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY. See you in court. Oh and by the way, I'll be asking for 10% interest which we all have the right to do, as well as punitive damages for deceptive business practices. Have a nice day. Jacquie

I purchased a $3585.00 bedroom set on March 20 and was promised delivery in April. It is now June and still no sign of furniture. I demanded a refund of the cash that I put down the day of sale. I asked for this 2 weeks ago and check has not been mailed as of today(June 4)They have give me the run around for 2 1/2 months.I told manager today, that if I do not recieve a check within 1 week that I will be contacting an attorney.I will NEVER buy anything from Ashley again, nor will I recommend them to anyone.I bought from the Cookeville,Tn. location. Guess I will go to the hometown furniture stores from now on, at least I can trust what they say. The Cookeville store says it is a problem with the main Ashley store. Whomever's fault it is, that is poor business and will eventually close your doors.I have contacted the Better Business Bureau to check into this matter and plan on contacting news channel 2 "That's Messed Up". Maybe they can explain to tv viewers why they are taking peoples money with a smile and then the customer gets screwed.

my mother purchased a chair, love seat and a couch from ashley. they also purshased the extra warrenty to cover the furniture if anything happened to it. they where told that they would replace it if there was anything wrong with. that they would give them the same furniture or give them something close to what they spent. went in to tell them and now they wont do anything for them. they want to give her back the money she spent on the warrenty. they do not honoor there word or warrenty. i will never buy from them again and will make sure that anyone i know will notbuy from them. they are a bunch of crooks and just want the money and who cares about the customer.

I purchased a bedrooom set from the cumming GA store on April 29th 2010 and paid in full they promised it would be delivered in 2 months ,,but to my shock now they say it is on back order till august...this is ridiculus! i am back and forth on the phone but no one seems to be helping out.i am shocked at the service and never will recommend anyone to purchase furniture from here unless they want to wait 6 months for it.

I just purchased a Sofa & Loveseat from Ashley and they did the samething to me. I was told that my furniture would be delivered in 10 business days. To date I am still waiting. They got their money and won't allow me to cancell the order. They are very unprofessional and I will never do business with them or recommend them to anyone.

We purchased a sofa from Ashley on Feb 20, 2010. We still have not received the sofa or credit (5/17/10). We will never purchase anything from this company again nor will we recommend it to anyone. It looks like I may have to seek legal action to get my refund! Hey, what about 6 on my side with the local television station. Maybe that will work...

my name is craig hindman. and i bought furniture from ashley.it is tearing up. i talked to customer service many times and italked to the maager @the ashley store in cordova and both of them would not help me the manager @ashley in cordova tenn. was ugly to me. i just want ya'll to fix your furniture thanks craig hindman. my email is craig@bigriver.net

We are now in week 15 of waiting for our new furniture. We actually put $$ down on it and still have seen nothing. We have been promised additional free furniture, etc. with nothing seen to-date. The last time my husband spoke with the manager/salesperson was three weeks ago -- "It shouldn't be much longer." My ass. This is the absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced and will NEVER recommend this company to anyone. I know a lot of people, and I will, in fact, tell everyone that I know to NEVER buy anything from Ashley. What an absolute nightmare. You should be ashamed of yourselves!!!

I have waited 14 weeks for may bedroom furinture and just found out today that it is still on back order for another 4 weeks!!!!!!!!!! On top of that their quality is sub par and nothing like what I saw in the show room. I will never buy from them again and I hope this message prevents you from having to deal with what I am dealing with!!!!

WOW!! I'm dealinf with the dreaded promise of delivery issue right now. No one will call me back!!!! Never again will I shop or buy a product from Ashley!!!

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