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This company Sucks! I ordered furniture in August, got it delivered today, only to find out that every single piece of furniture was damaged. I refused the order and now they won't refund me my money back without charging a 30% restocking fee. Who are they restocking damaged furniture for? DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!!!!!!!

Seems no one has been as stupid as I have been. I bought a loveseat and chair, 1200.00 I have paid them 800.00. Unfortunately I used their "in house financing". I don't know what to do. The manager says I still owe them 2400.00!!!!! What??? That is right folks, I owe them double what the furniture really cost. I am on a single income and made the mistake of trusting them. He lied, misrepresented his intentions, and screwed me before I knew what hit me. PEOPLE PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS STORE. Unfortunately the only people that happen upon this site are people that have already been taken by these unscrupulous crooks. Sad and broke in San Antonio.

Very similar issues with Ashley. I purchased a bedroom set in June 2010, the headboard and rails were delivered in July but without the dresser.Then I was told August, when the time came, no dresser. Next I was told "no later than sept 15" , nothing. I called into the store and the service rep said Oct 2nd(?? )and I asked for a gurantee, and she said we can gurantee the delivery date at the store but the whse is another matter. I called corp and was told by a mgr in the whse that the store(s) have been overselling the bedroom sets and the store reps should have been properly trained on delivery expectations. I asked to speak to someone higher and the mgr said there was no one higher at the whse(???) which I know and you all know is a bunch of bull. This company is pointing the finger at each other. Steer clear of them, unless you want to throw away your hard earned money.

my parents bought a leather sofa and recliner 14 months ago, and now it is peeling. there is no reason for this to be happening. they are in their 80s and on social security. i contacted the store and asked to speak to the manager and of course the manager wouldn't come to the phone i had to speak to a girl who was relaying the message to the manager, what kind of business does this? why is this ashley furniture store still in business? and why aren't they being accountable for all of this?

I spent over $18,000.00 on bedroom furniture,I made my purchase on 7-31-10. I have yet to receive one piece of furniture. I've asked 10 times when my furniture was going to arrive,I got a different answer every time. I've have tried over and over to get a answer,no luck. I think its time for a class action suit.

Let me add my voice to the chorus of dissatisfied Ashley customers. I am sitting here, again!0, wasting another day waiting for a furniture delivery. I spoke to a customer service rep, and received 2 phone calls confirming the time of delivery, even though it was inconvenient for me, and I asked for an earlier time today. So, now I am told it was set up for a later time, even though I was not told. Another day wasted. What embarrasses me the most is this is the 2nd time I have done this. I did not learn. I join my voices with the others: I will definitely not be shopping at Ashley for anything else. Their level of customer concern and service is horrific. They truly epitomize the adage that the "right hand does not know what the left hand is doing." it is pitiful. My advice to others: don't waste your time and money at Ashley unless you are ready for some great aggravation. I have learned, although it took two times sadly.

DO NOT BUY FROM ASHLEY'S! Their customer service is TERRIBLE. I would rather pay $$1200 extra for my furniture and get it somewhere else than support Ashley Furniture. Their employees are clueless and they are liars. They lied to me on the phone 3 different times and then someone got on the phone with me and said he was the manager when in fact he was not. If we don't get our furniture in on time or they didn't order it right you better believe that I will drive to their store and throw a huge fit.

I’m not even a customer and I have a gripe against them. Their delivery truck came down my street and knocked the wires off my house and damaged the siding. The men got out, took a look, and took off as fast as they could. I called the local store, only could get voice mail, three hours later they still haven’t called back. Fortunately for this site I found the corporate number, they took the info, but said it was the responsibility of the local (franchised) store and they would be contacting me. We’ll see!

On July 5, I was issued a credit with Ashley Furniture. Paperwork completed and I was told I would receive a check in the mail within 3 weeks. It is September 1st, no check. Have talked with store and another store about this and just now I was told that they had reissued another form for reimbursement so that is going to be another 3 weeks...this is getting ridiculous. While I love my furniture, my next door neighbor is purchasing all new furniture from Ashley (bedrooms (3), living room, kitchen) due to their house flooding in May and I am about to tell them don't do it...because of the customer service being so bad... There is not a customer service if you ask me.

Ashley Furniture is the worst retail store I have had the displeasure to deal with. My daughter purchased a bed in May of 2010, no one ever called her to let her know it kept being back ordered, and when it did finally show up, only last week, unknown to us it came without the mattress and box springs. That was the main purpose of purchasing the bed to begin with. I will NEVER do business with this business again. Their business practices stink, literally.

Wow....I am worried now that I have read the reviews. We recently purchased a bedroom set which was delivered last Thursday. When delivery arrived, they told us they did not have the headboard for our bed! We never received a phone call from Ashley to let us know this. Was promised re-delivery this Tuesday (tomorrow)....my husband received a call this morning stating that now we have to wait till Wed. I tried calling Ashley corporate and was transferred to a voice messaging system. We'll wait and see now....

Ashley furniture in Patchogue NY has been holding over $2,474.80 of my money ransom for months. I ordered furniture May 3,2010 still never received it have had promise after promise of delivery. The beginning of this monthe they said it will not be in until somtime in September. Again I asked for my money back and finally thy agreed to send me a check ,said I would receive in 10 days. Well here it is the end of the month still no refund check and no one will tell me where the check is. I have been contacting the store and Pam has promised to get back to me a few times after I called as has Andre but still no calls back. Today I called again and they spoke to Ben he promised to give this to his his manager to have him call back and still nothing. Run as fast as you can from these folks, I now have started legal process to get my money back. I contacted headquarters and they said sorry your going through this but all of our stores are individually owned. I have reported them to BBB and Consumer affairs both have promised to post on their web sites. Bottom line is consumers need protection against companies like this. Why is it we are warned of so many other health isses what about the pain and suffering from companies like this. I have had many many sleepless nights over this all.

this is the worst furniture store EVER!!! not only did they deliver late...they did not assemble my child's bunkbed correctly which lead to the bed falling on my son and also putting a hole in my wall! the whole customer care team needs to be FIRED! they are irresponsible and do not care about their customers need....

Ashley furniture is now the reason I shop at Fingers and Star funiture....their service is awful!! not only did their sales person use my personal information to ask me on a date and constantly call my home! they also installed my bed incorrectly which led to my child being injured and a hole in my wall!! the whole customer service department needs to be fired! their lack of consideration is horrible!! i have never been so frustated in my life! i will be filing a lawsuit for damages caused by this company!

We drove to Longview, Tx from Houston, Tx two times now with still no Furniture.

I am having trouble with the Cookeville Tennessee Ashley store location as well. Never have received my merchandise and they have a lot of my money in hand already. I think it is time we come together to stop this, if anyone in the Cookeville area wants to get together and see what we can get done through a lawyer and news coverage if possible please contact me superherogirl05@gmail.com

After I purchased a sofa set from the Ashley Furniture on Mt.Zion in Morrow, Georgia, my former inlaws went to the same store and without my knowledge wanted the same set I had purchased. The sales person at this location showed them all of my personal info such as my address, how much credit I had, the amount of my down payment,my monthly payments, and even the extent of my warranty. This was the first time I had purchased anything from Ashley and I can assure you that it will be the last time I ever purchase anything from them. This was an invasion of my privacy and you would think that a major business like Ashley would not allow other customers to see the private contract info of another customer. I would like some satisfaction on this.I truly hope that my private and personal info is not being shown to everyone who comes into this store

I agree with everyone else. Ashley home furniture SUCKS!!!!! Horrible customer service, poor delivery time and less than quality furniture! I will be getting my money back tomorrow on the diningroom table that I STILL havent recieved!!!! I wish I could give a zero star rating to the Ashley Furniture in Nashville Tn!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! What a terrible experience! Put a down payment initially, then went in to pay everything off and they gave me the payoff amount. I paid in full only to have them call me at work the next day to say they had keyed the incorrect price in and I owed another 325.00. I asked for a refund, and they advised me they would charge me 20% to get a refund. So, I have gotten nothing at this point, unless you count the incredibly AWFUL customer service.

Terrible company. Spent over $7,000 two months ago, most delivered damaged, reordered the wrong product, refuses to let you return or cancel the order. DO NOT SHOP ASHLEY FURNITURE STORES....ALL OF THEM ARE INDEPENDENTLY OWNED AND OPERATED AND EVERYONE WILL PASS YOU ALONG TO THE OTHER...ONCE YOU HAVE IT IN YOUR HOE ITS YOURS. YOU CANNOT RETURN IT, CANCEL YOUR ORDER NOTHING..DO NOT SHOP ASHLEY.

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