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STAY AWAY FROM AT&T! They offered a deal over the phone--on a recorded line--then sent a contract charging $360 more than they agreed to. Contacted the President’s office—they will not stand behind the deal. I’ve wasted hours trying to get them to keep their word—it has proved impossible. Do yourself a favor--avoid AT&T like the plague!


Willie in your Texas office he was so helpfull and got my wireless up

Horrible company

This is the worst service I have received from any if my previous phone carriers


ATT has the absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced. Their automated phone system will assure that any problem you may have is NEVER resolved.


Moving to Brighthouse!!!!


This is the worst company that any consumer can deal with even Executive Office cannot help you. You can't rate below a zero

Terrible company these guy stole my money by accepting a payment and then cutting off my services. Then saying "oh, we cant refund your money". Never again will I go with At&t.

at&t sucks something im not gonna type

If your planning on dealing with these people make sure you have a bottle of Xanax handy.


No service since Thursday may1, today is the 8th tried Customer service with now answer from all the managers that have committed to call me back. Call corporate office and ignore my call and hang the phone. It's imposible to deal with AT&T.

Customer Service

Spent two hours trying to resolve an issue. After an 1 I/2 hours the manager finally deemed my call worthy of taking. She was belittling and a smart@$$. Asked to speak with her superior and the situation was resolved quickly. Just horrible customer service. Giving 1 star just because I can not give zero.


If you value your sanity, DO NOT ever do business with this company. Their customer service is appalling and your worst nightmare. It should be unlawful the way they run their business.

Worst ever service

This company is terrible. They don't care about you once they reel you in. I wish I could give this less than one star. Don't get AT&T!!!! Run away!!!!

Crap company

Gave me a $200 credit toward first bill. Week before the bill it was gone and now past due...customer servive just says sorry i can help...for any problem


All this company does is hide behind telephone numbers that go no-wheres Horrible treatment of customers. No resolutions and all pravarications

customer service for customer

horrible horrible customer service contact the news media

Land Line

I received a rotten service. I was transferred from number to number and still no results. I am on the line now trying to resolve this issue. One of your agent have the nerve to reply to me "what".

Horrible Horrible Service

Customer Service is the worst. I have been lied to & ripped off. I can't even get a corporate number to complain. I don't recommend anyone moving services to them.

Worst service ever

Visited (twice) Staten Island store 2855 Richmond Ave to get international network added to my account. Only needed pay per use. Simple right? They know nothing about how to do that The "salesgirl " was more interested in drinking her Protein drink! than helping us. We waited an hour we were treated like we were stupid. I hope her protein drink helps her brainpower...I called the 800 number and they took care of everything thankfully!

No service

Worst customer service . Stealing money by overcharging bills. Hard to get some one to understand the business and have knowledge of customer service. Wasting lots of time over the phone without getting someone to help. All I get either disconnection or passed on to different people, not in position to help


worst people i ever dealt with. does any of their employees have a brain? rate them a 1? they owe stars

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