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Supervisors hang up on you, they leave you without TV and internet for 5, 6, 7 days AND over a holiday weekend. They don't understand English and they just don't care.

Poor service

The service for Att is awful I waited for an hour & half to actual talk to someone to disconnect service plus when they come to find out somehow the land line service I wanted was never connected is why I was calling due to a problem which no one bothered to call and say there was problem. I would never use ATT. When I called to add service I spoke to someone right away, no waiting.

Horrible Service

I have been a customer for over 20 years. My husband went into store and asked for an upgrade with the same plan and memory as he has always had (he owned a 4S, 32 GB on 2 yr agreement). They sold him 5S, 16 GB on Next Plan!!! On the next day he traveled for 4 weeks. On his return he tried downloading all his business to phone and it wouldn't hold information. Went back to store and they sorry too late, your fault. No one offered solutions and were extremely rude. I am amazed at their inability to accept responsibility for this mistake!!!!

Horrid Customer Service

I have dealt with a transfer order for 30 days now. With endless work orders and endless promises of phone calls from agents all over the world. I don't think I have spoke to an "American" the entire time. All though they all try their best to help, they all have fallen short. I have lost my confidence in AT&T to give me the perfect service they try to uphold. It's been crap! Even supervisors make promises they cant keep. My next step is to cancel my service and spread the word of just how bad this company is. I have had At&T my entire adult life, and I'm highly disappointed that simply moving from one house to another is too much for them to handle. I've given them plenty of time and chances. And now I'm a fool for taking their word and still have no phone service.


I have had service with this company since Jan 2010. At that time I was unemployeed. My rate was 14.95. I was supposed to get bills. I never know when the rates go up because I never get a bill until it is a disconnect notice. I have gone in the office at least 20 times and hang out for more than an hour each time. They check the address or put me on line with passwords and etc, They never work and I continue not getting bills, not even on the email.(which is the only thing I have with att) I have basic internet and it costs somewhere around 30.00 a month ITHINK. I also have high blood pressure ........Old customer service is a thing of the past.

AT&T the worst customer setvice in history

This company is the biggest fraud, I have been giving wrong numbers, and tried on many occasion to get this issues corrected, and these are senior executives that are misleading consumers as well.


I am a loyal customer of AT&T yet get crappy customer service. Just as I thought things were going well I get screwed. I recently upgraded one line of my four lines at a local store where I do all my upgrades and get my bill with an astonishing new charge in the line I upgraded. I was not told any details for this to happen and when I was finding a new plan I received a call from an AT&T person saying they have a new plan the you me on. Great but they did not disclose any information or did I sign anything saying I understand the terms. I would like someone from the corporate office to call me as when I call customer service they are unable to assist in my resolution to get back on the plan I had. Sincerely a very frustrated customer.

False presentation of service

What was said on phone by rep selling uverse turned out to be false. Installer lost my main phone line, so another had to come out. Inexperience shows. Have had to call constantly to get billing correct and am sorry I left AT&T for uverse. Am on losing end no matter what they adjust since not how it was presented. A sad commentary on this company's honesty and the type of reps they leave unsupervised. Shame on them. And they take our money but go out of America for service reps.

This is the worst customer service. there is absolutely no way to report telephone service failure for senior citizens that do not have a computer smart telephone. Your slogan does not align with your actions.


I purchased this home phone about 1 year ago, or less. It has stopped working, lost it's face print. I have changed the battery pack, but no luck. I do not have my bill anymore, and not sure if it's still covered. Regardless this is a Micky Mouse unit. I will inform those I know to stay clear of AT&T.

I am having bad service. I will never tell anyone to go to att. . I am still trying to get this problem fix after 2 months.We tried to get out of the contract but they said no. My cell does not work too. I was told my 1 month was over so they will not do anything. They never did it right yet.


Installed triple package on 8-13; cancelled on 8-14 Sales force: Genial LIARS Tech Support: Lacks knowledge and supervision TV: Inferior sound and color quality So sad that major corporations continue to place profits over quaility product and customer service.

Worst customer service ever/service

Where is the negitive button ? I have never talked to so many uncaring rude people in my life. Sad part is that I have worked with Juvinilles for years. I think the children have more knowlege and manners than AT & T coorate employees ! These folks do not care one bit if you have a complaint/problem. It is sad when a persons service is off and on for months on end . They do not want to take the time to help . There answer is there will be no credit given ! Pretty said when the customer has to do their job and prove them wrong. I would highly suggest to save everyone a headache. I would never go with AT & T for anything !

Don't get caught in the madness

I am 77 years old and have trying to get AT&T in re-connect my U Verse since May 2014. I have been letting them get the payment out of my bank account since December 2011. Now they are telling me I have to put up $450.00 in order to get m service connected. I have been transferred and lied to by so many people in customer service. Oh yes please don't call their cooperate headquarters in Dallas they tell the biggest lie of them all.

to the CEOs

your customer service sucks so bad it can blow a golf ball thru a garden hose !!!!!!

I received false information and it was shown on the chat line. The management tried to double talk and then disconnected the line. When I tried to get re-connected to the manager, I was told that they could not do that. AT&T no longer cares about their long time customers, only their bottom line.

Billing problem

Tried to resolve issue by phone but was put on continuous loop for 45 minutes. Was promised $30.50 for out internet bill two months ago, this month it was magically $35.50. Was sent to 4 different locations, and no help.


tried to lower my bill by removing one phone line (we had 2) they chose instead to close all phone lines, when i called back to complain, they said the main line would be active in 2 to 4 hours, 24 hours later still no phone line and i dont carry a cell phone. they dont give a $hit about customers, and the "customer service" is a joke

Worst Customer Service Ever

Been with AT&t over 15 years. never late. Unbundled my services just kept 2 cell phones. Called numerous times always a different answer to resolve the billing mistake they made. Was told to wait for final bill for adjustments. Instead they sent me to a collections agency.


Since I got U Verse in March 2014 I have been on the phone every day with AT&T for lost connections repeatedly to internet, phone (Cell), and TV. I have been hung up on, spent 8 hours trying to get my emails back, and etc. Now, since 7-7-14, I have no emails or internet. Tech services has no idea what they are doing. AT&T reset my admin password but I have no idea what it is so now I have to go to an outside company to fix AT&T's mistakes. I am so tired of talking to India. Do not get U Verse.

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