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I went throw the window today and the person taking my order was very rude with me and would not let me finish my order I had to finish my order at the window this was at the east Windsor store in ct I wont return.

Unpaid wages

Since you guys want to be cheap I'll just file a complaint to the department of labor.


Service in your Deming NM restaurant is slower Than molasses in the winter. Too many kids Working in there. Appalling to see so many people Waiting for their food or to exchange a wrong order. CLEAN IT UP !!!!!!!

Apple Dumpling

Please bring back the apple dumplings They were the best I ever had and I along with alot of folks would like you guys to bring them back for the summer at least. They were the best thing on the menu . Please please please bring them back


I think all the fast food restaurants should STOP adding salt to your fries. There is enough on your burgers and chicken and fish. If I come to eat I don't need extra salt. Ask if you want salt on food like you do with condiments.

I went in and applyed at wendys in tucson on 22 and wilmont it's all teenagers working there I think it's a bull carp tired them saying they will call me and they don't something needs to be done

insane manager dnt like his job

Manager said I was loitering cuz I only ordered soda. And insulted me


The restaurant I use to work for, briefly, manager gave me a 800 number to call. I just needed employment verification for the Department of Family and Children services or a separation letter

bad managerment

i work here in this store where the staff not getting treat right hour or getting cut for no reason we love our jobs we work too damn hard for poor manager doing us wrong the whole store have nothing good to said about our manager christoper foster all i ask is to giving us back our hour and stop lie to your staff about u have to cut hour because of the obomacare which is a lie every other store in our area hour not getting cut do to this so please we need our hour to take care of our family some us are low income family that need our hour to pay rent. what can i do about this matter here. please help

Wenyts Inverness

This brand new Wendy:s is fantastic. From the person who takes your order to the people cooking and serving the great food and delicious coffee - it is a ten star. Hats off to the team working at Wendys

should two employees be allowed to makeout in lobby of resaurant

Wendy's is the only fast food restaurant my grand daughter and I dine, My purpose of writing you is to enquire where can I get supplies of your "POMGRANATE VINAIGRETTE" salad dressing. I usually don't eat salads. But now I love salads with your dressing. Your salad is outstanding. You should introduce this dressing to the public. Where can I get it. Thank you.


The commercials always show the new Wendy's girl eating the food.......amazingly she never takes a bite, or shows any bites taken!!! Is the food that bad??? Or what is the story???

Rude Manager

Manager (Orlando) is so rude to his employee just curses her out for no reason in front of a alot of customers, including my self, i walked right out the store and got my lunch some were else.. I can't believe what i saw he was rude and nasty, the lady was forced to clock out and was sent home, she left in tears... this is not how a manager is suppose to treat his employees not at all... (store in suffern n,y)

North Pole AK

Worst customer service i have ever gotten, on 3 different visits. Very disrepectful employees and lack of managment to fix anything. Will never be back.


The store at 875 S. Val Vista Dr Gilbert, AZ is so rude and unprofessional. They have very bad customer service. I wouldn't eat at this store

did not recieve paycheck

Im 17 yrs old and my first paycheck is still lost. My manager can't tell me what is going on. Supposedly I was to recieve a debt card type pay. I don't understand what that means but the manager said I signed paperwork to get my pay in that form bc I don't have a bank account. Christmas is tomarrow and I don't have a present for my mom. I was supposed to be paid over a week ago. What is wrong with this company. I'm sure if it was manager not recieving his paycheck, he would have answers and contacted whoever needed to straighten his money out. Way to make a good impression on a first job. Or can you say I obviously not important. MOORESVILLE, NC


How difficult is it to complete a simple order? Instead of 3 different types of sandwiches, I ended up with three Spicy chickens (all undercooked) and a small frosty (instead of Medium). This is because the workers in the back were too busy arguing about who had the best weave and hairstyle. Seriously people? This is why you will all get replaced by automated systems instead of getting $15 an hour. And don't bother calling to complain about it, cause then the people just get rude. Replace these uneducated morons with robots and just be done with it!

close early

I'm tired of going to a Wendy's where Iive in reading pa. They are always closed before 1am and they have a sign advertising open till 1am. The advertising is wrong or just the employee that work their are lazy. But in that same note. The food is very tasty and reasonable priced. You want my business but lose.it every time I get out from work.

Not Worth it

Had there new mushroom, bacon, cheese burger and the Wendy's in Sierra Vista, AZ. Well the picture they have is a lot better looking than what you really received. My burger was over cooked, very few mushrooms, on slap of processed cheese and 2 over cooked bacon strips. You get this with a meal for the price of $7.00. What a rip off. I would not go back there again Burger King is better than they are and the service was very slow. Our other order was quicker. Had more bun than anything else.

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