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I Suggest You put in a coffee chat bar in unused space at your restauraunts. This will open up much needed space for Those Of UsWhoActually Order Food.

Bad services, bad cleaning

The Waffle House un Ellenwood Georgia, the services is gerbil I always go once a week and every time I hope to get a good services but every time they are short on employe and burning the food my food. I always go back because is the only one closed to my hous and I love Waffle House but please try to do better on cleaning, cooking and services. Everything is really poor.


Its sad when me and my friends come into waffle house and see the cook on third shift sleeping in the booth and the waitress is in the back who knows where......and to top it off the cook didn't even wash his hands..my friends and i go to waffle house at least twice a week ...if we continue to see this we won't...Richmond ,ky

awful waffle

went to the so call waffle house at 900 wilson rd this morning only ones in there and waitress stood around after taken our order now the waffle wasnt even done told her and she just didnt care floor was filthy cooking area was nasty. oh by the way my hash brows were raw not even hot the only thing about the meal was the coffee was good never will go there again how about them going for under cover boss unless CORPATE doesnt care they need to check on their company and how it is run oh by the way thats why we call it the awful waffle

Waffle house in Del City, OK

I worked there, just quit. They had roaches, and I mean bad roaches. There were baby ones, big ones, and huge ones. I transferred from a waffle house in Missouri. They also have an absolutely horrific staff/ management. When I worked over night, the manager wouldnt pull enough food and we'd be forced to tell customers that we ran out of their desired choice. My list goes on for that place, DO NOT EAT THERE. It is disgusting.

eggs ugh

can't get eggs that are done- whites always runny-used to be my favorite place-not any more


Ugh the waffle house in fort worth off 35 is horrible horrible the cooks are sloppy the waiters nd waitress smell like weed they are rude nd very unprofessional never goin back

terrible service

Its 12:00 a.m. 1/10/2014 I'm sitting in store 706 Nashville tn. Not crowded by any means. A cook and two server passed me several times barely making eye contact. I ask was anyone going to take my order cook replied its their stations I don't know. Both waitresses didn't seem to care about getting my order. I usually tip even if I carry out. Never again. Thanks to brandi and the other lady.

My husband and I went to the waffle house in port Arthur Texas on jimmy Johnson and the food was burnt and cold and the cooks did not look like they knew what they where doing. Other people where complaining about the food being burnt.

unplease customers rate this 1

You have people working in your stores and pleasing customrrs so you people need upgrade on your works very soon or your customers will leave one by one from your store

We have been going to the Waffle House in Gautier Ms. We always get a to go cup of our drink... But now they want to charge full price for the go drink after spending over thirty dollars we go regular but not now. We will go to Dennys (Waffle was our favorite place).


I live in the Hogansville, Georgia area and went to the Waffle House in Hogansville for breakfast. My waiter was a young w/m who took my order. I ordered steak and eggs, hash browns and water. When my order arrived it was the eggs and hash browns but no steak. I ask the waiter for the steak and he acted as if I had not ordered the steak. This is not the first time my order has not been filled properly.


I called your Waffle House in Winterville to ask about a fax number to verify employment. The girl put me on hold, asked the other people. I could hear them all in the background talking about I don't know if we do or not. Then one lady said I am busy being a fly killer right now. Well, after about 5 minutes and nobody even coming back to the phone to say sorry we don't have one. And a fly killer in a restaurant? That sound yummy!

birthday coupons

I have used the birthday coupons from our local radio station, several times, to start with it was all good, then they started charging me .50 for the take out trays, the last time i was there this past Sat., Nov 9, 2013, i was told it was dine in only, well no where on the coupon does it say dine in only and the girl charged me .72 instead of the .50 i had been paying, if it is diner in only then that should be on the coupon, I was very perturped about this, they said it come down from corp, also the girl ask if i was the name on the coupon, would it matter, maybe the person couldn't leave work to pick it up, if this happens again you can be sure i will never step foot in another Waffle House and will spread the word to everybody I know that goes there to stop.

Bad manager

I have eaten at the Greensboro, Ga Waffle house (#799) since it opened. It has seen many ups and downs. Recently a new manager named Phil took over. He should have been listening to his experienced staff instead of favoring the single, attractive newly hired servers. I have become used to seeing Mary and Mary Ann in the mornings. They consistently give great service and don't goof off like Phil and the new girls. Phil spends a lot of time flirting or just sitting in the office when he should be cooking.

Clean the place up

The waffle house on hwy 45 in Columbus, MS would never pass a health inspection. All the tables were dirty, the menus were sticky and nasty. When I finally grabbed napkins to clean off my own table the waitress comes over with a filthy sopping wet rag and does a quick swipe. I had to clean it again with napkins. Waited awhile while the waitress finished her conversation with an obvious friend and finally took our order. The bathroom was dirty and there wasn't any soap or papertowels. How is anyone supposed to have clean hands without soap including the cooks and waitresses. Just gross. I also noticed that all the vents especially the ones above where the food is being prepared has a ton of dust and dirt. Made me wonder how much got on my food. Come on now check your places out. This place would never pass a health inspection and your servers need training on customer service or they wont have any customers left. I will say the food was good but was kind of ruined when I started thinking how much of that dirt landed on it.


some things get posted others don't I wrote once won't again

I have dined at many waffle houses and enjoyed great food and service. However I must say how disappointed I am at location 660 in st George sc. I have stopped there twice and received bad service and under or over cooked food. The first time I thought maybe the employees were having a bad day. But today or was even worse. The food my hashbrowns were over cooks to the point they cut the burned edges off and still served me the food. My husbands was still raw. Waffel burned. And all of the employees was arguing amongst themselves in front of the customers to the point we could not get service. Some people even left before they could even get the drinks. This is not the normal experience for us in other locations. Someone needs to get this location to step it up before it gives the waffle house in general a bad name

Horrible Waffle House!!!!

I visited a Waffle House in Okc ok this morning. We pulled off the highway because the rain was pouring down. When we got inside, it was raining just as bad inside the store as it was outside. They had buckets on the tables and floors to catch the water. To think that Waffle House is so well known and they can't even get a roof fixed!!! I will never return to that particular Waffle House. It almost makes me not want to eat at ANY Waffle House. I have pictures and would just love to show the world what kind of environment these employees have to work with. When I asked about the roof leaking they acted like it was no big deal. They say, "it's always like this when it rains". Really Waffle House???? Wow. This Waffle House was on I-240 and May Ave. in Okc, Ok.

well guys seem like pretty much all the reviews are the same horrible service horrible food and the worst o of all is that nobody seems to care the manager wasn't there the employees didn't give a rat and looks like this restaurant in sylva nc is just like another creepy and bad rrestaurant don't even try to eat her please.

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