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Volkswagen Routan

I purchased a 2009 volkswagen routan in october 2014. The van has been shutting off while I'm driving in traffic. I have to restart it quickly before I crash. The power steering goes and the breaks. The dealership replaced the win module without success. The van is being taken back to the dealer again. I hope they can find the problem.

cng truck

You need to build a small natural gas truck and you would sell more than you can build, both a four and six cylinder. I would buy one tomorrow

Union decision

Having not only owned a Passat but also working in a dealership several years ago I was amazed to hear that CEO had threatened the workers in a U.S. plant after they voted down the union. Mr Chump should not be playing in our sandbox if he can't tolerate democracy!!! LEAVE!!!

2014 Jetta parts

2 months after I bought my 2014 I had an accident and the body shop ordered 3 parts. Well 5 weeks later still waiting for parts. No one in VW seems to know where they are. The regional people are clueless and I am furious. They don't even give me the courtesy of giving me a rental. They want me to lay out more money. Never again. Good luck getting parts on a VW. Never happen.

vw new beetle

I have 2004 Volkswagen BeetleI like it first but bad gas mileage the RPM was too high


I just purchased a 2014 volkswagon less than a month ago and have had nothing but mechanical problems. I have had to bring my car in 3 times to be worked on. I should have purchased a honda but was told by the sales person how reliable the car was. I am in the process of getting a lawyer so that I can be given a new car in the same model or to get me out of the purchase all together. Very unhappy at the moment.

Sponsored Offensive ad on discovery channel

WOW, A car company who tries to indicate they care about you and your needs? They sponsor Discovery channel. The same channel that showed a seal being eaten by a shark? I will never buy your products and take every chance I can to point out to the public that Volkswagen sponsors Discovery channel.

Horrible Commercial!

I have never in my life seen such ridiculous commercials! If these potential Buyers are so happy with their test drive then why are they sleeping on the roof, going to dinner etc? Just seeing how a company can think of such horrendous commercials proves to me that theie vehicles must be lousy as well!

2006 VW Passat lemon

We purchased a VW Passat with only 17,000 miles a couple of years ago. We have had nothing but problems with the ABS brakes computer module that continuously beeps and flashes. Also the parking brake comes on and grabs so it effects the speed. We have been told by numerous VW mechanics that Volkswagen should cover these defects on the 2006, but act like they will take care of it but never do.We have had another Passat for years with no problem, but when we purchase a new car in 2 years and it will not be purchasing a Volkswagen.

Most reviews here are fakery.

Most of the reviews here are irrelevant or unhelpful. It makes me wonder who is actually writing these review. I personally find it fakery on these people's part. Perhaps the competitors are hiring people to make ridiculous reviews. I think VW should not allow this, but instead have a message board like Apple has on its site (Apple Support Communities) web site.

I purchased a 1998 vw beetle with 84, 000 miles. I purchased this car in Feb 2012. Since that time I have put 3, 000 miles on it. My vw stayes in the shop more than at my house. There are so many things wrong with it the mechanics work on it but when one thing is fixed something else is wrong. Am very dissappointed with my bug, I was excited about owning one but now I am very unhappy with it. I hope this is read by someone that has knowledge and can hopefully give suggestions.

Passat Lease

Had a 1:30 PM meeting confirmed by email with Mr Khan at the Hilton Head dealership. The meeting was for April 28. Mr Khan was off that day and the Passat was not at the showroom as promised. The salesmen finally found one in their other lot which was ten minutes away. Some of the chairs in the customer are were torn. Not a good presentation. Very disappointed with the entire experience. Probably need a new manager as well as new sales people.

Sterling jammed on volkswagon Beetle

My car is a 2009 and only has 12,000 miles on it! I am 80 years ols and my dream was to buy a beetle. After a short time, I got stranded in a parking lot at night when my steering wheel jammed! There was no turning the wheel and I couldn't get it started. A nice boy called the police and they were able to call my daughter for a ride. She does not live close to me but he had no other choice. Volkswagon replaced the ignition. My daughter was with me about 4 months later and it did the same thing! This time we shook it and it released. Today I got stranded again. I forgot to bring my cell phone, but a nice couple gave me a ride home and we called AAA. my car is now at Volkswagon in Tilton, New Hampshire. I am not going to be charged for the repair to this car! It has 12,000 miles! Even the men from AAA were shocked at the mileage and the man who gave me a ride home said " they better not think of charging you, you have to fight". My husband is in a nursing home and I need my car to go visit him. I guess my family was right, I made a poor choice in choosing Volkswagon, but I love my little Beetle. Please fix it right this time!


are you patronizing me? Because I'm am going to take your comment as another insult .. as to " my business in not so important" you had a customer of 12 years in the service department today that brought her car in and it was missed diagnosed and after that she was verbally abused by 2 people in the service dept in front of others that makes matters worse. so based on her experience today and the insult from your sales manager and the fact that you can tell a customer this is how we do things and I would have to wait 10 days for a car is .. %^ I called 3 other vw dealerships that will welcome my purchase with NO DELAY> I am going to buy at another vw dealer in the Hudson that is not part of your ownership group. It has been a horrible experience and the worst way anybody should have to buy a car!!!


From the latest commercial it gives the impression that Volkswagon does not think very highly of people who like Polkasd. I guess they do not need those customers.


I puirchased 2 new 2006 vw Jetta TDI's back in 06. One for my self and one for my Daughter who is in the US coast guard. My TDI Fly wheel started making noises with in the first month. Had the car back several times and ewach time was told it was something different. No I am told that it is the Flywheel and it must be replaced at the cost of 2K Isolated occurance!!!!! Now my daughters car with half of the mileage is making the same noise! So much for and Isolated occurance! I was considering puirchasing a new VW TDI but guess that will not happen! . Europe and Austrial had a recall on the same issue. Whats up!!

My little lemond

I purchased a 2006 Jetta Volkswagon in 2009 . I was never shown a car fax report with little knowlege of cars I didn't know to ask for one for my car and my salesman didn't bother to tell me. There are other things to mention but I do not have enough time or energy to explain. What a B-I-G mistake that was on my part . I found out my car was a lemond head from day ONE . MY jetta has been giving me a headache suchas; headlights ( HID) having to be fix every year and so on.

disappointed in my 2011 jetta

I can' t believe my wheels rims are rusting on my car. I am just over my 36,000 mile warranty and both customer care for VW and my area naples, fl dealer ( also consulted the fort myers VW dealer)see no problem with what I consider premature rust. This is not quality, this is just another cheaply manufactured car. VW used to mean quality of workmanship.

Passat Commercial

Its a sad day when a corperation like Volkswagen has to emasculate men in making your commercials. Having the adult male actor throw a baseball as if he were efeminate, while teaching a son figure is not funny by any means. Your advertising group must have their heads up their collective asses. In one way does this commercial entice anyone to buy one of you automobiles. Grow up.

Abandoned by VW

I purchased a Jetta Sport Wagen (my fourth vw) from Big Apple VW NY with a100,000 mile extended war. When I needed service, I was told Big Apple was no longer in business and that they had not registered my over $2,000 waranty. I am being told by VWofA that I have to go after the owners of Big Apple VW myself. I did not buy a Big Apple I bought a VW and I feel that if they gave a dealership to curupt people its not my job to chase these people down. I was a loyal customer.

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