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I took my 2009 jetta into bud brown dealership in olathe kansas for its 80,000 mile service , on July 26, was email a survey in which I responded and gave my honest opinion in just a few minutes of pushing the send button I received a email back from the service manger ripping me apart he didn't believe I gave them a fair review . I'm still in complete shock of his response and plan on contacting vw headquarter first thing in the morning .

Absolute Junk

First Volkswagen.....last Volkswagen. 2009 EOS. Just over 60K miles. Nothing but constant problems. Have spent $3,600+ in repairs since February. The car is in the shop now. A small flap that closes when the top is put down not working. Cost of part...$603...not including labor. Part costs are outrageous. Labor costs are outrageous. This car is the biggest piece of junk I've ever owned. DO NOT buy a Volkswagen...believe me. Many other brands to buy...this brand sucks.


In December 2012 I purchased a new Volkswagen beetle Turbo. I like this car very much, the way it drives and handles. I purchased this car mostly because of it's promised fuel economy I was told by the dealer that the cars fuel economy would be 30 MPG and I could expect up to 36 MPH The window sticker also shows this MPH rating. The reality is 18 MPG, city/highway driving. This is not acceptable and is a misstatement made by Volkswagen, who must know, that their listed fuel economy is not true. Looking forward to hearing from you I remain Very truly yours, Wenzel H. Stefens


yes indeed, you read that subject line right. I purchased a VW cc certified pre owned. I even have the carfax that states it was never in an accident. Yet after 3 years of MANY breakdowns and being in and out of the dealership with problems, I switched dealerships only to learn my car was INDEED in an accident. SHAME on you Volkswagen. After coming from a BMW I wanted to stay with aGerman car. I will NEVER purchase another VW and I will be contacting my attorney. YOU should be ASHAMED!!!!!!!!!!

Jetta TDI Love and Prase

I have a "13 Jetta, TDI Manual 6 speed, Sport Wagon. Had problems with Sun Roof raddling has been fixed but started to raddle again, but the dealer, Fowler VW, Norman, Ok, will make it good. Average between mid 30 MPG in town, to low to mid 40s on the road, speed makes a big difference on MPG, usually drive about 67 MPH. This is my 9th VW and 3rd TDI, will drive nothing else, keep up the good work. Please bring the new GOLF Convertible to the USA with TDI.

no updates

I bought my volkswagen new in 2006, and everytime I called to take it in the person told me I had to have five thousand miles. Will I just got five thousand miles 2014. I have not received any recalls or thing from Volkswagen. We trailered this car from Fla and I know it must be hard to be believe I just got five thousand miles.The head liner is falling down and I have to get all new tires, also a new battery . I didn't put in to volkswagen for anything. Can some one get back to me

2013 beetle

great car but need to be able to disable the traction control and the stable management control like mini and ford and Honda and chevy and bmw do. I thought that you had fix it in the 2015 gti but you did not make so you could disable the stable management control boo. I would love turn them on when driving down the road but when I am a the track I wish I could turn them off.


ABS Brakes went out on a EOS that has only 30,608 miles on it. Cost to replace the unit is over $3,100 and when I spoke to A customer Advocate they say sorry nothing VW will do. Very poor customer service and apparently they do not stand behind their product.

Radio keeps dying

I have a 2011 Jetta and this will be my third radio that needs to replaced again. I called the dealer and they said because of the mileage i have on my car i will need to pay another deductable on the radio because it is either a year or 12,000 miles. I got my 2nd radio replaced in October. What does my mileage have to do with the fact that the radio died again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Volkswagen Routan

I purchased a 2009 volkswagen routan in october 2014. The van has been shutting off while I'm driving in traffic. I have to restart it quickly before I crash. The power steering goes and the breaks. The dealership replaced the win module without success. The van is being taken back to the dealer again. I hope they can find the problem.

cng truck

You need to build a small natural gas truck and you would sell more than you can build, both a four and six cylinder. I would buy one tomorrow

Union decision

Having not only owned a Passat but also working in a dealership several years ago I was amazed to hear that CEO had threatened the workers in a U.S. plant after they voted down the union. Mr Chump should not be playing in our sandbox if he can't tolerate democracy!!! LEAVE!!!

2014 Jetta parts

2 months after I bought my 2014 I had an accident and the body shop ordered 3 parts. Well 5 weeks later still waiting for parts. No one in VW seems to know where they are. The regional people are clueless and I am furious. They don't even give me the courtesy of giving me a rental. They want me to lay out more money. Never again. Good luck getting parts on a VW. Never happen.

vw new beetle

I have 2004 Volkswagen BeetleI like it first but bad gas mileage the RPM was too high


I just purchased a 2014 volkswagon less than a month ago and have had nothing but mechanical problems. I have had to bring my car in 3 times to be worked on. I should have purchased a honda but was told by the sales person how reliable the car was. I am in the process of getting a lawyer so that I can be given a new car in the same model or to get me out of the purchase all together. Very unhappy at the moment.

Sponsored Offensive ad on discovery channel

WOW, A car company who tries to indicate they care about you and your needs? They sponsor Discovery channel. The same channel that showed a seal being eaten by a shark? I will never buy your products and take every chance I can to point out to the public that Volkswagen sponsors Discovery channel.

Horrible Commercial!

I have never in my life seen such ridiculous commercials! If these potential Buyers are so happy with their test drive then why are they sleeping on the roof, going to dinner etc? Just seeing how a company can think of such horrendous commercials proves to me that theie vehicles must be lousy as well!

2006 VW Passat lemon

We purchased a VW Passat with only 17,000 miles a couple of years ago. We have had nothing but problems with the ABS brakes computer module that continuously beeps and flashes. Also the parking brake comes on and grabs so it effects the speed. We have been told by numerous VW mechanics that Volkswagen should cover these defects on the 2006, but act like they will take care of it but never do.We have had another Passat for years with no problem, but when we purchase a new car in 2 years and it will not be purchasing a Volkswagen.

Most reviews here are fakery.

Most of the reviews here are irrelevant or unhelpful. It makes me wonder who is actually writing these review. I personally find it fakery on these people's part. Perhaps the competitors are hiring people to make ridiculous reviews. I think VW should not allow this, but instead have a message board like Apple has on its site (Apple Support Communities) web site.

I purchased a 1998 vw beetle with 84, 000 miles. I purchased this car in Feb 2012. Since that time I have put 3, 000 miles on it. My vw stayes in the shop more than at my house. There are so many things wrong with it the mechanics work on it but when one thing is fixed something else is wrong. Am very dissappointed with my bug, I was excited about owning one but now I am very unhappy with it. I hope this is read by someone that has knowledge and can hopefully give suggestions.

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