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the manager sabrina is as rude as they get kayla the beauticion is very unprofessional and doesnt know how to do any kind of style color or straightening. sabrina argues with customers. does not give them what they want or need,. again extremely rude, snobbish,bad attitude just plain unprofessional in all areas in the coeur d alene idaho store at 450 w. wilbur ave Coeur d alene idaho 83815

Salon employee

I was hired recently. The Ulta management gave me no information regarding policies and procedures except for a video regarding internal theft and projected sales unrealistic goals for sales. The employee break-room is non-existent. The bathrooms are filthy and disgusting. It is embarrassing when customers have to use the facilities. The managers are expected to perform their job in

dont work here

I was set up and fired for no reason other than the managers cattiness!

Bad Customer Serivce

While I was in a Ulta store today in NC I received bad customer service. I never in my life went to a professional place and got such lousy and rude service. I cancelled my appt. and they will never have to worry about my service or any of my family or friends.

Lying general manager

The general manager at my store lies and gets the other managers to lie for her to the district manager and corporate to cover things up for what goes on behind closed doors.


While shopping in this store the sales lady, which I regret not getting her name upon checkout, stalked me and my daughter through the entire store. Never once asking to help us. She then turned to another customer and immediately asked to help her. I was wearing my denims. The other lady she chose to help was in a business suit. Profiling. Too bad because I was shopping for some Clinique products. I never have bought Clinique in the past and was very interestd in this product. It would have been nice to be treated like a customer! Not going back! Although the cashier was very friendly!!


I agree with the many reviews posted regarding poor service. It is a shame. I will go somewhere else. The store I have gone too is new in St. Louis, MY near Brentwood Mall. I have bought items there on two occasions and for the price and service care it is an awful experience. However both times the check out people were very kind. If I were the CEO Mary, I would be concerned for the stockholders. The main problem is poorly trained store managers and simple costumer care.

Upset customer

Advertising highlights and cut for $60. When I made my appointment I told them this is what I wanted. They said the stylist they had me set up with could do this. when he was done they said $109. I had partial highlights. They said sorry he did more I said I didn't ask for more. They said it didn't matter. I had to pay. Bait and switch isn't that against the law.

Work experience

I was set up to be fired! I am always early I have great customer service and I loved my job but they treated me bad always sent me home early and never scheduled me for work! I called one day and they told me I was fired! That I did a no call no show for 2 weeks! I called over and over again, anytime I got a answer I was put in hold and never got another answer! I would ask for my schedule they ensured me I had no hours and kept telling me I didnt have any hours. I called again and the boss told me I hasn't shown up in 2 weeks. This has been the worst job I have ever had and the poor treatment of employees make it worst!

Not a fair place to work at

I work at the new locations in napa ca I am one of the stylist and they don't know what reall talent is if it bit them in the butt. I have been there for a year and have seen two stylist cheat their way up, one was caught and she quite the other made her way to manager but she cheated her way up. She steals the client from her coworkers and never admits when she is wrong. All my hours get cut that I'm only working 9 hours a week who can survive on 9 hours a week.0 Please send help

I am employee of ulta beauty now for over a year in the redondo beach area at store in ca, store 457 that they wouldsend in a under cover person to see how there store is being treated how managment treats there employees .


Horrible! Horrible! HORRIBLE! I will never set foot in an ulta store again. There store is run so poorly, I have never been so degraded in a store in my life. This place needs to get shut down. If you need any beauty products GO TO SEPHORA.. don't waist your time at this over priced dump.

Poor Customer Service

The service at the Marlton NJ store has been very poor lately, In store and on the phone, I went to exchange my foundation (Bare Essentials) the one I purchased was used, When I went back to make an exchange, they were sold out of my color and suggested that I come on Friday or Saturday when the new shipments comes in. So I went back on Monday they color I needed was still out of stock, and/or they couldn't check the cabinet because it was jamed. The associate stated that she would check another store (Cherry Hill) or try to get the cabinet open and call me that evening she never called me, so I called them the next day and they had me on hold for 20 minutes to tell me that they still didnt have my color and again they promise to call the Cherry Hill store......as you know I'm still waithing for the phone call.

haircut not great

I normally don't use 'high end' salons, as I've found over the years I've not gotten a cut that has been any more outstanding than the cheaper salons. However, I went to Ulta on "the fly". The $35 stylists were not available, so I ended up with the $45 stylist! She was a lovely person. However, the services offered nothing above a Walmart "on the fly" salon.The hairwash was 'standard' not the massage-like service you would expect. I found myself telling her what to do/cut re: my problem areas, etc. There was constant interruptions with phone calls,(she was on her own) I didn't feel the attention I would expect for that price. After a week now, it looks pretty awful, like it was never cut (I wear very short 'pixie' hair). I need to go and get it cut again. There's no flair to it or very much technique/skill that I can see. I won't do that again.


DON'T go to the one in jacksonville north carolina! I asked for my hair to be a little bit blonder and they made it grey! Then when they tried to fix it they made it red with blonde streaks. All i wanted was a lighter blonde. I asked for my money back and the manager (melissa) refused to give me my money. She treated me like i was 2 year's old and talked to me like i was mentally challenged. She said that my hair was the blame for it turning grey. None of the girls who work there do a good job. I know of 12 people that went there that will never go back. The manager is so disrespectful and rude. I witnessed her cursing at a customer there. Disgusting! NEVER GO THERE!!

not good

I went to Ulta on a "on the fly impulse". I paid $45 as the $35 stylists were not working. (I wear very short pixie hair style) I consider this as a high end salon based on where I live compared to what I pay elsewhere in this area. I felt it was mediocre at best. The shampooing was very short with not even a brief scalp massage. There was nothing "extra" for this fairly expensive experience. I was having to keep telling the stylist (who was a very, very nice person, a little too chatty, however) to "take more off" "that bit is longer than the other bit". Anyway, a week later after $55+, it doesn't even look like it's been cut. I've had better "on the fly impulse" cuts at Walmart to be honest, for $15. Never again.


How does a publically traded company hire a new executive at the new salary when the company is poorly structured? The buyers of the products need to be refreshed. The cosmetics colors, etc are so boring. I can never find a lipstick of the color that are in the high fashion magazines. The sales personnel really don't know how to sell and their knowledge on cosmetics and makeovers is so limited. I can out sell any of them and have. 65% cost of sales on the financial. Something is really wrong with this picture or someone is getting big kickbacks and srcewing over the stockholders. Maybe the new chief can fix their messes......their bottom line should be a lot higher.

Worst Management Ever!

Seeing an innocent cashier being bullied by the manager it looked like... yelling at her for something ridiclous. It's terrible how their workers are treated.

Steer clear!

I signed up for the ULTA rewards system in the Roseville, CA store. Big mistake. As one reviewer stated, none of the products that I buy there are ever included in the discount coupons. In addition, I find it difficult to get help in this particular store--the cashiers are always chatting with each other while the customers wait. Finally, I've been trying for MONTHS to get my name off their mailing list, with no luck. The catalogs keep coming, in spite of three letters I've mailed to the corporate office. So unless you want ULTA stuck like a leech on your leg, I advise you not to sign up for their rewards system.

amazing talent

I have been going to Tracey a hairdresser now at the Clearwater store location she is always so funny and cheerful I find that not only I do I love the way my color and cut looks but I hang out and buy a lot of products and cosmetics. I followed this stylist from Tampa because she goes out of her way to make sure my salon excellent is excellent. I often see her helpung the rest of the staff who come to her for advice and even customers who stop her for questions in the middle of styling . Very talented and capable. Susan

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